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Found 10 results

  1. Steadicam Zephyr Rig with upgrades and modifications. This package comes with the stock monitor and includes a 3D printed monitor yoke for a SmallHD 703 monitor. Also included is a 3d printed wide handgrip by SkyMagic, full set of bottom weights specifically designed for the Zephyr system, Low mode Bracket, and I'm throwing in a V-mount battery plate in case the buyer wants to convert the sled to V-mount. Perfect working condition. Minor scuffs from use. Asking $6500 Shipping within the US costs $150-200. I will include the stand for LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Located in Philadelphia 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Plate 1x A30 Arm w/ bag 1x Zephyr Vest 1x Zephyr Dock 1x Zephyr Case 1x SmallHD 703 Monitor Bracket 1x v mount plate 1x 3d Printed Grip Cover 6x Large weights 4x Small weights 1x Low mode Bracket
  2. Steadicam Zephyr Rig with several upgrades and modifications to this package beyond just the stock rig. This package comes with the stock monitor but includes a 3D printed monitor yoke for a SmallHD 703. It also includes is a 3d printed wide handgrip by SkyMagic and a mount for the 2nd battery plate allowing you to power 12v and 24v cameras and accessories. The package comes with a full set of bottom weights specifically designed for the Zephyr system and a Low mode Bracket. Stand is not included. This package was serviced by Tiffen in late 2021. Perfect working condition. Minor scuffs from use. 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Plate 1x A30 Arm w/ bag 1x Zephyr Vest 1x Zephyr Dock 1x Zephyr Case 1x SmallHD 703 Monitor Bracket 1x 2nd Battery Plate 1x 3d Printed Grip Cover 6x Large weights 4x Small weights 1x Low mode Bracket STAND NOT INCLUDED
  3. Hello all, I am selling a brand new v Hot Swappable jumper block, and the regular Pro Gen IV jumper block. I have an older sled and the battery rack did not fit. Pro does not accept returns, and so I have to sell it. The items have never been used or even installed as the rack never fit. Comes with 2 sets of 6 Screws for attaching the rack to the sled. Here is how the prices breakdown: PRO Battery rack IV Price: $2,190 plus shipping. 12V Hot Swap Jumper Block by crampet attic: $225 plus shipping. My Price: $1,975 buyer pays shipping, which should be between $80-$100 via FedEx medium box. Your savings should be between $500 - $600 for a brand new battery rack. Price is firm, thank you.
  4. Hi everyone I'm selling my ARRI Artemis Camera Power Lemo 1S 3pin to 4pin XLR 12V cable, which can be used with the Artemis CineBroadcast and the Artemis EFP Rigs for video cameras, ARRI SR I, SR II or AATON. It has never been used so it's brand new. Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees. I'm asking 80 Euros. Cheers
  5. Hi Folks, I recently just bought a Zephyr and I'm looking into getting the upgrades and accessories. I'd appreciate any tips or links of where best to buy. Also any suggestions for other good to have items is appreciated as well. Thanks. Things I'm looking for: - Yoke upgrade - 2nd Battery Upgrade 12v/24v - Extended post (I'm short) - Various 3-pin Lemo Power Cables or adapters - Camera Specific Power Cables - Additional Weights - Any other suggestions?
  6. 7 x Chapman Leonard 30/24/12v Battery Blocks in Road Cases- should be re-celled - US$450.00 each OBO 3 x Chargers and road cases - US$300.00 each (free charger with the purchase of min 3 x batteries) See full description - Mention Black Friday Sale https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlx5hoimqx009m3/Black%20Friday%20Sale%20181123.pdf?dl=0
  7. Hi yall When we flip the CineLive into 24v for using ARRI and other cameras, do the upper electronic switch out to 24v exclusively? I am having cables made for a Chrosziel MagNum receiver and am wondering if I need a 12v and 24v cable, or 12v only. The receiver does not care whether it receives 12v or 24v, it will push voltage independent of whats coming in. Try as I might, I have a difficult time understanding electricity. brett.
  8. Hi all, I own a Shadow sled and I'm mostly flying Alexas in 24v mode. Instead of switching two 12v batteries in series I have had a 24v battery plate made to Chris' example. http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=14350 It allows me to attach the 24v batteries that come with the camera on the bottom of my sled and supplies the 24v system. A neat feature of the shadow sled is that it has a DC/DC step-down converter built in to convert the 24v to 14.4v (or something in that neighborhood) to supply the 12v system with power while simultaneously powering the camera with 24v. This is where my problem comes in. I'd like to use one of my 12v batteries on battery plate nr.1 to supply all the 12v systems and the 24v battery on the bottom battery plate nr.3 to solely power the camera and nothing else since the Alexa is hungry enough. What happens now is that as soon the 24v batt is attached it powers the DC/DC converter, even when I have my sled switched off. At some point when the voltage of my 12v batt drops low enough I assume the DC/DC system starts charging my 12v batt. I figure the best solution to meet my wishes is to switch the DC/DC converter off so it doesn't help power the 12v systems and more importantly doesn't start charging my 12v battery. Does anyone know if there is an elegant way to achieve this? I opened up the battery plate of the shadow sled to check out if it could be a simple solution but it looks quite complicated :-) Your insights are much appreciated. Cheers, Jelle.
  9. Hey guys, I have a custom top and bottom stage on my rig (wired by Terry West), and am wondering if you guys could help me figure out an electrical issue. Before you dismiss me and tell me to take it to Terry, I've been working on this with him also, but figure I'll cast a wide net for answers. The issue is that my camera power has a tendency to drop out, and it seems pretty much at random. Its both the 12v and 24v power. Whats strange is that the power doesnt drop all the way out- it just drops from 14.4v or 24v to about 9v, and will shift back and forth from one to the other, but never anywhere in between or lower. Sometimes this shift is very quick maybe just a few seconds, and sometimes it will be minutes. Obviously this shuts down any camera that is being powered by the rig, so I have resorted to powering things on camera for quite some time while trying to figure this out. I went through and spread the pins on the post (XCS post) to make sure each connection was nice and solid in the post / bottom stage connections, but the problem is still persisting. I'm not really an electrical engineer, so before sending this in to Terry one more time I was going to open it up here and see if anyone has a good idea. Hit me with your best shot! I'm stumped. -TJ
  10. is there such a device where you can continue to keep your Rig powered when docked for an extended period of time, during lunch hour, coffee breaks, etc. so I could dock and plug my rig into a standard 12VDC power supply, and walk away for a bit without losing sync to my wireless transmitter, or not having to powering down the camera, or pull the battery out, etc. especially for single battery rigs... (i presume with the big rigs you can easily hot swap batteries since they use more than 1 battery.)
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