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Found 6 results

  1. FDM 3D Printer – Dimension 768 - excellent condition US$4,200.00 OBO Only 1,100 hours – like new – perfect for making ABS prototypes, props and parts Comes with Clean Station & Solution 3’ x 5’ table Several part building bases ABS material cassettes Support material cassettes Maintinance Kit See full description https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlx5hoimqx009m3/Black%20Friday%20Sale%20181123.pdf?dl=0
  2. For anyone interested in learning Steadicam. Greg Smith, a well-known camera operator, is proud to announce the launch of his new website, www.steadicamlessons.com Greg is taking his 21 years of his own on-hands camera operating experience to offer one-on-one Steadicam lessons for operators of all levels.
  3. I'm Greg Smith and I've been an operator for over 21 years. I'm now taking my on-hands camera operating experience to offer one-on-one Steadicam lessons for operators of all levels. For anyone interested in learning Steadicam or elevating their operator skills, please take a look at my website and feel free to contact me for more information. www.steadicamlessons.com My reel is here
  4. Set focus remote Benz 5600 analogic 9ch 434mzh, modified for working also in 3D. (The modifies, done from factory, refers to use the second way on the rx (iris) like a focus copy. When you turn the knob, all two ways moves identically.) You may use this system only for focus or iris control if you prefer! The set contain: one Tx, one Rx (modified for 3D), four focus scale rings, five motor cables, two rubber antennae one power cable, manual operating (paper or PDF). This system work perfectly and all parts are in good shape. It works with 9volt battery Price US$ 2.000,00 + S&H Item located in Italy. Questions at steadicam@tin.it
  5. I have for sale a used complete cmotion cvolution wireless lens control system. This kit works great and is ready to shoot. With this system you can wirelessly control focus, iris, and zoom in 2D or 3D and start/stop the camera. The cmotion cvolution hand unit is both left and right handed, has a large focus knob with adjustable tension, and feels very comfortable holding all day. It is solidly built, but not boxy or clunky. It runs off of canon type batteries and two batteries will last all day. The hand unit has a color LCD display with a simple “Alexa style” menu system. The display can show wireless distance measurements from a cinetape. The camin motor box (cmotion’s MDR box) is modular, and can be outfit with various expansion modules for different tasks. The base two motor radio module is very slim and lightweight, perfect for 2D focus/iris control. This kit also includes a four motor expansion module and an eight motor expansion module. This system operates on the “black” wireless system and has a substantial range. I have worked from a monitor several rooms away from the camera with no wireless issues. For most shots, the hand unit antenna is not needed, and I typically lower the wireless transmission to ½ power or less. The Heden digital motors are responsive and powerful, yet are slimmer than the Preston’s. With the left/right side interchangeable gears on the motors, the gears can be placed very close to each other for easy mounting on smaller compact lens. This kit has four motors, two larger high torque motors and two smaller “iris” motors. This is by far the best lens control for 3D on the market. The kit includes the eight motor expansion module for 3D work, and with the included four motors is ready for synchronized focus and zoom control. The 8M-TC camin module also enables metadata recording of all eight motors for visual effects heavy work. The kit includes: Transmitter & Receiver 1 - Camin 2M radio module - Wireless receiver on the camera side: for two motors – SR# 2108 1 - Camin 2M plate - Camin 2M cover plate 1 - Camin 4M module - Four motor expansion module – SR# 4257 1 - Camin 8M-TC module - Eight motor expansion module for 3D with metadata recording – SR# 4108 1 - Cvolution handheld transmitter unit with integrated display – SR# 174, 132 1 - Adv Knob - Advanced focus knob - attached to Cvolution hand unit 1 – Slider - Iris slider - attached to Cvolution hand unit 1 - Wooden Handle - Wooden handle for the Cvolution hand unit 1 - czoom module - Cvolution zoom module – SR# 143 Fasting-tools 1 - cfast-camin - Cmotion V-dock bracket for Camin 1 - cfast clamp - Cmotion cFastener universal clamp for 15-28mm Rods 1 - czoom bracket - Part of the czoom fastener set. Long bracket with rossettes 1 - czoom clamp - Part of the czoom fastener set. Clamp with rossette 2 - Motor offsets - Cmotion universal motor bracket for 19mm and 15mm rods 2 - Short 15mm rods - Short 15mm rod used with the motor offset bracket 2 - 15 to 19 bushings - 15mm to 19mm bushing used with the motor offset bracket 1 - Noga Arm - Medium size, 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 Noga Cine Arm 1 - V-dock - Element Technica v-dock bracket Accessories 5 – Batteries - Cmotion battery, 2400mAh, 7.2V, for all hand units 1 – charger - Canon battery charger for hand unit batteries 1 - charger cable - Power cable for battery charger (mini-IEC) 1 – cstrap - Neck strap with universal 1/4" retainer 14 - marker rings - marker rings for Cvolution adv knob 3 – antennas - Flexible swivel antenna, length 10cm, +1dBi 1 - Allen Key 4mm 1 – case - Cmotion custom foamed storm case with custom lid 4 - Tackle boxes - Clear plastic tackle boxes 1 - USB thumb drive Motors 2 - M26VE motors - Heden M26VE digital lens motor - SR# 52160, 52161 2 - M21VE motors - Heden M21VE digital lens motor – SR# 2746, 2707 4 - Motor mounts - Sliding motor mounting bracket with 19mm rod mount 4 - 15 to 19 bushings - 15mm to 19mm bushing for Heden lens motor 3 - 16 to 19 bushings - 16mm to 19mm bushing for Heden lens motor (Panavision) 2 - Heden gear 0.4 - M26VE Heden snap-on gear 0.4 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.5 - M26VE Heden snap-on gear 0.5 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.6 - M26VE Heden snap-on gear 0.6 pitch 3 - Heden gear 0.8 - M26VE Heden snap-on gear 0.8 pitch 1 - Wide gear 0.8 - M26VE Heden snap-on wide gear 0.8 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.4 - M21VE Heden snap-on gear 0.4 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.5 - M21VE Heden snap-on gear 0.5 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.6 - M21VE Heden snap-on gear 0.6 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.8 - M21VE Heden snap-on gear 0.8 pitch Cables 6 - CHM-2 cables - Heden motor cable (Le m7p, Le m7p) 0.8m, right-angle 1 - CCB-1 cable - CBUS cable (Le 8p, Le 8p) 1.2m Custom Length 1 - CCB-2 cable - CBUS cable (Le 8p, Le 8p) 6m 1 - CCB-8 cable - CBUS cable (Le 8p, Le 8p) Coiled 2 - RRS-1 cables - Power cable - Arri (Fi f3p, Fi m3p) 0.8m 2 - RRS-6 cable - Power cable - XLR (Fi f3p, XLR 4p) 0.8m 2 - RRS-7 cable - Power cable - AB (Fi f3p, Anton Bauer P-tap) 0.8m 3 - RRR-3-04 cables - Run/stop cable for Red (EXT to Le m4p) 1.2m 2 - RER-1 cable - Run/stop cable for Epic/scarlet (EXT to BNC) 1 - CCT-1 cable - CBUS cinetape cable (Le m8p, Le m6p) 0.8m 1 - CM-CPC-3 - CBUS to PC cable (Le8p, Fi 3p, Dsub 9p) 2m 1 - Serial to USB - Serial to USB adapter used for firmware updates Asking $31,000 or best offer. John Waterman AC, DIT, and 3D tech ICG600, Chicago (585) 797-7605 johnwaterman@mac.com
  6. Hello Everyone. Just a quick one! Haven't heard about 3D in a while. Has anyone shot in 3D lately? Hugo Steadyrig Rigs can Fly.
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