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Found 6 results

  1. ANTON BAUER CHARGERS FOR SALE I have two different Anton Bauer chargers for sale. Both are in outstanding physical and perfect working order. Both were just serviced by Anton Bauer on 5/4/17 (I have receipt as proof) and they were updated with the latest firmware. Both are capable of charging any type of Anton Bauer Battery. Anton Bauer TwQ - Quad Fast Charger Anton Bauer TwQ is a simultaneous, interactive, four position charger; it has the ability to charge all Anton Bauer Gold Mount batteries of any chemistry. This unit features battery diagnostics even when charging all four batteries at the same time. The charger lists for $1,200. Asking $650.00 Anton Bauer Titan 2 - Dual Fast Charger & 12Volt Power Supply The Anton Bauer T2 is a simultaneous two position charger and 70-watt DC 12v Power Supply. It supplies DC power via a 4-pin XLR connector on the rear of the charger. The charger lists for $700. Asking $350.00 If you want to buy both chargers, I will sell them to you for $900 plus throw in a free Dionic 90 battery in working condition. Please don't leave messages here. Email me at: film.maker@me.com
  2. Hey Everyone, Parting with my Master Series Sled. Asking $7,700 for everything. -12v/24v Toggle Upgrade - HD/SDI (1 HD line, 1 SD Line) Down the Post Upgrade - Marshall 7" HD Monitor (V-LCD84SB-AFHD) - Custom 15mm Telescoping Monitor Bracket - Master Series Dovetail Plate - Jerry HillDock -3x 1.580 Hill Docking Collars - American Grip Steadicam Stand - Anton Bauer Interactive 2000 Quadcharger - 4x Hytron 140 Anton Bauer Batteries - 45lb Steel Weight Plate
  3. Going spare is my original AB battery set which I've replaced with a set of high capacity v-locks. The batteries are set of 4 x Anton Bauer ProPac 14.4v 65Wh batteries that were re-celled before I got them last year. They have not had a huge amount of use since I got them as I have been mostly using lighter batteries. They seem to keep their charge fine but I've mainly been using them to power the monitor so not exactly been stressed! They are pretty heavy so have been useful for balancing heavier cameras. The charger is a Logic Series Lifesaver Magnum. Its all fairly battered cosmetically but seems to work fine! Based in the UK, asking for £100 OBO.
  4. I'm switching over to all V-mounts and am looking for a like new set of v-mount batteries and intelligent charger. I have (4) Anton Bauer Dionic HD batteries and the AB D-2722 intelligent charger for trade or sell (new $5000+) The batteries were made in March 2014 and are performing perfectly. Date and specs can be verified via the charger display. PM to discuss...thanks!
  5. I like to keep a stock of used Gold Mount plates at my disposal, so if anyone has any Anton/Bauer Gold mount plates lying around collecting dust, email me: Alan@MediaBlackout.net
  6. Anton/Bauer QUAD 2702 PowerCharger. Link to manufacturer: http://www.antonbauer.com/Products/QUAD2702 Used but in perfect working condition (money-back guarantee) More photos (from both inside or outside) available by request. Asking: $750.00 USD + shipping (US retail price $1,372.75) €570.00 EUR + shipping (EU retail price €1,255.00) Features: The latest firmware Rev 5.8 chip installed so works with any A/B battery like Dionic HC, HCX etc! 4 position sequential charging Diagnostic Discharge Module, DDM, to evaluate your batteries Lifesaver Maintenance mode Power Loss Memory mode regulated DC power supply for camera or equipment (max 70W) serial output for PC interface accepts mains source worldwide: 90-250V, 50-60Hz (comes with US & EU standard power cables) See more details from the instructional manual from the link: http://www.zgc.com/t/pdfs/Instructions/Anton%20Bauer/MANUAL%20POWERCHGR%20DUAL%20QUAD.pdf Charger is packed and ready to be shipped worldwide from EU with your preferred carrier. Package size: 2.95kg 38x31x15cm 6.5lbs 15x12.2x5.9 inch If you got interested or have more questions you can contact me directly: tuomas_viitakoski@hotmail.com Kind regards, Tuomas Viitakoski Helsinki - Finland
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