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  1. selling all kinds of extra cables. I'll Part with these at half off whatever they are going for now. All like new. 1. Dtap to Panavision DXL 2. Dtap to 2pin 3. 3pin limo(pro sled) to panavision 4. 3pin lim (pro sled) to 2pin 5. 3pin limo(pro sled) to alexa mini 6. 3pin limo(pro sled) to 4 pin xlr (sony venice)
  2. selling my plate - $300 plus shipping
  3. Hi everyone I'm selling my Optical Support Alexaplate, it's great when you work with Alexa EV (classic) or Plus Plenty signs of usage, but it's great working condition. I'm asking 300 EUR € Buyer pays for shipping and any upcoming transaction fees! Plate is in Berlin/Germany. Shipping within EU preferred!!! For inquiries shoot me an E-mail at info@ozzyoksuz.com Cheers
  4. Arri Alexa power cable: used but in good condition Red camera power cable and bnc cable: brand new $1.000 for all, selling them together. Open to offers.
  5. Hello, I have a Steadicam archer 2 with the g-50x arm and I would like to know if someone wit this same equipment has used it with the Alexa LF. Also, does anyone have experience powering the Alexa with the 24 volt sled? Thank you Julio
  6. OFF topic, in case someone is interested. I'm selling my XT package, great condition, 1020 hours, internal ND set included. 50K for everything. Let me know if you have any questions and I can send you more pics upon request. openphil@gmail.com Arri ALEXA XT Camera Body Arri ALEXA EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder Arri ALEXA VMB-3 Mounting Bracket is Arri ALEXA Short Viewfinder Cables (0.35m/1.2ft) Arri ALEXA Medium Viewfinder Cable Arri Anamorphic De-Squeeze License w. Camera Arri Alexa Hi
  7. Looking for multiple camera power cables to Archer2 sled. Shoot me the price. Thanks!
  8. PRO 2 sled upgraded to HD-SDI, comes with all original accessories, case, all the cables, cam-jam monitor arm, and yoke. NB stabilizer arm (3.1kg) Walter Klassen back mount vest (m size) (stand is not included) asking 23K let me know if you have any questions (openphil@gmail.com)
  9. Hi Guys, im looking for a used Hardmount and a used Alexa plate like the one from Optical Support. Many thanks Felix
  10. Hello, although I´ve been working very successfully with my Glidecam HD2000 (FS700+7Q), I´ve really big problems starting with my Alexa on my new Zephyr rig. Actual state: The down rigged Alexa Classic is about 16-17lbs (7-9kg). I use 2 V-Mounts for sled weights with the optional small dove tail, static and dynamic balance is very well, drop time about 2 sec. The zephyr arm was changed to the new A30 from Tiffen while purchase, the vest fits perfectly, no shoulder space here. Unfortunately there are no Steadicam workshops in middle europe, so I haven't visited one. I already o
  11. Looking for a bridge plate adapter for the Alexa and Alexa Mini. Please PM. Thank you! - Greg
  12. Posting this here, baby coming and need to sell it. Selling an Arri Alexa EV Classic, High Speed and Anamorphic licenses, with lots of extras. Cards, support and a solid shipping case. Camera is in excellent working condition and has just been serviced by Clairmont Camera in Vancouver BC. What's in the box: Arri Alexa # 3451 with 5405 hours, High Speed and Anamorphic licenses and latest firmware SXS option EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder VMB-2 Viewfinder mounting bracket EL-3 eyepiece leveler VEB-1 viewfinder extension bracket Viewfinder cable short 35cm Viewfinder cable medium 65cm E
  13. Hello, I'm looking to purchase a WCU-4 or SXU-1 handset for my Alexa Mini. I'm also looking for a C-force mini motor. Thanks!
  14. Alexa classic 2k (high speed license) comes with: flightcase bars / rods 15 /19 grips idx v-lock battery plate dovetail plate arri v-lock plate cables (evf cable, xlr, ext cable) shoulderpad raincover specs: http:www.arri.com/camera/alexa/cameras/camera_details/alexa-classic-ev/subsection/technical_data/ EUR 10.000,- email us for more info / bankdetails: arrialexaclassic@hotmail.com IMG_3152.JPG.pdf IMG_3154.JPG.pdf IMG_3155.pdf IMG_3171.JPG.pdf IMG_3172.JPG.pdf
  15. Hey folks, I was hoping the wider community could help me with a problem I had on a short at the weekend. I prepped a job on Friday, Ultra 2 sled, Ultrabrite2 monitor and an Alexa, it was an older Alexa with max internal recording capacity of ProRes 4444HD. The image on the UB2 was perfect during prep no problems. Mon out - sled - UB2 - all good. The cameraman wanted to record higher resolution via an external recorder/monitor - Odyssey 7Q. This all seemed fine, he just needed to buy a license from Convergent-Design to allow him to access this. All that was required from the camer
  16. Alexa Plate I bought a year ago from Optical support. As I've switched to the Fletcher design a week later (....Again, I know!) I sell this one. 350€ Buyer pays shipping. VAT applies for france buyer.
  17. Red Spring Arm. Fully serviced in July 2013 by Brain Busby (Bees). New bearings, cables and screws. Excellent mechanical condition. Cosmetically there are dents in the arm casings and wearing on the edges in line with the arm's age. £2200. I am open to offers & part exchange. cheers.
  18. Hey guys, I am on a film in NY on the September 30th and they are using the Alexa Studio. Does anyone on here know where I can rent a baseplate for it out in NY?
  19. We are in the final process of making clear raincovers for both Alexa & Panavision XL (fits the LW too) for Steadicam mode! Contact me if you have interest! Patti Harrison Camera Essentials cameraessentials@gmail.com (626) 844-3722
  20. Has anyone else had problems powering the BDR through the RS port on the Alexa? We were using the M1, and Anton Bauer batts on the back. It was stopping halfway through the calibration cycle, and just clicking. I backed the torque all the way down, and it would finish calibration, but then it would fail (pause for 5-10sec, then start recalibrating) when I tried to make a moderately fast focus move. The lenses were not stiff. We ended up using a D-tap from an external battery to power the BDR, and all worked fine. Just wondering if others had this problem? We didn't test i
  21. I'm selling my Proline Raven stabilizer. I bought this and did some practice with it but never used it on a production. It's essentially been sitting in the studio. The system shows some marks from setting it up and practicing but otherwise it's in excellent condition. The bad news for me is I have a bunch of money tied up in this. The good news is I learned enough about Steadicam to know to hire and work with a great operator on the film I directed last year. Included in the sale (everything in the pictures except monitor, battery and c-stand). - Proline Raven Sled - capable of flying up
  22. A Couple of items I no longer require. 12" Alexa Plate (film-Stuff) - $380 SOS Plate (Justin Browne) - $200 Plus Shipping Items are currently in Dubai. Email me if your interested camerasteve@gmail.com Steve
  23. Hello i'm selling an unused ALEXA + ENG Steadicam ANTI VIBRATION bracket.from http://cam-jam.de it has a few paint scratches from sitting in my box but i've never used it due to having other plates. Sale includes the extension kit which is 22 euros + tax. the bracket new is 250 euros + tax, with the extension kit costing extra. For sale at 200 euros all in. thanks for looking :)
  24. First application of the Portahead 10 prototype for a short film. The system is designed to be used with a steadicam system as portable device and adds electronically stabilized roll and tilt while the pan acts manually with the steadicam. The weight of the 2-axis head is 3.6 kg and it is optimized for longer cameras at around 10 kg like the Arri Alexa series or Amira, Red one, Sony P1 or F55 with raw recorder. Shorter and lighter cameras can also be used as the motor output settings can be adjusted. Later there will also be an additional pan-motor in order to extend the system to a 3-axis
  25. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a steadicam Alexa plate to mount it directly to my zephyr but most companies told me that they made the plates for the "steadicam ultra" sled size. I want to see if anybody knows if the zephyr and the ultra have the same dovetail plate size, if not which plate do you advise for the zephyr? Many Thanks.
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