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  1. Hello everyone! I'm selling my Tiffen Master Vest and 3A Arm. I purchased everything last year in July along with my first sled to get into steadicam. Now I upgraded to different equipment. Steadicam IIIA arm (incl. free spin post, allen key, and transportation bag) - 3500€ payload ~25kg-55lb The arm was serviced before I bought it last year and works fine. On the outside it has usage marks and scratches which do not affect the performance. Tiffen Master series vest (incl. transportation bag) - 2000€ The pads were new when I bought the vest last year, so they're still in very good condition. The rest has clearly visible usage marks and scratches as shown in the picture. If you want to buy both, I'm offering it as a bundle for 4500€ (with a custom made bag fitting arm and vest) Shipping worldwide at expense of the buyer. Located in Berlin, Germany.
  2. Hello all! I am selling my Tiffen G70x It's a fantastic arm, no issues with it, flies wonderful and if you live in the Southern California area (primarily LA or OC) you can test it out before buying, just bring a vest and rig! Selling it as I currently own two arms and need to shift around funds for some future purchases. This listing comes with: Tiffen G70x Tiffen 6 inch 3/4 arm post Tiffen arm bag and I will be throwing in two of my conversion post as well, a 8 inch Jerry hill tiffen arm (3/4) to pro gimbal (5/8) with arm post collar and a 3/4 to 5/8 5 inch spin post! Price is $11,000 obo Priority will be to those who are in the LA/OC/SD area as I would like to try to sell locally first, then will be open to shipping within the US
  3. Selling my Tiffen G50X arm. Only minor cosmetic scratches everything else works. Only selling it because I upgraded to a new arm. The arm comes with a 1/2", 3/4'', and 5/8'' arm post, a bag, and a rain cover, the low mode bracket was sold. Located in LA and prefer to sell locally but willing to ship at buyers expense. Selling for $7500 obo IMG_6322.HEICIMG_6323.HEICIMG_6325.HEIC
  4. GPI Titan Pro arm including 4 blue canisters for EURO 8800,- Arm is in excellent condition! Europe sales preferred - (Netherlands, Maastricht area) Included: - Bag with soft padding - J-Bracket for 5/8” post - Sachtler/Arri D-bracket for low-mode setup - Flowcine low mode grip handle - Allen keys for arm and canisters - GPI keys and spare kit for Titan Pro arm
  5. Selling my G50x arm as I upgraded to a higher payload arm. Used only in a handful of shoots and bought in February new from Tiffen. Selling for 8000$ OBO plus shipping worldwide. Comes standard with everything you receive from the company including the arm bag.
  6. €5.500 ex. VAT Selling my G50x Arm. It's the separable model for storage in the bigger kind of Steadicam hardcases. It was serviced and checked by Betz-Tools Munich in September 2023. Included in the sale: Weather covers, Low Mode Bracket & Standard 1/2" Arm Post Located in Belgium, Europe. Shipping at the buyer's expense.
  7. Hi All, Hope all is well with everyone. Quick question, I have completely stripped one of my grub screws for my EFP arm. They are the grub screws that hold in the rods on the hinge which links the 2 parts of the arm. I have searched high and low and asked many a store but they cannot seem to help me. Would anyone in here know the size of these? Below are some pictures of what I'm meaning if it's not clear. Many thanks Todd Pacey IMG_0785.HEIC IMG_0787.heic IMG_0792.HEIC IMG_0793.HEIC IMG_0795.HEIC
  8. Arri Trinity 1 kit + Arri Artemis 1 steadicam + Artemis Carbon Spring Arm 26kg Trinity head with new style display, FomaSys serviced in June 2023. 24V both Trinity and Steadicam Everything is in perfect working condition, I have it since 2019. Around 5 minutes to change it from Trinity to Steadicam or reverse. -Trinity Head -Trinity Pendulum -Trinity lower part -Transvideo StarliteHD-5 ARRI oled -Trinity Joystick -tilt locking bracket - post centering tool - 3xbattery V-mount - 1xbattery bracket - Artemis Gimbal 1.8inch - Artemis Carbon Center post 1.8inch - 2xTop Stage Cine Broadcast - Artemis Docking Bracket - 1post extension 20 cm - windows 8 tablet for the system - 2xgimbal handle extension - Artemis Knurled Handle Gimbal Extension - 702 SmallHd monitor for steadicam with smallrig cage - Arri monitor bracket - Artemis Carbon Spring Arm 26kg + Soft bag - low mode bracket + 2arm posts Cables for ARRI, RED, SONY cameras ASKING 38000 EURO Preferably Europe with personal handover and 1 day workshop if need. IMG_3059.dng IMG_3058.dng IMG_3057.dng IMG_3056.dng IMG_3055.dng IMG_3074.dng IMG_3072.dng
  9. Hi, I am selling very used EFP arm. In working condition, tested for 18kg payload, everthing works. More photos or info in mail. Thank you. radim.brunovsky@gmail.com Payload: 8-18kg Springs: Blue In package: EFP arm, 5/8 post adapter, rain covers Located in Prague, Europe. Buyer pays shipping and taxes. Price: 890€ + Shipping and taxes
  10. Hi. I used the Arm only 2 times, bought it as backup for my pro because it was being shipped abroad but I don’t need it anymore. Arm located in Madrid, Spain. It comes exactly as it came fro the factory… Price Euros 9300
  11. Hey, Looking for a Pro Atlas arm with gray canisters or just the gray canisters alone in mint condition or at least well taken care of, not heavily used or scratched. Message me some photos, price and location please. All the best, TOMAS
  12. NB Stabilizer Arm For Sale Comes with: ⅝” Arm Post ¾” Arm Post Front Mount Socket Block Back Mount Socket Block 9” Arm Post Extension (for ¾” arm post) Soft Case The arm is only 6 months old with little use and still in brand new condition. It’s the newer version with bearings and friction control for the arm post. Here’s the website for more info: https://www.nbstabilizer.com/arm. It has great boom range, extremely light, and amazingly smooth. I bought it to have a dedicated arm for the ZeeGee on a show that I needed to quickly go back and forth to/from steadi and ZeeGee. That wasn’t necessarily the case and can’t justify the extra arm anymore. All in new with accessories, shipping, and customs was about $12,000…asking $9,000. If interested or have any questions, please email, text, or call. Thanks! Scott (213) 880-2550 scott.camera@mac.com
  13. Selling my Archer 2 w/ G-50x and Ultra Vest. Included is: -Archer 2 Sled w/: Low Mode Bracket 3rd Battery Plate Jerry Hill EVF Bracket Atomos Shogun Flame Monitor (2) 12v Power Cables (1) 24v Power Cable (2) SDI Cables Set of Screws -G-50x Arm -Ultra Vest -New Cinelevel (only used a couple times) -All-in-one Tiffen Travel Case (fits sled, arm, and vest) -Docking Bracket -Modern Steadicam Stand -(4) Anton Bauer Digital 90 Batteries w/ Dual Charger and Case Does not include wheels for stand or an SOS plate. All of it is in great condition, and is the perfect complete rig. Asking $24,000. Located in Los Angeles, prefer to sell locally, but will ship at buyers expense. Feel free to text me at 417-631-5599, or email at jmachdp@gmail.com. Thanks! IMG_5144.HEIC IMG_5145.HEIC IMG_5147.HEIC IMG_5149.HEIC IMG_5151.HEIC IMG_5152.HEIC IMG_5153.HEIC IMG_5155.HEIC IMG_5157.HEIC IMG_5161.HEIC IMG_5163.HEIC IMG_5165.HEIC IMG_5168.HEIC IMG_5171.HEIC IMG_5173.HEIC IMG_5178.HEIC IMG_5179.HEIC IMG_5182.HEIC IMG_5186.HEIC IMG_5187.HEIC IMG_5188.HEIC IMG_5191.HEIC IMG_5193.HEIC IMG_5194.HEIC
  14. Looking for a backup arm. Masters or similar. Would consider well-used G 70. Want to buy by end of year. Email me at uptom@verizon.net
  15. Hello Friends, I’m selling my Cinema Products IIIA (3A) Steadicam Arm with Gold Titanium Springs. SN: 584 Manufactured in 1994 by Robert Luna. Last serviced by Robert Luna on August 21st, 2019. The arm was moderately used for a year after its last service and has since been sitting in its case. The arm is in fine working conditions with cosmetic wear and tear (see photos). Included is a metal Steadicam Case (it has a good amount of wear and needs new foam, but it’s still a functioning case), 1/4” Speed Wrench, 6” Arm Post, Arm Post Bearing. Looking to get $3,800.00 OBO plus shipping or pick up (LA). If you’re interested, have any questions, or would like to see the arm in person, please feel free to email me at: aaron.gantt@gmail.com IMG_5561.HEICIMG_5565.HEICIMG_5562.HEICIMG_5566.HEICIMG_5567.HEICIMG_5568.HEICIMG_5569.HEICIMG_5571.HEICIMG_5572.HEICIMG_5573.HEICIMG_5574.HEIC
  16. Hi everyone. I am selling my lovely backup arm, the steady rig silverspring arm. Quite known in this forum, it served me well for my beginning. I bought it second hand in 2018, used it a year, then make it service by Hugo Langer who completely checked it, changed some bearing and made it like new. Very few used since, as it's right now my backup arm.Only signs of use are scratches visible here and there. It's a workhorse , extremely versatile (13 to 63 lbs range) and easy to adjust. You can sure find better, but for this price it's a killer arm. Best for 1st arm or backup. And most of all, it's lifetime guaranted and Hugo Langer offer a priceless service, and found solution for every issue including transport etc.. In the package: -Silverspring arm Serial 021 -three arm post (2 of 6" and 1 of 12") and two J bracket (small size, made by MKV I guess). One directly on the arm in the picture, as I used it everyday. -Arm tension speed crank. No bag no case. Arm is located in Paris, France. UE Buyer prefers and shipping is at buyer's expense. Price is 6000€ + VAT in UE, open to offer, feel free to ask any questions. Best, Florian.
  17. I am the 3rd owner of this arm, G50 with X upgrade. Upgrade was done by Tiffen by the previous owner. Arm is in good condition with some minor scuffs and blemishes to the paint. Plastic tip on tightening bolt for arm post chipped off last year but still functions normally and does not impact functionality. Upper section of the arm sticks at maximum boom height. Sticking can be reduced by adjusting lift and ride knobs. This arm was sent in for repairs and tuning June 18, 2021 to Tiffen, and while Tiffen did attempt to fix the sticking, they admitted it sticks due to a manufacturing defect with the G50 Arms. Included: 1. G50 Arm with X upgrade 2. 1/2" arm post standard size 3. Tiffen weather sleeves with case, kept in top part of arm bag 4. Tiffen arm bag with padding Asking $6250 + shipping Based in Atlanta, GA
  18. Bought this arm off of Matt Petrosky who is a great operator out in Atlanta. It was a back up arm and was hardly used. It’s a amazing arm and flys smooth like butter.. Package comes with: -6in, 12in Post -Original Bag w/ Tools -x2 Blue Canisters / x2 Black Canisters -Titan Arm The price is $15,500 OBO I’m selling cause I don’t need an arm this powerful for the work that I do. I’m based out in Los Angeles if you want to meet up!
  19. Hi all! I'm looking for opinions on the Smart System Matrix Sled and the Arm X1. I tried it myself at BSC a few months ago. I was very impressed by the arm but not so sure on the sled. Have any more experienced operators than myself tried the sled, if so what did you think? The price tag is really tempting, it would certainly be an upgrade from my aero 30 rig. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, cheers!
  20. Unfortunately work is taking a different direction for me since a leg injury, so I have to move on from this. A very complete kit that has everything you need to go to set. Has everything you need to be ready on set, with lots of backups. GPI PRO Cine Live package. Loaded GPI PRO Sled, Betz top stage, Atlas arm with two grey canisters, Pro Vest, Two Small HD monitors, Four B4B 230w Gold Mount batteries and two chargers, Two XCS camera plates, XCS Extendible Mid Arm Swivel, Three GPI PRO docking brackets, Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount, Backstage Vehicle Mount, backstage Steadicam cart, low mode bracket, Three Pelican cases (2X1730 & 1X1650) {Foam laser cut by Pelican}, power cables for Red, Mini, Venice, Alexa and more. Based in LA and looking to sell local. Looking for $35,000 OBO
  21. email: dani.dagher@hotmail.com Artemis Arm (23 kg) 4000$ OBO recently serviced by Arri new Arri socket block Sachtler soft bag Arri rain cover extra rope segment K5.0011809 (75€) J bracket for low mode
  22. Hello all, I'm going to buy my first steadicam soon and get in the adventure. But i was wondering, we all know Tiffen and their steadicam but what are the brands to avoid and the ones we can trust? Sled, arm and vest-wise. Thanks ! Mathias
  23. Hi everyone I'm selling my beloved Flowcine xARM. It kind of turned into my back-up arm for a while now and I ended up not using it, that's why I decided to part ways with it, it's still a great arm though! Cosmetically as well as functionally the arm is in pristine condition (see pictures below). Package includes: -Flowcine xARM -original xARM Pelicase from Flowcine -five different sets of Springcores + one extra blue for front section (green, blue, orange, purple, grey (these are custom made and cover loads from 28-33kg) originally the xARM comes with only three different sets of Springcores), all in all eleven pieces of Springcores -the original xARM raincover from Flowcine (not to be confused with the heating cover, that comes with the arm, you purchase this one separately when you buy a new xARM) -all the original tools, maintenance fluid, paste, the heating cover and most spare parts are still in there, I'm throwing some extra maintenance fluid spray for the Springcores in there as I wouldn't need it anymore I'm asking 9500 € (Euros) for everything (+ VAT for Germany) Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees fully, preferably sale with invoice within the EU. Don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you have any questions. Fly safe! Cheers Ozzy
  24. Selling my A-30 arm (AKA zephyr arm), $2400obo. This arm works great and is in amazing condition. The only reason that I'm selling is I upgraded to a g50x. This is a capable arm and have flown anything from a fuji xt3 to a Sony F5 with cooke minis within its limits. Fits small socket blocks and 1/2 handles, great for a running rig! Retail price from Tiffen is $3995, save $1600! Located in NJ but can ship
  25. Hi Gang, Today I flew my rig in the comforts of the rental house. After a couple of hours my arm suddenly started to sag and lose tension. I looked down to see how the rig was getting heavier and watched the lift knob (near the socket block) circle and loosen as the bottom section of my arm drop away. I proceeded to tighten it back to a comfortable operating position and started booming up and down. I could recreate the problem and found a ‘sweet’ (or not so sweet) spot where the lift would wind out. Has anybody ever experienced this before? Thanks P.S I was so in the moment I didn’t take a video
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