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  1. ARRI MINI Camera Body Package with extensive Arri Accessories and 3 Custom Travel Cases Package Details: ARRI Mini Body (S/N 21881) - 1756 Hours ARRI EXTENDED WARRANTY (Through 7/25/2022) for both Body And EVF Viewfinder MINI Licenses - 4:3 License Key, ARRI/RAW License Key, MINI LOOK Library License Key ARRI EVF Alexa Mini Viewfinder (S/N 7871) LICENSE FEATURES: ARRI PL Mount-LDS-LB-Titan-CPL ProRes 444XQ MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket 2K Recording (2) Mini Adapter Plate MAP-1 CPL Custom 3D LUTS (2) Mini Baseplate MAP-32-CPL 100-200 FPS (2) Mini Side Bracket MSB-1 Log C Bridgeplate Adapter BPA-4 Look Import/Export Cage Top Handle CHT-1 ProRes 422 HQ (4) 15mm (17”) Support Rods Look CDL Editing (2) 15mm (5.5”) Support Rods Auto Tracking WB (3) 15mm (9.5”) Support Rods WiFi Remote Access (1) 15mm (5”) Support Rod Prerecording BAP-1 Battery Plate Alexa Mini 3.2K Recording CSP-1 Camera shoulder Pad 4K UHD Recording Leather Shoulder Pad Add-On 4:3 Sensor Mode KC-50 Amira Straight Power Cable ARRI/RAW Recording (3) Mini EVF Cables (2) Handgrip Extension, Long LBS-2 Lightweight Bridge Support (3) CFast 2.0 Card Media 128GB CFast 2.0 Card Reader (2) Rubber Hand Grips VEB-3 Viewfinder Extension Bracket BAP-2 Battery Adapter Plate “Solid Camera Power Solutions” Anton Bauer Battery Power Distribution Box (5) BNC Cables - Various sizes (2) Arri EXT - RS Cables Vocas Wood Handles, Left & Right Vocas 15mm Rod Clamp CSP-1 Low Shoulder Bracket Pelican 1040 Case for Media Reader Pelican Media MINI Case (3) Case Cruiser Custom Cut “Pelican Style” Travel Cases $ 44,500.00. USD. This MINI has been my personal camera used on my Steadicam almost exclusively. This has always been under ARRI Extended Warranty and serviced each year since 5/9/2016. It’s in excellent condition. CONTACT: Greg Lundsgaard. glund88@gmail.com (contact me for hi-res photos of the entire package)
  2. ARRI LMB-25 2-Stage Matte Box includes: 1 - LMB-25 Basic Matte Box Set 2 - 4X5.650 / 4X4 Filter Trays 1 - Flag Holders Set Brackets 1 - 4X5 Top Flag 5 - Hard Matte Set 1 - 144mm Clamp-On Adapter ARRI FF-5 Cine Kit Pro - Focus Package includes ( NOTE: You need to purchase either the 15mm or 19mm BP Adapter for your choice of systems) FF-5 Cine Base Focus Knob - Left Focus Knob - Right Flexible Focus Whip Focus Lever 6 - Round Marking Disks Large Gear Small Gear BP-9 15mm Bridge Plate Set includes: 300mm (12") sliding dovetail Plate 2 - 15mm Rods Bridge Plate Case Cruizer Custom Case This package is in excellent condition. I've used this only several times with my Mini Camera. My MINI was primarily used on my Steadicam. This was part of my "Studio" Package", which is why it was used only several times. $ 5,000.00 plus shipping $100.00 ( or provide your Fed Ex Acct ) Greg Lundsgaard
  3. ARRI cforce Mini Motor Basic Set. The motor is in great condition, serviced and updated from Arri. Included is the motor, 48p 8mm gear, 19mm mounting bracket, and 15mm bushing. (not shown in photo) $ 2310.00 Including tax. Free shipping in USA glund88@gmail.com
  4. Hi everyone Please note(!): This sale/post is for a friend. To avoid any misunderstanding, I also used to own an ARRI Artemis Cinebroadcast lower sled, but was able to sell mine, so this is a different one. I'm just helping out a friend. For sale is an ARRI Artemis CineBroadcast lower sled (battery hanger). You can use it to convert your Trinity into a Steadicam, also it might be of interest if you're in the market for an Artemis CineBroadcast Rig anyway. It was purchased towards the end of 2018 and has been used only on a couple of days in total, as the owner does mostly Trinity. The lower sled is in pristine condition and is fully functional. You can purchase it with or without the third battery plate. The lower sled will be shipped form the UK. Price with the 3rd battery plate. 4300 £ (british pound) Price without 3rd battery plate 4000 £ (british pound) Buyer pays for shipping and any money transfer fees. For more details drop me a message. Cheers Ozzy
  5. Selling my Artemis with everything you could need for transport, power and camera support. All gear was never loaned or rented, and always treated like royalty. Asking 28k, Located in NYC, willing to ship at buyers expense, but priority given to local buyers first. Not looking to part out. Arm and Vest NOT included as I am keeping those. For a full gallery please look here. Full List: Cases: 3x Pelican Storm iM2450 with pad Pelican iM2950 Storm with pad Power: 6x "Switronix HyperCore GOLD 150Wh (14.8V, 10A)" Anton Bauer TM4 Core SWX Fleet Q Gold Mount Four-Position Charger Core SWX GP-TA Gold-Mount Hotswap Power Plate Adapter Anton Bauer SO-XLR 4-pin XLR Snap-On Plate Transport: American Grip Steadicam LS32 American Stand Leg Adaptor Wheels Inovativ Scout Evo 37 Inovativ Steadicam System Inovativ Stand Hanger Video & Focus: Teradek Bolt Pro 300 TX Teradek Bolt Pro 300 RX Bartech Handset Heden M26VE Motor fStop Wireless Receiver v2.1 Run/Stop cables for Arri cams 2x Rechargeable D Batteries w/ Charger Steadicam: SmallHD 703 UltraBright On-Camera Monitor Blackmagic Design Video Assist Arri Artemis Cine Broadcast 1.8in Artemis Docking Bracket with Pivot Yoke Upgrade, 1.8in Cam-Jam QUATTRO II Monitor Arm with integrated yoke Artemis Focus Bracket Steadicam Support: Artemis Camera Dovetail Plate, 8in Cat Griller 16x9 Cine Lock Quick Release Arri Alexa EVF Adapter 18” PA Long Plate w/mount accessories Various screws, tools and other accessories. Can be detailed separately. Steadicam Cables: "Aux Power, Lemo 0B 2pin" "Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA" "Cam Power, Cine, 12V, XLR, HiCap" "Cam Power, Cine, 24V, ALEXA Mini" "Cam Power, Cine, 24V, Fischer 2pin" "Cam Power, Cine, K2.0010540 12V, HiCap, ALEXA Mini" MultiTap Breakout Cable
  6. Arri Artemis Carbon Spring Arm for sale, plus accessories. - bought in June 2019 Capacity: 26kg/57.3lb Arm Soft Bag 1 hex key 4mm 1 hex key 6 mm Rain cover D braket 10 inch 10 and 12 inch arm posts Asking 9200 Euro (Excluding shipping and VAT)
  7. Located in France! A plate dedicated to Arri Amira. You can mount 2 x 15mm rods on the front. Never used, only adding weight to my AKS case. Price new is 550€ Asking 300€ Buyer pays shipping IMG_7447.HEIC IMG_7446.HEIC IMG_7448.HEIC
  8. Hi, i m selling: ARRI artemis Spring arm Pro Set with standard industrial arm - vest connector. includes: K2.0010327 1x artemis Spring Arm / with 23 kg springs K2.0010435 1x 6 mm Hex Key (1/4'') K2.0010463 1x Arm Soft Bag K2.0010434 1x 4mm Hex Key Price when new: netto/before tax 10.070€ purchased 16.08.2017 Only used by me. I also sell my Set of Springs with 26kg payload. Price when new: netto/before tax 1.990€ bought 15.07.2020 You get a ordinary bill with Taxes. You can come by a check the Arm. I´m based close to Munich in Germany. Feel free to send me your offer. Greetings, Janis
  9. For sale Arri STABILIZED REMOTE HEAD-3 Ex demo Bought in April 2018, used only for demos - List price € 60 000 - for sale at € 35 000 (40 000 USD). Transport and taxes not included. Just completely checked at Arri & FoMaSystems in April 2020. Including : Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 Arri Remote Control Panel SRH-3, FS CAN Bus Cable 10m/32.8ft Short QL Plate Gen2 for SRH-3 Mitchell Mount for SRH-3 Case for RH-3 SRH-3, Battery Power Cable, 12V/24V, 0,5m/1.64ft 2 x SRH-3, Battery Power Cable, 12V/24V, 7,5m/24.6ft SRH-3 High Capacity Battery Power Cable 24V, XLR3, 10m/33ft SRH-3 High Capacity Battery Power Cable 12V, XLR4, 10m/33ft Cam Power Cable 12V Alexa Cam Power Cable 12V XLR4 Cam Power Cable 12V Alexa Mini Cam Power Cable 24V Arri Focus Power Cable Arri & C-Motion SRH-3 Power Supply 600W, 220V/110V Mitchell Mount Collar SRH-3, 45mm/1,77in Focus Knob for SRH-3 Remote Control Zoom Rocker for SRH-3 Remote Control Side Brackets for SRH-3 Remote Control Side Accessory Bracket SRH-3 Top Support Bracket for SRH-3 Stabilized axes 3 (Pan, Tilt, R) - Max. payload to up 30Kg / lb - Height 60,8cm / 23,93in -Width 41,2cm / 16,22in Depth head 13cm / 5.12in - Death base 16,5cm / 6,49in - Ring diameter 26cm / 10,23in -Ring height center 20,9cm / 8,23in Max. tilt range + 60/ -110° - Max. roll range /- 90° - Max. pan range 540° +/-270° - Max. pan rate 240° / sec. - Max. tilt rate 240° / sec. Input Remote Head 24 - 36 Vo - Output Camera 12 / 24 Volt -Current 10 Amps Environmental -20° to +50° / -4° F to 122° F Contact : vente@planningcamera.fr
  10. Does anyone know if the ARRI Artemis can take BETZ-Tools Dovetails? Thank you in advance for any answers.
  11. Hi everyone I'm selling my ARRI Artemis CineBroadcast lower sled. It might come in handy when you own a Trinity, so you could convert it to a regular Steadicam when you need one or if you're in the market for for an Artemis rig anyways. It has signs of usage here and there, nothing major though as you can see on the pictures and is fully functional. It doesn't include the third battery plate. The lower sled is located in Berlin, Germany. Contact me for more details at info@ozzyoksuz.com Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees. I'm asking 4300,- € Euros Cheers
  12. Arri LMB-4 Lightweight Matte Box For Sale 6x6 2-Stage Lightweight Matte Box (2) 6x6 Filter Trays 110mm Insert 98mm Insert Pelican Storm Case In great working condition. Normal wear and tear…see photos. $1,000 If interested please email, text, or call. Thanks! Scott scott.camera@mac.com (213) 880-2550
  13. Arri LFD Lightweight Follow Focus For Sale Lightweight Focus Drive Left Focus Knob Right Focus Knob Dual 15mm Rod Bracket Single 15mm Rod Bracket (10) Marking Disc Pelican Storm Case Used very little and in great condition…see photos. $1,500 If interested please email, text, or call. Thanks! Scott scott.camera@mac.com (213) 880-2550
  14. Arri MB-14 Matte Box For Sale 4-Stage 6x6 15mm Rod Matte Box (2) 6x6 Filter Trays (2) 6x6 Geared Filter Trays 6” Filter Ring 138mm Filter Ring Light Shield Set Hard Matte Set Flexible Extension Whip MasterCases Shipping Case All in good working condition. Cosmetic wear and tear…see photos. $3,500 If interested please email, text, or call. Thanks! Scott scott.camera@mac.com (213) 880-2550
  15. Selling a Preston HU3 G4 Blue Dot Handset, good working order Feel Free to ask any questions, Item located in South Carolina but can ship anywhere $4800. Or (£3700 Can have it shipped to London)
  16. (posting on behalf of a friend!) Two ARRI cforce plus motors are for sale. Both motors have been used only a few times, they're like brand new, thus in pristine condition. Both of them work flawlessly. The motors are located in Berlin. You can buy them separately or the both of them. Price: 2200 EUR € (each!), 4400 EUR € (both!) Buyer pays for shipping and any upcoming money transaction fees. Shipping within EU preferred For inquiries, please e-mail at info@ozzyoksuz.com Cheers 
  17. FOR SALE almost NEW Arri Maxima MX30 3 Axis Gimbal  1. Maxima head- mx30 QL/ Gold Mount 2. Top holder type 030 for Maxima MX30 3. Mitchel Mount 4. Spider for Maxima 5. Can Power/ Cine/ 12v HiCap/ Alexa Mini 6. Maxima head case Total: $12,000
  18. Hi everyone I'm selling my ARRI Artemis Camera Power Lemo 1S 3pin to 2pin Fischer 24V cable, which can be used with the Artemis CineBroadcast and the SRH-3 head for ARRI SR III, LT, 435, 535 cameras. I've used only a couple of times, hence it's in pretty good condition. Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees. I'm asking 100 Euros. Cheers
  19. Arri FF-4 Follow Focus For Sale Follow Focus with 15mm Rod Bridge Plate Right Side Knob with Extension (2) Flat Marking Disks Prime Gear (3) Zoom Gears Flexible Extension Whip Speed Crank MasterCases Shipping Case All in good working condition. Cosmetic wear and tear…see photos. $2,500 If interested please email, text, or call. Thanks! Scott scott.camera@mac.com (213) 880-2550
  20. FOR SALE almost NEW Arri Maxima MX30 3 Axis Gimbal  1. Maxima head- mx30 QL/ Gold Mount 2. Top holder type 030 for Maxima MX30 3. Mitchel Mount 4. Spider for Maxima 5. Can Power/ Cine/ 12v HiCap/ Alexa Mini 6. Maxima head case Total: $16,000
  21. For sale a bunch of original Preston cables, most of them for MDR2, one motor cable included. $450.00 for all, in LA. Also included some bits and pieces of other Preston Cables. I will ship ground to ConUS
  22. To convert a TRINITY rig with Gold Mount battery mounts into a regular artemis stabilizer, the Sled Cine Broadcast will be needed. Never used - 4 500 € (Transport and taxes not included)
  23. I’m a fairly new operator 3 years and going, started with a zephyr system and moved to a GPI pro system. I’m wondering what the community thinks of the volt vs trinity? They both have similar purposes and yet different implementation. I’m wondering what every one thinks... Pros and cons of both? Is one better than the other? challenges of either system? Trinity cost more but is the ability to invert the camera to low mode while shooting worth it? With a GPI sled I have the option of going either direction but I’m not sure which is better to invest in?
  24. Hi guys, I am looking for a medium sized (low-end professional rig). Anything along the lines of the Arri Artemis systems, Archer 2 or similar. I do not mind sensible hybrid rigs aswell. I am happy with anything that can carry atleast 15kg. If anyone has anything to offer or knows someone I could contact that would be great. Thank You! :)
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