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  1. Hello everyone, i want sell my trinity 2 Trinity2 Head i can sell it separately + SKB original case { pendulum - RCB - joystick 1 controller - SmallHD indie5 } { Sam Zero Plate } If you won't SmallHD indie5 it's fine. Artmies 2 short post + Gimbal with extender + topstage + docking plate + hanger + L Shape rods +2 v mount battery plates + 2 Bases - 2 40cm tilta rods { SKB sled case also included } Plates { Sam 1 Plate - ARRI Stabilizer Plate for CBP } 4 150Grams counterweights + connection counterweights J roll for main cable - rail cube - rod adapter - rail base Cables { 2 Cables for red cameras - 2 cables for arri cameras - 1 for alexa sxt - 2 cables for sony veice 12 and 24 L bow - 2cables hanger to topstage pwr - 2 mean cables - 2 original bnc - 2 cables for joystick - 2 MTG pwr cables 2 pin - 1 MTG pwr cable - 1 RCB Cable } Trinity 2 Head + RCB + RCB Cable + 2 Ring Main Cables + SKB Original Case + Allen Key + Pendulum + Sam Zero Plate + Counterweights { 51,000$ } Full kit { 70,000$ } For more photos { asem.mohamed450@gmai.com }
  2. I’m selling my sled Artemis 1 Cine Broadcast 1.8in V-Mount after upgrading my rig to Trinity2/Artemis 2. The Artemis 1 was originally purchased from ARRI on October 2020 and it’s located in Dubai UAE. The set includes: K2.0010314 1x artemis Cine Broadcast 1.8in, V-Mount K2.0010319 1x artemis Docking Bracket, 1.8in K2.0010443 1x artemis Camera Dovetail Plate, 8in K2.0010436 1x Hex Key 2mm K2.0010437 1x Hex Key 1.5mm K2.0010471 1x Cam Power, Cine, 24V, Fischer 2pin original cable I’m also including this extra cables, accessories and case for the Artemis 1: Cam Power, Cine, 24V, Fischer 2pin spare cable Pelican case 1615 for TRINITY & artemis rigs Adicam Quick Release Plate Cable FFA 0S to D-tap F 35cm 2X Cable FFA 0S to D-tap splitter F 50&35cm Cable FFA 0S to 12V external power 25CM 2X Cable FFA 0S to D-tap F 60cm 2X Lemo 0S 303 to Dtap F 60cm ARRI CSS Post Tool for Artemis and Trinity Asking for 14000 euro or best offer. Shipping is on the buyer. I accept EURO, AED or USD. The steadicam has some cosmetic scratches in the gimbal but is working in perfect conditions. You can contact me on my email alex@alexsteadi.com or send me a message.
  3. Hello colleagues. A friend is selling this piece. Below is your contact in case you are interested. FOR SALE BRAND NEW Never used, selling it because I have a spare one. ARRI 19mm CSS Clamp Bridge 52 K2.0042837 €200- (OBO) Located in Barcelona - Spain Shipping at buyers expense Contact: martindotta@gmail.com
  4. Arri Trinity 1 Arri Trinity Head . Pre-sale Serviced. Bought mid 2020 24 V Trinity Rig, V Mount Transvideo Starlight HD5 Arri 6' Feelworld 2600nit Monitor 2x 5-pin power cables Joystick Monitor Mount 2 times loomed cables Sam Plates x 4 Alexa35, Alexa, Alexa Mini, Generic 2x Post extensions 2 x 8.5in Camera Power cables 2 x Alexa, 2 x Alexa Mini, 2 x XLR, 1 x Red Epic Trinity Power cables 4pin-4pin, 4pin-Lemo, Lemo-Lemo 1 x D tap to Trinity Head external power BNC cables 1 x (2 loomed short BNCs for Video sender), 2x mid length to camera Microsoft Surface Go2 Tablet with USB-c Hub and cables, Foma Control software, Bamboo Stylus Mounting Brackets SSB-1, RMB-6, ARS-3 accessory rail, Counter Weight Donut 800g Counter Weight Set 1x 300g, 2x 150g Arri Docking Bracket Raincover for Battery Hanger Post tool 2 x Cases Based in New Zealand, please hit me up with any questions. Payment can overseen by respected local Camera house - Metro Film www.metrofilm.co.nz Buyer pays shipping Price $40,000
  5. Selling a Turnkey Trinity 1 kit. It has been very well maintained and is ready to work. Has all of the parts to make into either a Trinity or Artemis Sled including monitors. Includes cables for every camera system for both Trinity and Artemis. Includes dock, plates, case, control wheels. Located in NYC, willing to ship anywhere globally. 45K Send inquiries to blake@steigy.com Trinity 1.pdf
  6. ARRI ERM - External Radio Module --- Used with the ARRI WCU-4 Focus Handset and The SXU-1 Single Channel Iris handset to extend the range up to 1000 Meters (3280 Feet) acting like a hard wire system. "The new, versatile ERM-2400 is a major upgrade to the existing 2.4 GHz radio. The ERM-2400 is a 2.4 GHz module that allows users to reliably operate the SRH-3 head from a range of up to 1.000 meters (3,280 feet) The new ERM-2400 is CE and FCC certified for use in Europe, the US, Canada, and Japan." (Arri Brochure) "How It Works: An ERM-2400 LCS set of radio modules basically extends an LCS, LBUS, EXT (CAN bus) cable connection over the air. As such, it can connect ARRI and cmotion hand units to cameras and motor controllers and they behave as if they were hard-wired, but with an exceptionally great wireless range." (Arri Brochure) "Compatibility The ERM-2400 LCS module is compatible with equipment supporting LCS, EXT, and LBUS protocols. A pair of ERM-2400 LCS modules can replace a cabled connection between two devices, for example: • WCU-4 or SXU-1 and ALEXA Plus camera (LCS socket) • WCU-4 or SXU-1 and ALEXA Mini camera (EXT socket) • WCU-4 or SXU-1 and ALEXA Mini LF camera (EXT socket) • WCU-4 or SXU-1 and UMC-4 (LCS socket) • Master Grip or OCU-1 and cforce motor • cmotion cPRO hand unit and cforce motor • ARRI Wheels DRW-1 and Digital Encoder Head DEH-1" (Arri Brochure) For Sale is The PRO SET LCS Package. INCLUDED IN THIS SET : 2X - ERM-2400, LCS SINGLE MODULE 2X - RUBBER DUCK ANTENNA 2X - LCS to FS CAN BUS ADAPTER CABLE .65ft 2X - LBUS TO FS CAN BUS ADAPTER CABLE .65ft 1X - ERM EXT. to FS CAN BUS ADAPTER CABLE .65ft 1X - ERM D-TAP Pwr Cable OB Lemo 2Pin to D-TAP 3.2ft 2X - SRH FS CAN Bus Cable 3.2ft Additional Cables And Accessories: 1X - SRH FS CAN Bus EXTENSION Cable 16.4ft ARRI MIA-1 Mounting Bracket (for Transmitter) ARRI L-Bracket (for Receiver) This has been the single most important accessory to my WCU-4 /SXU-1 Focus system. It gave me the capability for long-range use in car-to-car shots, boat-to-boat chases, and any time there was an interference issue. It consistently gave me a "Hard Wire" reliability. I'm selling this because I've just changed over to the HI-5 system. It uses a different radio system. I HAVE 2 COMPLETE SYSTEMS - I used one system for the FOCUS CHANNEL and the other one for the SXU-1 IRIS CHANNEL. Both systems are in Excellent Condition. Please watch the ARRI "Tech Talk" on YouTube for a detailed explanation of how this setup is used with various configurations. #1 ERM PRO SET PACKAGE SYSTEM W/ ADDL Cables and Accessories -- $4,000.00 (Plus $75.00 Shipping To US) #2 ERM PRO SET PACKAGE SYSTEM W/ ADDL Cables and Accessories (EXCEPT THE 16.4 FT CABLE) -- $3,650.00 (Plus $75.00 Shipping To US) (FREE SHIPPING IS PURCHASED TOGETHER) Please contact me at glund88@gmail.com 805-680-7556 Greg Lundsgaard
  7. ARRI / CMOTION Steady Zoom & Pan Bar Zoom Controller This zoom controller has been a lifesaver for years while shooting with any zoom lens. You're able to hide very slight zoom adjustments to maintain the composition you want. This controller can also be used on a panhandle, it's so small. This also can be used with a Cine Fader matte box for perfect control of filters while on a remote head. This is an excellent device! The steady zoom is compatible with cforce motors, ARRI Alexa Plus, Alexa Mini, ALEXA Mini LF, UMC-4, AMC-1, SMC-1, and EMC-1. STEADY/PAN BAR ZOOM controller LBUS CABLE (5FT) $1200.00 USD (plus 20.00 shipping) Contact me directly - Greg Lundsgaard - glund88@gmail.com
  8. I'm selling my new Artemis 2, I just changed my mind. It comes with 3 gold mount battery mounts 2 dove tail plates, long and short Amira power cable Regular 12v cam power Extra rods Extra sled main power cable Clamp bridge 19mm Artemis docking bracket Insert for the hard case $24,000 + shipping If interested, please send me a message at steadirig@gmail.com
  9. FOR SALE -- GREAT CONDITION ARRI 1.5 GIMBAL $1200USD - BUYER PAYS SHIPPING QUESTIONS? Contact me at steadirig@gmail.com
  10. Hey If someone are interested in this bracket I have some to sell. It fits to all Arri SAM dovetail plates, works in Trinity and Trinity 2. You can use it to add weight behind or below the camera in long setups to help the balance and attach also the free roll cable holder. It's made form powder coated aluminium You can see more pics an a video here, https://www.instagram.com/p/Cq479neqChh/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==.
  11. Hey guys, I've decided to sell my "old" ARRI Artemis Cine Broadcast Rig. It's too bad to let it gather dust in the office. It comes complete with... 1.8“ ARRI CineBroadcast 12/24 V - Small HD 703 UB monitor - Docking bracket (new one, came with the New Rig ) - Knurdle Handle for LowMode - transvideo Starlite 5" 2nd monitor. - New Monitor Bracket from the Artemis 2 - ARRI tally kit - CamJam Dovetail Plate with Rods - Arri Dovetaile Plate -Post Tool - all Power Cables ( Monitors , Camera) -smartsystem SmartCAM Zen -third Battery Hanger - Peli Case 1650 The Handgrip Tape will be removed. 17.000,00€ OBO Feel free to contact me The buyer receives an invoice with VAT shown. Preferential sales in the European economic area. The buyer pays shipping.
  12. I wanted to bring to everyone's attention in case you are unaware, if you put a deposit on the Trinity 2 and need to cancel your order for any reason whatsoever, they will not refund your $5k even if you haven't signed or been given any Terms or Conditions stating the deposit was non-refundable. Buyer beware. I requested a refund, and they tried to send me T&C's that I had never seen before when my deposit was made, even when I specifically asked what happens if an event arises that I would need to cancel. I would be very careful with the company.
  13. Hello all, Selling 1 Arri Mini Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Set. Great condition. KK.0005759 Price is $1000.00 including tax. Free shipping in the USA jerome@mediatropics.com
  14. Hello all, I'm selling 2 individual Arri Master Grips. Great condition. Both are wheels. ARRI MLR-1 Master Grip (Left-Hand Wheel) MFR #K2.0009363 ARRI MRW-1 Master Grip (Right-Hand Wheel) MFR #K2.0009494 Price is $2000.00 each including tax. The price for both Master Grips is $3500.00 Comes with (1) ARRI Right-Angle LBUS to Straight LBUS Cable (31.5") Free shipping in the USA jerome@mediatropics.com
  15. Selling Trinity 1 Ring and Battery Hanger Base V-Lock) Brought as spare head while main unit was in for repair. Works perfectly fine. ****THIS IS ONLY THE RING AND BASE NO POST OR GIMBAL**** Price is $30,000 OBO -Comes with control cable and custom case. If you currently have a Arri (Artemis) sled, this would be a great add to upgrade your rig to a Trinity system. Also great as a spare head
  16. Hello all, I'm selling 3 individual Arri cforce Mini Motor Basic set. All in great condition. Included is the motor, 48p 8mm gear, 19mm mounting bracket, and 15mm bushing also included is (1) ARRI Right-Angle LBUS to Straight LBUS Cable (14") per set. MFR #K2.0013042 Price is $2200.00 each set including tax. The price for all 3 motors with cables $6000.00 Free shipping in the USA jerome@mediatropics.com
  17. Hi everyone I'm selling here my ARRI Wheels along with the ERM-2400 LCS kit and some cables, all packed in a Peli 1560 case. I have purchased them all in August 2022 in order to use them with my TRINITY 2 to have the option to control the roll and the tilt axis externally by a second operator or the DP. I haven't used them so far on any production, only set them up twice for testing at a camera rental, hence they're in pristine condition. The wheels will also work with the SRH-360 head when linked with the corresponding ERM kit. Setup contains: • 1 Set of ARRI Wheels (2 axis control) • 1 ERM-2400 LCS kit (TX, RX, 2 antennas and various cables) • 1 CSS Mitchell Mount • 1 Peli 1560 hardcase with inlay The ERM have a connectivity range of approx. 1000 m (3000 ft.) I'm asking 13000 € (if you're based in Germany that's +VAT), buyer pays for shipping and any occuring money transfer fees. EU sales will be preferred!! Shoot me a message if you have any questions or want more detailed pictures. Cheers Ozzy
  18. Hello everyone I‘m selling my backup monitor with its artemis monitor bracket. The monitor is a Transvideo 6“ Cinemonitor x-sbl (red knob). The bracket is an ARRI Artemis monitor bracket with a postclamp. Both items are used and show corresponding signs of usage, as shown in the pictures. Both items are in perfect working condition. This monitor package is adaptable to most rigs and I prefer to sell the items together, if possible. Please note, the clamp adaptor ring to use the postclamp with a 1.5" posts will not be included (small plastic ring adapters). The monitor comes along with a small Peli case from Transvideo. Buyer pays any occuring shipping and money transfer fees. PRICE: 3000 € (plus VAT/MWSt. if you're based in Germany) Shoot me a message for further questions Cheers
  19. Hi I'm selling my Artemis monitor bracket, which I was using on my Artemis Cine Broadcast Rig before. I've sold the sled two years ago and kept the monitor bracket as a backup, but figured now there is no point in keeping it. I was using the bracket with a Transvideo 6 inch x-sbl monitor, so you will be able to use it only with that monitor or monitors built identical. Please note, that the 1.5 inch post clamp is NOT included! The bracket has some scratches and signs of usage (see pics attached), but is functioning without flawlessly. The bracket is located in Berlin/Germany, so a sale within the EU would be preferred. Buyer pays shipping and money transfer fees. Price I'm asking is 1000 € EUR Cheers
  20. Hey guys, I have some things for sale. ARRI artemis Post Extension ø1.8 in, 3B , 16pin length 8.5 in (K2.0041976) NEW, never used €850.00 OBO Ted Churchill Monitor Bracket - including 1.5ø adapter Like NEW condition, used once €800.00 OBO TERADEK RT 1 x 1 channel hand unit -CTRL.1 (including lens mapping and cable for small HD Cine7, Indie) - including monitor mount - including batteries and charger 1 x 3 channel receiver - MDR. X - including power cable 3 x Motor X - including cable 1 x Zommrocker X -including cable The Wireless Focus has wear and tear commensurate with age. It is currently being checked by Teradek prior to sale. It will be available from mid-August. The whole set 6000.00€ OBO Feel free and Please send me your price suggestions. All prices without VAT. The buyer receives an invoice with VAT. Sell preferably to buyers from the EU, not the continent but the economic area. Sorry UK. pictures will follow
  21. As new, never used Steadicam Zephyr system. If you're here, you likely know what you're looking at and what this is so I'll keep it short. This is the complete package, current Steadicam Zephyr system, which can fly a total net camera load of 23 lbs (Arri Alexa mini is no problem. Ursa, FX6, and RED rigs also a breeze. This is the top-end rig in Steadicam's mid-range kits, and perfect for the commercial operator starting out, or someone who wants to keep their gear slim, yet professional and definitely recognizable. This is a true STEADICAM system, and includes everything as sold retail; Zephyr Sled with 7" HD Ultrabright Steadicam Monitor, A-30 Zephyr Arm, Zephyr Vest. Optional v-lock battery mount included. The only thing I've misplaced is the manual DVD and BNC to RCA adaptor plugs, both of which disappeared during a recent house move. Otherwise, everything as in the following link is included in the Steadicam flight case: https://tiffen.com/products/steadicam-zephyr-camera-stabilizer-with-7-hd-monitor?variant=29434095206442 This was bought to be part of a specialty camera equipment rental house's inventory, however, was ultimately found to be an unreasonable rental option to get good use out of for most clients, due to the skill required to actually operate this rig. As a result, it was NEVER rented out or used at all. In fact, the plastic protective film is still on the monitor and the pictures will show not a mark on the dovetail. The rig was taken out and tried on, with maybe a DSLR rig attached a few times to test everything is working, but that is about it. It has otherwise sat in storage within its flight case for a little over 2 years. There are a couple of small scratches on the Vest and Arm that look like small rub marks, which have been there from the store, I imagine these are just from the heavy parts moving around a bit during shipping? But are only visible on close inspection. Otherwise, this kit is as new and available at a steep discount. This kit is retailing for $9995 USD brand new, and $13, 899 CAD brand new retail BEFORE taxes and shipping. And even more directly from Tiffen! Save a few K buying an as new, never flown rig! Available for meet and pickup in and around the Greater Toronto Area or the London and Western Ontario Region. Willing to meet US buyers at the Buffalo NY or Port Huron MI border ports. Also willing to ship within Canada and the US ONLY and ONLY after some satisfactory checks and balances for both parties. Asking $11, 000 CAD, or $8000 USD or best REASONABLE offer. I'm willing to work with a serious, motivated buyer, but please be reasonable :) Contact for more information.
  22. Hi everyone As I have moved on to the Trinity 2, I am selling here my Trinity (1) with quite a few extras. A couple of notes upfront, the head has been checked and serviced last week at FOMA and all calibrations and values are factory reset. The Rig has obviously cosmetic wear but is fully functional. It also has all the available upgrades done (24V upgrade, quicklock upgrade (head), pendulum upgrade). List of items that will come with the package. 1 x ARRI Trinity Head 1 x ARRI Trinity Joystick 1 x Transvideo ARRI Starlite 5" monitor (with extra power cable for external use) 1 x ARRI Trinity joystick 1 x ARRI Starlite monitor mounting bracket 1 x ARRI Trinity joystick main cable 1 x ARRI Trinity joystick > Starlite monitor powercable (5pin Lemo angled > 5pin Lemo straight) 1 x ARRI Trinity/Artemis 1.8" post with fine adjustment 1 x ARRI Trinity/Artemis 1.8" gimbal 1 x ARRI Trinity/Artemis gimbal handle extension 1 x ARRI Trinity/Artemis knurled gimbal extension for low mode 1 x ARRI Trinity/Artemis post tool 1 x ARRI Trinity/Artemis docking bracket 1 x ARRI CSS stabilizer plate 2 x ARRI Trinity 18mm battery plate connection rods (to obtain the triangle formation) 1 x ARRI Trinity/Artemis post extension (gives you another 21 cm of extra post length) 1 x set of Trinity power cables (lower sled) 4 x Goldmount battery plates (the basic ARRI package includes only three, I'm throwing in one extra plate) 1 x cam power cable, Trinity > ARRI Alexa Mini, Mini LF, Amira 12V 1 x cam power cable, Trinity > ARRI Alexa, Alexa LF, etc. 12V/24V (2pin Fischer) 1 x cam power cable, Trinity > RED DSMC2 cameras (6pin Lemo) 12V 1 x cam power cable, Trinity > 4pin XLR 12V 1 x external power cable to power the Trinity head (d-tap > 4pin Lemo) 2 x Belden 60 cm BNC cables in bundle (they are set up to be used in a most efficient in combination with most camera packages in the head) 1 x Optical Support 3D printed Headlock (to lock the head in the tilt axis, this item is damaged but still usable and functional) 4 x Optical Support 3D printed bumpers (to protect the sides of the head base) 1 x Optical Support 3D printed wishbone (to lock or limit the roll axis) 1 x Lenovo tablet with Windows10 and USB cable to connect to the head through the FOMA software 1 x Peli Air Case 1615 with custom fit foam inlay for the Artemis post 1 x Peli Case 1780 with custom fit foam inlay to transport the Trinity Rig with minimum disassembling (custom design) Few other notes: The head itself will come in a custom fit foam inlay in a box, but without a case! You will need to buy that case (SKB 3i-2317-14BE). If the buyer wishes, I can put the whole rig into the Peli Case 1780, but shipping might become very costly like this and I wouldn't recommend shipping the Trinity as assembled as it would be. The stand visible in the pictures is not included in the package. Sale within the EU will be preferred!! Buyer pays money transaction fees and shipping fees. Price: 38000 € EUR (plus taxes if you're based in Germany) For further questions and details shoot me a message. Cheers
  23. Arri MK 1 Geared Head asking $15,000 PACKAGE INCLUDES: Arrihead I with (2) Handwheels Fitted Shipping Case (Tripod Not Included) 3 inch riser extra soft case for handles on set ARRIHEAD I DETAILS: Tilt Angle +/- 30 degrees w/o wedgeplate. +/- 90 degrees with wedgeplate Wedgeplate increments are 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees Camera Mounting: Sliding base for ARRI quick-release bridgeplate Tilt Drive via precision drive chain/pulleys, user adjustable tension V-cradle rails Tilt hand swiwels to the right to provide a more comfortable operating position Selectable 3-Speed gear Weight: 49 pounds (with handwheels) Includes flight case (total weight 90lbs) Currently this is in Atlanta Georgia. Buyer to pay shipping. Thank You Nils Benson benson.nils@gmail.com 5038693785
  24. I am selling my ARRI TRINITY // Artemis Package. Both the TRINITY and the Artemis are fully serviced. The Package doesn’t include a monitor. The TRINITY includes all the necessary cables to power an ARRI Starlite or a SmallHD 503 (2pin) monitor. Package includes: K2.0010282 TRINITY upgrade bundle 3B, 2.5in K2.0010287 TRINITY Joystick Monitor Mount K2.0010569 Gimbal Handel Extender for 1.8in Gimbal K2.0010288 TRINITY Battery Mount, Gold Mount 4x K2.0010319 artemis Docking Bracket, 1.8in K2.0010290 TRINITY PWR, Lemo 1B 4pin to 1B 4pin K2.0024100 TRINITY PWR, Lemo 1S 3pin to 1S 3pin (only for TRINITY upgraded to 24V) K2.0014805 TRINITY Joystick Main cable (single BNC-SMB cable) Custom TRINITY Joystick Main cable (two BNC-SMB cables VID. OUT & LOOP OUT) K2.0014804 TRINITY BNC cable for Joystick Main cable – spare BNC-SMC cable for the TRINITY Main cable (K2.0014805), backup K2.0014801 Joystick Pwr. cable for ARRI Starlite K2.0014801 Joystick Pwr. cable for ARRI Starlite, backup K2.0014803 Joystick Pwr. cable for Transvideo Starlite and SmallHD 503, 2pin Lemo Custom Joystick Pwr. Y-cable for Transvideo Starlite/SmallHD 503 (2pin) & ARRI Starlite (5pin) K2.0010296 TRINITY Ext. Power Cable, D-Tab to 1S 3pin K2.0014264 TRINITY and Artemis Post Extension 3B, 10pin length 8.5in, diameter 1.8in K2.0010466 Artemis Rain Cover Lower Sled K2.0010299 QL Camera Plate MAXIMA / TRINITY K2.0010299 QL Camera Plate MAXIMA / TRINITY, backup K2.0035956 SSB-1, Stabilizer System Bracket for TRINITY, MAXIMA, SAM plates – mounted to the TRINITY Head ARRI/Sachtler Artemis Cine HD Pro Rig, Gold Mount K2.0010321 Artemis Monitor Bracket 6in / 140 mm Rods / 1.5” Clamp) K2.0010443 Artemis Camera Plate 8in K2.0010443 Artemis Camera Plate 8in, backup 15mm Lightweight Support, incl. 15mm Rods Accessoires K2.0010434 Hex Key 4mm/5.32in K2.0040046 CSS Post Tool for Artemis and TRINITY 3D printed TRINITY Centering Tool HEADLOK and Roll Lock Bracket for TRINITY TRINITY-Bumpers, 3D printed Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2-851F to run the GUI and setup the TRINITY Cables for both TRINITY & Artemis: K2.0010540 Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA Mini, ALEXA 35 * K2.0010538 Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA (full size ALEXA LF) * K2.0010472 Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, Red EPIC * Custom cable Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, Red Ranger * *All Cam Power HiCap cables will also work as 24V Cables if used with the 24V upgraded TRINITY in 24V Mode Custom Focus Pwr cable to 2pin (ARRI polarity) for Teradek TX Custom Focus Pwr cable to D-Tap (female) Custom Focus Pwr cable to D-Tap (female), backup Custom Focus Pwr cable to D-Tap splitter Custom Cam Pwr 12/24V, Lemo 1S 3pin cable to D-Tap (female) K2.0016274 Case Artemis Gen. 1, Rig, Pelican 1615 Air, with foam inlay The TRINITY Head will be shipped in a foam inlay in original cardboard boxes. The foam inlay will fit into a SKB 3i-2317-14BE case - which is not included in the package. The TRINITY is upgraded with all the available upgrades - like: K2.0024710 24V Upgrade for TRINITY Gen. 1 Quick Lock Plate Upgrade Pendulum Upgrade New high contrast display, July 2022 The Artemis Cine HD Pro is upgraded to meet al specs of an ARRI Artemis Cine Broadcast – 12/24V power supply, high capacaty wiring (up to 10 Amps), hot swap, 3 battery mounts, 2x HD SDI Video and Tally support. The 1.8in Post and the 2in Gimbal allow up to 40 Kg / 88 lb payload. The Rig (Package) is constantly serviced and upgraded by ARRI CSS and comes with a K2.0010321 Artemis Monitor Bracket 6in / 140 mm Rods / 1.5” Clamp) that supports any Transvideo 6in CineMonitor. I am asking 42.500 € (without taxes) The Package is in Germany, buyer pays for shipping.
  25. email: dani.dagher@hotmail.com Artemis Arm (23 kg) 4000$ OBO recently serviced by Arri new Arri socket block Sachtler soft bag Arri rain cover extra rope segment K5.0011809 (75€) J bracket for low mode
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