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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I recently started using a Nikon d600 dslr to practice with in a cam cage. I have it hooked up with a hdmi cable to a Black Magic HDMI to SDI converter and then SDI to sled. Everything works well and shows up on my monitor (a transvideo hd6) while in record mode on my camera but as soon as I hit the record button it stops displaying on the monitor and stops the recording on the camera. Anyone know what may be going wrong or solution on how to fix this? I also tried with a friend's canon and it was doing the same thing, im wondering is the converter the culprit and any solutions? Thanks all for any help, Joseph H.
  2. Not getting out of the business, just out of this rig. Great beginner package with lots of extras, carries anything from dslr to an Alexa with anamorphics or zooms. Not immediately willing to break up the package but offers are definitely welcome, looking to sell this one asap. Asking Price is €15000 but I'm open to offers email me for more pictures nils@gripfruit.com - Titanium Baerbel HD sled 12/24v, solid topstage, smooth gimbal, easy to balance. Solid rig all around - Luna arm with stronger nosefront by Baerbel, very smooth bearings - Artemis Act 2 Vest, the same one that's sold by Arri now but with red levers instead of blue ones. It's an inredibly comfortable vest, comes with larger backpads. - Transvideo Cinemonitor HD 8" - Back-up Transvideo Superbright Cinemonitor IIIa - Switronix Wireless HD system up to 50m - Marell Long Range Wireless SD system up to 1000m - Alexa plate by Camtec/Baerbel - Matthews Hollywood combo 2 stage stand, really large footprint - Return monitor and tally for live work, a lot of power cables and various size bnc's, Blackmagic downconverter, Elemack and Mitchell hard-mount, Directors monitor, all tools needed for adjustments and maintenance.
  3. Hello friends, I am selling my Blackmagic cinema camera. (2.5K EF Mount) I am also selling accessories including a lens, media, card reader, etc. The following is what the kit would include.. Please PM me if you are interested or have any questions. Items: (values are what each item is worth) Blackmagic Cinema Camera: $2000 Contineo Cage: $200 Continuo Handle: $130 Switronix Powerbase 70: $300 OWC 240 GB SSD Drive: $150 Seagate Thunderbolt card reader: $80 Newer Voyager SSD USB/Firewire reader: $40 Rokinon 35mm 1.5 Cine lens: $430 Kata Camera backpack: $100 Total value: $3,300 selling for: $1700 OBO
  4. For sale brand new AJA D/A takes HDSDI and gives you: Converts HD-SDI to SD-SDI and Analog SDI Output Supports 4-Ch Embedded Audio 10-Bit Data Path Multi-Point Interpolation Converts 1080p24 / 1080p24sf to 59.94 Hz Formats Output for 4:3 or 16:9 Monitors Conversion by External Dipswitch This is my back up. Compare at $995.00 Includes Power Supply http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/899152-REG/AJA_hd10md3_HD_SDI_To_STD_SDI_Converter.html Located in LA.
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