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Found 14 results

  1. FOR SALE AS I AM STOPPING GOING ON SET, PRIVATE OWNED GEAR: BOXX MERIDIAN zero delay WIRELESS SYSTEM – BROADCAST: THIS IS A KIT WITH A STUDIO MODE (ENG/EFP) RECEIVER including all these : Transmitter w/V-Lock mount (gold mount available as well, YOUR choice, please comment !) 4x 30cm "rubber duckies" antennas (ANT106)(gain +13dB) + (1) spare 4x 14cm "rubber duckies" antennas (ANT 103)(gain +9dB) + (4) spares 1x Tx power cable XLR4 to mini XLR4 2x Tx power cables D/tap to mini XLR4 1x Tx audio cable (mini XLR-5 to cinch/rca) 1x programming cable (CBL117) 1x adapter for Tx w/1/4" and 3/8" threads (CMP005) to offset the Tx on any bracket 1x Studio mode (ENG/EFP) receiver w/16mm spigot to mount on any light stand 5x small panel antennas (ANT205)(gain +13dB) + (4) spares 2x large panel antennas (ANT2020)(gain +19dB) 1x omnidirectional (ANT201) antenna w/adapter (ADP103) 1x 90° adapter TNC M/M (ADP106) 3x 90° adapter TNC M/F (ASP108) 5x adapters to fit ANT106 onto Rx (ADP107) 3x connecting cable TNC (7m) to offset antennas (ANT205/ANT2020/ANT201) 7x brackets to offset panel antennas on lightstand/scaffolding, etc ...) 1x 220vAC mains power supply to 12vDC (for Rx) 1x Pelicase #1700 w/foam insert, holding Transmitter, receiver, and various accessories & spares (adapters, mounting brackets, etc ...) SOME ITEMS LISTED ABOVE ARE NOT PICTURED, BUT THEY WILL BE PART OF THE FINAL DEAL !!!!! MINT CONDITIONS ! total (NEW) value for this kit, as new: € 11450 (price list available on www.Boxx.tv) may consider deal if sold together with the HANDHELD kit to same client then I'd ADD - FREE - MANY MORE ACCESSORIES: 7x ANT101 TNC "rubber duckies" antennas (Tx only), 8x ANT102 SMA "rubber duckies" antennas (Tx or HHRx), 1x audio cable miniXLR-5 + extension (value € 385) for international buyers, please contact me FIRST to know the right shipping costs, as it depends on your location ! total weight to ship: 1x 10kg (case) + 1x cardboard box (5kg max) PLEASE ASK FOR MORE PICTURES AT: realtoreel@skynet.be PRICED: € 3950
  2. For sale Teradek 3000 1:2 with everything pictured plus Pelican case. $10,500.00 OBO. In LA, if ad is up it is available. Get ready for when everybody is working and there is shortage of gear. Note: The Receiver has a double Anton Bauer Gold plate
  3. For sale Teradek 3000 1:1, latest firmware, recently checked at Teradek in Irvine, great shape. Includes case, panel array, Anton Bauer plate, cables, etc. Transmitter allows cross conversion HD-SDI to/from HDMI. Located in Studio City, CA $9k Buyer pays shipping once funds clear.
  4. TERADEK BOLT 1:1 KIT - TX/RX WIRELESS HD SDI VIDEO SYSTEM - USED - $1570.00 Always checked and had current firmware loaded by Teradek in Irvine, CA Units are used but in PERFECT WORKING ORDER and paired by certified Teradek technician at time of sale - for no hassle perfect plug-and-play use by customer contact direct for instant response: SALES@CINOFLEX.COM OR TIM@CINOFLEX.COM Extra Receivers available if you'd like, please ask. INCLUDES - TX UNIT - SDI - RX UNIT - SDI - Pelican Case - custom made for Teradek Bolt - (2) P-Tap PWR CABLES - AC Adapter Power UNIT - (2) SDI Video Cables - Hardware kit as Originally Bought - various 1/4-20 and 3/8 hardware - not pictured but included Product Highlights Uncompressed Video & Audio Transmission Supports Resolutions up to 1080p60 300' Distance with 1ms Latency Uses License-Free 5 GHz Frequency 3G-SDI Input & Loop; 3G-SDI Output Internal Antennas Transmit uncompressed 1080p video wirelessly over 300 feet with the Teradek Bolt Pro-SDI Wireless Transmitter-Receiver Set. Included in this set are a Teradek Bolt transmitter and receiver both equipped with 3G-SDI ports. The units in this kit are compact and feature internal antennas so they can fit on your camera rig and in your video village, DIT cart, or director's monitor rig. When transmitting uncompressed video, latencies of less than one millisecond can be achieved if no other video processing is necessary. Unnoticeable latency is important for directors and focus pullers to see the action at the same time the camera does. The Teradek Bolt SDI Wireless Video Transmitter accepts SDI signals and can transmit them to a Bolt 300 Receiver up to 300 feet away in optimal line-of-sight situations. The Bolt system supports uncompressed video resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. Because the Bolt system uses the 5 GHz wavelength, it does not require FCC licensing. Included with this transmitter is a shoe adapter to mount the unit to a camera's standard accessory shoe and a D-tap to LEMO power cable so you can power the unit with an onboard battery with a D-tap output. The Teradek Bolt SDI Wireless Video Receiver accepts video transmissions from a Bolt 300 transmitter up to 300 feet away in optimal line-of-sight situations. The Bolt system supports uncompressed video resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. Because the Bolt system uses the 5 GHz wavelength, it does not require FCC licensing. Aside from being able to output video via 3G-SDI, the USB 3.0 port can stream the uncompressed video directly to a PC for recording with the GRAB Engine. Included with this transmitter is a 1/4"-20 thumb screw to mount the unit to a video rig and a 1/2"-20 adapter to secure the unit to a small light stand.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my 2 Boxx Meridian wireless systems. A proven, bulletproof system, the Boxx Meridian is still considered one of the best wireless systems out there. System 1 - 1 Boxx Meridian Transmitter, 1 Receiver - 1 Panel Array with 5 seperate antennas (the array is made up of 4 x 19dBi antennas and 1 x 14dBi antenna) - 8 rubber duckie transmitter antennas (1 full set, 1 full spare set) - 5 rubber duckie receiver antennas - AC power cord - Long and short 4 pin Canon cables - 4 pin Fisher to D-tap cable - Full sets of V lock and AB gold mount plates (currently system has V lock on transmitter, and vlock on battery side of receiver) - Pelican case 1620 (note: the inside of the pelican case isn't form fitted foam. Its dividers to hold the Boxx in place as shown in the photo) System 2 - 1 Boxx Meridian Transmitter, 1 Receiver - 1 Panel Array (The 5-way Panel antenna is a 3 x 19dBi & 2 x 14dBi antenna in single panel housing) - 8 rubber duckie transmitter antennas (1 full set, 1 full spare set) - 5 rubber duckie receiver antennas - AC power cord - Long and short 4 pin Canon cables - 4 pin Fisher to D-tap cable - Full sets of V lock and AB gold mount plates (currently system has V lock on transmitter and receiver) - Pelican case 1620 (note: the inside of the pelican case IS form fitted foam and has a cable pouch fitted to the inside of the lid) Both systems are well used and have scrapes and scratches as illustrated in the photos, these scratches don't interfere with the systems operation. The LCD window on System 1 is slightly damaged as shown in the photo. This doesn't however interfere with the systems operation. I'm looking to get US$1800 for each system, but am open to reasonable offers. The systems are located in Sydney, Australia, so there will be shipping costs to consider. Cheers, Nic
  6. Hi, I'm selling my Boxx Meridian Gold Mount Kit which has become surplus gear for me. I have used it quite a few time and has been rock solid with no dropouts through some testing environments (running through the bush, big crowds). Free shipping in Australia/drop off. Estimated $400-$500 to ship to US. Thanks Tim Walsh +61 (0) 420 783 514 timotawalsh@gmail.com -1610 Custom Pelican case -Boxx Transmitter -Boxx Receiver -Boxx Extension receiver panel -4x Tx Antenna -7x Rx Antenna -V-lock to Gold mount adaptor -Rs pwr -D-tap pwr -2x 4pin xlr pwr --TxRx sound cables
  7. Kit Includes 1 x Transmitter unit S/N: 1 x Receiver unit S/N: 1 x High gain antenna 6 x RX aerials 5 x TX aerials 4 x HD BNCS 2 x Pro - Boxx power cables (2x1ft & 1x2ft) 2 x XLR - Boxx power cables (2x1ft & 1x4m) 2 x DTAP - Boxx TX 1 x XLR - spliiter mini XLR cable 1 x Mini jack - mini XLR 1 x Clamp bracket 5 x RX leads Price: £5500 Plus VAT If you are interested then please contact us at info@opticalsupport.com or call us on 020 7281 0999
  8. Looking to sell Boxx Meridean HD video transmitter/receiver kit. Comes complete with spare aerials Boxx original power leads and connectors set of standard aerials pelican case 2 years old limited use, SDI, Composit, YPRPB In/Out TX serial number 371258ZXV RX Serial number 421248ZXV Asking £7k ono Images available on request. info@ministryofvideo.co.uk Andy
  9. FOR SALE: BOXX Meridian HD Video Transmitter/Receiver System This Tx/Rx package has served us flawlessly for the past few years, in congested environments in NYC and LA, as well as oversees. Purchased from Steve Consentino, so it's got the HD Film Tech Anton Bauer Offset plate (so the Tx clears the power port on the Alexa) and a nicely customized Pelican 1610 case with lid organizer. Very Well Maintained and Cared For [it was my 1st's… need I say more? :) ] Itemized description below... Located in Los Angeles; will ship at buyer's cost. Please email me with any reasonable offer, or for more info! craig_bauer (at) mac (dot) com (no direct-messages, please) Thanks! -c Transmitter SN 371284ZXV w/ HD Filmtech Offset Anton Bauer Gold Mount (clears standard Arri Power Cable connector on Alexa) w/ 4 x Orientable Rubber Duck Antenna Receiver SN 21272ZXV w/ Anton Bauer Gold Mounts (both Male and Female) w/ 6 x Orientable Rubber Duck Antenna BOXX Flat Panel Array Antenna w/ Anton Bauer Gold Mount (so Receiver clips right on) Cables: 2 x 2 pin Fischer (M) - 4 pin Hirose (M) (for Arri 12v) 3 x 3 pin Lemo - 4 pin Hirose (M) (for Panavision 12v) 2 x 4 pin Fischer (M) - 4 pin Hirose (M) 2 x 4 pin XLR (M) - 4 pin Hirose (M) (10’) 1 x 4 pin XLR (M) - 4 pin Hirose (M) (12”) 3 x Medium BNC (3’) 2 x Short BNC (~12”) 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable 1 x AC Power Supply [4 pin XLR (F)] Pelican 1610 Case (w/ lid organizer)
  10. Hello All, This Boxx system has not worked much at all since I got it so I want to pass it on. It is in great condition and was just looked over and evaluated by Boxx. It has a brand new set of TX antennas! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Boxx-Meridian-TX-RX-Array-Antenna-/321457437927?pt=US_Audio_Video_Transmitters&hash=item4ad85b3ce7 Gaylen Nebeker Nebtek
  11. Hi folks, Figured I'd put a bunch of stuff on here for sale instead of individual ads... PRO GEN 3 HD Cinema HD Top and Bottom Electronics with Tally Option, Record out Lemo voltage is regulated 12V not 5V This will allow you to power your Atomos, Nano, Pix240, etc.. at the bottom of your sled. $4400 without the top Tally sensor, and bottom Tally LED cable $4600 with the Tally cables BOXX Cobalt system, ( SD, or component Video Tx and Rx) Included is... Boxx Transmitter ( 5Ghz and 2.8Ghz switchable) with AB mounts both sides. It can be powered from a Batt when sandwiched between the batt and camera? or you can power it via the 4 pin Hirose on the Tx via one of the power cables included which are: Hirose 4 pin to PRO- Vid/Pwr 4 pin Hirose 4 pin to Hirose 4 pin ( like on the rear of most Broadcast cameras) Hirose 4 pin to XLR4Male Hirose 4 pin to P Tap 3 palet style antennas The system also transmits audio although I never used this option. Comes with mini xlr 5 pin to standard XLR5Female ( for the audio out of some broadcast video cams also mini xlr 5 pin to standard headphone male jack Boxx receiver 5Ghz and 2.8Ghz switchable with 2 antennas AC Power supply 100V - 240V input 12 V output Power cable for AC power supply Breakout Multi Pin cable loom with component connectors, Audio left and right connectors and 4 pin XLR connector. ( I've never used the Multi Pin loom) The receiver can be powered via the AC power supply, or the Hirose 4 pin connector on the unit. you can use one of the above Hirose connectors to power the receiver and another or AB brick to power the Transmitter. I had Nebtek install a male side AB plate to one side of the receiver so you can attach it to the back of a monitor, etc.. but it is only there to mount it, not connected internally, I would guess you can install a receiver plate on the opposite side and have it wired like the transmitter so you could attach it behind a monitor and then add a Batt to it and power both, but that would be up to you. The receiver is powered thru it's 4 pin Hirose like the Tx unit. Price $950 shipped Priority via USPS to anywhere in the continental US. Outside of the US, Shipping is not included. Marshall 7" Monitor HD/SDI with Anton Bauer back I installed a Transvideo mounting bracket underneath so you can use it with the many monitor brackets out there that have spigots. Great shape, works great!. I only use this monitor indoors on studio live shows, so that's most of the life it's seen. It's not a Daylight bright model, but with a makeshift lens hood I've done well outside with it. Model #V-R70P-HDSDI with the Anton Bauer back and the Transvideo mounting bracket. $799 shipped in the continental US. XCS 2" CF Carbon Fibre Super Post with 8 pin Lemo SD PRO cable and PRO/GPI threaded ends. Comes in rigid canvas covered slip tube/case. $2400 includes shipping anywhere in the US. Pictured here with the Pro Lite lower stage and the Top stage and DB on it, None of those things are included. Only the Super post, cable, and shipping tube. No Docking Bracket, etc.. ZOE ZOOM Riser Works with ZOE eng zoom controls, the ENG-12 and ENG-8. When attaching it to my gimbal (XCS)I didn't want it to gouge the cover on the gimbal handle. I had one of these made to solve that problem. Used it for almost a year and then decided to have more made and have them anodized. Black Anodized Aluminum. Also helps stiffen the two threaded rods of the Zoe zoom controls. Makes for a nice snug fit. I use it on the XCS gimbal with the neoprene like sleeve. If your gimbal handle isn't as thick you may try wraping something around the area where this will rest. $55 shipped Silvera Tray This tray slides onto either a panasonic or Sony broadcast cameras' viewfinder dovetail after removing the finder. You can drill the base plate and screw down a Monitor, or velcro a transmitter/receiver to it ( terradek, canatrans, modulus, paralinx, etc..) lots of possibilities. $150 shipped. in the US Kino Flo Power Supply with 4- pin XLR connector. It operates with 120-230 AC Voltage, and draws 6.5 amps. As equipped, it converts 120V AC power to 12V DC power to operate the Kino Flo 12V ballast (#BAL-140X) using available AC power sources. One 12V Power Supply will run one 12V ballast, which can operate a single Kino Flo tube, in sizes 15" to 4'. Practically new, Retails at $294, selling for $120 shipped in the US. Transvideo Adapter slider plate. This Slider bracketcame with my HD6 monitor, it also fits on the Starlite 4" Monitor, Bolts onto the Transvideo monitors and has a sliding 1/4"-20 Brass insert and locking screw with large Transvideo nut. $65 shipped. BFD Run cable 11 pin fisher connector 26" Long $90 shipped Sony XC-57 B&W SD box Camera with PRO 4 pin Lemo Vid/Pwr cable Using this cable would power the unit, and feed it SD video from your sled. Uses C Mount lenses. great to place in a weight cage and practice your moves. $120 shipped ( Cable costs that ) NOS ( New old stock) Bolex Rubber Eyecup One is a bit dirty from being moved around for years. If you have a Bolex without a finder, you NEED this!!. $20 each shipped. Vintage Arriflex camera Lapel/Tie pins Brought these back from the factory in Munchen many many years ago. Will certainly start up a conversation ...(or stares..) at the next dress up function... ( SOC Lifetime achievement awards) $20 each shipped, take your pic)
  12. Hi. We're manufacturing carbon fiber handheld crash cages to protect your pix 240 or small handheld monitor when you hand it off to a director or anyone else that wants to watch. We haven't come across a monitor yet(up to 7" did) that we couldn't mount in the unit. Works with every monitor(small hd, tv logic,marshall,etc), transmission system(bolt,boxx,paralynx,microlite), and battery/power system we've come across to date. unit weighs less than 1 pound. custom colors and logo casting into the resin gel coat available. check out this video Nv8r $475.00 Nv8r.com Happy to field any questions and explain why this is the best handheld bracket available. Please utilize the contact form at Nv8r.com
  13. Greetings Steadicam brothers, I am a video assist operator and manufacture carbon fiber handheld brackets for small production recorders and small monitors. The bracket are made from a lightweight, strong, carbon fiber reinforced composite. They are sourced and manufactured in the US. The unit literally bounces and dissipates shock when dropped. Please see the short youtube video below. Standard colors are grey, black and clear. Clear looks like the typical carbon fiber we are all familiar with that is used for auto body parts etc. custom colors or colors from the fiberlay chart below are also available. A custom color fee may apply. http://www.fiberlay.com/gelcoatcolorchart.php The units accomodate virtually any small monitor (up to 7" diag), power system, and transmitter. Custom logo casting into the gel coat available for no charge for orders placed before August 31. Up to a $100 savings. Units retail for $475 ----distribution opportunities available--- please inquire Please email or call with any questions. Scott Hammar Nv8r INC 310 770 0377
  14. BOXX, CW5HD, BOLT, others? Hi all, I have been asked to quote for a little multicam red carpet job that will see me on Steadicam plus one other wireless camera. The location is in the middle of central London, outside & inside, with the cameras probably never more than 100m from the receivers. The pictures will be going live to screens, not broadcast. There are various options for wireless HD, the ideal being a Vislink Gigawave but there's certainly not the budget for that, so I'm wondering if you have any advice or recommendations on the other options. Here's what I am considering: Two BOXX Meridians cost about £700 to hire for the day, but would they be overkill in price and performance? Two Teradek BOLTs would be about £2500 to buy, which would be paid for out of the other kit hire & would be useful in future, but would they be up to the job? Two Camwave CW5HDs would be just £100 to hire total, but would their latency be a significantly more than the others, & would two work together well in close proximity? Are there any other options I should be considering? Any advice & experiences warmly received! Many thanks, John
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