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Found 28 results

  1. For Sale, 6 IDX Tiffen Powercubes and the 4 bank Charger with the included hard case. Batteries all fully charge and Charger is in good working order. Asking $3,000 (USD) Jon
  2. free to a good home, just pay shipping. includes osha cable unless you dont want it. brett.
  3. 2 x V-Mount VL-4S Simultaneous chargers – work perfectly. 8 IDX E-HL9S 88Wh 10 Amp/120w Batteries, some branded Tiffen Powercube. 3 of these have been re-celled by Ritter (July 2017, Dec 2017 and May 2018). The others are older and work but I’m sure they don’t provide anywhere near the capacity they should. Ritter charged $165 a piece plus shipping to redo these batts and I recommend them. 1 x Sharkfin to put 2 batteries on one mount Pelican 1600 padded case to hold everything and room for more. Located in Los Angeles, buyer pays shipping. $1400 OBO
  4. 2x Chargers with AC cords. Both are working without issue. $100 each, obo.
  5. Hi everyone I'm selling my SWIT Battery set. I've used them on my Betz RIG, rarely powered the camera through my rig. The flight batteries are almost new, I've used them only a couple of times. All batteries are in perfect working condition and as I was mostly only powering my sled with them, they still last pretty long. Set containing following items: 1 x Swit SC-304S Dual Battery Charger V-Mount, with cable 2 x Swit S-8192S (IATA Compliant, means you can fly with them) 14.4V/ Double 92Wh (Total 184Wh), 6.4 Ah Li-ion Battery V-Mount 2 x Swit S-8260S 14.4V/ 172Wh, 12 Ah Max 180 W output Li-ion Battery V-Mount 1 x Swit S-8110S 14.4V/ 126Wh, 8.8 Ah Li-ion Battery V-Mount I'm asking: 1200 EUR € For inquiries please e-mail me at: info@ozzyoksuz.com Shipping within EU preferred, Buyer pays for shipping and upcoming money transfer fees
  6. Dear colleagues, I am selling my Anton Bauer batteries and chargers. For sale are 8 Dionic90s and two chargers: 8 x Dionic90 (2 batteries need to be recelled) 1 x Anton Bauer Twin Charger 1 x Anton Bauer Quad Charger TM4 (simultaneous) Package price: 1800,00 Euros I also have an Anton Bauer battery module for a Betz rig for sale. Just let me know if you are interested. Everything is based in Munich. Please email me if you are interested: info@clemens-treml.de
  7. Dear colleagues, I am selling my Anton Bauer batteries and chargers. For sale are very well maintained Dionic90s with low cycles and two chargers: 8 x Dionic90 1 x Anton Bauer Twin Charger 1 x Anton Bauer Quad Charger TM4 (simultaneous) Package price: 2.600.- I also have an Anton Bauer battery module for a Betz rig for sale. Just let me know if you are interested. Everything is based in Munich. Please email me if you are interested: info@clemens-treml.de
  8. Hi All, As you have probably seen, Anton/Bauer introduced the new XT90 Gold Mount battery at CineGear on Friday, June 1st. With the development of this new battery, Anton/Bauer will be phasing out the DIONIC HC battery. This is because the new XT90 is physically smaller than the HC (minutely), weighs the same and has a longer cycle life (1500+ cycles). We will have a very limited number of DIONIC HC's left over the next 2-3 months, so I wanted to make everyone aware of that and also offer you some special pricing to purchase them. List $550.00 each Steadicam Price $385.00 each If you wish to purchase any of the HC's, please contact Jeffrey Prushko at Jeffrey.prushko@vitecgroup.com Thank you. Paul Dudeck
  9. Hello everyone. I am looking to purchase a used Anton Bauer TM4 Quad Charger to match the one I currently own. Looking for one in good cosmetic condition. Also looking to purchase 2 more Dionic HC batteries, preferably recelled or cheap enough to recell myself. Thanks!
  10. Selling my IDX VL2-Plus charger. VERY light use, I've been using my Quad charger. Immaculate condition. New:$250 Selling:$175 Buyer pays shipping. Located in NYC for local pickup. Thank you friends! Note: Photos upon request. Mobile isn't allowing these file sizes.
  11. Abraham Williams

    Single Battery AB Charger

    Aloha, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with single battery AB chargers, and if so what have you used? I'm looking for something to backup my AB quad charger. I've only seen the D-tap style chargers for batteries with d-tap connection: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1130064-REG/swit_s_3010b_portable_charger_for.html Not sure if using something cheaper like this is damaging to batteries. I have the AB Digital 90s. If anyone has used any solutions like this I'd love to know! Thank you for your time.
  12. Batteries are a couple years old but were only used on a few shows. Two are brand new, never used. Great “V” Mount batteries with a P Tap built in. Smart simultaneous chargers and cases. Let me know if you have any questions. Please email: Justinwat@gmail.com 12x Swit 190Wh Battery 2x IDX Endura 7s 68Wh Battery 2x IDX Quad Charger 2x IDX Dual Charger 3x Hard Case - A&J $5,750 for everything (New costs over $13,000) http://www.swit.us/s8160s-vlock-liion-bat.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/398120-REG/IDX_VAL_4SI_VAL_4SI_Endura_Lithium_Ion_Battery.html http://www.filmtools.com/idx-2-channel-fully-simultaneous-quick-charger-with-ac-adaptor-100w-vl-2splus.html
  13. ANTON BAUER CHARGERS FOR SALE I have two different Anton Bauer chargers for sale. Both are in outstanding physical and perfect working order. Both were just serviced by Anton Bauer on 5/4/17 (I have receipt as proof) and they were updated with the latest firmware. Both are capable of charging any type of Anton Bauer Battery. Anton Bauer TwQ - Quad Fast Charger Anton Bauer TwQ is a simultaneous, interactive, four position charger; it has the ability to charge all Anton Bauer Gold Mount batteries of any chemistry. This unit features battery diagnostics even when charging all four batteries at the same time. The charger lists for $1,200. Asking $650.00 Anton Bauer Titan 2 - Dual Fast Charger & 12Volt Power Supply The Anton Bauer T2 is a simultaneous two position charger and 70-watt DC 12v Power Supply. It supplies DC power via a 4-pin XLR connector on the rear of the charger. The charger lists for $700. Asking $350.00 If you want to buy both chargers, I will sell them to you for $900 plus throw in a free Dionic 90 battery in working condition. Please don't leave messages here. Email me at: film.maker@me.com
  14. I've got a small run of voltage adapters and USB cables. The voltage adapter has a standard D-tap cable in and a 2.1mm DC jack out, and the USB cables are available in either micro or mini. 2A max. Perfect for charging phones, or for small on-camera lights that need USB inputs. I can also provide extra 2.1mm cables to power 5V accessories (e.g., Monoprice SDI-HDMI adapters that run on 5V.) Shipping's extra, but it won't be much. Coming from Kentucky, USA. PayPal, Venmo, Apple Cash all accepted.
  15. Marcin Brauer

    PAG Batteries, mount and charger

    Hey guys, I've just sold my trusted Steadicam EFP package and got this left behind in my garage (the new owner will move to AB gold mount): - PAG Micromaster 9526 Ni-Cd fast charger - PAG mount with connector to charger for charging second battery (or using to mount the batteries to the sled) - 2 PAG LOC-ON POWER Ni-Cd 7Ah batteries (holding charge quite well) - 4 PAG LOC-ON POWER Ni-Cd 5Ah batteries (not holding charge) - 1 PAG LOC-ON POWER Ni-Cd 4Ah battery (not holding charge) - 1 PAG Paglight ML halogen lamp (no bulb) - 1 travel case for batteries and charger (there is not enough room to fit 1 PAG 4Ah battery and the halogen lamp) Not sure what to do with it ;) Anyone interested?
  16. USED Preston Fast Charger and 2 Batteries for HU2 and HU1 for sale. $350 OBO Buyer pays shipping. Email- matt@nysteadi.com
  17. Hi Everyone, We have a bunch of BStock Anton/Bauer chargers available for sale. Here is a sampling of what we currently have: T2 $579.15 each QUAD 2702 $900.00 each TM4 $966.00 each TWQ $600.00 each DUAL 2722 $650.00 each Please email me at paul.Dudeck@Vitecgroup.com with any questions or to place an order. Thank you. Paul Dudeck
  18. Two battery Steadicam branded idx v-lock battery kit in great condition. Both batteries still fully hold their charge. -- £480. Photos coming shortly. Thanks.
  19. Going spare is my original AB battery set which I've replaced with a set of high capacity v-locks. The batteries are set of 4 x Anton Bauer ProPac 14.4v 65Wh batteries that were re-celled before I got them last year. They have not had a huge amount of use since I got them as I have been mostly using lighter batteries. They seem to keep their charge fine but I've mainly been using them to power the monitor so not exactly been stressed! They are pretty heavy so have been useful for balancing heavier cameras. The charger is a Logic Series Lifesaver Magnum. Its all fairly battered cosmetically but seems to work fine! Based in the UK, asking for £100 OBO.
  20. Benjamin Treplin

    WTB TM-4 charger

    Hi gents, looking for a used Antonbauer TM-4 charger. PM me or send me a mail to: used.tm-4[at]benjamintreplin[dot]de Thanks!
  21. Continuing the house cleaning and am hoping to find a new home for this Anton Bauer Quad charger. Similar to my steadicam career this was not used nearly enough, and is still in like new condition. $950 or best offer thanks so much Anthony
  22. i am selling my almost never used anton bauer TWQ charger and Dionic HCX battery. i have had these for prob a year and have maybe used them twice. it was a purchase that i never really made use of. so here is a good deal for someone who needs them. i have the original boxes and receipts. like i said, basically brand new. 800$ for the charger $400 for the batt. contact me for more info. mike 224 619 5333
  23. Hi Guys, It's been 40+ years in the making, but Anton/Bauer is running a promotion on batteries and chargers until March 31st. These prices have never been seen before: DIONIC 90 List $490.00 Special List Price $364.00 each DIONIC HC List $575.00 Special List Price $374.00 each DIONIC HCX List $700.00 Special List Price $525.00 each DIONIC HD List $1050.00 Special List Price $651.00 each TM4 charger List $1840.00 Special List Price $1288.00 each T2 charger List $990.00 Special List Price $891.00 each Please let me know if you have any questions.....you will be able to purchase these products at any local dealer within the next day or two. Thanks. Paul
  24. Hi all Selling my IDX VL-2 V-mount battery charger. purchase 4ch charger, so do not need any more. Good shape. working perfectly. 300$USD plus shipping. paypal would be fine. Email is more better than PM steadi7@naver.com Thank you SY Park.
  25. Fabrizio Sciarra SOC ACO

    Anton Bauer Twin charger

    Hi all, I'm selling my Anton Bauer Twin charger, in great shape. Can charge two batteries simultaneously, 70W. Asking 250£ shipping worldwide, ship at buyer's cost.