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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Friends, I’m selling my Cinema Products IIIA (3A) Steadicam Arm with Gold Titanium Springs. SN: 584 Manufactured in 1994 by Robert Luna. Last serviced by Robert Luna on August 21st, 2019. The arm was moderately used for a year after its last service and has since been sitting in its case. The arm is in fine working conditions with cosmetic wear and tear (see photos). Included is a metal Steadicam Case (it has a good amount of wear and needs new foam, but it’s still a functioning case), 1/4” Speed Wrench, 6” Arm Post, Arm Post Bearing. Looking to get $3,800.00 OBO plus shipping or pick up (LA). If you’re interested, have any questions, or would like to see the arm in person, please feel free to email me at: aaron.gantt@gmail.com IMG_5561.HEICIMG_5565.HEICIMG_5562.HEICIMG_5566.HEICIMG_5567.HEICIMG_5568.HEICIMG_5569.HEICIMG_5571.HEICIMG_5572.HEICIMG_5573.HEICIMG_5574.HEIC
  2. Hugo has spent quite some time getting these right. They should fit any and every cinema products 3A style arm, no matter what serial number (apparently there were slight differences over the years). Refreshed look of a classic arm that will never go out of style. It's no PRO, but anyone who's owned one of these will surely agree, it's rock solid and always dependable. Now given a refreshed look, and for me, quicker access for user repairs (I have the toolless attachments made by Robert Luna, which now I no longer have to remove to get the spring covers off), and the spring tension window is longer for ballparking the weight. Give Hugo a shout if you need to replace your arm covers. admin@steadyrig.com
  3. I’m selling my Cinema Devices ZeeGee. I’ve used it on one job and it performed perfectly. I just had some unforeseen bills come up so I need to sell some gear. It’s such a well made piece of gear. Asking 5,000 USD or Best Offer. I’m in Nashville TN so shipping should be easy and relatively cheap (buyer will pay shipping.) Comes with -Custom Case - Cinemilled Camera Plate
  4. Hello All, Selling my backup 3A arm with Gold Springs. It came back from Robert Luna, fully inspected, with a fresh coat of paint, cleaned, and tuned for 35-55lb weight range. Comes with a bag and adjustment tools. Price is firm at $4200. Shipping included within the Continental USA. Thank you.
  5. Selling a 3A arm with Gold Springs, Comes with bag and a 6-inch post. The arm is in great working condition, with the normal dings and scratches from it being used. For those who need some reassurance, I am willing to send the arm to Robert Luna in CA for an inspection, at my expense. If it all checks out the buyer would have to pay for shipping from there to its new home. I will also ask if he would replace the rubber stoppers that are missing from the middle of the arm, also at my expense. Asking for $4700 buyer pays for shipping. Thank you.
  6. For Sale: Cinema Products Mini Worrell Gear Head In great condition! One blemish: The Tilt Wheel got backed up into a wall while on the dolly many years ago. So it’s out of round. I got it that way. Did a couple of movies on it, never bothered me. Comes in fitted Anvil shipping case. CHF: 4500.- (Swiss Francs) Plus Shipping.
  7. Dear colleagues Up for sale it's a glorious CP IIIA Rig still in pristine conditions. This has been my first Rig over ten years ago, previously owned by Richard Crow (Got Steadicam) purchased from him back in 2004 and since then well taken care as you can see yourself in the attached pics. This turned in my back-up/emergency rig at a point and hasn't be flown any longer since then but kept on fondness because, as said above, it has been my first professional rig ever when i was only 20. Now it's time to let it go; in short we all know well the glory coming with this rig, it has been used on plenty of the blockbusters we all have grown up with, not saying it's gonna be useful to someone nowadays in the HD / 4K / 3D era but surely it can still serve you well if you wish to keep operating it. (the CP IIIA Arm is still used by all of us still today tough) It might be a good starter package for a young operator since it can even be modded/updated for modern HD/SDI needs with just a few bucks. (i can provide you that service myself getting it modified by Panavision Engineers and Technicians here in Italy if need be) On the other side i just would like to point you on the conditions of my rig since it comes in truly unbelievable pristine conditions. The electronic powers up and works properly, wiring and plugs all have any problem at all, the rig has been always scheduled for a service even when it wasn't in use. The monitor works well, it's still as bright as it was when originally manufactured and it shows no problems at all either on the magnetic deflectors or the screen itself; the electronic level and frameline generator still works like a charm even. On the other side unfortunately the green anti glare coating gel sticking the CRT to its screen shows some bubbles cos of the age but that doesn't affect the view too much (again i might even replace the monitor block itself for you since i own spare parts for almost everything concerning this rig but i'm not sure that's worth the cost) Also the rig comes with it's original NI-CD batteries but, even though some of them have been re-celled they don't last long enough for a proper use so i would suggest to replace the original rear power cradle with a modern AB/V-mount tilt plate. (even here i can do this for you if need be) Also i'm including a glorious VHF analog SEITZ 3 channel Wireless follow focus, again it doesn't compare with my main Preston system but hey, i must honestly say it works the same. And last but not least, it's coming for free here so.. I'm following up with the complete inventory for what's included in the sale: all the handbooks and manuals for the Steadicam and Seitz systems CP (Cinema Products) Steadicam IIIA Sled w/ Anvil Case CP Green Screen Monitor w/ Frame Line Generator and Electronic Level CP Steadicam IIIA Gimbal CP Steadicam IIIA Extendable Center Post CP Steadicam IIIA Extendable Center Post 5" WrapGrip GPI PRO Docking Bracket w/ Quick Release Pin CP Steadicam IIIA Junction Box Sony EVO Video 8 Recorder NTSC CP Steadicam IIIA GU-V5 Video Recorder Cradle CP Steadicam IIIA GU-V5 Video Recorder Cradle Power Cable CP Steadicam IIIA Low Mode Cage CP Steadicam IIIA Dovetail Plates Two (2) CP Steadicam IIA Support Arm w/ Soft Case CP Steadicam IIIA Vest CP Steadicam IIIA Batteries - Eight (8) 12V-24V Converter Low Mode cage. Frezzi M1100 Advanced Battery Charger w/AC Power Cord, Charging Cord and Pelican Cases for everything Seitz 8710A Remote Control Transmitter w/ Pelican Case Seitz 8710A Remote Control Transmitter Antenna Seitz 8710A Remote Control Transmitter Batteries Two (2) Seitz 8710A Remote Control Transmitter Battery Charger Seitz 8720A Receiver Seitz 8720A Receiver Antenna Seitz 8720A Receiver External Power Cable Seitz 8720A Receiver External Junction Box Seitz 8725A Dual Channel Servo Amplifier Heden 26P Motor One (1) Heden Motor Brackets Four (4) Heden Motor Idler Gears for Cannon, Fujinon and Nikon Heden Motor M.6P Gear Two (2) Heden Motor 48P Gear One (1) Heden Motor 64P Gear One (1) Looking for a figure around either € 12.000,00 or USD €13,500.00 for the whole package but willing to negotiate a bit for a quick sale. Again price reflects the actual state of the rig since i can reasonably tell this is maybe the last CP IIIA rig that preserved, please take a look at the attached pics, they haven't been retouched so what you see is what you get. Item is located in Italy, Milan area. Shipping all over the world, buyer pays for shipping costs or must arrange for pick up. Buyers are welcome to come and try it out themselves for proper evaluation yet eventually collect it here. Cheers
  8. Hi all, Reluctantly I am letting go of my wonderful Cinema Products Master Steadicam Greenscreen 6" Monitor. Apart from being one of the brightest, highest contrast, sharpest and most easily sunlight viewable monitors ever made, the unit being a CRT phosphor screen is relatively heavy on its own, which has proved extremely useful when you need to add extra weight to the bottom of the rig. It works fine, as seen in the pictures, and comes with a universal mounting plate, illuminated level, and XLR / BNC to Lemo power / video cable. It has controls for vertical height, brightness and contrast, and is so bright I have had to use a hood with it indoors just to avoid it illuminating the talent's face! The monitor is located Wiltshire UK. Very sad to see it go, but needs must. Make me a (sensible) offer! This is NOT an accurate representation of the quality of the picture, which is excellent, but to give you an idea of how bright the monitor is in compared to normal indoor lighting.
  9. The garage sale has commenced!. And after a lot of work we have started uploading the products. More will be uploaded over the coming weekends including: Sleds, Battery Hangers, Centre Posts, Arms, Vests, Monitors etc. Keep an eye on the ebay page! http://www.ebay.com/sch/steadyrig/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact! Kind regards and Happy bidding Hugo
  10. Hello Everyone! A quick heads up. Watch this space! Rig Engineering will host an "Out with the old, In with the new" Garage Sale. Gimbals, Centre Posts, Arms, Junction Boxes, etc - Steadyrig, GPI Pro, Cinema Products and others. This will be found on Ebay starting on the 27th October 2013. If you are interested in any items please email myself or Christiaan, otherwise Personal Message us here on the forum. Happy Shooting. Kind regards, Hugo admin@steadyrig.com Steadyrig.com http://www.ebay.com/usr/Steadyrig
  11. Hello All, Steadyrig is selling off one of our one-off OB watersport Arms, it is an upgraded Cinema Products Arm. We modified this Arm to have the capacity to lift larger weight range from 15-53lbs -Able to fly an ARRI Alexa (with no accessories attached), The trunnions have been treated with a Rust Proof finish, a Steadyrig D-Link with stainless steel sealed bearings that receive the arm post and a Break that provides variable resistance, and MKII Steadyrig spring covers - Weatherproofed. This arm is pretty much "Bullet Proof" used on Australian Iron Man series and Pro Surfing Competitions, on the rear of a Jet Ski. (See: ) Refurbished at STEADYRIG Melbourne, Australia. If you have any interest in this sale please visit the Ebay link below or contact us directly at admin@steadyrig.com http://www.ebay.com/itm/190916402644?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_983wt_958 Kind Regards, Hugo
  12. Snapped a pic of this old docking bracket made by Cinema Products and named the West Docking Bracket, after Terry West.
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