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Found 23 results

  1. Ordering an M2, so selling the old sled! This was a perfect starter sled to learn the ways of the Steadicam, and it's in incredible condition! GPI PRO 2 HD upgraded and recently serviced by Tommy Stork in Los Angeles. -Pro DBII Top stage -Pro 2-section telescoping post -Pro Gimbal w/ new pan bearing, short handle, and post grip -Cinetronic Gen 2 Monitor w/ mount & yoke -Battery rack 2 -Power Cables for almost every camera, including Arri, Sony, Panavision and more! -Pro Docking Bracket -Recorder Mount -3x Camera Plates -3x Jumper Blo
  2. USED CINETRONIC GEN 2 Monitor for Sale. Located in NYC $1500 USD MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  3. Thank you for your interest. I'm selling an XCS Ultimate II sled. The sled is less than four years old and in prefect working order. Most of the components show some normal signs of wear as this has been my work-horse in that time. I am the original owner. I had the center post custom made 2" shorter than stock to accommodate smaller cameras. I've also upgraded the LEH with the Ulitmate 2HD SDI panel for greater signal strength. I've had no issue with the Cinetronic monitors aside from the known PSF issue which I resolved with the HD-PDL. The HD-PDL acts as a down-converter providing SD signal
  4. I had the privilege of demoing the new Gen 3 Cinetronic. Its lighter, brighter, you can flip the image extremely quickly on the fly.. Plus the price you cant beat. It balanced so well on my sled and the brightness in full sun was amazing and no glare. I liked there was no delay in the 2200 nit monitor... check it out. http://film-stuff.com/cinetronic-gen3-7-monitor-preorder.html
  5. I have a Cinetronic Digital Level for the Gen 2 Monitor. CDL v1.0 The monitor crapped out and has been replaced with a Transvideo, so I don't need this anymore. Works perfectly and will included 2 of the 4-Pin Lemos to connect to the monitor. Make me an offer. Located in Los Angeles, willing to ship.
  6. Selling my custom Cinetronic Gen1 monitor bracket. Second Kipp-screw for locking to monitor arm NOT included. Please let me know if you want to buy this off ebay and maybe we can arrange something. Local NYC pickup preferred: $650 http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/122585432095 Thank you! N
  7. Looking for a cinetronic Gen 2 with CDL would be nice
  8. ... Before I buy a new rig this month.. I'll ask the experts: I am interested in purchasing an entire rig, Please send me your detailed rig and asking price in PM. If you have a Bartech or Preston that can be bundled, please include info. HD preferred. Frankinrig okay. Please NO glidecam, sachtler, MK-V Thanks. -Joel
  9. barely used, includes a mount to pro sleds like cine/live (screws are included). and a cable that attaches to the monitor asking for $750 USD (brand new was $1250)
  10. Hello everyone interested in buying complete rig. If possible: sled 2"(MK-V, XCS, Pro 1,5"), Betz tools top stage, Pro Arm, WK or Pro vest, Follow Focus kit, HD transmiter kit... Open to offers
  11. This is an extra plate I made when making a few of these recently - it's a plate to mount Decimator MD-HX converters (as well as MD-CROSS and similarly shaped "new" Decimators) to the back of Cinetronic and other monitors using their AB Battery mount. Bolt it to your converter and snap it on, and you don't have to worry about PSF issues or compatibility anymore (no Velcro necessary!). Comes in a beautiful chalkboard black anodized finish. Likely to be the last one I have of these for a few weeks. Asking $200 shipped via USPS Priority (2 days inside the US). Email me at willsvideo@gmail
  12. Cinetronic Gen2 monitor (AB Back) Cinetronic Level + Cable (Pro Attachment) Yoke + Clamp SDI Cable $3100USD + Shipping
  13. Brand new Cinetronic Gen 2 monitor mount for PRO monitor arms. Make offer.
  14. Sorry to start another Cinetronic thread, but after a few trips to my bank, this might help myself as well as others in my position. Feel free to add a post to this list if your currently trying to get a refund from Cinetronic due to "Non Delivery" In the past I was only able to get a reply from Chris after I had posted something on the forum. I hate to hang my dirty laundry for literally the world to see, but thats all business now... (Or in this case, bad business.) If you have not ordered from film-stuff or cinetronic, please be careful. rich cottrell H
  15. Items that need a new home Film-stuff 9" Monitor Bracket. 2" with a removable 1.5" Insert = $180 Cinetronic Gen 1 7" Monitor = $850 Betz Tools Tripod Lok = $200 Film-Stuff Alexa Plate = $350 Any questions send me an email Steve camerasteve@gmail.com
  16. Last week on a rather demanding job, my trusty old transvideo sd monitor failed, the whole screen turned white, several reboots of the camera, decimator and the monitor didn't help. I resorted to use my backup monitor (panasonic sd). So now I'm looking to make the investment towards a decent, bright HD-monitor. Therefor I've come here to ask some real world experiences towards a selection of monitors. Pricewise I won't be able to afford a transvideo XBL or an XCS TB7, otherwise this whole post would be irrelevant. as it stands now, this is the selection I had in mind. Cinetronic Gen1 $
  17. First, Id like to make this clear right from the start. It is not my intention in any way to start a war, nor do I have an agenda of any kind other than that I post a review about a product that is finally in the market and that I bought. That has been long waited for and is claimed to be The New Standard. Furthermore I have the upmost respect for small businesses who take the time and effort, the setback and frustration and the financial risk to engineer and build new products in our small professional high end/low volume market. Who sustains all of this to bring an idea from the first sketch
  18. Dear operators, good news! We made two new adapter kits for the 6" artemis ACT2 monitor bracket, which allows you to use the 7" SmallHD and the Cinetronic Gen.2 monitors with all versions of 6" artemis monitor brackets. So from now on, with just one monitor bracket you can use 3 different monitors. You can use any 6" Transvideo CineHD monitor with the 6" artemis ACT2 monitor bracket and by adding the right adapter kit, you can use also the 7" SmallHD or the Cinetronic Gen.2 monitor. Just have a quick look at the artemis web page to get more information. www.artemis-hd.com
  19. I found a company that made custom padded vinyl monitor covers for my Cinetronic. http://www.viziflex.com/dust-covers/dust-covers-padded-vinyl/
  20. Used about 10 days. Screen is perfect with no dead pixels or scratches. Monitor just came back from Cinetronic and has the new heatsink and firmware installed. Very small scratches near the power plug as seen on photos. This monitor is ready for a new home with 1000$ off retail (Cinetronic offers a 500$ discount right now, save another 500$...) •no battery plate •monitor only •free shipping in North America, I'll be happy to use your FEDEX account to ship anywhere else in the world. •wire transfer prefered •paypal accepted if we split the charges (about 60$) Monitor will be carefu
  21. Selling for a friend. - Cinetronic Gen1 Steadicam Monitor - Monitor yoke - Power cable - Travel case Asking $3000 Located in Los Angeles. Buyer pays shipping. danurbain@mac.com
  22. Can anyone provide info on what the level will look like and how customizable it will be as far as positioning on the Cinetronic Gen 2?
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