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Found 5 results

  1. Cinetronics monitor new repair & service: For the next few months, we will offer free service & repair on your Cinetronics monitor when purchasing a 6” or 8” Transvideo X-SBL monitor from our California office. We have had the opportunity to help some of our Operators with this monitor so they could keep it as a back up. Even though the production of these monitors may not be uniform, we have been able to remedy several issues: · Removal of most hot-glue holding connections and replacement by hard-wiring and/or professional connectors. · Removal of incompatible connector
  2. Selling my Cinetronics Gen 2 Monitor. Comes with: - Yolk - Monitor Arm/Post Clamp. I THINK it's an old MK-V. It's for a 2-inch post, but MK-V sells inserts to bring it to 1.5". They also sell longer rods. - Peli case for everything. - Lemo Power Cable $2,600 for all. Such a deal. Buyer pays shipping and any selling/payment fees. PM me: smonk57@gmail.com
  3. Here are some very nice useful items. 1 Zacuto Jeep 15mm/19mm rod adapter to adapt 100mm spacing to 60mm spacing $150 1 Lee Utterbach 15mm Adjustable Rod Adapter, Adjustable Vertically and Horizontally $100 1 pair 18" 15mm Heavy Duty Aluminum Rods, Very Sturdy $75 1 pair 8-3/4" 15mm Heavy Duty Aluminum Rods $50 Cintronics Digi-Tach for Arri SR1 and AR2 Cameras Very nice digital speed control $250 Arri Speed Control for SR1 and SR2 Cameras $100 Original Arri NCL SRIII NiCad Battery Charger for SR1 or SR2 NiCad Batteries Transvideo Frame Line Generator $100 Contac
  4. Transvideo International exhibits at Cine Gear Los Angeles this week-end (booth #59 near the food court). New 6" X-SBL Enhanced Evolution 3 New Remote Digital Horizon with inertia compensation New 5" StarliteHD OLED smart monitor 7" RainbowHD SuperBright. See you all at Cine Gear! We are proud to give prompt and friendly service to our Operators.
  5. I wanted to bring up my latest frustrations and hope it has been a anomaly as I was/am highly anticipating my monitor. I am trying to give the crew at cinetronics the benefit of the doubt and wish them much success. I, like many jumped on the pre order close to 8 months ago to get the new model sooner then later. After being informed it was to be ready mid march, I was looking forward to use it for pilot season. It was going to be close but I was told I should have it the following week. After hounding and hounding (sorry Chris), it finally arrived close to 2 months after it was due to
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