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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all! I recently started using a Nikon d600 dslr to practice with in a cam cage. I have it hooked up with a hdmi cable to a Black Magic HDMI to SDI converter and then SDI to sled. Everything works well and shows up on my monitor (a transvideo hd6) while in record mode on my camera but as soon as I hit the record button it stops displaying on the monitor and stops the recording on the camera. Anyone know what may be going wrong or solution on how to fix this? I also tried with a friend's canon and it was doing the same thing, im wondering is the converter the culprit and any solutions? Thanks all for any help, Joseph H.
  2. If you have one laying around, please send me an email. Also looking for a PRO to Decimator Power cable. Thanks. charlyvandedrinck@hotmail.com
  3. Selling my almost brand new Blackmagic MiniConverter SDI to Analog 4K. The unit is in perfect working condition with the only damage being purely cosmetic (a scratch or two with some light damage to one of the dip switches; does not affect any functionality). My reason for selling is that I need some extra cash and this is my backup downconverter. I am also including a P-Tap cable with a built-in 12volt DC regulator (built by Terry West, so you know it's quality). The regulator is a must; the converter only runs below 15v so unless you deplete your charge to under 15v you won't be able to power the unit from your sled. Brand new, the unit is $280 and the cable was around $200. Looking to get $420 for it, OBO. Buyer pays shipping, or we can arrange a pickup (located in Van Nuys in LA). Email: aaron.gantt@gmail.com Cell: 704.322.6889
  4. Hi all, I own a Shadow sled and I'm mostly flying Alexas in 24v mode. Instead of switching two 12v batteries in series I have had a 24v battery plate made to Chris' example. http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=14350 It allows me to attach the 24v batteries that come with the camera on the bottom of my sled and supplies the 24v system. A neat feature of the shadow sled is that it has a DC/DC step-down converter built in to convert the 24v to 14.4v (or something in that neighborhood) to supply the 12v system with power while simultaneously powering the camera with 24v. This is where my problem comes in. I'd like to use one of my 12v batteries on battery plate nr.1 to supply all the 12v systems and the 24v battery on the bottom battery plate nr.3 to solely power the camera and nothing else since the Alexa is hungry enough. What happens now is that as soon the 24v batt is attached it powers the DC/DC converter, even when I have my sled switched off. At some point when the voltage of my 12v batt drops low enough I assume the DC/DC system starts charging my 12v batt. I figure the best solution to meet my wishes is to switch the DC/DC converter off so it doesn't help power the 12v systems and more importantly doesn't start charging my 12v battery. Does anyone know if there is an elegant way to achieve this? I opened up the battery plate of the shadow sled to check out if it could be a simple solution but it looks quite complicated :-) Your insights are much appreciated. Cheers, Jelle.
  5. Has anyone operated with or own a GH4? I am considering purchasing Pilot SD system. I am unsure how to connect GH4 to monitor? I know, all the typical dslr headaches, lol. I am brand new to this forum but am serious about operating. Should I buy SD rig and use an HD monitor? Then buy an hdmi - sdi converter box? Can you connect sdi in (BNC) to composite? Also, the GH4 camera has NTSC, PAL, and a 24 Hz "Cinema" frequency, through which is the only frequency capable of Cinematic 4K. According to the gh4 manual, when system frequency is set to 24 Hz (which mine is all the time) playback on a composite monitor is impossible? I would love to be informed about how to properly connect a DSLR to a SD monitor or HD monitor
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