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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all I'm selling my Steadicam Flyer LE with the 19lbs arm capacity. I've used this rig for most of my career. It’s perfect for anyone starting out with steadicam. Well maintained and works best for small DSLR cameras to stripped down red cameras. I also had a machinist bend a piece of metal for me to make a yoke for my my Small HD monitor. I can add it to the package if you want it. I've had the sled upgraded to an HD signal by Chris Konash of East Coast Cables and upgraded the monitor to the Small HD DP-7 LCD monitor. My Flyer model includes: Standard Flyer vest Flyer LE sled, 12/24 volt with two AB - mount battery mounts upgraded HD Signal Rewired by Chris Konash Flyer LE dual articulating iso-elastic arm with bag up to 19lbs of weight Docking bracket C stand Dovetail plate 2 Anton Bauer batteries Soft transport bag 1650 pelican hard case Small HD DP-7 LCD monitor I am looking to sell this as a full kit for $6000 not looking sell parts individually. HC Batteries shown not for sale. Buyer pays for shipping+ email me at matthew@steadi-matt.com or by text (845) 891-5978
  2. Selling a SmallHD DP7 PRO High Bright 7" Monitor. (1500nits) In excellent condition, all functions work perfectly. Always had clear cover installed over display so the LCD is like new. Comes with rear battery mounting plate, AC adaptor and original box. $1250 or best offer. Located in Los Angeles but can ship if needed.
  3. This was the back up for the monitor on my sled. Now I have a new monitor and the old one becomes the back upend i'm getting rid of this. Has sat in a case 95% of its life. Asking $1,400.00
  4. Hello does anyone have a Small HD DP7 High Bright Monitor they are looking to sell? I'm looking for one to replace my current monitor with for outdoor shoots. Thanks!
  5. I'm in the process of getting my CineLive kit all finished and I'm in need of a Monitor, Batteries and Charger, and PRO cables. Monitor: SmallHD DP7 Pro High Bright or really anything else that will become a backup/director's monitor when I can get the new Transvideo Stargate. Batteries & Charger: Anton Bauer Dionic HCs and a suitable charger (preferably a quad simultaneous charger) PRO Cables: I need to power a Teradek Bolt Pro Tx and a Digital Bartech Rx Thanks everyone, Michael
  6. Small HD DP7 Pro High Bright set up for V mount batteries- $1500 Cam Jam Monitor Bracket - $900 Both in good condition the Cam Jam was used on a MK-V 2" post 4 stage. Buyer responsible for shipping please contact me at llittee@gmail.com
  7. hey yall i recently picked up a SmallHD DP7 Pro OLED. It came with a 4-pin lemo - hirose power cable, which i wasnt planning on using, but then I realized that the 4-pin lemo fits into my CineLive Tally connector. The tally output on the sled (upper junction) is 12v. Is there any reason that this wouldnt work for my monitor? I am pretty ignorant about power, so I am hesitant to plug it in, as I just dont wanna fry this new monitor. If anyone has some experience with this, id love to know! brett.
  8. hey yall i have a smallHD DP7 OLED that went in for repairs a few months (apparently the main board fried out of nowhere) and after paying for that expense it has sat on the shelf for a bit but has seen some use. I used it last week and for the second or third time the Anton Bauer battery attached to the monitor's plate shorted while in use. The battery's display went blank and the monitor shut down. The battery was powering a teradek receiver via ptap and the smallHD via the plate and the included cables. Do yall know what could be causing this? It has for sure happened with different batteries. Id like to send it in to smallHD but it is pretty well in use for the next few weeks. While I dig the monitor and its features, i probably will not purchase another. anyways, any insight would be helpful. have a good one brett.
  9. hey yall i just spent 10 days in jamaica shooting with my smallHD DP7 OLED. It worked flawlessly as a field monitor, on camera, rigged up, SDI, HDMI, etc. Not one issue at all. I arrived back stateside and suddenly the monitor wont turn on. I traveled with it in my camera backpack, carry-on, so it was always with me. I am not particularly precious with my gear, but I dont mishandle it. I have attached AB batteries (as I usually power it) as well as AC power. There is no indication at all that it is receiving power. No fans, no screen, nothing. There is no damage to the body. From jamaica i was home, then had to head to austin texas but didnt need the smallHD, so it stayed in the camera bag in my basement. it was pretty cold while i was away, so the basement got cold, but i would bet not below 50. Has anyone experienced this? I am going to talk with smallHD today, but just wonderin if any of yall have had similar experiences. brett.
  10. Is anyone mounting the new SmallHD High Bright on a Pro Monitor Arm? I haven't been able to find any good mounts that go to a Pro Spud. Pro doesn't make one and I've left multiple messages/e-mails for Howard at MK-V without hearing anything back. What are you using? If there aren't any good solutions, is there any interest in having Pro make a custom CNC'd batch? Thanks everyone.
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