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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, Want to sell my Cinetape and Preston KIT. I'm based in Poland, Europe. But sometimes i go to NYC. Contact me : kzawieja@gmail.com FB : Krzysztof Zawieja Mobile : +48 886652638 CINETAPE KIT 1x CineTape 1x Horns Cables: 2x Sensor Cable 1x RS to RS Power Cable 1x D-Tap to RS Power Cable 1x 435 to RS Power Cable 1x XLR to RS Power Cable Accessories: 1x Noga Arm 1x Mattebox EyeBrow Mount 1x Extension Horns 1x Spare Rubbers 1x Pelicase 1510 Price : 4000 USD ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Now the price for KIT is 3700 USD. PRESTON KIT 1x Preston FIZ2 with OMNISHOTsystems NP-FM Battery Adapter 1x MDR2 with G2 Board (G4 board incl.) 1x Heden M26VE Motor w/ CNC made brackets 2x Preston DM1 Motor w/ Hollywood brackets 
Run Cables: Arri Run Stop Sony Venice Run Stop Sony VTR 4435 Run Stop Red Run Stop Power Cables: RS Power Cable D-Tap Power Cable XLR Power Cable 
Motor Cables: 3x Motor Cable Accs: 1x Preston MDR2 G4 Board 2x Spare Radio Antennas 5x Focus Rings 0.5, 0.6, Heden Gears And couple 3d printed 0.8 gears (fits HEDEN spindle) 2x Preston FIZ Battery (one is dead) 1x Preston Battery Charger 1x Np-FM500H Battery 1x Np-Fm Battery Charger 1x HardCase Now the price for KIT is 3700 USD.
  2. For Sale $6,000.00USD A very well taken care of 3 channel Preston follow focus. Case and pouches are included. Buyer will assume any and all tax/shipping cost. There are 2 cables that I made to power the MDR off of my sled. If you let me know what sled you have (if you have one), I can alter the cable for you before shipping it. Follow this link to see more pics! https://www.facebook.com/groups/forsalecameraassistantaks/permalink/2380915348645899/?sale_post_id=2380915348645899 Includes: MDR2 Handset with TX analog microforce X3 DM1 motors X2 battery Chargers x5 Preston batteries x2 shorty microforce cbls x1 10' microforce cbl x2 4pin XLR to 4 pin lemo mdr pwr cbl x2 2pin lemo to 4 pin lemo mdr pwr cbl x2 ptap to 4 pin xlr mdr pwr cbl x3 coiled mtr cbls x2 mtr cbls x2 command cbls x2 OSHA cbls multiple dog bones for mtrs multiple 15mm/19mm inserts x2 pana iris gears x1 2B lemo connector for s/s cbl extra anttenas
  3. -MDR 2 updated with G4, blue dot boards for use with a FIZ3 handset. -Multiple power cables -Multiple command/run cables -Cinetape communication cable -Mounting brackets to sled -FIZ 2 handset -Original Batteries and Charger (the original batteries do not last long at all) -Omnishot battery conversion block -18 rings for handset The original boards for the MDR come with it so if you wanted to switch it back to work with this FIZ2 you can. The MDR was just serviced at Preston last month. Willing to break this up or sell off parts, just not every little cable one at a time. Asking $3,600.00 but feel free to make an offer
  4. Preston FIZ 2 full package (not breaking it up) located in London UK. Asking Price $10 000 + postage + postage insurance (be mindful of customs wherever you are based) Will ship anywhere PRESTON KIT LIST: PELICAN CASE CONTAINING: 1 x MDR2 (Transmitter) with cheese plate and camera lock 1 x HU2 (Hand Unit) + Receiver (recently serviced at Optical Support in London UK) 7 x Marking Discs (4 new ones) 1 x HU neck strap 1 x DM2 (Motor) 2 x DM1 (Motor) 2 x Sets of various gear adapters (for use on broadcast cameras, etc) 4 x Motor Cables 3 x Jerry Hill Motor brackets 1 x Preston Motor bracket 4 x 15mm blue collet 2 x Panavision red collets 1 x Preston fast charger 1 x IEC Power Cable for US plug 4 x Preston FIZ batteries (2 in full working conditions and 2 in need of recelling) 1 x Iris Control 1 x Iris Control cable 1 x Digital Microforce 2 1 x FI to Z HU bracket 1 x Microforce to pan handle bracket 1 x HU2 to Microforce cable 1 x Microforce Y cable PWR/Motor 1 x 24v PWR 1 x 12v PWR 1 x 3pin fisher PWR 1 x D-tap PWR 1 x 3pin fisher run cable (Arri) 1 x Epic / Scarlet run cable 1 x F55 run cable 1 x Red One run cable 1 x Genesis run cable 1 x Panavision run cable
  5. Wanted - Looking for a FIZ 2 Hand Unit and HU 2 Transmitter Contact me offline @ rhl@utconcepts.com
  6. Preston remote focus and separate remote iris control. Includes Handset 2, MDR2, 2 Batteries and Charger, Remote Iris Control w/10ft cable, 12 Focus rings, 3-pin Power cable (red), 3-pin turnover cable (blue). Pelican 1500 Case with dividers also included. When ready to move up to FIZ3 purchase Handset 3 and upgrade this MDR. I am the original owner. Recently recelled batteries. Excellent working condition. Add Preston or Heden motor and your ready to go. $5900 or highest bid. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Preston-Cinema-Remote-Focus-FIZ2-MDR2-HU2-For-Arri-Panavision-Red-/331967313669?
  7. Everything you need to have a Preston remote focus. Includes Handset 2, MDR2, heavy duty DM1 Motor, , 2 Batteries and Charger, Remote Iris Control w/10ft cable, 12 Focus rings, 3-pin Power cable (red), 3-pin turnover cable (blue), Motor Cable (green). Pelican 1500 Case with dividers also included. When ready to upgrade purchase Handset 3 and replace boards in this MDR.(Cost $7900). Also will sell without DM1 motor if requested. $9800 OBO
  8. $500 OBO Good working order FIZ2 handunit with batteries, charger, rings and spare antenna. Located in LA will ship anywhere in the US. Contact AaronMSmith1@gmail.com or message through the forum.
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