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  1. Hello all I'm selling my Steadicam Flyer LE with the 19lbs arm capacity. I've used this rig for most of my career. It’s perfect for anyone starting out with steadicam. Well maintained and works best for small DSLR cameras to stripped down red cameras. I also had a machinist bend a piece of metal for me to make a yoke for my my Small HD monitor. I can add it to the package if you want it. I've had the sled upgraded to an HD signal by Chris Konash of East Coast Cables and upgraded the monitor to the Small HD DP-7 LCD monitor. My Flyer model includes: Standard Flyer vest Flyer LE sled, 12/24 volt with two AB - mount battery mounts upgraded HD Signal Rewired by Chris Konash Flyer LE dual articulating iso-elastic arm with bag up to 19lbs of weight Docking bracket C stand Dovetail plate 2 Anton Bauer batteries Soft transport bag 1650 pelican hard case Small HD DP-7 LCD monitor I am looking to sell this as a full kit for $6000 not looking sell parts individually. HC Batteries shown not for sale. Buyer pays for shipping+ email me at matthew@steadi-matt.com or by text (845) 891-5978
  2. Cleaning out the closet and parting way with an old friend and workhorse. Was my first rig and got me through more than what it was made for. Hopefully it will go to the next beginner or someone fresh out of collage. It's been modified to be more versitle in the field with the added lower battery hander to accept HD SDI and a third central battery hanger for better balance with heavier Camara Packages. Flyer Kit includes: HD Steadicam Flyer Gold Mount Flyer arm capable of 15ish lbs camera builds Flyer vest - hip pad support is cracked and you'll see in the pictures the... "Surgery" that was done on it works for me but tiffen sells replacements if you're interested in fixing. Top Stage - I replaced the factory dovetail locking knob with a lever for extra tightening Bottomed battery bracket has upgraded wiring Top plate on swivel mount feeds the 2pin lemo on the top stage Bottom plate on swivel is an on hand backup plate but also adds as extra balance Center plate feeds the monitor via DTap I have the original pieces from steadicam that I'll include. Docking tripod - including SKB travel case Low mode bracket Pelican iM2950 case - custom foam that fits all but the stand. Super convenient not having multiple cases to lug around. *Batteries not included ASKING $3,000 (without monitor) $3,900 (with monitor) Atomos Shogun 4k 60p full kit Sun hood 4 batteries DTap adaptor x3 SSDs with reader x2 chagers EXTRAS INCLUDE: Redrock Micro Wireless Remote - $250 Wireless hand unit x1 Motor Basestation Focus finger wheel Extra Redrock Micro Basestation - $100 BM HDMI to SDI converter - $50 Large InnerSpace Case - $1,250 s
  3. Hi everyone! The Steadicam forum came up multiple times as I researched buying a used Steadicam flyer rig, I learned alot but have a few more questions. I'm waiting for a call from a sales rep from Tiffen who has been around the block a few times. That will be later this week. I'd just like to thank everyone here for the information I've been able to gather from the forum. I've learned that many people believe the Flyer has held up over the years.. but I would really appreciate any extra feedback I could get on this potential first purchase of Steadicam gear! So, thanks in advance if you are thinking of providing any information. I'm from a small city in Northern Ontario, Thunder Bay. A retired wedding videographer who I know personally is willing to sell me what he says is a Steadicam flyer 24SE for $1,500 that he purchased around "2010ish" for $7,500 CAD. I haven't seen the rig as it's in a storage unit an hour out of town. But I do have some indications of the model and generation. Based on his memory, it would be this rig here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/488892-REG/Steadicam_F24SE_F24SE_Flyer_24_Camera_Stabilizer.html Based on his memory, it includes the bag, the rig has grey colouring and can be powered by both the included Anton Bauer batteries at the same time, has a telescoping gimbal post, black Steadistand (not c-stand version), vest (some buckles on shoulders, can't recall any leather) and monitor. Once I tell him I'm serious about buying it I can get all of these details as it's a ways out of town. I get the feeling I'll just have to go see it as his memory may not be totally accurate. But maybe this all adds up? The grey colouring may mean it's older than 2010 and is an original flyer? Confusingly, lots of these features only come with the LE version, and I've heard the SE version was supposed to have leather on the vest. Can anyone determine the model or generation based on these clues? A bit about what I would need it for: I am a one man show, operating a small media company in a small city. Some shoots require using a hand held electronic gimbal for many hours and it destroys my lower back. I also do narrative short film and some documentary work, mostly for passion projects, but sometimes for money. I have a pair of Sony fs5's and a pair of black magic 4k's that I am expecting to use on the rig mostly. I don't need anything fancy and I doubt I'll ever be building any large camera rigs for this Flyer. I am just looking for reasonable portability for long gimbal shoots and the odd out of town shoot. Also, being able to adjust straps on the vest myself while wearing it, comfortability, and obviously smooth operation. These are likely all I need. I am looking to either purchase a newer but less expensive rig for under 1k, or to buy this used Steadicam flyer that appears to be in great condition. If I could get your opinions on any of the following, I'd greatly appreciate it: Have there been any significant changes or improvements to Steadicam body rigs, like aero 30 for example, since the flyers release? Is there any significant changes to technology that greatly reduce the Flyers modern usability when compared to newer models? Is an old flyer worth investing the $1,500 CAD? Is it still possible to find replacement parts for a reasonable price? Are the arms still considered up to standard or useable? what are the pros and cons of the Flyer's arm design? Will the "smoothness" and ease of use hold up to modern stabilizer rigs from steadicam? Does the vest have a reputation for comfort and usability for one person crews? Is the Flyer's gimbal/deck lacking in weight distribution features, smoothness and quality of life additions when compared to the aero 30 or zephyr? What about cheap models like amazons FLYCAM Galaxy? https://tinyurl.com/3avjkk3r for around $500 CAD? I'm not sure if I'm asking all the right questions.. but I haven't found anything online directly comparing the Steadicam flyer to newer style rigs made at the same price point/market segment. I'll be speaking with a senior rep from TIFFEN later this week. Thanks so much for your time and consideration!
  4. Hi everyone ! I want to get my first stuff ans search for zephyr, aero-30, flyer or something acceptable for a newbie like me :) thanks ! (PS: I live in Paris )
  5. Hey guys! So I purchased the steadicam back when I had a production company but we never used it. We ended up using this thing maybe a total of four times. It comes with everything you need batteries chargers monitor and a big giant carrying case. This is for pickup in the LA area. Prefer we meet at police station so transaction is safe for both parties Message me on here or 313-473-7335 Mike
  6. I'm selling this Stedicam Flyer that I bought years ago and I have never used it. Maybe did 3 trail runs with it and it sat in storage. It has a TFT LCD and two large batteries with a charger. It has all the stuff that came with it inside. It has a large soft case too to store it all. This is my first time posting on this if you need any more info please feel free to ask. I'm based in LA would feel better if it was a local pickup. If you need it shipped we can work somethings out. $2500
  7. Sled Arm + (Bag Arm) Vest Steadistand Flightcase Docking Bracket post 6" Provit F Bracket low mode Small HD 5"+ Accesories Dovetail plate Extension Strap kit Allen Tool Channel SDI 12/24 volts
  8. ASAP. Let me know if anyone has one out there.
  9. Hey all, Glad to be a part of this forum. I'm new to Steadicam and have been practicing with my Flyer for a couple months now. I use a GH4, to an Atomos H2S, to a Decimator 2 from which I have to drop the power line down to the batteries on my bottom stage. The reason for this is that when I first purchased a Decimator, I had a lemo to 4x P Tap port/splitter from Alvin's cables that I thought would come in handy in the future. Plugging that into my top stage, and then the Decimator into one of the 4 ports via DC to P Tap, i shorted the Decimator. Smoke poured, and examining the inside of the Decimator I can tell I burnt it pretty bad. So I thought for sure, that splitter must have been the problem, maybe it was the polarity. Luckily I had bought that one second hand and just bought another one new, along with the Nebtek DC to lemo from B&H made for the Decimator. Problem is, when I plugged my new Decimator into the top stage of my Flyer with this Nebtek cable, I heard a pop again and quickly unplugged the cable. Very slight smell of smoke again but I managed to save my Decimator and have been using it with no problem. For learning and practicing I don't have too much of a problem dropping that power cable, but at this point I am afraid the issue lies with my actual Steadicam and the lemo power port. I'm hesitant to plug anything else into that port until I can figure out what the issue is, and hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. It is worth noting that I also bought the Flyer secondhand from someone on Craigslist and haven't been able to verify with them if they had any issues with the rig. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  10. I am looking for a flyer docking bracket to go with an original flyer that I am working on rebuilding. Anyone have one laying around that you don't need?
  11. For sale: Upgraded Steadicam Flyer...included in sale- Steadicam Flyer grey arm 15lbs max. / red gimbal post handle, /HD SDI signal / Upgraded Flyer vest (most recent version they sold with it) / low mode adapter / Flyer arm to big socket adapter / allen wrench / "old school" manual / Flyer carrying case /Steadistand/ NO Monitor. I can include all the original parts to the flyer...SD monitor and bottom bracket but new set up is sooo much nicer. Bottom rails are carbon fiber -The rig weighs about 6 pounds. Power from A/B mount battery goes up post AND to monitor 4 pin cable. Old video bnc at top stage is basically "unplugged"...but can be used in an SD setup. I'd prefer NOT to ship but will if needed. Buyer pays shipping. ...very well taken care of. Hoping it goes to a good home... asking $3900 or best offer.
  12. I'm getting ready to purchase either a used Flyer LE or a used Scout. I have flown the Flyer as a rental many times and feel comfortable with it. I have never flown a scout. I understand the Scout is a newer / updated version of the Flyer and may have some improvements over the Flyer and is generally newer and more modern. My concern with the Scout it is designed to only mount one Anton Bauer battery to the bottom of the sled, the two battery design of the Flyer seems to add more counterwieght. I understand the Scout is designed to balance with screw on "Merlin" weights. Perhaps the scout is a no-brainer in terms of just going with a newer system but just wanted to get some advice from people with more experience with both. Sometimes newer is not allways better in my experience. Thanks! In a world full of brushless gimbals, I'm excited to become a Steadicam owner. No gimbal will ever replace the Steadicam concept for long tracking shots.
  13. Selling my FLYER 24LE kit. Here is the link to the eBay auction. If a forum member uses the Buy It NOW, I'll refund the shipping fee. Also willing to cancel the eBay auction if someone wants to make an offer! http://www.ebay.com/itm/STEADICAM-FLYER-24LE-w-HD-monitor-last-gen-model-/252954765233?hash=item3ae54767b1:g:OL8AAOSwYlRZJN2T
  14. Hi, I sell my first rig when I started. It's a very good one for the small configurations. the list of the package : - telescopic sled (upgrading HD) - arm with 6 canisters (5 to 13 Kg) - back mount vest - monitor - camera cables - tools - docking bracket + stand - flight case It's in very good condition and was never in rental. Maybe it's possible to add two V-lock batteries + charger in the package Price: € 3.500 + Tax + Shipping (will sell worldwide, but Europe is easier of course as this equipment is based in France - Paris). Please let me know if you need more informations and/or photos and/or details. here is my contact : hello@staedup.fr best regards N.
  15. I am looking to sell my Steadicam Flyer. I am the second owner, and didn't get to use it as much as I would have liked due to moving on to other projects. I would rather someone put it to use than it just sit in storage. Fun to fly and in great working condition. Only issue is a small crack in the plastic of the vest (shown in pics), but does not affect performance at all. Specs: Sled -Holds up to 19 lbs -16x9 monitor -V-mount batteries (includes 2 batteries and charger) -Weight plate for lighter cameras (see image) cost over $200 -Dove tail Arm with sleeve Hex tool Steadicam Stand Docking bracket Case Various power/video cabels SDI to Analog converter Asking $5,000 USD for it all (I'll pay the shipping)
  16. I am looking to sell my Steadicam Flyer. I am the second owner, and didn't get to use it as much as I would have liked due to moving on to other projects. I would rather someone put it to use than it sit and collect dust. Fun to fly and in great working condition. Only issue is a small crack in the plastic of the vest (shown in pics), but does not affect performance at all. Specs: Sled -Holds up to 19 lbs -16x9 monitor -V-mount batteries (includes 2 batteries and charger) -Weight plate for lighter cameras (see image) cost over $200 -Dove tail Arm with sleeve Hex tool Steadicam Stand Docking bracket Case Various power/video cabels SDI to Analog converter Asking $4,000 USD OBO + shipping
  17. Selling steadicam flyer in UK Arm and vest are perfect. Sled has the Zalex handle fitted. The monitor is toast hence the low price. Might be ripe for upgrade to HD. £1400 + shipping
  18. Based in London UK really nice kit Always worked well and still ready for many more years of service Ive upgraded to Zephyrs but these are still very good basic kits It comes with a very nice Tiffen white proper wheeled flightcase too not the canvas thing that the others are in If the buyer would like Id provide a few hours of familiaristaion to get you up and running with this kit included in the price I can also offer after sales service on this kit Id like to get £2000.00 plus VAT if applicable for this kit Includes sled, vest, arm. HD monitor , 2 x v locks, basic charger and stand, docking bracket, power lead and bnc leads All best Joe
  19. So I got a crazy good deal on Flyer rig used... Huzzah! The only problem is the entire thing smells overwhelmingly of cigarette smoke! I'm trying every old wives trick in the book so if anyone finds this remotely interesting (or entertaining!) I can post about my methods if it works out. However, per my inital question, IF all of my efforts and spells and incantations fail- could I purchase a new Scout Vest, (probably a compact vest because I am a smaller framed girl anyway) and would the new vest be compatible with the rest of flyer rig? Thanks in advance! PS- if anyone out there is/was a smoker and has had this problem, it would be lovely to add some new ingedients to my list of possible concoctions!
  20. Steadicam Flyer 24 LE with dual Anton Bauer mount for sale. Excellent condition. Bought brand new, still like new. Used sparingly. Asking $4699. Google Drive link to photos and manual here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_FUlurO9A2Ofk9RNDJKWWZPZzdDVWZfU0hSN2RrUDEzUDkzZUFlTXRJRi14cDJJQUZBN00&usp=sharing Please scroll down on the document to see all photos. --- For the operator looking to build your first kit from scratch, the following gear is also for sale, all purchased brand new specifically to fit the Flyer. Great package, and also in excellent, like new condition. Save $500 when you buy the entire bundle for $8795 (not including the Flyer). Google Drive link to photos here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_FUlurO9A2Ofk9RNDJKWWZPZzdDVWZfU0hSN2RrUDEzUDkzZUFlTXRJRi14cDJJQUZBN00&usp=sharing 1) JVC GY-HM700U ProHD Compact Shoulder Camcorder w/14x Canon Lens - $4399 http://pro.jvc.com/prof/attributes/features.jsp?model_id=MDL101851 2) Anton Bauer Dual Battery & Charging System - $999 2 x Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Digital Interactive Lithium-Ion Batteries 1 x Anton Bauer Titan Twin 2 Position 60w Battery Charger http://video.antonbauer.com/Products/TWIN 3) Sachtler 75 mm Fluid Head FSB 6 T Speed Lock 75 CF Tripod - $1999 http://www.sachtler.com/products/fluid-heads/75-mm/fsb-6-t-4/ http://www.sachtler.com/products/tripods/75-mm-tripods/speed-lock-75-cf-2/ 4) Lowel Blender LED Dual Light Bundle - $1199 2 x BLN-10 Lowel Blender LED Light BLN-10 1 x BL-83 Lowel Anton Bauer D Tap Battery Cable Power Adapter 1 x ViP-38 Lowel Stud Link ViP-38 5/8" Stud with 1/4-20 Screw 1 x LB-15 Lowel Blender Duo Carry Bag 1 x T1-25 Lowel Tota-Brella Silver T1-25 1 x T1-26 Lowel Tota Brella White T1-26 2 x UN-33 Lowel Uni Stand UN-33 1 x LL-LR1250 Lastolite EzyBalance Grey / White Card Small 12" LL LR12 http://lowel.tiffen.com/blender/ 5) Sennheiser ew 100 ENG G3 Dual Wireless Kit w/hard Pelican case - $699 Includes two wireless lavalier microphone receiver-transmitter sets and one handheld with transmitter. Not an exact match, but compares to… http://en-us.sennheiser.com/wireless-clip-on-lavalier-microphone-set-presentation-ew-100-eng-g3 ----- Soft cases, cords and standard accessories included for all. Items located in Los Angeles, CA. Can meet for inspection and purchase anywhere in SoCal. Final note - Steadicam Flyer and all gear listed above purchased brand new for approximately $19,680, not including shipping & handling and taxes. When you find good gear, definitely buy used when you can. Lesson learned. Thanks.
  21. I’m selling my Steadicam Flyer. I’m a second owner and it’s in a great shape. Selling because I upgraded my gear a while ago and kept it for a use with the lighter cameras, but I ended up not using it much. Steadicam Flyer includes: Vest Arm Sled (stage, center post, gimbal, monitor, battery holder) Steadicam Stand Power cable (4 pin XLR to small 2 pin Lemo) Video cable (BNC to BNC) “T” handle Allen wrench IDX Endura power Dual charger system 2x Endura IDX “V-Mount” batteries Can handle 4-15 pound camera Complete system selling for: $3,400 Please pm me to mostcams@gmail.com if you’re interested. Also I consider reasonable offers. Steadicam located at Tiffen office in LA, you can stop by and try the rig out, just let me know in advance. Best, Katy
  22. Tiffen low mode bracket. Fits pilot, zephyr, scout, and flyer. Located in Los Angeles Make an offer
  23. I have a Steadicam Flyer for sale if anyone is interested. £1800. No batteries. Thanks.
  24. I've just put my Flyer on the marketplace for sale and realised some of you may find the mod i did interesting. I had the arm adapted to be able to fly big sleds as well as be used with big vests. It allowed me to use lightweight cameras on my bigger sled as my big arm was too strong. I also much preferred my master vest to the flyer vest. The mod is reversible so the arm can be used with the original Flyer sled and vest. Cheers.
  25. Just upgraded to Cine Live but this very rig got me so far in my career. Everything is in excellent shape. Very smooth gimbal/arm [recently serviced by Tiffen]. Can fly and power a stripped Alexa no problem! Come by and test it yourself. I live in West Hollywood and will give a crashcourse lesson if you are new to the community. FLYER LE HARDWARE (cost $12,000 new): Flyer-LE Sled w/ V-Lock Battery Mount, 7" LCD Dovetail Plate Docking Bracket w/ aircraft pin 2 X PowerCube Batteries (new IDX E-HL9S) Dual Charger Iso-Elastic Arm (24lb carry capacity instead of standard 19lb) w/ cloth bag Flyer Vest Steadistand (Spring-loaded turtle stand) Allen Tool 3/8 Camera Screw 1/4-20 Camera Screw Operating Manual 2 X BNC EXTRA HARDWARE (paid about $1,500): Custom cutout pelican case (3'x2'x1') w/ wheels and telescoping handle Custom machined arm-post extensions (both 6" & 9") Custom 3-pin Lemo spit to to 4-Pin XLR & 4 D-tap breakout Manfrotto 472LCD ball mount (for monitor) V-lock to AB battery adapter (if you have AB bricks on set) Low mode bracket DECIMATOR 2 w/ P-tap power cable Monitor Hood TERRY WEST ELECTRICAL MODIFICATIONS ($1,500 of work): --UPGAUGED THE WIRING (can now power an Alexa with several accessories through the post ie. Decimator 2, Bartech & Teradeck/Paralinx simultaneously) --ADDED HD-SDI BNC feed (can run SD or HD video feed) --Fabricated 3-pin Lemo to Multi D-tap + 4-pin XLR splitter to power the camera and all accessories through the sled. --Added additional Aux power cable to to power recorder or another monitor Asking $8,000 for everything!
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