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  1. Stedicam Flyer LE - complete package - 6 500 $ Remote followfocus, Bartech, including cable to Stedicam Flyer LE - 2 500 $ Or everything together for 7 000 $ In very good condition. Located in Sweden. Can be shipped worldwide. Mial to info @ cinemavision.se
  2. So after a long wait I managed to get Tiffen to send over a few new pieces so that I could tool around with our Gen 1 flyer and make it a little more interesting -original top stage is backwards compatible with new CF extending post -new gimbal also works with original flyer arm -bypassed the "spar" at the bottom of the sled and instead have a 15mm rail system (thanks Tom Wills for supply the original basis for the upgrade on the old gen 1 post; I have changed it up in a lot of ways to accommodate the larger post) -yes that is a cute little J-Box at the bottom. Made from a standard aluminum project box. Prototype really, for 12v only. Don't think there's any reason to go 24v. -75ohm bnc at the top and bottom with hd-sdi run through the sled I designed the J-box with the idea in mind that I think it is more comforting to power things like Red setups by keeping the battery mounted to the camera. The power can be looped back through the sled from the top stage, and the breakouts at the bottom can accommodate accessories mounted to the 15mm rail system. Means less V-droop from extensive wiring. Means being able to exchange a ton of accessories from the top stage and putting them at the bottom instead (ex. going to be using a Hyperdeck 2 mounted to the bottom instead of up top). Fully adjustable, can have bottom rails as wide as you want via extensions for absurd levels of pan inertia. Any battery type easily swapped out. All 2 pin lemos, very easy to work with. You can mount anything you want to the bottom as well via those 15mm rails....example, I did a couple of 360 gopro steadicam shoots that requested there be no footprint below the cameras and the rails can be made to just a few inches and also provide mounting. Pretty neat stuff. Just a little project I had been working on this past week. It's been repair and upgrade season for me here. Next step is probably going to be figuring out a couple of circuit breaker points as well as creation of a j-box for the top stage. I've seen Brian Freesh's old implementation but I can't help but get the feeling that having a box so large and close to the gimbal must be troublesome.... Click the link for the rest of the photos. Rest of album
  3. Stedicam Flyer LE - complete package - 7 000 $ Remote followfocus, Bartech, including cable to Stedicam Flyer LE - 3 000 $ Or everything together for 8 000 $ In very good condition. Located in Sweden. Can be shipped worldwide. Mial to info @ cinemavision.se
  4. We offer our Steadicam Flyer LE The steadicam is in perfect condition. Complete with 2 cases for safe transport (softcase + hardcase) The system includes: - Iso-Elastic Stabilizer Arm (supports 19 pounds of camera weight and 30" double section lifting range) - Lightweight vest - Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled) - Carbon Telescoping Centerpost (18.5-32in/47-81cm ) - Active Matrix 16:9 Color LCD monitor (SD) - Battery Mount (IDX V- mount) - IDX Dual Charger and two Tiffen PowerCUBE batteries - Docking Bracket - Cables - Dovetail Plate - Tiffen SteadiSTAND (fits inside case) - Soft Case - Tiffen Hard Case - EFP Instructional DVD Asking price is € 3250
  5. Looking to see if anyone has a Walter Klassen Adapter Block for Flyer for a full size vest for sale.
  6. Looking for low-mount adapter for use with an EPIC on a Flyer rig. @$100.00 if available. I did see an angled adapter listed in the marketplace, but it has since sold. Is an angled adapter preferable to the straight F-Bracket mount? Thanks!
  7. Hi! I'm in the process of purchasing my first proper rig ( probably an Archer2...see my other thread ;) ) and have been considering getting a small rig to tide me over while I finalise the purchase (my old rig has given up the ghost) and to use for small student/dSLR type shoots where the Archer would be a bit OTT. I'd like a Flyer LE but there does not seem to be many around for sale, but there are a few Flyers knocking about. I was wondering, are the enhancements in the LE worth waiting and paying a bit extra for if it's just going to be a 'B' rig or is the original Flyer close enough to make it not worthwhile, especially if I have an Archer2 as the main rig? Any experiences with either would be great to hear about, thanks! rups
  8. Hi, I'm posting for a friend, who is looking to buy a Flyer Le full package. Do contact me: hia.james@gmail.com Thanks James Hia
  9. Asking Price: $4,200 Package includes: Soft Case Collapsible Stand w/bag Docking Bracket Instruction Manual Low Mode Bracket 5/32” Hex Tool Arm and cloth bag Sled IDX V-Mount w/ NTSC monitor 12volt Monitor Remote Dove Tail Plate IDX V-Mount two battery charger 2 IDX V-Mount Batteries Vest and Socket Mount BNC Cable Camera Screws 5/16” and 3/8” Any questions feel free To ask.
  11. Hi All, My friend has a steadicam Flyer LE for sale. It doesn't come with a monitor but still works like a charm. Asking price is $3000. Please message me directly and I'll connect you guys. Thanks!
  12. I've got a low mode bracket. It's like new. I've only used it twice. I just sold my Zephyr so I have no use for it anymore. If someone needs one make me an offer. Thanks! Here's a link to the exact model: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/192877-REG/Steadicam_300_7901_3007901_Mini_Low_Mode_F.html
  13. STEADICAM FLYER LE FOR SALE - LONDON, UK £3700 + VAT I really can't justify owning two rigs (heavyweight and lightweight) at the moment so this one is up for sale. It is being sold as it was delivered when new, but with custom built focus unit mount included. Does not include batteries. V-Locks required. Kit includes: Vest Flyer LE arm in soft bag Post and gimbal Dovetail plate Stand Docking bracket Monitor (small dead area - very cheap to replace) 3 pin Lemo to XLR cable Allen key for gimbal Original soft case Home made monitor shade (don't get too excited - it's not fancy - but it does work well!!!) Custom built bracket to hold Preston brain. The rig has recently been serviced by Optical Support. Please contact them for confirmation, if required. It is in good condition. There are the usual scuffs that rigs get on the arm etc but nothing performance affecting. As mentioned the monitor has a small dead area on it. I can replace this or knock £200 off the price if you would prefer to replace it yourself. This may be a better option as you can choose one that may suit your purposes better. Send me a message if you're interested.
  14. Hello, I purchased a used Steadicam flyer (first gen I believe, grey arm?) and knew that the power cables from the battery plates to the LEMO connector (2-pin) was severed. My plan is to replace the cable harness to allow me to hook a LEMO to D-tap then a D-tap splitter box to hook up to a RED scarlet / monitor / bartek etc... I have a couple questions:1) Should I replace my two pin LEMO with a more modern three pin for power? Not sure if "more modern" is the correct term, it just seems to be in wider use. 2)How do I go about wiring both Anton Bauer battery mounts that were included on the sled to run up to that LEMO connector? I would like to be able to use 2 batteries on the bottom running together up the post to the power port. I'm not sure where to start on this, or if that is even an option (see included photos) Any assistance would be appreciated to get me started. Thank you
  15. Hello everyone, I was curious to know if anyone may have a hardcase for a Flyer LE. I own a softcase for mine but with the lack of wheels it makes it a pain to carry around. I was curious if anyone had a hardcase they are looking to get rid of or could recommend a decent pelican case with wheels. I'm not entirely sure if the Flyer LE hardcase had wheels or not but I imagine it did. If anyone has any ideas where to find one Let me know. I also sent tiffen a message seeing if they had an extras lying around their warehouse. mperez135@hotmail.com Thanks All! -Matt
  16. Hi I'm selling my beloved Flyer as I have upgraded to a big rig and no longer use it. I will post pictures as soon as possible when I get home. It is the original Flyer and complete without batteries. One V-lock battery dock powers the monitor and the other powers the top stage. Comes in a large flightcase. £3000 inc VAT. Feel free to get in touch :)
  17. For Sale: Steadicam Flyer 2nd Generation (Black Arm) The flyer systems supports cameras up to 15lbs. Possible Camera configurations (weight body only) RED: Epic + Scarlet (5lbs) Canon: C100 (2.2lbs) + C300 + C500 (3.2lbs) Sony: F3 (5,3lbs) , F5 + F55 (4.88lbs) , NEX-FS700 (3.7lbs) Arri 235 (7.7lbs) + 416 (12.1lbs) any DSLR These are only examples, many more cameras are possible obviously. Complete ready-to-shoot package including: Flyer Arm Sled with Flyer Monitor Flyer Vest Flyer Docking Bracket Solid C-Stand Long Dovetail plate Steadicam Tool Low Mode F-Bracket Low Mode Cam-Handle 2x IDX V-Mount battery Endura 80s 14.4V / 5.7 Ah IDX Dual Sequential Charger Storm Hardcase + Original Steadicam Case Cables: Flyer 12V - XLR Fem // Flyer 12V - P-Tap Fem // P-Tap Ma - 4x P-Tap Fem // P-Tap Ma - 4pin Hirose // P-Tap Ma - XLR Fem // 2x P-Tap Ma - open end If picked up in Hamburg / Germany and required I will give a 2 - 3 hour workshop for free. Otherwise shipping can be arranged. 5000 Euro obo
  18. Would anyone happen to know of a company that makes rain gear for Steadicam Flyers? I have a Flyer le and was looking into getting some rain gear for it not sure where to look. Any suggestions would be helpful! -Thanks Matt mperez135@hotmail.com
  19. Hi, I Sell Steadycam Zephyr package. - Sled Zephy HD - Bras Flyer LE (11kg) - Veste Flyer LE - Century tripod - weights - key allen - Cables SDI (2X) - Dock - Flycase STEADICAM 9800$ without shipping Location PARIS teva.vasseur@gmail.com +33 6 80 78 86 34 www.disquetteprod.com
  20. - Complete Flyer package for sale in London (Hackney). This is a great starter package and will allow you to learn the essential skills (and earn some dosh) before progressing to bigger rigs. This sled has been upgraded with £2000 of parts over the last few years. - Sled upgraded with MK-V and GPI parts to allow precise placing of the monitor and batteries. - Upgrades also allow post length to be adjusted (see pics). - Kip handles on the base mean you can adjust the battery position easily. - MK-V light base (http://www.mk-v.com/?p=1568). - GPI Pro monitor are (http://www.gpiprosystems.com/fixed-monitor-arms.php). - These upgrades allow DYNAMIC BALANCE (http://www.tiffen.com/dynamic%20primer.pdf). - Flyer arm (4-15lb) - perfect for DSLR, C300 and similar. I've flown a stripped-down Scarlet with EF lenses (NB: you'll need a decimator for any cameras that do not provide composite out). - 4 x PAG mini packs - recently recelled. New cells provide 3.3 AH so better than the original ones. Cosmetically, you can see where they have been opened up for the recell but they perform perfectly. - 6 x PAG batteries which need to be recelled. - PAG charger. - PAG 12v charger with car adaptor for emergency charging on the move. - Case for batteries and charger. - Original Flyer case (original foam has been chopped up to fit the sled with upgrades - see pic). - Teletest monitor (http://www.libraprobroadcast.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=teletest-OZL7000). Can be upgraded by Teletest to support SDI and generate frame lines (currently it does not). There are a couple of very small scratches on the screen which are only visible when the monitor is switched off (see pics in gallery). - Custom D-tap multitap power solution on top stage (created by Terry West). This lets you power accessories - video/focus devices. See the pic of the Bartech as an example (BARTECH AND CAMERA NOT INCLUDED IN SALE). - Dovetail plates and weight plate. The weight plate is 2.2lbs and adds the extra mass needed if you are flying a lightweight DSLR and nothing else. It also extends the stage to allow placing of accessories. - Manfrotto quick release plate - this is great for DSLR shoots when you need to frequently change batteries. You can flip this off in seconds rather than having to deal with the pain of removing the dovetail plate in a mad hurry. - Original heavyweight Steadicam stand with docking bracket. - Steadicam Flyer vest. - Allen t-bar. - I'll also include the original Flyer sled parts should you ever upgrade to a bigger rig and want to take the MK-V and GPI Pro parts with you. You can then revert the Flyer to it's original form. - Flyer to XLR power cable. £3500 - will deliver locally and setup for the user. If you are a beginner, I'll give you a balance primer. I'll ship in the UK but elsewhere it is at buyer's expense - batteries and charger will be expensive to ship. I can always ship the good batteries and PAG chargers can be picked up easily. I'm only selling as I now have three rigs so one must go! I'll leave it here for a week and then it is off to Ebay. Here's a gallery with pics of everything mentioned above: https://plus.google.com/photos/106743071123827253366/albums/5881114381503869777?authkey=CMXxo9LBqLXufA
  21. Looking to purchase a Steadicam flyer arm or perhaps the arm and vest combo if you don't want to sell it separately. My budget for this is $1500. Thanks
  22. is there such a device where you can continue to keep your Rig powered when docked for an extended period of time, during lunch hour, coffee breaks, etc. so I could dock and plug my rig into a standard 12VDC power supply, and walk away for a bit without losing sync to my wireless transmitter, or not having to powering down the camera, or pull the battery out, etc. especially for single battery rigs... (i presume with the big rigs you can easily hot swap batteries since they use more than 1 battery.)
  23. Also for sale.... Complete flyer... 3000 bucks. quite new...
  24. For sale is my Steadicam Flyer LE kit. It is in great condition and comes with everything you need: sled, arm, vest, c-stand, and carrying case. I can take more pictures if any one is interested. Looking for $6000 shipped + paypal (gift preferably!).
  25. Hello, This is the flyer arm that Charles Papert heavily upgraded for his running rig. I just got this back last week from Tiffen for a quick tune-up before the sale. It's fantastic, super smooth, really light, and devilishly cool! Modifications: Heavier Springs (Supports up to 32lbs+-) Bearing upgrades Full size block (can be converted to stock in minutes) 5/8th post (can be converted to stock in under a minute) I'll be including in the sale a soft transport bag, all of the parts to convert the post and block, 12inch post, regular post, and a low mode bracket. $4,000 Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at: Craven@mcsteadi.com
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