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Found 3 results

  1. Announcing the autumn workshop in the Steadicam Operators Association series at Historic Yellow Springs, one hour from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The long-established workshop goes into its 26th consecutive year training Steadicam operators from around the world. Dates for the workshop are November 1 to 6. A great team of operators teach at the workshops. I’m joined by Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam, Chris Fawcett, inventor of the Steadiseg and Exovest, and Jay Kilroy, who both teaches and runs the show. Other established Steadicam operators/instructors and assistants round out the teaching staff, providing a truly broad perspective and experience base from the film, broadcast, and documentary worlds. The intensive 5½ day workshop covers all the essentials of Steadicam operating, plus in-depth analysis and experiences. Hands-on training begins immediately, with exercises transitioning quickly into real-life shots. While we concentrate on operating skills, we have a broad spectrum of gear to use – from the “big” Steadicams like the Ultra 2, Shadow, and the new M-1, to the smaller Zephyr’s, and even some handheld units. We use several different arms and vests (and you can bring your own vest as well). We also have lots of accessories to work with. Tilt-heads, motorized stages, super-posts, follow focus gear, playback monitors, Tango™, and more. We’ll have a full-on vehicle day with crane step-ons and offs, car mounts, quad mount, and the Steadiseg; and further training on the Skatedolly and a Rickshaw. We also have a set of wheels to play with – it’s an operating skill we think all Steadicam operators should have. You’ll work hard all day – starting before breakfast! We end each day with beer and wine and evening lectures, including Garrett Brown’s famous “Moving Image,” Chris Fawcett’s “Steadicam Posture,” and a Live Multicam presentation. The food is great, and it all takes place in the amazingly photogenic surroundings of Historic Yellow Springs. Our primary space is an original pre-Civil War building, and we have extensive use of the space and the surrounding gardens. Come experience the Mid-Atlantic fall, and join the workshop that has started many of today’s greatest Steadicam operators on their long and successful careers. For more information, visit: http://www.steadicam-ops.com/workshop.shtml
  2. Steadicam: The Moving Camera TUESDAY, JUNE 18 | 9 – 10:30am Why is one moving shot better than another? How does one quiet little item rivet the audience and advance the plot, while another, even a grand flashy swoop, bores, distracts and sets us back? The kinetics, dynamics, psychology and narrative wallop of the moving camera -- plus the daring artistry of camera operating -- are the secret sauce of great moviemaking. COVERED IN THIS SESSION: Why, when, and how to move the lens Essential tricks, tips and lore THIS SESSION IS FOR: Videographers and aspiring Steadicam operators interested in a general overview of the Steadicam. COST: FREE
  3. Here is a long awaited and an absolute must watch, it is the making-of shot during the rehearsals of "La Traviata" in Paris in the early summer of 2000. This program was filmed live and broadcasted in Mondovision June 3, the DOP was Mr Vittorio Storaro. It is a fantastic opportunity to have a close look at the work of two "Steadicam Living Masters", Garrett Brown and Valentin Monge : Shot and edited by Martin Monge and Christine Keller. K.
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