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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, So today I am selling my very dear-to-me PRO I sled, which has been modified (by Terry West, I believe) to be a very excellent and affordable sled for anyone who is looking to get into Steadicam and purchase their first "big rig" setup. This sled was used by me for 2+ years and by another Forum member. You can fly anything from REDs to 435's with this baby. I upgraded the gimbal to a PRO VZ with a short handle (previously owned by a renowned PRO tech, and previously previously by some former Industry big wigs), which has made a tremendous difference in performance. Here are the details: • GPI PRO I Telescoping Post (Only 1 Hill Gorelock Docking Ring is shown in photo, but should include 2x for high- and low-mode docking) • PRO I HD-Upgraded Electronics (HD-Converted) • PRO DB II Top Stage w/ Diving Board MDR Attachment • Extra screws/AKS • GPI PRO VZ Gimbal Grip w/ Short Handle • Custom Bottom Stage (12/24V Compatible) w/ 3x Gold Mount Battery Mounts • XCS Monitor Bracket/Rods w/ Cam-Jam 1.5" Spacers (MONITOR AND YOKE ARE NOT INCLUDED UNLESS DESIRED (we'll discuss) • Pelican 1615 Air Case (I may have extra cables, and a plate, however, just reach out to me and we'll see what we can work out. I have connections to a few different professional cable manufacturers if needed) Photos of the rig below, plus one of it in play. Looking to get somewhere in the realm of $10,500, but offer up. If interested please DM me, or reach out to me at lorenpaulhamilton@gmail.com or call/text (805) 320-1845 Thanks for looking!
  2. 2,000 USD 4 x 260WH Gold mount Dynacore Batteries and a 4 bank charger. This was all bought in 2018. They were never put in a rental house so the cycles are low for their age. They were always stored with a full charge so they're quite healthy. These batteries last forever and I love them. I actually have 9 of them, so I'm keeping 5. I got a smaller camera recently so I don't need all the power. These work well on lights too, if need be. I'm located in Vancouver. If you're in the area I can drop off, otherwise buyer pays for shipping.
  3. Hello Friends! Recently purchased a Zephyr and it came pretty bare. Looking to see if anyone is trying to get rid of their accessories before I result to buying things new. I have everything that it comes with off B&H plus a stand. Looking for: Small dovetail AB plate for second battery plate. Low mode bracket. Gold mount charger. Gold mount batteries. Power cables for Alexa Mini, RED, and other cables you think I will find useful. Since i'm a newbie, anything else you think I may need I am open to advice! Mainly flying Alexa Minis and REDs. Thank you for your time!
  4. Anyone have experience swapping battery plates? I have a used Flyer LE which is V mount, I want to make it Gold Mount. I know I could get adapters but I'd like the permanent mount to be gold mount, I'll buy V mount adapters as a secondary option for V mount jobs. I spoke to Terry West and he says the one thing that could be tricky is that there may not be holes drilled for the gold mount pattern on my V mount Flyer. Might need to machine new holes. The wiring is pretty simple. Any experience / advice?
  5. Hi Everyone, Looking for a Pro Battery Rack. If anyone has one they are willing to part with please drop me a line. Cheers Michael
  6. I've always used AB-Gold mount. Typically it seems like rental houses carry those rather than V-mount. But my question is what you you guys as Steadicam Ops typically run into using? I see a lot of sleds in the market place being sold that are V-mount and it just got me curious because Every rental house I've rented from ((Able Cine, Adorama, (ID) Illumination Dynamics,)) all seem to rent out Gold-Mount for Alexa's, Amira's, REDs.
  7. For sale 4 Anton Bauer G90 gold mount batteries. $220 each. Please email at randystone@me.com http://www.antonbauer.com/en-US/Shop/products/on-camera-batteries-digital-90-gold-mount-battery-8675-0092
  8. I like to keep a stock of used Gold Mount plates at my disposal, so if anyone has any Anton/Bauer Gold mount plates lying around collecting dust, email me: Alan@MediaBlackout.net
  9. I have two Anton/Bauer Dionic 90's for sale. I bought these in 2011, and they're still going strong. I store my batteries on the charger to prolong shelf life. Make me an offer for one or both. I'm located in Los Angeles. Alanjrencher@gmail.com
  10. Hi all, I'm selling 6 Anton Bauer batteries, they still hold the charge nicely!!!! Asking 200£ for all of them. Shipping worldwide, ship at buyer's cost
  11. Anton/Bauer QUAD 2702 PowerCharger. Link to manufacturer: http://www.antonbauer.com/Products/QUAD2702 Used but in perfect working condition (money-back guarantee) More photos (from both inside or outside) available by request. Asking: $750.00 USD + shipping (US retail price $1,372.75) €570.00 EUR + shipping (EU retail price €1,255.00) Features: The latest firmware Rev 5.8 chip installed so works with any A/B battery like Dionic HC, HCX etc! 4 position sequential charging Diagnostic Discharge Module, DDM, to evaluate your batteries Lifesaver Maintenance mode Power Loss Memory mode regulated DC power supply for camera or equipment (max 70W) serial output for PC interface accepts mains source worldwide: 90-250V, 50-60Hz (comes with US & EU standard power cables) See more details from the instructional manual from the link: http://www.zgc.com/t/pdfs/Instructions/Anton%20Bauer/MANUAL%20POWERCHGR%20DUAL%20QUAD.pdf Charger is packed and ready to be shipped worldwide from EU with your preferred carrier. Package size: 2.95kg 38x31x15cm 6.5lbs 15x12.2x5.9 inch If you got interested or have more questions you can contact me directly: tuomas_viitakoski@hotmail.com Kind regards, Tuomas Viitakoski Helsinki - Finland
  12. Hi fellow operators, Does anybody know where I could find gold mount stud plates (feel free to post a proper name should one exist). I've spent a good part of the day looking for some and came across one on ebay but it had wires coming out of it. Alen Rencher had posted a rather similar idea though he took it to the next level. http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=17700 For myself at this time I'd like to have a simple metal plate where I can cover the one side with velcro and the other side would have 3 gold mount studs so I can indirectly velcro stuff to my unused battery plates. Thank you very much, Mitch
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