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Found 7 results

  1. Up for sale is my Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle 2 SSD Video Recorder kit. Included in this kit: - Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle 2 - Power cable - 2 Din to BNC SDI adapter cables - 250 GB SSD - Pelican Case - Lightweight threaded base plate that allows the hyperdeck to be mounted on 1/4-20 threads or a gold mount battery plate. (https://www.cinedynamics.com/collections/bargain-basement/products/threaded-baseplate-for-hyperdeck-shuttle) Asking $350
  2. I am selling my modified Hyperdeck Shuttle 2. This version records uncompressed, DNxHD, and ProRes. The modifications are: - Standard size BNC-connectors for HDSDI In and Out, rewired to the board at ARRI in Munich. - "Power in" modified to Lemo 2-pin connector - AB Gold Mount plates on top and bottom of the Hyperdeck. - Power input selector switch This Hyperdeck can be powered in two ways, selectable via the power selector switch next to the BNC-connectors: 1. from your sled/ camera via its 2-pin Lemo socket. 2. by an AB battery attached to the female AB Gold Mount Adapter. At the same time an AB battery attached to the female AB Gold Mount Adapter will feed power directly through to the male AB Gold Mount Adapter. This means you can "sandwich" the Hyperdeck in between a battery and your sled/camera. Can also be used to convert from HDSDI to HDMI and vice versa ! Comes with the 256 GB Samsung SSD and SSD to 2x USB adapter cable. Works great. Asking USD $ 850 OBO Buyer pays shipping. Item located in Europe. Fly safe! T.
  3. Is anyone interested in a super lightweight threaded base plate for a HyperDeck Shuttle? I designed this plate to keep the weight down on my recorder and still give me some attachment options. The prototype is almost identical in weight to the stock rubber lined base plate. This plate offers two 1/4-20 holes and six 4-40 holes in the correct pattern to add Anton Bauer studs to mount on an unused battery plate. If there is enough interest in these, I'll do a short run of them. The final plates will be anodized black. I still have to get final pricing as that will be influenced by the number being made in the first run.
  4. Being inspired by similar designs by Rencher, Germond and Bard I finally received the parts to do something I've been wanting to do for a while and thought I'd share it as I'm sure others can build and improve on it. It always bothered me that I had an internal battery in the Hyperdeck which really doesn't last long enough to be useful for my purposes other than if an alternate power source was disconnected without me knowing. I also didn't like how heavy the BMD cheeseplate is as well as always having to come up with some sort of way to power the thing from p-tap to barrel which aren't always available after adding FF, HD Transmitter, Monitor etc. I've always liked several camera back solutions I've seen where we can just stack devices with the last item being a battery powering it all. So with all this in mind and getting some info from Iain on his great mod, I went to work. Here are photos of my phase 1 mod: Male Gold Mount Plate powering Hyperdeck and the Female Gold Mount: http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1534.jpg http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1536.jpg Unfortunately given the size and design of the female plate I had to offset it to keep the centre balance correct: http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1538.jpg Mounted on an AB mount installed on back of camera cage, could also go on the back of monitor with an AB plate: http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1541.jpg http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1540.jpg Stacked on battery hanger: http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1542.jpg Alternate method however I haven't tested this yet as I need to investigate and ensure that it's safe to power the Hyperdeck from the CAM PTAP to Hyperdeck Barrel which would essentially loop the power back in the system which may be a huge no-no. If I can't do this then I'll have to stack a battery on the hyperdeck or install a kill-switch on the female AB plate. I do like the balance of a single battery setup when possible so hopefully I can get it to work. http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1545.jpg For Phase 2: - I want to put an on/off switch on the Hyperdeck but am weary of it getting accidentally switched. - Like Iain's mod, I'll be installing some BNC terminals. - I'd like to install another switch which would disable the power to the female plate, again though would want to make sure it's located in a knock free zone. - Maybe both these switches will go on the bottom of the male AB plate as that area is fairly protected. - Another option, if I can't loop the power, would be to use the male side of the hyperdeck and use an intersex plate from Alan when available, then run a ptap to barrel to power the Hyperdeck. - I'd like to use authentic AB male and female plates however I have been unsuccessful finding the latter, so I ordered from ebay/china which is never my preference as nothing is every exact fitment wise (If any of you know where I can buy a smaller but good quality powered female plate please let me know). Anyway, I welcome any ideas, thoughts or comments good or bad.
  5. I made a short run of custom lightweight base plates for HyperDeck Shuttle recorders and currently have a few factory seconds left available. These plates have been milled out to keep their weight down to about the same as the stock plate that comes on the hyperdeck and adds less then 0.2" to the height of the recorder. These factory seconds are fully functional but have a few marks in the anodizing or surface finish. Offering the factory seconds for $90. I will be throwing in a set of aluminum studs with the first couple plates. I made these as a test batch and the fit is not quite perfect, but they do snap in and lock securely.
  6. For sale... Hyperdeck Mounting Plate (cheeseplate) with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 holes. This is for the Blackmagic Hyperdeck. New it's $100. I'm selling it for $50. 404-630-8200
  7. Victor Lazaro

    Zephyr recorder mount.

    I just wanted to share my last creation for my Zephyr. A recorder mount on the battery hanger to place my Hyperdeck Shuttle. I used to place it under the post, where the second battery should go, but I wasn't satisfied. This is a first prototype made with what I could find in my local hardware store, an alluminium 3" L bar a few screws, a hack saw, a metal file and a drill. Feel free to share if anyone has an idea to improve it (and I know there is a lot that could be done)