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Found 6 results

  1. Selling my Ultra II vest, IIIA arm and Master Series sled. IIIA Arm was serviced by Robert Luna 3 years ago. I have a new post from Luna to fit the master series sled as well. Arm comes with rain cover for both sections. Arm is in great condition. Vest is in good condition. There is a crack on the front plastic but that doesn't affect its operation at all. Comes in a Steadicam vest bag. Sled is an HD upgraded sled with AB battery plates. It has a cam jam monitor yoke on it with spacers for a SmallHD DP7. Comes with a bunch of accessories and a hard case. Willing to split items up. Price breakdown is as follows: Ultra II Vest: $2k IIIA Arm: $5k Cam Jam Monitor Yoke: $1k Master Series Sled (with docking bracket and a bunch of accessories): $5k Photos are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9ipbzgN2fQSLUF2TllFM0xXRzA?usp=sharing
  2. [Complete Steadicam System] This system is now in LA, so LA-locals come see it. The time has come for me to part ways with my starter steadicam rig! I bought the system about 2.5 years ago and it has done me well. The arm was recently serviced by Tiffen. The sled recently serviced electronically and mechanically by Terry West and Robert Luna so it is up to specs! This is a fantastic starter package for someone looking to get started with a pro rig. Sled, monitor yoke, dock, and various bits and pieces come in a standard production hard case. Included is a universal mounting plate. The sled is all upgraded internal HD and 24/12v internal power wiring. There's also an analog BNC and HD BNC that runs through the system. 2 Anton Bauer battery mounts have been added as an upgrade to the sled for power. Cam jam monitor arm with yoke is a must have. Has greatly helped with my rig balancing and switching back and forth from low mode. You simply just flip the monitor and it doesn't change anything with the rig's balance. The yoke fits pretty much any monitor you'd want to put on it, but additional spacers may be required to fit the different monitors out there. I have spacers for a SmallHD DP7 that I will include. You might be thinking that the Master Series sled doesn't fit onto the IIIA arm, and you are right! Luckily I got a new post from Robert Luna that makes the 2 compatible. Works flawlessly. Ultra II vest shows some signs of regular use, but is still in great working condition. Safety release works perfectly, socket block is undamaged. Bartech analog unit has been fantastic. Includes a hand unit, receiver, motor, and various power cables, motor cable, etc. Anton Bauer LP2 Dual Gold Mount charger with 2 HC Dionic AB batteries. Both were recently sent back to Anton Bauer to get re-celled. The batteries are in perfect working order. See below for a list of what's included. There are a few things I didn't talk about here. Included: -Master Series upgraded HD sled -Docking bracket -Low mode bracket -Camjam monitor arm with yoke -Various BNC cables, tools, miscellaneous bits and pieces -Hard case for the sled, docking bracket, cam jam monitor arm and yoke -CP IIIA arm -Allen wrench for adjusting the arm tension -Rain cover for the arm -Master Series sled compatible post for IIIA arm -Long post -Bag for the arm -Ultra II vest with socket block (can be switched to either side of the vest) -Soft bag for carrying the vest, arm, rain cover, and Mitchell hard mount -Mitchell hard mount -Bartech analog wireless follow focus receiver -Bartech hand unit -Wireless follow focus motor -15mm rail adaptor for motor -Power and motor cables for Bartech -Bartech system carrying case -Anton Bauer LP2 dual gold mount charger w/power cable -2 HC Dionic AB batteries Total is $20,400 This is practically everything you need in order to get operating. It would also make for a decent back-up rig. Please contact me if you have any questions. Buyer pays shipping costs, PayPal (or any other money transfer) fees. I'd prefer to do this over PayPal. Bill of sale will be sent to buyer. If you refer someone else (who actually ends up buying the system, that is) I am willing to pay you $300. So please refer! All pictures are of my equipment. No stock photos or anyone else's gear other than mine pictured. PHOTOS ARE HERE (It wouldn't allow me to upload the photos here): https://www.flickr.com/gp/109620316@N05/5o0P4M
  3. FOR SALE: Steadicam IIIA arm/ GPI-pro model 1 sled (Center post modular upgraded) / Steadicam master series vest / Cinetronic Gen1 HD monitor with cables, docking, boxes, stand and Chrosziel Genio 1 channel with Heden motor wireless follow. A great rig to start with!!!! Massages to rafael.sahade@gmail.com Thanks.......
  4. Dear colleagues Up for sale it's a glorious CP IIIA Rig still in pristine conditions. This has been my first Rig over ten years ago, previously owned by Richard Crow (Got Steadicam) purchased from him back in 2004 and since then well taken care as you can see yourself in the attached pics. This turned in my back-up/emergency rig at a point and hasn't be flown any longer since then but kept on fondness because, as said above, it has been my first professional rig ever when i was only 20. Now it's time to let it go; in short we all know well the glory coming with this rig, it has been used on plenty of the blockbusters we all have grown up with, not saying it's gonna be useful to someone nowadays in the HD / 4K / 3D era but surely it can still serve you well if you wish to keep operating it. (the CP IIIA Arm is still used by all of us still today tough) It might be a good starter package for a young operator since it can even be modded/updated for modern HD/SDI needs with just a few bucks. (i can provide you that service myself getting it modified by Panavision Engineers and Technicians here in Italy if need be) On the other side i just would like to point you on the conditions of my rig since it comes in truly unbelievable pristine conditions. The electronic powers up and works properly, wiring and plugs all have any problem at all, the rig has been always scheduled for a service even when it wasn't in use. The monitor works well, it's still as bright as it was when originally manufactured and it shows no problems at all either on the magnetic deflectors or the screen itself; the electronic level and frameline generator still works like a charm even. On the other side unfortunately the green anti glare coating gel sticking the CRT to its screen shows some bubbles cos of the age but that doesn't affect the view too much (again i might even replace the monitor block itself for you since i own spare parts for almost everything concerning this rig but i'm not sure that's worth the cost) Also the rig comes with it's original NI-CD batteries but, even though some of them have been re-celled they don't last long enough for a proper use so i would suggest to replace the original rear power cradle with a modern AB/V-mount tilt plate. (even here i can do this for you if need be) Also i'm including a glorious VHF analog SEITZ 3 channel Wireless follow focus, again it doesn't compare with my main Preston system but hey, i must honestly say it works the same. And last but not least, it's coming for free here so.. I'm following up with the complete inventory for what's included in the sale: all the handbooks and manuals for the Steadicam and Seitz systems CP (Cinema Products) Steadicam IIIA Sled w/ Anvil Case CP Green Screen Monitor w/ Frame Line Generator and Electronic Level CP Steadicam IIIA Gimbal CP Steadicam IIIA Extendable Center Post CP Steadicam IIIA Extendable Center Post 5" WrapGrip GPI PRO Docking Bracket w/ Quick Release Pin CP Steadicam IIIA Junction Box Sony EVO Video 8 Recorder NTSC CP Steadicam IIIA GU-V5 Video Recorder Cradle CP Steadicam IIIA GU-V5 Video Recorder Cradle Power Cable CP Steadicam IIIA Low Mode Cage CP Steadicam IIIA Dovetail Plates Two (2) CP Steadicam IIA Support Arm w/ Soft Case CP Steadicam IIIA Vest CP Steadicam IIIA Batteries - Eight (8) 12V-24V Converter Low Mode cage. Frezzi M1100 Advanced Battery Charger w/AC Power Cord, Charging Cord and Pelican Cases for everything Seitz 8710A Remote Control Transmitter w/ Pelican Case Seitz 8710A Remote Control Transmitter Antenna Seitz 8710A Remote Control Transmitter Batteries Two (2) Seitz 8710A Remote Control Transmitter Battery Charger Seitz 8720A Receiver Seitz 8720A Receiver Antenna Seitz 8720A Receiver External Power Cable Seitz 8720A Receiver External Junction Box Seitz 8725A Dual Channel Servo Amplifier Heden 26P Motor One (1) Heden Motor Brackets Four (4) Heden Motor Idler Gears for Cannon, Fujinon and Nikon Heden Motor M.6P Gear Two (2) Heden Motor 48P Gear One (1) Heden Motor 64P Gear One (1) Looking for a figure around either € 12.000,00 or USD €13,500.00 for the whole package but willing to negotiate a bit for a quick sale. Again price reflects the actual state of the rig since i can reasonably tell this is maybe the last CP IIIA rig that preserved, please take a look at the attached pics, they haven't been retouched so what you see is what you get. Item is located in Italy, Milan area. Shipping all over the world, buyer pays for shipping costs or must arrange for pick up. Buyers are welcome to come and try it out themselves for proper evaluation yet eventually collect it here. Cheers
  5. I am selling this Robert Luna built IIIA arm. It is about 8 years old and serviced exclusively by Mr. Luna. It has titanium gold springs. It has normal wear but no dents in the covers. It has been cleaned and lubricated, ready to go, in great working condition. It comes with the bag and wrench. Asking $5,100 Local pick up or delivery in Los Angeles area possible. Contact directly regarding shipping costs in USA or abroad. Contact: bestkamera@yahoo.com
  6. Posting for a friend: Selling 3A arm in great condition Just had full service with all new bearings and shaft and never used after Aking 5000 Euro. Arm is in Europe email: lorenzosenatore@me.com
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