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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone, Hope you're safe and well. Ever since I upgraded to the M-1 rig, I haven't been using this one. Originally planned to keep it as a backup kit but it's been sitting around for quite some time now. I'm the first and only owner of this rig; bought new from Tiffen in February 2015. Below is what's included in this sale: - Steadicam Archer 2 sled - Dovetail plate with two screws - Steadicam G50X arm - Rain cover + bag for the arm - 1x 12V Lemo to XLR 4-pin cable - 1x Transvideo Lemo power cable (5-pin to 8pin) - 1x 24V Lemo to F
  2. Hi guys, I'm from Europe and want to purchase my first steadicam, which should fly camera systems @ ~8-10kg. I prefer buying a solid used kit (vest, arm + sled) and got my eyes on these kit-setups: 1. Easysteady Lite&Go Kit Too https://www.easysteady.com/kit_too_it.html 2. Tiffen Zephyr There are more infos and reviews about the Zephyr, so buying this one should actually be a nobrainer. But i would be quite happy if anyone here can share thoughts and experiences on/with both - Zephyr & Easysteady Kit. And: Maybe i'm already blind from newbie investigati
  3. Hi, Im currently looking into buying my first rig. More specifically I'm looking into a used Archer 2 kit or something similar.
  4. Preston FIZ1 $5000 (or best offer) 3 motors (with hill brakets) mdr1 handset1 cables for every occasion flight case details available by request i just have too many cables to list take a look
  5. ASKING £800 ono 5.6" TV Logic Kit 1 x Peli Case 1400 1 x 5.6" TV Logic Manual 1 x 5.6" TV Logic Monitor + Screen Protector 1 x Medium Noga Arm + 3/8 Step Thread 2 x DTap to Mini XLR 1 x 2pinRS to Mini XLR 1 x 4 pin XLR to Mini XLR 2 x BNC (60cm ish) 1 x Mains Power + Kettle Lead 1 x basic vlock plate, Dtap small scratch on screen protector and one of the corners chipped. (ACTUAL screen is perfect) UK (London/Portsmouth)
  6. Dear collegues, I am selling my Steadicam Zephyr kit due to upgrading. It is used, but in full working order. The Steadicam is based in Vienna, Austria, Europe. I will ship at buyers expense. Price: 7.000 $ Steadicam Zephyr kit includes: Zephyr Sled with Steadicam Zephyr Wrap Grip 2.2” ZWG-2.2 Zephyr Arm Zephyr Vest Cables: 2x 3-Pin Lemo to 12V universal Power Plug, 80 cm, 65 cm 1x Monitorcable for Video and Power, 55 cm 1x Camera Powercable 12V: 4-Pin Neutric Plug to 3-Pin Lemo, 80 cm 1x BNC cable 60 cm 1x Bag for cables Extras: Steadicam
  7. Hi, I am Selling my Heden Carat Remote Focus Kit. I purchased this system around 3 years ago and it has been a solid, reliable kit ever since. I had the M26VE motor serviced 2 years ago by Heden Engineering and had a new Servo motor and bearings replaced. The Motor is very powerful, quiet, fast and runs like new. The Heden Carat has a huge range of over 500m line of sight. Which is great for Drone and Gimbal work. The MDR receiver is very small and light and is perfect for being discreet on the camera body. I haven’t used this kit in a long time as it is sitting around as my
  8. Tiffen Steadicam Flyer 24LE Complete System with Anton Bauer Mount $2,225 Mint condition: purchased new 2010 & used primarily in Steadicam Workshop training and practice. Carefully stored in office environment in Steadicam Case. Flyer-LE Sled Features: Robust, 2-section, indexed, carbon fiber, no-tools, extendable post. Index system, increased post diameter assures the alignment and stability of the sled Friction-free gimbal assembly, large knurled extended handle Precision stage adjustments enable careful balancing of camera to rig Operates in standard or low mode K
  9. Hi! i'm looking for a complete Zephyr kit with V-mount, preferred located in Europe. Dont hesitate to contact me, need it for a job in januari! ( mark@filmakers.nl )
  10. 2 complete BFD kits in good working condition. Lots of cables and extras. Everything you need. Hard case included. 5000 Located in Spain Will ship worldwide at buyers expense miguelonsteady@gmail.com
  11. Hey yall So I am ending my first year of freelancing (spent my first few years operating in a full-time position) and have a quesiton about my kit rental. I understand that my day rate is normal taxable income, but is my kit/box rental? I was on one set and paid through CAPS and the box rental was considered "non-taxable income" on the time sheet. I received the check with the taxes already taken out of the day rates. Fine, whatever. But now I am finalizing all my income for all the gigs that I have been W9ed and have charged a daily labor rate as well as a daily kit rental. Is a k
  12. Looking to sell my Zephyr. I am based out of San Francisco…. lease let me know if you are interested. Rig was bought from the amazing Brian Sergott last September. Rig was put through a thorough quality control check from Dan Ikeda at Steadicam prior to my purchase. ASKING: $6250 + Shipping email: brettaaronsims@gmail.com More details: - Steadicam Zephyr with Marshall HD Monitor - Low Mode Bracket - Extra V-Mount Battery Mount - Steadicam Handbook and EFP DVD - Mini C-Stand - 2 Dovetail plates - Docking station - Hard Case
  13. GPI-Pro II rig for sale, including: - PRO II SD Sled: DBox + JBox + SD Telescopic Centerpost + Pro guimbal + Battery Rack + original monitor arm + Recorder mount + plate - SteadiRig Arm ( up to 63 pounds ) . - Pro Vest - Super post. To super high mode or super low mode. - Kit follow focus: Bartech with m-one motor. Kit of brackets, rings, cables, etc. - 3 gold mount batteries and twin charger. - Monitor. Transvideo Cinemonitor II SD. With bubble level - Wireless video transmiter PAL Teletest. - 2 T handle allen wrench (guimbal and arm) - Tools and spares. - Cables: 2 monitor ca
  14. Hello everyone interested in buying complete rig. If possible: sled 2"(MK-V, XCS, Pro 1,5"), Betz tools top stage, Pro Arm, WK or Pro vest, Follow Focus kit, HD transmiter kit... Open to offers
  15. Kit Includes 2 x KS4 Gyros 2 x 14v Inverters 2 x 12v Power cables (4PIN XLR-2PIN LEMO) 2 x Link cables long (2PIN LEMO-2PIN LEMO) 2 X Link cables short (2PIN LEMO-2PIN LEMO) 1 x A/B Battery power - XLR CABLE 1 x Powertap - inverter power cable 1 x Jubilee clamp 3 x Allen keys (5/32, 3/16, 7/32) 1 x Spare fuse & clamp screw Price: £2000 Plus VAT If you are interested then please contact us at info@opticalsupport.com or call us on 020 7281 0999
  16. Hy, I am selling a BFD Analoge M-One Set. Buyed end 2008. First hand. No rental. Good - Very Good condition. - BFD Transmitter - BFD Reciever - M-One Motor - M-One Motor Gear 6x - Cables: XLR 4 PWR to Reciever (3000) LEMO GlidecamGold to Reciever (3026) - Mattebox Rod mounting for Reciever 15/19 mm - BFD Case - 3 Focus Strips 2100 Euro + shipping Greetings from Germany, Henk ...if you are interested plse post at hennning@henningbrod.com
  17. I'm looking to invest in a better/bigger rig. I started out with the merlin a couple years ago. I took the Steadicam course and got a flyer after that. I'm finding it more difficult to work with the bigger the shoots get so I've decided to invest in a Zephyr. I mostly work with RED camera's (Scarlet and Epic) and DSLR's. I've done research and I think I have a list of things I will need. I'd love if someone could take the time to look through it and see if i'm missing anything or something is unnecessary for this kit. I also have a couple questions to end it with. -Steadicam Zephyr HD AB
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