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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all, For sale is a Preston MDR-2 kit in good condition and working order. Package comes with: 1x MDR-2 Serial# 1742 1x Cinetape Interface Cable ($600 cable) 1x Skipps Engineering mounting bracket 2x Power cables to 3 pin Arri fischer 2x Power cables to 2 pin Panavision Lemo 1x Power cable to P-Tap 1x Power cable to 24v 3 pin XLR (8') 1x Power and r/s combo cable to 3 pin Arri fischer 1x Main command cable, 25' $1200 USD for everything. Available for p/u or delivery in Los Angeles, free ground shipping within US 48 states, or will ship elsewhere at buyers expense....
  2. For Sale as a Package or Separate Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape Measure System 1 - Cine Tape Measure Controller (30392) 1 - Horn Assembly 1 - Horn Mount for clip on Arri LMB or compatible 1 - XLR 4 pin Power cable to CT 1 - Pro Cam Aux Power cable to CT 1 - Pro 4 pin Lemo power cable to CT 1 - 24” Horn Cable - Straight 1 - 18” Horn Cable - Straight 1 - 18” Horn Cable - ST to RA 1 - Pelican 1400 case Personally owned system and has been in my kit for over 10 years. System: USED in excellent working condition, fully upgraded and reconditioned in 2012. Physical: minor surface markings from daily use after many years of work - system has not been used in the last 3 years. Asking price of $1,950.- USD For Sale PCS MDR-2 1 - Preston MDR-2 - (1691) (MT-2122) 1 - Pro MDR Mount 2 - R/S Cables Arri 2 - Pro power cables 1 - PCS Cine Tape Interface (600 dollar cable) 1 - R/S PV 1 - R/S Sony (Hirose) 1 - R/S Red Digital 1 - R/S PV Millennium XL2 This MDR system worked as a back up for many years and has been in my kit since 2008. Well maintained and in excellent working condition. Asking price of $2,250.- USD ***-Systems can be sold separately as listed or together at a discounted package price of $4,000.- Terms: Payment: PayPal Shipping & Handling: Buyer Interested: *-Respond in Steadicam Forum **-Email to: james@dpsteadicam.com ***-Text to: 281-658-3086 Many Thanks
  3. Selling this complete Preston HU3 kit. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ready to ship. Asking price $21.000,-/ €17.900 Units: Preston Hand Unit 3 for FI+Z3 System (G4) SN#1816 Preston MDR-2 Motor Controller (G4) SN#MT-2745 Preston Focus/Iris unit (G4) SN#1431 Preston Microforce Digital 2 SN#D25243 Preston Radio Microforce (G4) SN#1014 Motors: Preston Motor PCS DM1 SN#1887 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear Preston Motor PCS DM2 SN#4540 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear Preston Motor PCS DM2 SN#4527 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear Cables: 3 x Motor Cable 4411 with angeld stick DMF to Radio MF 4449 FI+Z 24V - ARRI 4465 FI+Z Command 4400 Red Digital 4543 AATON 4524 Sony VTR 4435 Arriflex & Moviecam3-pin 4521 Anton Bauer to MDR 4473 MDR2 - Epic Arri/ Moviecam - 24VDC Power 4499 FI+Z 12V 4461 Accessories: 3 x 4301: 19mm Swing Arm 3 x 4320: Stepdown Bushing, 19-15mm BLUE 3 x 4320: Stepdown Bushing, 19-15mm RED 1 x 4336: Bracket: Microforce to Hand Unit 3 1 x 7906r: Reciever Antenna, Right Angle 10 x White Plain Focus Rings 10 x Premarked Focus Rings - A, B, C, D, E, Ai, Bi, Ci, Di, Ei 6 x Small White Plain Focus Rings for Focus/Iris controller 3 x Travel Chargers for NP-FM55H/FM50 Batteries 2 x Battery Packs NP50 1 x Neck Strap
  4. I’m finally moving out some of my old Preston gear as I make some upgrades. This MDR served me well through many TV shows, commercials, and features, and was babied in its life before I got it. I carried this kit (without a Hand Unit) onto many shows, and it proved valuable. If you have a Steadicam body on the show, leave this MDR on the Steadi body, and your focus puller just has to switch channels on the hand unit from your studio camera. My current show has gone all WCU-4, so I’m not getting enough use out of this to warrant keeping it right now. The MDR was firmware updated in mid-2017, and works beautifully with even the most updated HU3. This package has a goldmine of cables, more than in many rental units. There are over $2000 in cables alone in the kit, especially the sometimes hard-to-find originally $600 Cinetape interface. I paid $4000 for this package in May of 2016. Asking $2750 for the package with all cables. Will not part out. Email me if you’re interested. willsvideo@gmail.com - Preston MDR-2 with G4 Blue Dot Receiver Board (Updated Firmware 2017) - Cinetape Interface Cable (the notorious $600 cable) - RS Cables: - 2x Arri RS - Red Epic - Sony F55 - Red One - Panavision - Power Cables: - 3 pin LEMO (Steadicam standard 0b small) to MDR Power - P Tap to MDR Power - Arri RS to MDR Power - 12v Panavision to MDR Power - 24v Panavision to MDR Power 25 foot Command cable (HU3 to MDR hardwire) Also available as a kit with: DM-2 Motor, PAM Bracket (19mm) and cable for $4500 total (will not separately sell motor) Also available separately: Microforce V+F Zoom Control (analog) for $750 with 30 foot and 6 inch Microforce to Hand Unit cables
  5. Preston FI+Z II Lens Control kit for sale (3 axes) - UK based 3 x newly-celled 1800mAh NiMh batteries Brand new RF channel selection hex switches It has been well used, but fully functional. All tested & working - comes in a peli case (foam in need of TLC). Please email me any offers at: dan@mega3.tv if you're interested in purchasing - We can email further photos of anything in particular if you wish. Kit contents: Electronics: 1 x FI+Z II hand unit 1 x FI+Z II transmitter (new channel select hex switches) 1 x V+F Microforce control 3 x NiMh batteries - newly recelled (Jun-17) with 1800mAh NiMh cells 2 x fast chargers 1 x MDR-2 motor control unit (new channel select hex switches) 3 x DM2 lens motors Cables: 5 x motor cables (90 degree) 1 x Power cable for MDR-2 1 x CMD cable 3 x Microforce camera/VTR cables (Sony VTR etc) 2 x Microforce to FI+Z hand unit cables (1 long, 1 short) 3 x camera power cables (3 x PV, 1 x Moviecam) 1 x neck strap 1 x Peli case Brackets / Accs: 1 x MDR-2 mounting plate 1 x Microforce FI+Z hand unit link bracket 6 x motor mounting brackets (various lengths) 3 x 19-15mm adaptor rings 2 x spare battery locking plates 2 x spare battery mating connectors 5 x iris marking plates 5 x focus marking rings 3 x motor geartooth adaptors (64/48 teeth) 11 x antennae (9 spares, 2 for system RF)
  6. Complete Preston FIZ System w/ HU-3 & MDR-2 for Sale A Complete itemized list and photos below, but highlights are: - MDR-2 G4 with latest firmware installed (3-channel Motor Driver) - HU-3 with latest firmware installed - Digital Microforce Zoom Controller and Brackets - 6 batteries and 2 chargers - Three (3) DM-2 Digital Motors - PAM Brackets and Arms for all motors - Complete set of all motor cables, run/start cables, power cables - Beautiful custom hard case by Master Cases This is a complete three channel Preston FIZ system in beautiful condition with the latest firmware and updates. Most importantly it sells with three DM-2 Motors - critical because many used systems for sale come with DM-1 motors which are obsolete and no longer serviced by Preston. This is a fantastic system. An identical new system would go for $29,500. Asking $19,900. For fastest response, please contact me directly (do not post here): Stephen Consentino film.maker@me.com
  7. Seliing MDR-2 cables as a set: 1-MDR-2 P-Tap Power Cable 1-MDR-2 Panavison 3pin XLR Power Cable 1-MDR-2 Arri 3pin XLR Power Cable 1-MDR-2 Panavision 24 volt Power Cable 1-MDR-2 Panavision 12 volt Power Cable 1-MDR-2 Arri 3pin 24 volt Power Cable 1-MDR-2 Arri 3pin On/Off Camera Cable 1-MDR-2 Sony F55 On/Off Camera Cable 1-MDR-2 Red One On/Off Power Cable 1-MDR-2 Arri 10pin Fischer On/Off Camera Cable Price: $1000
  8. Full Preston HU3 kit - 3x motors for sale
 Ive had this kit since new and has worked flawlessly !
 Hand Unit 3 (G4) with rings and 4x batteries
 MDR-2 (G4)
 Digital Microforce 2 zoom control with 
pan handle brackets. 
 DM-2 (0.25" wide gear) + Jerry hill bracket
 DM-2 (0.5" wide gear) + Jerry hill bracket
 DM-4 w/ integrated bracket
 gears for all lenses
 cables for all cameras
 1600 Peli case with custom cut insert 
 (list price for all items new, over US$30K)
 make an offer...!
 Please email me for more info and full gear list / photos.

  9. G4 Blue Dot Preston MDR-2 + Cables and Bracket $4,000 (Located in Miami, but happy to ship) MDR-2 Kit for Sale Includes: - Preston Cinema MDR-2 G4 Blue Dot Motor Driver - MDR2 Bracket with 3/8"-16 tie down - 2x Power Cables: - MDR2 to 3-pin Lemo Power - MDR2 to Panavision 2-pin Power - 2x MDR2 to 4-pin Hirose Run Cables (Sony F55) - 2x MDR2 to Arri 3pin Lemo Run Cables - 1x MDR2 to RED Epic Run Cable - 1x MDR2 to Panavision 10-pin run Cable - 1x MDR2 Cinetape Interface Cable
  10. 3 year old complete preston system for sale. Excellent Condition, Here's a List of the Main components. $24700 obo - Hand Unit 3 (G-4) (w6 rings, grip, 3 batteries, charger and Neck strap. - Single channel Focus/Iris handset unit with G4 transceiver with one focus ring, 2 batteries and charger with seperate pelcan case - MDR-2 motor driver w/ transceiver, Antenna, Serial Rs-232cable , firmware Cd with G4. - Digital Micro force 2 with bracket for HU-3 - 1 DM-1x Digital Motor (with 15mm rod and .80m output gear - 2 DM-2 Digital Motors (with 15mm rod and .80 output gear - Main Command Cable 30' - 3 Arri 19mm Swing Arm (side rod step bushing 19mm/15mm Arri - MOTOR CABLES (4-Straight Lemo connectors 24", 2- with Right angle connectors 24") - Motor Driver POwer Cables ( 2- from anton bauer battery, 2-from Arri 24volt/moviecam, 2 from Panavision 24 volt w 2 pin Lemo - Camera cables (on/off) (2-panavision, 2- red epic/weapon, 2 red1 digital cinema, 2 arriflex 435/535/SR3/moviecam 3 pin - 2 Micro Force to HU-3 cables MISC. - 3 step down bushings 19mm/.625'Pv, 3 step down bushings19mm/15mm, back up right angle antenna for MDR, step down pitch gears 64 pitch 144 degree teeth and 48 pitch 20 degree teeth, neck strap, Mdr flat plate (holding bracket) and Pelcan case to transport it. THE ENTIRE UNIT IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION LOADED WITH ALL THE SOFTWARE UPDATES, ALL MOTORS AND COMPONTENTS WERE SERVICED BY PRESTON CINEMA 9 MONTHS AGO. PRICE 24700 Which is pretty firm, but I will consider the offers that are received . I am working, so it is best to Contact me with your contact information thru my e mail: hutch1stac@gmail.com and i will get back to you as soon as i can. 24700 hutch1stac@gmail.com
  11. Avoid the 7-month wait for a new Preston system and walk away with a previously owned HU-3/MDR-2 setup instead! Great package, serviced last week by Preston. Hand Unit -HU-3 w/ Blue Dot G4 Upgrade -A-E Focus Rings (5) -Handgrip -Cover Plate for when Handgrip is not in use -3 NP-FM500 batteries -Travel charger -Lighter Charger Cable -Handset Strap Motor Driver -MDR-2 -G4 Microwave Transceiver w/ Blue Dot Upgrade Microforce -Microforce Digital Zoom Control 2 -Microforce to HU3 Mounting Bracket -2 (90 deg, straight) short MF to HU3 cables Motor Stuff -3 DM2 Lens Motors -1 Lens Motor Gear 64 Pitch (PV Iris) -2 Lens Motor Gears 48 Pitch (PV Zoom) -3 19mm Hill Brackets -3 15mm Step-down Bushings (Arri) -3 5/8” Step-down Bushings (PV) -1 Preston Long Swing Arm Motor Bracket -3 Preston Motor Posts Other Cables -2 (90 deg, straight) motor cables -1 (90 deg, straight) LONG motor cable -1 (90 deg, 90 deg) motor cable -1 MDR power/3-pin Fischer (Arri) run/stop combo Y-cable -2 3-pin Fischer (Arri) run/stop cables -1 BNC male (EPIC) run/stop cable -2 4-pin Lemo (EPIC) run/stop cables w/ BNC male TC in -1 10-pin Lemo (PV) run/stop cable -2 3-pin Fischer MDR power cables (Arri) -2 D-Tap MDR power cables -1 ZLP MDR power cable (PV) -1 4-pin XLR (12v) MDR power cable -1 3-pin XLR (24v) MDR power cable Other Accessories -Old School Iris Control Paddle (hardwired) -8’ Iris Control Cable -Case Cruzer Case (great low-profile setup!) $26,000 Please email inquiries directly to ericdanderson at mac dot com. I am in Los Angeles.
  12. FOR SALE ....... PRESTON Interface cable for CINE-TAPE READOUT for MDR-2 & HU-3 Handset $ 300.00 USD Free shipping to continental US Please contact me directly.... glund88@gmail.com Greg Lundsgaard
  13. I'm selling my Preston MDR-2 G4 (non blue dot) and a Cinetape Interface cable. Preston MDR-2 $3900 Preston to Cinetape Interface cable $400 Both together for $4200 Buyer pays shipping or local pickup in New York City. dkortze@yahoo.com or 917-232-0452 -Denny Kortze
  14. For Sale: Preston MDR-2 G4 EXCELLENT CONDITION included - Panavision and Arri start cables Currently located in the Los Angeles area. The MDR has been treated with immaculate care all its life and has never been removed from my steadicam sled. I'm only selling it now because I have to upgrade to an MDR-3, regretfully. I love this MDR, it has performed flawlessly - I can only hope my new MDR works as well as this one has. E-mail geoffrey.haley@sbcglobal.net or text me at (323) 382-1776 if interested.
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