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  1. Hi All, So I just had my gimbal serviced. When I got it back, I went to balance it, and it is very out of balance, I can static balance it fine. But when spun 180 degrees, it tilts back quite severely. I chased it around for about an hour (rebalancing to where it would land). Same thing every time. Does anyone know how I can balance this myself? Please say it's easy. Any help, and the sooner the better, would be GREATLY appreciated, as I obviously need this for work. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi all, Putting my trusty Master Arm for sale after a thorough service at MK-V. In great shape, flies smooth and true. Asking for £4500 or nearest offer (+ VAT if applicable), located in London. Includes: Long and short arm posts for the large Tiffen size (3/4"). Solid aluminium 5/8" arm posts for use with Pro/MKV/Artemis/M2/Betz/XCS/etc sleds GPI Pro Low-mode bracket Arm Sleeve Cheers for looking, E
  3. Complete Master Film Package For sale is my backup rig. Steadicam price $11,000 USD Buyer to organise shipping and fees. Great opportunity for aspiring operators. Contact : Vladimir +32 472 41 04 53 - vlad@steadicam.fr Country : Belgium Master Arm : Max capacity is around 27kg (55lb) Provided with different spacer size for detuning F-bracket for low-mode Transport bag Master Sled : The sled has been upgraded to HD-SDI (x2) and rebuilt completely (no more K-section). Now it is much lighter and has a
  4. Hello! I'm looking for a backup docking bracket for my Master Sled. I don't have the money for a Hill bracket. If anyone has one, please comment/message me! Los Angeles based. Thanks
  5. Hey folks! I just picked up a Steadicam Master sled / vest / arm package and I'm already seeing / feeling a lot of the limitations to the sled itself. I don't like the lack of HD, the monitor mount is permanently loose, and the proprietary batteries will probably prove to be a headache in the future as well. So I'm looking into modifying the sled. Cramped Attic quoted me about $2500 for the battery and HDSDI upgrades, and recommended that I handle the monitor bracket locally. However, I'd like to shop around so I fully know my options. I know Mk V has Master sled upgrades, and I'm lo
  6. I am currently starting a show with the DXL2. I have a Master Series, and am having trouble lining up the camera plate to the body. The only way I was able to mount it was with the bridge plate (pic bellow). While the sled flies well, it would be GREAT to be able to ditch the BP and go right to the camera. As it's making my sled quite long. Any advice as too where I could get a camera plate that would fit a Master (obviously different than the original plate) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Used Vest, just like all Master Series vest are now it comes with minor cosmetic wears and blemishes, small tear on the left waist. It was always comfortable and great to start with or have as a back up vest. DM me for pricing!
  8. I have an old Master Series Cinema sled that took a fall a while ago and has been just sitting in my closet. The only damage appears to be the extended element on the top stage and the old CRT monitor. All of the electronics still appear to be functional and the top stage itself still solid. The gimbal was serviced right before the accident and is still smooth as butter. I also have 9 PAG batteries and 2 chargers. Most likely need to be re-celled. As well as a PAG to AB Mount adapter battery plate. Make me an offer! Located in Los Angeles and prefer a local purchase, but will
  9. Master Arm and Vest for sale. $8,000. The arm was serviced at Tiffen in February of 2016. Always taken care of, always bagged. This is a heavy lift arm. I have flown larger builds with no issues at all. The arm is amazingly sooth, and very easy to tune. I'm only selling it as I have purchased a new arm. The Master Vest is also well taken care of, and in great condition. very comfortable, and easily adjustable. The one bottom knob on the socket block is mising one side of the wing nut (photo attached). But it doesn't effect performance at all. Again, I am only selling it as I have bought a
  10. Hi there. I was going through some old things and found this unused arm post adapter. It is meant to go into an older Master series arm, with the spiral thread, and ends in a 5/8" post that can slip into a Pro or XCS gimbal. I originally bought this for a Master series arm I owned but have since sold and upgraded to Pro/XCS. No use for this post anymore. It has never been used, anodizing still fully intact. Ordered from Tiffen a few years ago. According to Tiffen price list, this part costs $189 USD. I'm looking for $150 USD or make me an offer. It is brand new. Loca
  11. The back up is for sale: Master Series Vest with brown leather Changed 2 Ratchet straps just before taking the pictures and the socket block is 1 year old only. It has the quick release system. It's been well used and well washed! Add some vintage look to your Instagram feed with this vest. I will use the money to buy a better phone to take better pictures of my gear when I wanna sell it. Looking for 1750 USD OBO Buyer pays shipping. Located in Montreal, Canada. Cheers, Benoît
  12. Parting with my Master Series Sled. Asking $3,500, but will accept equipment trades of equal value. -12v/24v Toggle Upgrade - HD/SDI (1 HD line, 1 SD Line) Down the Post Upgrade - 2x Anton Bauer Plates - Marshall 7" HD Monitor (V-LCD84SB-AFHD) - 15mm Telescoping Monitor Bracket - Master Series Dovetail Plate - 1x 1.580 Hill Docking Collar For Trades: I'm interested in DSLR Canon L-series glass, small G&E Gear, 4x5 and 6x6 filters, tripods, carts, camera assistant tools and accessories, monitors, etc.
  13. Master Series for sale, currently in UK. Happy to sell all together or single items. Master Sled, upgraded to HD. needs a helicoil through the plate screw thread Master Arm, In really good shape. Master Vest, cracked plastic on shoulders, but functions. 4 AB Batteries and 2 chargers Cinetronic Gen2 Monitor All offers welcome.
  14. I've recently done a few upgrades and am selling a few bits and pieces that I don't need: _ Marell 14V-26V Power Converter MPC-1426 [NEW GOES FOR £495+VAT] ==> Asking £300 _ Master 12V to Marell Converter Cable ==> Asking £60 _ Marell 26V to Alexa Cable ==> Asking £60 *** WILL SELL ALL THREE ITEMS ABOVE TOGETHER FOR £400 *** _ Master 12V to MDR-2 (4468) [NEW GOES FOR £100] ==> Asking £50 _ Master 12V to ARRIFLEX ==> Asking £60 _ Aux, Power Cable Panavision (MDR1 to Panavision??? not entirely sure about that one as it came with my MDR2 but can't connect anywhere
  15. Hey Everyone, Parting with my Master Series Sled. Asking $7,700 for everything. -12v/24v Toggle Upgrade - HD/SDI (1 HD line, 1 SD Line) Down the Post Upgrade - Marshall 7" HD Monitor (V-LCD84SB-AFHD) - Custom 15mm Telescoping Monitor Bracket - Master Series Dovetail Plate - Jerry HillDock -3x 1.580 Hill Docking Collars - American Grip Steadicam Stand - Anton Bauer Interactive 2000 Quadcharger - 4x Hytron 140 Anton Bauer Batteries - 45lb Steel Weight Plate
  16. Hi chaps, My Ultra 1 is up for sale. I'll be sad to see this one go - it has been my one and only rig for two years, and has never let me down. As you might expect there are some minor cosmetic marks in places like the arm covers or the vest's fabrics, but functionally everything is rock solid and flies smooth as butter. 24V or 12V power comes from V-Locks (not included), which means you can power any camera from the top-stage (cables for Alexa or XLR4 included, amongst others), and the HD-SDI cable I slipped and secured down the post in the beginning has never failed. I'm throwing i
  17. Parting with my Tiffen Master Series Arm. Flies beautifully and only selling to make room for upgrade. Minor cosmetic damage on top arm covers, but nothing that affects the operation. Comes with: - Tiffen Master Series Arm. Serviced in 2010-2011. - 1x 5", 6", 9.5", and 12" Master to Pro (3A/Sachter/MK-V) Posts. Made from Aircraft Aluminum - 1x 5" black Tiffen Post - 5x Additional Shaft Collars included - Several Thrust Bearings and washers for slicker arm post movement - Large Husky Pouch for Additional posts and collars - Canvas/Cloth Rifle case for Arm Asking Price: $7,000. **Will Also e
  18. Hi I have a question for anyone who owns/used to own the master series arm. How were they adjusted for different weights/float points? http://www.steadicam-ops.com/docs/steadicam_resource_manual.pdf This manual claims there was a single adjustment knob for the arm http://www.google.co.uk/patents/US5435515 This is the patent filed for the mechanics of what I believe is the Master series arm, though it's never explicitly stated so feel free to correct me on that. Anyway in the patent there are a couple of ways described to adjust the lifting power and 'Iso-Elasticity'*. One i
  19. UK PRICE £300 (for both) US PRICE 470$ One upper and lower docking collar that I had in my master kit but that I've never used because I use a Jerry Hill Bracket which needs a different style of collars. These collars are for the original docking bracket used with Master, Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 sleds. In the UK they sell new for £250 (VAT included) each, about 390$, please check link below: http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product%2Fsteadicam_252-7660 I want to sell them both as a package for £300 (470$) + postage. The upper collar has been used, it has a few scratch marks but works perfect
  20. Hello, How difficult/ what is the process for re-wiring a Master series sled to support HDSDI? Maybe even swap out the 4 pin HiROSE to be all 2 pin LEMOs and throw on another Aton plate to the front of the K section too. I plan on keeping this sled for a few years so upgrading it is not a option, just wanted to try and bring it up-to-date. It all seams like a challenge over my head, is there anyone to be recommended for this in the LA area? Trying to know what i am getting into before I make the first step. Thanks.
  21. Hi! I'm firstly looking for a master vest, but also interested in ultra 1 vest. Send me a PM if you want to give a great vest a new home. Peder
  22. Having a clear out and thought i'd see if anyone wanted this. Never ended up using it personally, it was always a spare. Not been used in a while but stored safely. Due to it's age i can't guarantee it's 100% functional but worst case scenario it might be useful for spares. The only cable it comes with is a 4 pin lemo. Coming from the UK I'm guessing it's PAL but does anyone know if these were PAL/NTSC switchable? £200 plus postage. Peace & Doves ;)
  23. Hello, My beloved Ultra 1 vest needs a new home - £1200 (€1700). It is used, naturally, but in wonderful condition. Based in West London. Contact me at emilio.film@gmail.com All the best, Emilio
  24. Selling my 3 year old rig cause i am doing mostly DP work nowadays. So i like to pass it on to someone who can make full use of it. I am happy to orientate and go through the gear with you for a day if you are dropping by. Package is located in Singapore. Buyer take care of freight cost. Selling at US$30,000 for entire package. Arm: Steadicam Ultra Vest: Steadicam Master Wireless FF: RT Motion BON HD LCD monitor 7″ MKV sled : V3+ Deluxe Nexus System (MK-V Flagship system MK-V AR ready) – has a 2″ 4 stage post system with V2″ Advanced Gimbal and V2 Monitor arm. – V3+ D-Box and J-Bo
  25. Hey everyone, It's been 6 months that I bought my steadicam zephyr and very happy with it. I got all the accessories needed to fly heavy cameras but I don't want to stress the system beyond it's capacity (the rig is still new!). So I'm searching for a used big rig, in a good condition and a reasonable price. I'm willing to pay some extra cash on top of the trade as well. Let me know if anyone has something for sale. Thx Chris
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