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Found 19 results

  1. Selling my like new WK Slingshot 2.0 rig. Used on one job, otherwise stored in carry bag. Has a couple scuffs from travel but otherwise brand new. Comes with all bands, soft carry bag, medium gimbal crossbar and two extension arms. Paid $4500 plus duty fees. Willing to sell in the US for $4200 plus shipping. Save yourself import and international shipping fees. Also have an xSpine adapter if interested, $200. Email me if interested and for more photos: mattfrazerphoto@gmail.com
  2. For sale Unit of Alpha Wheels Set Ready for work with RONIN 2, MOVI PRO or MOVI XL. Never used This set ready bundle includes everything you need to wirelessly control the full range of Movi PRO/XL and RONIN 1, 2, M, MX, S gimbals -Brass Wheels - Alpha LInk S Bus XR Extende Range This unit is in Spain, EU buyer will shave shipping from US and TAX. Welcome offers I will add some pictures in the next days. Cheers Steadikam@gmail.com
  3. Hey everyone - I've got a near-mint condition set of PLC Veracity Control Wheels for sale. It currently has a Spektrum transmitter on it (for MoVI) and comes with a cable to connect to a MoVI controller. You can easily change the transmitter to one for Ronin or Maxima. These are the only wheels that currently work with the ARRI Maxima. I bought these from Peter Barta last month for a feature and we ended up using a completely different tool! They have not seen a day on set with me and you can see Pete's previous post for his info too. • Pan and Tilt Veracity Control Wheels • Slice • Spektrum DM8 (for MoVI or any gimbal w/Spektrum receiver) • Spektrum AR7010 • High Gain Antenna • Base Plate • 1x Wheel Connection Cable • 2x P-Tap Power Cables • 2x Spektrum Control Cable • 1x PLC Serial Data Cable • PLC / Pelican Storm Case w/Foam Cost is over $5000 new and has to come from Canada Asking for $3500, located in Los Angeles (You may notice this is slightly more than Peter was asking - this is because I paid to ship them in to the US from him in Australia, this price is 'at cost' for me). Please feel free to ask any questions! Ben
  4. For Sale: Oconnor Ultimate 120EX Fluid Head Price 9600.00 Mint condition only used in studio environment. Accessories Included: - Two Piece Handle - Camera Plate - Tie-Down - Innerspace case (retractable handle & wheels)
  5. Hello All, I'm selling my Gimbal "MAXIMA MX30" (Hardware Vers. 1.5. / Software Vers. 2.0) The Gimbal works with payloads of upto 30Kg / 66 lb. It's in an excellent condition and has the latest software installed. I used it about 7 times olny and it comes with a bunch of accessories. Here are some specs... - FoMa Maxima MX30 Electronic Camera Stabilizer System - 32-bit ARM-based multiprocessors - extremely durable, high-tech ball bearing - supports camera systems upto 30 Kg /66 lb - supports cameras of any length (fits Alexa Plus, Amira, Alexa Mini, Red Dragon, Sony F55, etc.) - joystick on top for gimbal tilt & pan control - roll axis can be fineadjusted on the fly by turning a small knob. - 1.5 inch OLED display with status info and profile selection (5 different presets can be stored) - there is a jack for a thumb joystick but ist is not connected - power Supply: V-Mount - Maxima Setup Software - optional wireless remote control (can be purchased via FoMa Systems) - optional "Betz-Tools "Schnitte"" for FIZ lenscontrol Setup of the Gimbal is extremely fast. Lens- changes needs no readjusting/recalibration. The MAXIMA MX30 Gimbal comes with following accessories worth €. 2000,- - Gimbal Case - Betz-Tools Quicklock System - FoMa Topholder (for secure mounting to a crane/jib, etc.) - ARRI Amira/Alexa Mini Power cable - Handgrip - Walter Klassen Slingshot Brackets - HP Pavilion x2 Detachable" tablet PC w/ Windows10 and the latest Maxima software installed - Some small parts Maintainance and service is done via FoMa Systems directly. Buyer pays shipping. I have many more pictures of the Gimbal and the accessories. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone. mail@dploher.com / +49 (0)170 4923342 €. 13.500 ,-
  6. Hey all, We have a spare M15 that has only done one show. Brand new condition. $4,500. Located in Dallas area. Includes: M15 gimbal Movi Dock Toad in the hole quick release 2 batteries 1 battery charger *Case not included* Steve Keller stevekeller3@gmail.com 989-464-8631
  7. Hello, I have a few items I'm looking to sell. Some of it is RED and some of it is not. Here's a link to the "For Sale" site. http://www.spencermeffert.com/for-sale Quick list of what's included: RED Epic-M Dragon #777 RED Canon Motion Mount Flanders Scientific CM250 2x Panasonic BT-LH2550 RED Sidehandle REDvolt Kit REDrocket w/enclosure CamWaves Skintone OLPFs Servicevision Scorpio Follow Focus system Steadicam 3A arm MoVI M10
  8. i am selling my beloved Freefly Movi M10. It got all the latest upgrades, like the toolless pan knuckle and Toad in the Hole. The Kit includes: 1x Freefly MoviM10 1x Full Cage Kit 2x Battery 1x Charger 1x Spectrum Remote + Charger 1x Jason Cases Case with custom inlay (http://www.jasoncases.com/store/product/pelican-case-for-movi-m10-with-cage-and-toad-in-the-hole/) -a lot of accesoirs and spareparts i changed the main rod, going from the pan motor to the back to an aluminum version, just a few grams heavier but a lot mor riggid. This still is the best gimbal out there when it comes to lightweight-function ratio. Never let me down! i'll make some pictures next week. located in germany when you are interested, just write me a pm and make an offer Looking forward to find a nice new home for that baby :)
  9. For Sale $500 One Rotary Gas Gimble. This is a mitchell to mitchell mount that will help any sort of stabilized head, movi, etc in any underslung configuration. You can completely adjust the in and out tention of each of the four gas shocks. That allows you to make the moves slow or fast and also allows you to use any weight head and camera. please feel free to contact with any questions, Pierson Silver 917.279.9023
  10. http://letushelix.com/ I got a chance to check this out a little at NAB. Seems pretty cool, but it wasn't working 100% at the time. It actually looks like the same concept as the Lynn Axis. Looks like it has a Steadicam Dovetail built in for roll axis correction, and it has industry standard connections.
  11. Used MoVI M10. Includes: Top Handle and Bar with 2 Accessory Mounts Pelican Storm Case with Custom Foam by "Cinema Oxide" (Now Jason Cases) Spectrum Remote Wireless Controller 4 x LiPo Batteries 2 x LiPo Chargers LiPo Battery Tester (1) 3' Gimbal Ready BNC (1) 6' Gimbal Ready BNC (2) Lipo to P-Tap adapter MoVI M10 Gimbal Fold-Up Stand Asking $4750 Pictures to follow. Message me immediately if interested.
  12. Selling my Swedish Chameleon Newton Gimbal with 32bit Board. The Newton has some big advantages compared to other gimbals like one-arm design (no problems with swaping medias or batteries) very huge variety of possible camera sizes (F5 or FS700 is no problem at all, where other gimbals are waaaay to short), Manfrotto style dovetails (you can take out the camera via quick release of the newton and place it on any manfrotto base or put the newton on a manfrotto tripod/quick release with the manfrotto style dovetail shape of the pan motor) and triming via screws instead of freestyle sliding on rods. no limits in rotation. good for on-steadicam mounting. used, but in excellent condition. it comes with hardcase, handles, 2 batteries, dovetails and camera screws. new 5.000 Euro asking for 3500 Euro + shipping i will post some more pics later. Karsten
  13. Ok ive got a question for anyone who knows. With the Movi M15, which controller would be better for what situations. Theres the Movi Controller itself or the Spektrum DX7s. I was just wondering if anyone had opinions on them.
  14. I have two Paralinx systems up for sale to the highest bidder on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paralinx-Ar...862?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27fc652de6 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paralinx-Ar...391?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27fc68970f One is New, Never used and 1:3 system (1 transmitter, 3 receivers), and the other is a 1:1 System that can have more receivers added if you want. Great units, i just need to give them a new home. Thanks - Jeff
  15. Hi All, Im selling my MoVi 10 system, it was bought from uppercut productions few months ago and works great! It comes with the following 4x MoVi batteries ($400) Movi Ninja star adapter ($135) 2x Movi battery chargers 15mm rod adapter ($135) Accessory mount eg for monitor ($35) Spare Adjustable camera plate ($99.95) Obviously includes the DX7s controller for remote operating, I'll also include a 7" tablet which has the Freefly configuration app. CVP is selling this system on its own for £12,600 I would like £10,000 OBO p.s Ill upload more photos in the morning Thanks
  16. Hard mounting a gimbal to a vehicle usually results in shake footage due to vibrations from the road. This vibration isolator helps remove those vibrations by suspending the gimbal on bent wire rope assemblies. More info can be found here: http://www.stratus-productions.com/cinema-vibration-dampener
  17. Due to a merger we are selling our camera support equipment. Everything is in good working order and must be sold. If you see something you want, contact me and I can provide details and photos for that particular item. We also have lots of accessories that will be listed after the main systems have been sold, (the buyers of the rigs will get first shot at the accessories), but you can let me know what your looking for at anytime. For Sale Steadicam EFP w/MKV Carbon Fiber Sled Upgrade, EFP & Mark III arms, Ultra Vest. $12,000 MoVI M15 (new in the box) $10,500 MoVI M10 w/Remote & Custom Case $ 6,000 MoVI M5 w/Remote & Custom Case $ 3,000 MoVI Controller w/Redrock FF Transmitter $2,900 MicroDolly Jib w/Power Head, Dolly Wheels and 4’ Extension $3,000 Kessler CineSlider 3ft w/Outrigger Feet. $900 Edelkrone SliderPlus V2 Medium w/Wizard Motion Control $700 Accepting Offers. PM me with questions and inquires. Contact: Jeff Cook Phone: (813) 690-9555 / Email: jeff@jctv.com
  18. I don't know if anyone noticed this, but PLC Electronics has come out with wheels that will work with RC controllers for gimbals like Movi. It looks like we'll soon be getting better performance from professional operators with these systems. http://veracitycontrolwheels.com/ http://www.plcelectronicsolutions.com/categories/veracity-control-wheels/?sort=pricedesc
  19. A Producer calls you about a job. He wants to use either the MOVI M20 or YOU on Steadicam. He says the MOVI will "save them money", "let them work faster", and "the DP is happy" because now he can operate remotely via the monitor. However, he is calling to give you a chance to save your job. What do you tell him? What makes steadicam so much better? For the sake of argument, let's assume a few things: 1. This is the future and that the equipment actually exists and works as advertised. (Just go with it) 2. The camera+AKS balances on your rig and the MOVI 3. You don't just tell the guy "Good Luck with that"
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