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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am new to this arena. I just want to establish that. I tend to ask a lot of questions, sometimes annoying questions about obvious things. These questions may seem obvious to a seasoned operator but this is how I learn, by asking dumb questions. Like this: How does an unestablished operator become a better operator? I thought this meant purchasing a smaller, affordable rig like a Pilot or Scout to practice with? I don't mean to purchase such a rig and then go directly to work on big shows. But that is what it seems like. This is a professional's forum and I appreciate being welcome to interact with all of the seasoned pros in this wonderful community. But how am I supposed to learn from you without asking obvious questions? To be taken seriously and not damage my fragile reputation, do I need to take out a loan from the bank and spend $30K - $50K on a real rig like the Ultra 2 or MK1?? Even though I have no experience whatsoever? That is the vibe I seem to be getting. When I mention the Pilot or Zephyr, if I sound like an amateur, it is because I am just that. I am just getting started on union shows as a grip trying to make a living and support my daughter. The Steadicam dream is very real for me but I am a little confused about how to approach these matters without seeming amateurish? Yes, I plan on taking a workshop. Yes, I know this is professional gear and the gear is a tool in which we use to perform a craft, so it must be the right tool. But I have to start somewhere, right? I have been reading a lot of posts for about a month now, and most of the what I am reading is buy a real rig, even though you have no experience operating. So I am supposed to invest $30K - $50K on a tool of which I have no experience to even be taken seriously on this forum? I am just trying to get to know you all better. Please forgive me for asking dumb questions. This is how I learn from you. : )
  2. Hello, I am a novice in the Steadicam arena but would love to ultimately own REAL (40K-60K Equipment). Right now I fly my GH4 with battery grip & Rokinon 14mm on my Glidecam HD-2000 with GlideGear's Vest & Arm. The payload is 2-6 lbs. I am ready for a real rig. I have been eyeballing the Pilot for a long time, as well as the Scout. Then I had this phase where I was mainly concerned with Came-TV's chinese knockoffs. Knowing they were probably crap, I still heavily considered buying one of their rigs. Not to fly on set right away, just to practice framing, horizon control, etc. However, after spending frivolously on Camera, Lenses, Cages, and Rigs over the past two years I want to really take my time before I purchase a Steadicam Rig. I have been told there are more rigs out there than Tiffen's. I have seen MKV, GPI pro, ActionCam, Movcam's and Sachtler's Artemis's websites. There was another brand named EEMOV??? Has anyone heard of these rigs? Are they decent?? Bottom line is I am caught between Pilot SD Sled only with AB mount. I feel like the Vest and Arm that comes with pilot is just not worth buying, when I can purchase a cheaper vest/arm from one of these chinese knockoffs (Laing, Wondlan) and still fly the Pilot. That is one conflict. The other is should I just forget flying the pilot and look for a Scout. I know I am always going to want to add more weight to the rig. There are a lot more compact cameras today but I still would like to eventually fly a heavier rig. If I buy the pilot should I buy the whole system with Pilot Arm and Pilot vest? Or should I just buy pilot sled and maybe a less expensive vest and arm? Or should I buy this less expensive arm and vest and buy EEMOV's EG-11 sled?? Or should I see about selling some of my current gear, save up, and purchase the complete Scout system?? --Thanks for your input
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