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Found 7 results

  1. A Brand New 24 volts PAG CHARGER available. Price at 250 Euros. For any details. email me to: kalothetos@me.com Thank you, Stefan.
  2. I have an old Master Series Cinema sled that took a fall a while ago and has been just sitting in my closet. The only damage appears to be the extended element on the top stage and the old CRT monitor. All of the electronics still appear to be functional and the top stage itself still solid. The gimbal was serviced right before the accident and is still smooth as butter. I also have 9 PAG batteries and 2 chargers. Most likely need to be re-celled. As well as a PAG to AB Mount adapter battery plate. Make me an offer! Located in Los Angeles and prefer a local purchase, but willing to ship if buyer pays.
  3. PAG Anton Bauer Gold Mount L95 batteries. They are a bit old but retain 75% of their charge. This is for someone that has a light sled and wants to power the monitor and accessories. Comes with the hard case. Buyer pays to ship. Open to reasonable offers. Thank you.
  4. Hey guys, I've just sold my trusted Steadicam EFP package and got this left behind in my garage (the new owner will move to AB gold mount): - PAG Micromaster 9526 Ni-Cd fast charger - PAG mount with connector to charger for charging second battery (or using to mount the batteries to the sled) - 2 PAG LOC-ON POWER Ni-Cd 7Ah batteries (holding charge quite well) - 4 PAG LOC-ON POWER Ni-Cd 5Ah batteries (not holding charge) - 1 PAG LOC-ON POWER Ni-Cd 4Ah battery (not holding charge) - 1 PAG Paglight ML halogen lamp (no bulb) - 1 travel case for batteries and charger (there is not enough room to fit 1 PAG 4Ah battery and the halogen lamp) Not sure what to do with it ;) Anyone interested?
  5. I'm selling 6 of my PAG batteries and a 4 way charger. There are five L95e and one L96e batteries. They are identical in every way apart from a different colour scheme... it was just part of PAG's re-branding in 2013. I'm selling them as I am working with higher draw cameras more frequently now. The batteries have had between 70 and 90 cycles, so hardly used in PAG quality standards. I bought these from PAG in London on 29th may 2013 - i can send you a copy of the receipt to validate this. Batteries were £230 each new and i'm asking £150 each. Charger was £726 new and i'm asking £500. All prices excluding VAT. All very clean and in perfect working order.
  6. I'm looking to switch my MK-V Evolution power system from PAG to Anton Bauer. Does anyone have either an AB Dual Battery 12/24 mount for MK-V systems (see pic) or a couple of PAG to AB adapter plates they are looking unload? Thanks! Mark
  7. Selling 6 Tiffen Ultra Steadicam 24volt batteries with 2 PAG chargers and cables. 6 batteries, all re-celled by Emery Soos at Lentequip in Toronto. The LED meters were removed and saved to make room for more cells. I can include the meters with the sale. The batteries all took a full charge and read between 29.3v and 29.9volts with a voltmeter. The Chargers: 1: PAG AR-301 12-30volt charger for one battery at a time. Standard equipment with new Ultras. info: http://www.bhphotovi...ger_Single.html 2: PAG AR-304 12-30volt charger for 4 batteries in sequence. info: http://www.bhphotovi...ry_Charger.html 4 charging paddles ( xlr to Steadicam adapter plates) 2 AC power cords. Mastercase hard case can hold all of the above with room to spare. The center latch is broken. I never used it anyway, two seems fine. Make an offer: gfsava@gmail.com
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