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  1. Good day! Just got my first sled, and i'm super happy with it! I do however have a bit of an odd problem (or maybe it isn't and i'm just a newbie ((most likely)) The guy i purchased it from has an older Canon C300, which i have used as a practice camera for a while. I wanted to put my own camera on the sled, but this is where my problems began. My camera is an A7IV, which i've weighed down with a v-mount battery and a practice cage. To get signal down to my monitor, i'm having to use a blackmagic micro 3G HDMI-SDI converter. Now if i connect directly to my monitor from the converter, the signal is fine nomatter the output resolution of the camera. However, when i try to go via the internal SDI in my sled, the signal will only work with 1080 interlaced, and even then, the signal is quite glitchy. The sled has three HD-SDI connectors, which to my knowledge should be able to output 1080 25P? I have tried to configure the blackmagic converter, but my choices are only Level A or Level B, none of which work. The sled is a Glidecam X-45 (it has been upgraded in several ways, but the internal wiring is still the same). The monitor is a 702 Touch. TLDR; My sleds internal SDI cables will only output a glitchy interlaced signal, despite being capable of progressive(?)
  2. Hey! I am currently using a Sachtler Cine HD Pro Sled with an 1.8 Post. I have a few questions: Is it possible to switch out the 1.8 Post with a 1.74 or Volt compatible Post? If yes, which accessories I need new? New Gimbal with Volt Something else? How to attach the volt box on the sled? which accessorie do I need? Service, Volt, new Post...it is just "cheaper" to sell the old Sled and buy a new one?
  3. Hello Guys, I am trying to build a long center post for my Sted. The main issue is to find the circular threaded connector male & female, like in the picture below. I am not necessarily looking for the Lemo, but the black circular connector. I have tried several manufacturer, but I can't find it. Is there anybody who got an idea ? Marc
  4. I'm looking for a post extension for my A30 arm for my zephyr. I know they make these for the heavier weight arms but I haven't seen anything for the Zephyr. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, I noticed a little play where the post is attached to the lower sled of my CP EFP. Does anybody know how the post is fixed and if this is problem wich i can fix by my self ? Are there maybe any drawings around ? Thanks in advance Holger
  6. Hi there. I was going through some old things and found this unused arm post adapter. It is meant to go into an older Master series arm, with the spiral thread, and ends in a 5/8" post that can slip into a Pro or XCS gimbal. I originally bought this for a Master series arm I owned but have since sold and upgraded to Pro/XCS. No use for this post anymore. It has never been used, anodizing still fully intact. Ordered from Tiffen a few years ago. According to Tiffen price list, this part costs $189 USD. I'm looking for $150 USD or make me an offer. It is brand new. Located in Toronto.
  7. Selling my back up sled. It´s a great starter rig or a running rig. It flies like an angel. I bought it from Brian Nordheim some years ago and now is collecting dust. Let´s find him a new owner. He doesn´t deserve to be still in a closet. Located in Madrid (Spain). Will ship it worldwide. -Pro sled 1 serial number 041 -Pro Center Post telescopic -Pro SD electronic upper and lower junction box -Pro DB3 top stage -Pro DB3 top stage tool -Pro battery rack Gen1 -NOT Pro Gimbal -9 Chocolate batteries in good working conditios -PAG AR124 autoranging fast charger - 7 & 9 camera plates with bars -Monitor arm fixed -XCS TB6 Green monitor (The best monitor I have ever seen) -XCS Programable digital level plus - Mini Down converter SDI to Analog 4K -Pro Low mode Bracket -Rain/Dust Covers for Battery rack and TB6 Monitor -Lots of cables and extras -Hard Case included -9.000€ + shipping OBO. PM me if interested. miguelonsteady@gmail.com
  8. Is anyone out there adapting their post to be able to use various sleds with the same arm without replacing the arm post itself?
  9. FOR SALE: A Vinten Post Head (Swan), in good condition. Pan and tilt drag setting are fluid and silky smooth. Locks work well, as does the camera platform worm gear that allows you to tilt the camera platform fore and aft. Pan handle lock and ring also work well. Has wear and use marks, but everything is well taken care of and very clean. This nodal swing head weighs 20lbs, has a payload capacity of 50lbs, and is designed so that the center of gravity of the camera remains in the body of the camera. Performing small, smooth moves, even at the long end of zooms, is simple and repeatable. No need to fight the counter balance springs Drag is infinitely adjustable (through 8 levels) on both pan and tilt axes Like other swing heads, this can be under slung on jibs. or even rail dollies. DOES NOT come with a ball or Mitchell base. DOES NOT come with camera mounting screw(s). Has 4 hole bottom for mounting 4-hole bases, like 150mm/Mitchell...can also use Vinten quick mount bases, which come in a variety of styles. Also uses 3/8" camera plate screws...but make sure they're no shorter than 1" from tip to head...the camera mounting plate is thick...it's not like regular tripod plates...you can see in the pics above... Also comes with a copy of the original operations/maintenance manual, that covers the major aspects of the Post Head, including construction, operation, maintenance, parts etc... Ships in a well used Pelican 1550 with pluck foam. This is an incredibly well engineered, and well built tripod head. If you're looking for a nodal swing head, this is one you might want to consider. I'm actually kind of sad to see her go...but my jobs don't use big cameras anymore, and this Swan doesn't see any action anymore... :( $1850 OBO. SHIPS TO US. PAYPAL please. Buyer pays shipping.
  10. PRO HD Superpost for sale. HD centerpost cable included. Located in NYC, but buyer can pay for shipping. Looking for $1,300 I'll take photos if wanted. Email - stewartcantrell@gmail.com
  11. Great rig bought in late September of 2011! Kept it around as a backup/running rig with my G70x arm, but now selling it to buy more accessories for my Ultra 2. Besides a couple aesthetic scratches, a couple tape marks, and a little dust in the hard to clean spots, it's in great working condition. Zephyr HD Kit (V-Mount): Rolling Hard Case Sled Arm (used only for a few months) Vest Weights Docking Bracket Second Battery Mount Low Mode "F" Bracket 6" Arm Post for a G70x/G50x arm to the Zephyr Sled Socket Blocks for both the Zephyr Arm and a G70x/G50x arm With the extra Arm Post and Socket Block, you have the option of using the Zephyr Vest and Sled with a better Tiffen Arm. Please ask if interested in a Pelican Storm case, cables for this set up, or buying everything except the vest (if you want to use your own vest). Price for all: $8,750 Happy to take/send more detailed photos on forum or through email. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. All the best, Richard Volsky rkvolsky@gmail.com Atlanta, GA
  12. MK-V Nexus (4)-Stage Deluxe 2" Post V2 Advanced Gimbal w/Standard Handle Evolution D-Box Evolution J-Box Standard Topstage V2“ Docking Station Dual Battery Mount for Anton Bauer Single Battery Mount for Anton Bauer Nexus base system Soft Case Monitor Transvideo 6.5" 16:9 Superbright LCD monitor Hard case Cable pack Arri 12V Cable 30" Lightweight 36" BNC 48" Monitor Cable (Pro Comp.) 2 x monitor power cable Batteries 3 x Anton Bauer Batteries PL-5680 4-way charger Arm Silverrig Silver Spring Arm (range 13-63 lbs) Speed Crank tensioning tool Arm post Arm Bag All equipment is in superb condition and never hired to others. It is a complete system. This Nexus has been a reliable & trustworthy rig. The electronics are rock-solid, the gimbal super-smooth. Ideally I would like to sell the package complete. A Steadicam Gold vest will be added for free on top as it has a crack, but still can be used. Equipment is located in Austria (AT), buyer pays shipping costs. Package asking price: 16'150 Euro Only serious offers! contact: paul.horatschek@icloud.com Click on the links for more photos!
  13. FOR SALE MK-V 2 Stage 2" Post $1,650 Plus Shipping Item Is currently in Toronto, Canada Email me with any questions camerasteve@gmail.com Thanks Steve
  14. MK-V 2" Four stage Post for sale - includes: All items are SD at this point MK-V Gimble that has been rebuilt by factory V2 Electronic J box V2 Post Cable Monitor Bracket Two Docking Brackets $4000 TB-6 Monitor with Duo Digital Frameliner XCS Programmable Digital Level $500 Antlers for Steadicam Risers - Three heights One Set of Light-weight donuts One Set of Medium-weight donuts One Set of Heavy-weight donuts Antler dove-tail base plate $500 Happy to sell this as a package or individually. The post is very nice and a great back up or as a 'super post'. Used it full time for 3 years and now go back and forth with my Pro All in good shape and well maintained. More detailed info on some of these items: http://www.xcsinc.com/files/XCS%20Inc%20PRICE%20LIST%202012.pdf Buyer pays shipping. If you have any interest or want more information please email me at steadijim@gmail.com Thanks, Jim
  15. Package includes: Hard Case, Stand, Bracket, Plate, Arm, Vest, Rig. Allen 5/32. 2 XLR to 3-pin lemo & Barrell 2.1. Monitor SmallHD 5'6" (HD-SDI,HDMI,COMPONENTS, COMPOSITE) Accesories: 803-7830 Strap Kit. 800-7204-04 Post. 300-7901 Braket. Upgrade: One channel Hd-SDI. In perfect use and maintenance. Price: 4900 € + Shipping. gersamxl@gmail.com Spain
  16. Anyone have one they are willing to part with? No need for a cable just the centerpost.
  17. Tiffen short post for sale... please make me an offer
  18. (2) SD Upper J boxes (1) SD Lower J box (1) Telescoping Center post WITH SD center post cable. (1) 9" Pro camera plate (2) 7" Pro camera plates $3000 takes it all. Offers welcome too. Willing to separate, PM for individual prices.
  19. I have (3) PRO 1 center posts with SD center post cables–all working fine. One post is missing the kip handle. $1,000 for all 3 posts. or $400 each (post + cable)
  20. Been looking through some threads on post adaptors, and I've found some very useful information. I know Tiffen sells some post adaptors, but would they fit this configuration from IIIA to Actioncam sled? Also posting this because another option was brought up to me and I haven't seen it posted here- an arm post that is 19mm on top to fit with the Actioncam. Can anyone provide any insight to either of these? Thanks.
  21. Does anyone happen to know the measurements for the Tiffen Steadicam Merlin Arm post? What size would it fit?
  22. Is there a cheap even offbrand heavy duty Arm and Vest stabilization system for 20lbs and up? Anything at all less than thousands and thousands of dollars.
  23. Steadicam Model 3 Sled for sale! * Use for spares, parts or practice * Perfect starter sled * Smooth Gimbal in perfect working order * Topstage in good working order (camera plate included) * Used but fully working * Removable Grip * Holds 3X Ni-Cad batteries (charger included) * Lower Monitor Bracket & SD Monitor included Any questions or other pics needed please ask, will consider any offers. Cheers, Simon
  24. Hi, I'm looking to sell a range of items that though used are fully working. These include; Very worn/used Vest with partly plastic/metal clasps, Original model 3 Arm, Post/Sled/Gimble, 7' Panasonic LCD Color Monitor, 6X Ni-Cad Rechargeable batteries & charger/dis-charger along with solid metal carry case. Various tools. Ideally looking to sell as a job lot, but would consider selling items grouped together. Any other questions please contact me. Reasonable offers welcome. Many thanks, Simon Dodds
  25. Hi, I'm looking to sell a partly original, partly modified (possibly model 3) Staedicam. It's well used but fully working, all items can be seen in the pics attached - if you have any questions please ask. Ideally I'm looking to sell this as a job lot, the whole rig, and not split up items individually. This is for collection only, I live in London, UK. All reasonable offers welcome. Many thanks.
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