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Found 11 results

  1. Excellent condition Fauxflex Practice Cage for sale. Goldmount. Come with 4 weight plates (not pictured). Information regarding weight and specs can be found at manufacturers webpage HERE. Selling locally in LA/Glendale area. Thanks for looking. g.
  2. Just purchased my first steadicam rig (zephyr) and am in the market for a weighted practice cage (like one pictured below). If anyone knows where I would be able to get my hands on one it’d be greatly appreciated. also if you guys can tell me basic practices you do daily to better your technique thatd also be amazing as well. thank you
  3. Hello I'm looking for practice cage blueprint, I know a guy who would build it it for me but I don't have any and I don't know how to make one myself with a software. Does anyone has one? Thanks in advance.
  4. This is my personal technique for making whip pans. I’m sharing here in hopes that it might help a newer operator who is looking to improve their whip pans during this quarantine.
  5. Hello! My name is Carlos Hernandez, I work primarily as an Assistant Camera for mostly reality based content in the Tampa Bay area. I've been intrigued with Steadicam since 2015, the delightful shots and the physical ability enticed me. However I wasn't able to get experience with a rig until December last year, with a very kind NY operator. I'm very grateful for that opportunity because it solidified my curiosity into desire. I then scheduled a Tiffen Silver Workshop in Burbank. It was scheduled in March, I almost canceled due to Covid-19 but took the risk. We all social distanced and took best practices at the time, and to my knowledge no one was exposed to Covid-19. Instead we were exposed to the extensive knowledge from Rey Reyes, Tyson Galland, and Nic Somera. They were all very helpful and encouraging. And my peers were very pleasant and impressive operators. It was a very enlightening and fun workshop, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Then after arriving home safe, the pandemic had set in. So I haven't bothered reaching out to local Florida operators, however I know there are many productions up and running in Florida. I have two negative test results already and plan to be tested again. Is there any op in Florida that is willing to let a newbie get in their rig? Of course, with proper safety measures taken. I definitely need more practice, so any time in a rig at all would be very helpful. I will soon be buying a rig for myself. The Zephyr has been recommended to me, which I'd like to buy used if possible. Does anyone disagree with the Zephyr as a starter rig? Any things to look out for on a used one? Do you know someone selling theres? Any and all advice is welcome, I would love to hear from my seniors.
  6. Hey everyone! I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a meet-up and practice? I'm still a newbie, so I'm trying to get more time in the rig practicing with other ops to help give/get tips, advice, network, etc... I want this to be mutually beneficially for everyone! I'm located in Los Angeles. Please let me know! Have a great day!! Kevin
  7. Hi guys! I'm looking to buy a used practice cage from Tiffen (or a home-made weight plate) of around 22lb (ca 10kg). I'm based in Switzerland. Can anyone help me out? All the best from the land of cheese and chocolate Raphi
  8. Hello All, About two months ago I invested in a Steadicam Flyer-LE and have been practicing ever since. I just shot a short demo reel of a few practice shots and am looking for any and all tips, notes, or thoughts so that I can improve and start looking for real gigs. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/5SR0hf5c31E Thank you -Luke Knezevic lukeknezevic@gmail.com
  9. Hi all selling my lowmode & practice cage set of 8", 10", 12", 16" post will going. what you see is what you get. !! NOTE: counter sink screws are NOT included. its not difficult to get by yourself around your coner in town. 350USD + shipping. (ships in solar system)
  10. For Sale MK-V weight cage 15lb. (6.8kg.) Luxor Proline Hi-Res Day/Night Color camera CCTV Lens 12mm 1/3" with zoom BNC cable to 4 pin male Lemo Was cabled for my XCS Ultimate2- Can be wired for any sled Sends image to TB6 monitor no problem Great practice cage, base plate and top plate symmetrical $950 -Paid $1400 Great shape, XCS plate not included Thanks Rich 424-653-7329 Cage is in New Mexico
  11. i am looking to either rent or buy a used weight plate for daily practice. I you have one or know someone who does please contact me. cheers, mike 224-619-5333 kiwilangford@yahoo.com
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