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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, We're looking to dry hire out our in-house Steadicam Clipper 312, G50 Arm, Small HD High Bright Monitor with an ARRI Wireless System WMU-3 (3 motors). Would anyone be interested in building up a relationship to rent this package from us? There are a few extras; cables, etc. Let me know if you interested. Many thanks! Steve Digital Pro www.digitalpro.co.uk
  2. Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to rent a zoom control and/or a wireless video system (video assist) from someone or if someone knows a company that would rent out this kind of equipment in sweden it would be greatly appreciated. It is for a music festival in northern sweden with, sadly enough, a limited budget. //David
  3. hey yall I am looking to rent a FIZ with 2-3 motors for a one day shoot this coming Thursday March 27 (and would like to prep with it Wednesday). I can pick it up from you in or around Los Angeles before Thursday and return it on Friday March 28. My preference is CVolution, but I would be glad to entertain a Preston or other device. I would be flying it on a CineLive, so it would be stellar (if a Preston) to have the frame and dovetail for mounting as well as a 3-pin Lemo for power from the sled. I am fully insured and can work on having a COI issued for the rental. Looking to rent for 250, but I can probably stretch that if it has all the parts needed. I am interested in giving an operator the rental, which is why I am reaching out here first. Feel free to reach me via the forum, email, or phone/text brett. 12@brettmayfield.com 404.408.5951
  4. Hello all, I'm looking to strike a deal with someone on a long term rental on some equipment. The exact dates are still up in the air, but I'd need the gear for essentially the month of July 2013. (tentatively July 1st through the 22nd). If you are in NYC, that's ideal, if elsewhere we can pay to ship it depending on how much you are willing to rent it for. I'm looking for: A Sachtler 30 Tripod System: http://www.adorama.com/SCSCINE30.htm...FUWo4AodpxMAqg A Fujinon HA42x9.7BERD Lens: http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/optical_devices/broadcast-hd-sd/hdtv-le... If you have the gear and are interested in renting it out (or know someone who is) post the best way to contact you (or just PM me). Thanks! Dan
  5. Hi, I'm after either a preston MDR2 or Single channel mdr either G4 or G3. Needed for a TV Drama, ideally want to buy but will consider renting someones spare (it would be for 5 weeks) UK Based 1st AC. Please email tristanhaley@yahoo.co.uk Thanks
  6. I've recently sold off my own Zephyr in order to upgrade to a larger rig... and now I'm finding that I miss it. I may have a DSLR shoot coming up this week traveling to Ohio (by car, ugh) that would be better suited on the Zephyr and was curious if there were any Brooklyn based operators who have a rig they may be interested in renting out from time to time. This shoot is not yet confirmed, but I know there will be stuff in the future that involves traveling where the lighterweight 'everything is in one case' Zephyr fits the bill for traveling, etc... Feel free to post here, because who knows, others may be interested in the list of available rigs, but also feel free to email me with 'Zephyr Rental' in the subject. - KWullschleger(at)gmail.com Thanks!
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