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Found 12 results

  1. GPI PRO SD electronic set in good working condition just needs a center post. Asking $2700. Open to offers, buyer pays shipping. Thank you.
  2. Original Owner. Both Upper and Lower SD Junction Boxes with Center Post Cable. Great condition. No Jumper Blocks included. Contact with best offer. Dave 818-679-5263 or dave@cinekane.com
  3. Hi All, Up for sale is my old Transvideo Cinemonitor 3a Super Bright (1200 nits) and a Decimator 2. Both is good condition. The Cine 3a has some velcro and a little paint scratched off near the mounting hole on the left side, but the screen is in pristine condition, and everything works great. Good performance in sunlight, etc. Classic example of a solid monitor. Doesn't come with the mounting gear in the pics! Decimator 2 is also in good shape -- just has some of the markings rubbed off. Both come in a small Transvideo branded pelican. $550 obo! Buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have questions! Beau
  4. Hi All, Selling a Pro 2 SD sled, with an additional HD line down the centerpost + some other goodies. Pro 2 SD Upper Pro 2 SD Lower Pro 2 SD Cable Pro DB 2 (s/n 34) Gen 2 Battery Hanger, Anton Bauer Pro Dovetail, Short -- not pictured (3) Jumpers -- two of them not pictured Low Mode Bracket -- not pictured Pro Gear Gimbal, 1.5" MK-V Gen 2/Berkey Systems "Franken-Jam" monitor yoke. (see below) (2) Jerry Hill Gorelock 2 Rings, 1.5" Post Jerry Hill GAD2 Dock, with Tilt Pelican 1650 (everything fits in one case) I WOULD LIKE TO SELL IT AS A COMPLETE PACKAGE! Some notes about the rig : I modified this Pro 2 SD rig with an HD line down the center post. You can see the pics for reference. Line is Belden 179DT -- very thin, very flexible. It is attached to the center post cable, and follows the coil of that cable so when you extend or retract the post, the HD line follows suit. Rated at 75 ohms, so it carries whatever signal you want to send down. Will tide you over until you do a full, proper HD conversion. The line pops out of a hole I drilled into the upper post, and comes out the slot cut out of the bottom post. The upper post is an original Gen 1 (matte black finish), and the bottom post is a newer Gen 1 (glossy black) With this arrangement, the rig retains all native power connections, SD Line, and modularity. You can remove upper and lower j-boxes. The gimbal can also be removed, but there are a few specific steps that need to be followed, and which I can detail to you if you need to know. The post stages stick a little, but once you break the seal, as it were, it slides smoothly. Gimbal is a Pro Gear gimbal. Yes, that Pro Gear. If you're not familiar with Pro Gear, search the forum a bit. Apparently it's a copy of GPI Pro's gimbal. Is it as good? I would never say yes, but the gimbal works well, from what I can tell. Problem is the company's out of business, so there's no customer support. You're on your own if something goes down. On the other hand, it is field serviceable, and if you know your way around a gimbal, you can clean, and or replace the parts as necessary. With the matte finish on the upper post, you kind of have to crank down on the quick release kipp handle to keep it from sliding, but once locked in, it's seems solid. DB2 side to side screw is slightly bent -- happened when it was packed the wrong way in the Pelican it comes in. DB works fine, everything moves like it should, and is vibration free, but you can feel it a bit when you turn the knob. Should be an easy fix, if you want to send it in to GPI. The monitor yoke is a hodgepodge of pieces. As you can see it's just Berkey 15mm rods and rod ends arranged to mimic the flexibility of popular monitor yokes like the Cam-Jam. It's NOT in any way a replacement for a Cam-Jam, but it works. It allowed me to get the monitor in a place where I liked it, and with little to no vibration. The post clamp is a Gen 2 MK-V for 2" posts, with a 2" to 1.5" step down donut that was 3d printed for the job. There are two screws missing from it (and which I can't find at the hardware store -- see pics), but it doesn't seem to affect the stability of the platform. With those caveats in mind: $9000 obo. Buyer to pay shipping. Drop me a PM or mail me at beau800@Gmail.com if you're interested! Thanks for looking! Pics to follow.
  5. (2) SD Upper J boxes (1) SD Lower J box (1) Telescoping Center post WITH SD center post cable. (1) 9" Pro camera plate (2) 7" Pro camera plates $3000 takes it all. Offers welcome too. Willing to separate, PM for individual prices.
  6. I have (3) PRO 1 center posts with SD center post cables–all working fine. One post is missing the kip handle. $1,000 for all 3 posts. or $400 each (post + cable)
  7. I'm operating with film first time since two years, after the extinction of film in Turkey. I'm realizing that it is easier to operate with SD video tap. I guess limited picture information on my monitor actually helps me to concentrate on the essentials. Do we really need that much extra resolution while operating which is already a multi task job? Isn't having the extra data that we don't really need most of the time a hindrance?... Any thoughts?
  8. Selling my PRO SD Electronics, center post and cable. In good working condition. This is the center post 1 with the bayonet mount on the bottom, and wired at the top. I've added a kipp handle to the centerpost for tool-less adjustment. Located in LA for local pickup, or buyer pays shipping. Email me at Valko.steadi@gmail.com Price: Make me an offer!
  9. Modulus 3000 NTSC Transmitter with antenna and 6db attenuator Serial No 008792 Power cables: 4 Pin Hirose x 2, 4 Pin Hirose extension, 4 Pin XLR x 2, 4 Pin XLR extension, Arri 3 Pin, Arri 11 Pin, Panavision 12v Transvideo Pegasus TV Receiver Power cables: 110v power supply, 4 Pin XLR, 6 Pin to 6 Pin Hirose jumper for power and video to/from Nebtec monitor Nebtek NEB50VF 5” LCD SD Monitor PAL/NTSC with image flip etc Hoodman H600 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=595127&Q=&is=REG&A=details CIT Sharkfin Antenna Various BNC video cables and adaptors Pelican 1500 case with Innerspace custom cut interior $600 obo Available for pick up/shipping in Los Angeles Thanks Kenny
  10. For sale: Full SD Wireless package -Canatrans NTSC transmitter CH. 20-50 1-watt (w/ Antenna, instruction manual) - Power/video cable for PRO Steadicam, (4 Pin limo). - Pelican 1060 - Sony Receiver (W/power cable) - Shark fin Antena (Ultra-ant, CH. 14-64) It has a small broken tip, it does not affect its operation, works great. -7inch Hand held Monitor, w/wall charger, remote control and car charger. Asking $1200 OBO Buyer pays for shipping. Contact Wael Shukha 323 395 9020 Shukhawael@gmail.com
  11. Hold on folks, we're stepping into a time machine here! Before I begin I appreciate that an item like this is probably almost never used anymore however, in the interest that someone somewhere might put it to use, I'm keen to offer it up. It's a Marell green daylight monitor. I've had it for years but I don't think it ever saw more action on more than a handful of jobs. Still powers up great and looks the goods. Naturally it's SD to you'd need to had a down convertor inline if you only have HD out of the camera. I have no idea what it might be worth these days. I coughed up $4K back in the day! The monitor is located in LA. The pelican case is included. If you think you could use it, feel free to email me an offer. Ok, everyone go back to 2013 now! cheers Leigh Hubner Los Angeles leigh@loosecannon.com.au
  12. Hi everyone. I have a complete Steadicam Zephyr SD V Mount package for sale. The package is purchased during December 2011. Condition is good, a bit of a scratch on the vest, nothing major, minor scratch on the arm due to usage, no dents or whatever. Travelling case has scratches due to storage and transport, but no malfunctions at all, everything is perfectly intact!! Package includes: 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Mounting Plate with 1x 3/8", 1x 1/4" mounting screws 1x SD 7" Monitor, with DIN Connector - 6pin Hirose connector cable, brand new unused 1x Zephyr arm ( minor scratches ) 1x Standard Vest (scratches at the front spar area, usual signs of wear and tear, carbon fibre material waist pad was replaced by Tiffen during Dec 2012) 1x Docking Bracket with aircraft pin 4x Merlin Starter Weights, 4x Merlin Mid Weights 1x Transport case (minor scratches at the side, no knocks) 1x Manual, EFP DVD Additional goodies. 2x 3pin Lemo - 4pin XLR female Power cable 2x 45cm HD-SDI ultra thin "spaghetti" cable 1x 1m HD-SDI ultra thin "spaghetti" cable 1x Tiffen Original HD-SDI cable 1x 6pin Hirose - 4pin XLR female power cable (I use this exclusively to power my Marshall 651STX, i run this to power the monitor, and an additional HD-SDI line for the signal, super small footprint and keeps cable management at its finest. if you are considering to use a monitor that takes in 4pin XLR power, this is the cable for you) Asking for $8500 USD OBO Please email me at wanzw89@gmail.com if you have any enquiries. Thank you for reading! -Zhong Wei
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