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Found 2 results

  1. Save $3300! Selling 2 KS-8 Gyros LIKE NEW for $3900. This new kit will cost you $7200 at Kenyon Labs. Both KS-8's have been completely overhauled to like new condition. Never had a drop or accident, just wanted them to be tip-top condition to resell. All paperwork is available and the gyros will ship directly from Kenyon Labs in Connecticut. Never used since being overhauled! Tested by manufactuer and ready to go! Buyer pays shipping and insurance on this amazing deal! ---- KS 8 KIT - $3900 (2) KS 8 Gyros (Freshly rehoused, LIKE NEW, reports available from Kenyon) (1) Dual Inverter (Checked by Kenyon, excellent condition, report available) (2) 6 Hr Rapid Battery Chargers (1) AC/DC Converter (Used to spin up gyros on AC power so you don't drain batteries) Please email direct to info@zachzamboni.com. Thanks for your interest!
  2. ** Last Minute Opening ** Advanced Aesthetics and Stabilizer Systems Workshop Five Days - June 8-12, 2015 - Los Angeles (Post CineGear) Real Rigs! Real Cameras! Real Studio Sets! Real Actors! Real Lighting! Real World Training! 2:1 Student to Instructor Ratio Maximum of four students Our rigs or yours Due to an unfortunate family situation / cancellation, we have one very last minute opening in this highly customized workshop . Requirements: 2-3+ years active working on-set experience minimum. This workshop is for owner / operators who already have a solid command of the rig and are at the point that the physical operation of the rig is second nature. While we will certainly offer tips and techniques to refine your operating techniques, there will be no “line dances” unless you want one to warm up on. Our focus is on creative shot design, choreography, interaction with DP, Director, actors, other departments and the use of various stabilizer systems to create the perfect flow, emotion and composition to deliver the scenes. We will incorporate hands-on training with new stabilizer systems and technologies including Ronin to rig and other multi-axis systems. Intensive experience on all aspects of mobile platforms including rickshaws/variants, vehicle mounts and real camera cars! You will also work directly with gaffer and author Craig Burnie Burns of Burnie's Grip and Lighting and his crew during scene design to solve complex lighting challenges you will face in the real world. Four days of this workshop will be held at Silver Dream Factory in Anaheim using custom standing sets that include a hospital, police station and jail, diner restaurant, home interiors, retail shops and a Main Street style backlot. One training day will be a location based. Professional working actors in full wardrobe/makeup with pre-rehearsed scripts are included. Each scene will be choreographed, rehearsed, recorded and reviewed. All footage and stills will be sent to participants within two weeks or less. Bring a drive with you and we will ship it back to you. Lunch and craft services provided. You will leave this workshop with many new skills, new skills on new systems, a heightened awareness and understanding of shot choreography, camera motivation and the ability to offer a higher level of creative solutions to DP’s and Directors. Most importantly you will leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence that you can meet most any challenge presented to you. Cost: $5,000 USD - Credit cards accepted and I may consider a short split payment plan to qualified individuals. Due to the very short nature of this opening / cancellation please contact me directly at robert@starling.com or via phone at 702-810-5707 - SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE! Thank you!
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