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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I am looking to buy the clamp levers the same they are used on the M1 and M2 to tight the battery rods or monitor rods. Like on the picture included. They have like an index, and a special washer with increment to level up (and tight) the part. I am looking online the manufacturer, without the ability to ask to Tiffen as spare part. The name vary like thumb knot screw, wing thumb screw lever, etc... I am looking them, because I like the function they have: a quarter turn, and its tight ! Any idea, where I can find them online and/or to a manufacturer ? Thanks folks, to help me. Marc
  2. Greetings All Tiffen International are hosting an open day with honoured guest Garrett Brown on Monday the 16th June. Also an opportunity to see the Steadicam range including a preview of the great new M-1 sled and some other gear only seen at NAB. We are hoping that Garrett will be able to present at least an abbreviated version of his great Moving Camera and of course he will be there to chat and answer questions. There will be the whole range of other Tiffen products together and importantly a running buffet with drinks. We'd love to see you but we need a guest list for security so please RSVP at http://www.flysteadicam.com/tiffen-open-day/ . Hope to see as many UK ops as possible and also anyone passing through the UK. Robin
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