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Found 12 results

  1. Spent 2 years on top of my sled, everything works great, electronic and mechanics. Located in France, Europe. 4000€/ 4600$ Buyers pay shipping
  2. Looking for a used 1.5" Pro 2 telescoping center post to complete a project. Also looking for a Pro DB3 or Betz top stage. Thanks! Feel free to email me at charlyvandedrinck@hotmail.com
  3. Got a IIIA top stage for sale. Everything is in good working order; the teeth on the gears fro the fore/aft are in good shape as well. Cheeseplate included of course, as well as an MDR mounting bracket, mounting screws and an extra lock for the sliding plate. $750.00 OBO - Buyer pays shipping (located in NC) PayPal accepted.
  4. Selling Used EFP top stage. Fits most sleds. $750US. Located in Orlando, FL Johnatkinson3@mac.com
  5. I appreciate this might be a little "off-topic", but felt it was worth acknowledging within the community. I started a TV drama about three weeks ago, and during pre-production had an issue with the locking mechanism on my Betz Top-Stage. I was hopeful that a couple of spare parts might solve my issue. The Betz top stage came with my rig when I purchased it, and to this point I have had no need to contact Christian or the guys in Germany at all. Within a day, parts were sent to Australia from Germany and I received them within a couple of days of starting production. Whilst the issue didn't stop me using the rig, the parts I purchased just weren't going to do the job. Fortunately once again, Isabell and Christian came to the rescue - we're underway with a repair on my top-stage, and they have sent me a replacement to use in the meantime. Too often we use forums such as this to call out poor customer service, or our frustrations. On this occasion I would just like to acknowledge just how wonderful the support from Betz has been - and how much confidence I have as an operator knowing that businesses such as Christian's understand our industry and the demands. A massive thank you!!! Marty
  6. For sale is a pro donkey box 2. Looking to get $1800 buyer pays shipping, PayPal fees. The side adjustment knob is slightly bent from the original owner but it doesn't effect the function. Included are the mounting screws, an extra fore/aft knob and pin, and extra locking screws. I bought a new sled that has a DBIII on that is why I'm selling this one. Located in Los Angeles
  7. Selling my Pro DB II with the smaller MDR fork as well as mounting screws. The side-to-side thumb screw has been upgraded to accommodate the larger CineLive upper electronics box, so the original smaller thumb screw is included. The donkey box is in great working condition despite some cosmetic wear and tear. Had it serviced about two years ago. Located in North Hollywood, CA. Buyer pays shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: aaron.gantt@gmail.com Price: $1,800 OBO
  8. Hi there, I'm just wondering if anyone has a Tiffen M-1 (Non Tilt) Top Stage they might be willing to sell or trade for an M-1 Tilting Top Stage. Please email me. mike @ mike heathcote.com Thanks. Mike
  9. Hello Everybody, I am in need of a Dovetail Plate for my Provid. From what I understand after reading some of the posts here in the forum is that the old style 3A/EFP dovetail plate will fit a Provid. Is this correct ? Which Steadicam models use the same dovetail plate as the Provid ? I would like to purchase one from a US dealer that may have it in stock so I could get it relatively quickly. Any Suggestions ? or If anyone has a spare they would be willing to part with please let me know.
  10. Recently serviced by Chad at GPI. Very Good Condition. With Preston "H" mount $2000.00 Mike 818-207-8156
  11. I am looking to buy a DB3. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone has one they no longer want please message me. Thanks, Chris Campbell chris@crookedsmilefilms.com
  12. I'm looking for a place to purchase a cheese plate for a chrosziel topstage other than http://www.betz-tools.com/en/betz-tools_contact.php Preferably a dealer in North Ameraica. Any ideas? Thanks.
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