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  1. FOR SALE: Transvideo CineMonitor HD6 SBL Super Bright Monitor Model # 917TS0031 (blue knob) HD -- Super Bright 1000 nts Luminance Waveform Monitor Multi-format imput support Selectable Aspect Ratios Sunshade Cable to "PRO, MK-V" style Steadicam sled Rain Cover Pelican Case This has been my main monitor on my MK-V sled for about 5 years. It's the best out there in my opinion. I changed to a larger screen Transvideo as it became avaiable. These monitors are so reliable that having a spare isn't nesessary. So it's time to sell this. $ 3000.00 USD Free Shipping to Continental US
  2. Looking for a Monitor bracket for Transvideo 6" for Artemis / without clamp. Thank you
  3. I just finished a prototype of a small weight plate for the Transvideo RainbowHD7 and RainbowHD7 SBL. I've been using the RainbowHD7 SBL for a little while now and love it particularly for a light running rig, but I've run into a few set ups where it helps to have just a little more weight out in front of the sled. So here is a plate to do simply that. This plate bolts directly to the back of the monitor using Transvideo's locating pins and a 1/4-20 screw. The pins hold it off of the monitor so the monitor still has air flow for cooling. It is centered vertically and horizontally on the monitor to keep the balance centered on a yoke. The bottom of the plate is even with the top of the 4-pin xlr connector, so if you are using a right angle plug it can still fit along the bottom of the monitor under the plate. It is machined out of brass for compact weight and weighs in at 1.25lbs. I'm posting this to see if there are any operators using one of these monitors who would be interested in one of these weight plates. I don't have pricing worked out yet, just seeing if there would be enough interest to look into setting up a short run of them. https://twitter.com/TRANSVIDEO_HD/status/500583861068517376/photo/1
  4. Hello, I sell my transvideo accessories Artemis Kit II for RainbowHD 550 euros + shipping This monitor bracket is like new and comes with all screws Battery Back for RainbowHD & CineMonitorHD8 250 euros + shipping Both items have been bought to transvideo in march 2014 Thanks Greg
  5. Looking for a daylight viewable HD Monitor. If you have a mount, looking for options that would work with a XCS monitor mount. 1st preference would be a Transvideo. Thanks- Matt Lingerfelt Atlanta, GA
  6. Hi all, Selling my Transvideo 5" Rainbow II Superbright in excellant working condition. 90 euros + shipping (the monitor is located in France) I used it as a backup monitor Thanks
  7. Looking for a pre-owned RainbowHD7 SBL, preferrably located in Europe. Thanks, Frank
  8. Last week on a rather demanding job, my trusty old transvideo sd monitor failed, the whole screen turned white, several reboots of the camera, decimator and the monitor didn't help. I resorted to use my backup monitor (panasonic sd). So now I'm looking to make the investment towards a decent, bright HD-monitor. Therefor I've come here to ask some real world experiences towards a selection of monitors. Pricewise I won't be able to afford a transvideo XBL or an XCS TB7, otherwise this whole post would be irrelevant. as it stands now, this is the selection I had in mind. Cinetronic Gen1 $1530 SmallHD $2999 refurbished Transvideo 6" SBL Classic $2926 The Cinetronic seems to good to be true, especially at that price point, the Transvideo is a refurbished model so it might be less futureproof and the SmallHD seems like the best all-arounder. I have read numerous amounts of forum posts concerning every monitor I'm considering, and I'm still torn. I've used the Transvideo in the past and I absolutely know it's a very decent monitor, but on paper, both the SmallHD and the Cinetronic seem to beat it. Help! Sincerely Nils
  9. Transvideo Frameline Generator (SD Only) For Sale Had it checked out by Noel at Transvideo awhile back...it's in good working condition. $125.00 If interested please call, text, or email. Thanks! Scott (213) 880-2550 scott.camera@mac.com
  10. I am selling my system. You can buy the parts separate or as a complete set for a special bundle price! The stuff is first hand, in very good condition and based in Munich, Germany. I am selling in Euro, please check the conversion rate! SLED: Betz-Tools Rig updated to HD - asking for 17,500 € (new price over all: 25,000 €) Camera Mounting Platform (Stage) Self-locking “Quicklock“ dovetail-clamping with safety mechanism. Fore/aft and side-to-side fine-adjustment on both sides. Standard 15 mm accessory rods. Junction Box Standard Lemo/BNC connectors for power, tally ,HD-SDI and analog video (customized wiring available). Colourcoded power outlets for safe and easy connection. A built in red line laser allows easy adjustment for the RIG-post upper to lower base. The laser marking line on the floor is also very useful for the focuspuller. Post dia 1,86“ (50 mm) The 4x telescopic post can be quickly extended from 29“ (75cm) to 69“ (175cm). Permits lens hights from floor to ceiling. Specially designed in-post wiring for HD-SDI, analog video, power, and other functions, customized wiring on request. Safety post clamps. No-tools handling. Gimbal Frictionless self-centring gimbal with integral handgrip and no-tools adjustment. Stainless-steel bearings. incl. lots of Cables (Arri 24V, XLR 12V, Red, XLR 24V, 2xTansvideo Monitor, Canon-Fujinon Adaptor, div. lens control systems) incl. Mounting Bracket and post for dockstand incl. Hill Monitor Bracket incl. D-Bracket with short and long post incl. 3 x power jumpers incl. Catgriller - adapter bracket for dovetail to other mounting brackets incl. universal Low-Mode Cage incl. aluminium box incl. 2 x PAG V4-iPC Intelligent Parallel Charger with 6 Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries (V-Mount) - FlySafe GPI Pro-Arm Titan with 4 blue Canisters and 2 black Canisters - asking for 12,000 € Supports weights from: 13,2lb (6 kg) - 72lb (32,6 kg) Arm deadweight: 7,5lb (3,4 kg) Boom range: 23,6" (60 cm) Transvideo HD Monitor 6" Superbright SBL - asking for 1,800 € SBL ”Superbright” 1000nit contr. 600:1, Optimised viewing angle (80° / 60°) Waveform,Vectorscope, Peaking, Horizontal and Vertikal or auto Picture mirror, Zoom-, Picture-shift functions ”Safe area” Marker and Frameline, electronic-Bubble,Tally, "Focushelper" No noisy fan, Splashproofed. incl. external XLR V-Mount Battery Bracket
  11. http://www.transvideo.eu/store/CineMonitorHD8-Classic 450 Nit 500:1 electronic level small signs of use 1600 € excl. VAT (OBO) located in Germany
  12. Hi folks, Figured I'd put a bunch of stuff on here for sale instead of individual ads... PRO GEN 3 HD Cinema HD Top and Bottom Electronics with Tally Option, Record out Lemo voltage is regulated 12V not 5V This will allow you to power your Atomos, Nano, Pix240, etc.. at the bottom of your sled. $4400 without the top Tally sensor, and bottom Tally LED cable $4600 with the Tally cables BOXX Cobalt system, ( SD, or component Video Tx and Rx) Included is... Boxx Transmitter ( 5Ghz and 2.8Ghz switchable) with AB mounts both sides. It can be powered from a Batt when sandwiched between the batt and camera? or you can power it via the 4 pin Hirose on the Tx via one of the power cables included which are: Hirose 4 pin to PRO- Vid/Pwr 4 pin Hirose 4 pin to Hirose 4 pin ( like on the rear of most Broadcast cameras) Hirose 4 pin to XLR4Male Hirose 4 pin to P Tap 3 palet style antennas The system also transmits audio although I never used this option. Comes with mini xlr 5 pin to standard XLR5Female ( for the audio out of some broadcast video cams also mini xlr 5 pin to standard headphone male jack Boxx receiver 5Ghz and 2.8Ghz switchable with 2 antennas AC Power supply 100V - 240V input 12 V output Power cable for AC power supply Breakout Multi Pin cable loom with component connectors, Audio left and right connectors and 4 pin XLR connector. ( I've never used the Multi Pin loom) The receiver can be powered via the AC power supply, or the Hirose 4 pin connector on the unit. you can use one of the above Hirose connectors to power the receiver and another or AB brick to power the Transmitter. I had Nebtek install a male side AB plate to one side of the receiver so you can attach it to the back of a monitor, etc.. but it is only there to mount it, not connected internally, I would guess you can install a receiver plate on the opposite side and have it wired like the transmitter so you could attach it behind a monitor and then add a Batt to it and power both, but that would be up to you. The receiver is powered thru it's 4 pin Hirose like the Tx unit. Price $950 shipped Priority via USPS to anywhere in the continental US. Outside of the US, Shipping is not included. Marshall 7" Monitor HD/SDI with Anton Bauer back I installed a Transvideo mounting bracket underneath so you can use it with the many monitor brackets out there that have spigots. Great shape, works great!. I only use this monitor indoors on studio live shows, so that's most of the life it's seen. It's not a Daylight bright model, but with a makeshift lens hood I've done well outside with it. Model #V-R70P-HDSDI with the Anton Bauer back and the Transvideo mounting bracket. $799 shipped in the continental US. XCS 2" CF Carbon Fibre Super Post with 8 pin Lemo SD PRO cable and PRO/GPI threaded ends. Comes in rigid canvas covered slip tube/case. $2400 includes shipping anywhere in the US. Pictured here with the Pro Lite lower stage and the Top stage and DB on it, None of those things are included. Only the Super post, cable, and shipping tube. No Docking Bracket, etc.. ZOE ZOOM Riser Works with ZOE eng zoom controls, the ENG-12 and ENG-8. When attaching it to my gimbal (XCS)I didn't want it to gouge the cover on the gimbal handle. I had one of these made to solve that problem. Used it for almost a year and then decided to have more made and have them anodized. Black Anodized Aluminum. Also helps stiffen the two threaded rods of the Zoe zoom controls. Makes for a nice snug fit. I use it on the XCS gimbal with the neoprene like sleeve. If your gimbal handle isn't as thick you may try wraping something around the area where this will rest. $55 shipped Silvera Tray This tray slides onto either a panasonic or Sony broadcast cameras' viewfinder dovetail after removing the finder. You can drill the base plate and screw down a Monitor, or velcro a transmitter/receiver to it ( terradek, canatrans, modulus, paralinx, etc..) lots of possibilities. $150 shipped. in the US Kino Flo Power Supply with 4- pin XLR connector. It operates with 120-230 AC Voltage, and draws 6.5 amps. As equipped, it converts 120V AC power to 12V DC power to operate the Kino Flo 12V ballast (#BAL-140X) using available AC power sources. One 12V Power Supply will run one 12V ballast, which can operate a single Kino Flo tube, in sizes 15" to 4'. Practically new, Retails at $294, selling for $120 shipped in the US. Transvideo Adapter slider plate. This Slider bracketcame with my HD6 monitor, it also fits on the Starlite 4" Monitor, Bolts onto the Transvideo monitors and has a sliding 1/4"-20 Brass insert and locking screw with large Transvideo nut. $65 shipped. BFD Run cable 11 pin fisher connector 26" Long $90 shipped Sony XC-57 B&W SD box Camera with PRO 4 pin Lemo Vid/Pwr cable Using this cable would power the unit, and feed it SD video from your sled. Uses C Mount lenses. great to place in a weight cage and practice your moves. $120 shipped ( Cable costs that ) NOS ( New old stock) Bolex Rubber Eyecup One is a bit dirty from being moved around for years. If you have a Bolex without a finder, you NEED this!!. $20 each shipped. Vintage Arriflex camera Lapel/Tie pins Brought these back from the factory in Munchen many many years ago. Will certainly start up a conversation ...(or stares..) at the next dress up function... ( SOC Lifetime achievement awards) $20 each shipped, take your pic)
  13. Transvideo CineMonitorHD6 SBL Evolution For Sale 6" SuperBright Monitor (1000 nits) HD/SD SDI in & out Lemo 8pin Connector (Power & SD Analog Video) User Framelines VirtualHorizon Bottom Slide Microfiber Bag Pelican Case Printed Documentation Recently had it checked out by Noel at Transvideo...it's in excellent condition. $3,000.00 If interested, please call or email. Thanks! Scott (213) 880-2550 scott.camera@mac.com
  14. Dear operators, good news! We made two new adapter kits for the 6" artemis ACT2 monitor bracket, which allows you to use the 7" SmallHD and the Cinetronic Gen.2 monitors with all versions of 6" artemis monitor brackets. So from now on, with just one monitor bracket you can use 3 different monitors. You can use any 6" Transvideo CineHD monitor with the 6" artemis ACT2 monitor bracket and by adding the right adapter kit, you can use also the 7" SmallHD or the Cinetronic Gen.2 monitor. Just have a quick look at the artemis web page to get more information. www.artemis-hd.com
  15. Hello everybody im looking to sell my Transvideo 6" Cinemonitor III (SuperBright) in very good conditions and a Pegasus Video Receiver (SD) from Transvideo incl. Antenna and Transvideo Handle with V-Mount Plate. + Modulus 3000 Transmitter + Power Cable for Modulus (AB/4pin Hirose) Located in Germany 600,00 EUR 832,20 USD excl. shipping feel free to make a offer for more informations or any pictures feel free to pn regards
  16. Hello everyone, Does anybody know if the Teradek Bolt Pro SDI will transmit LDS meta info from the Alexa wirelessly to a Transvideo monitor? Tethered it will display but curious what happens when a Bolt Pro is between. The latest version of the bolt pro v2.2.4 supports rec flags and timecode so I'm just curious if it will also transmit LDS. Any info or confirmation on is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  17. hey yall! I am looking to sell my very lightly used Transvideo 6" CineMonitor HD Classic Enhanced SuperBright (eSBL) with VirtualHorizon1. It has probably only spent 6 days on set. I purchased it in September 2013. The monitor is in mint condition, has low hours, and when not actually flying it remains covered with a microfiber bag (even when on the stand) and in the case. I am asking 4000, my original cost was about 4700. I absolutely love this monitor, the internal Virtual Horizon is terrific, and there are a lot of user functions that can be set to just a click away. The monitor brightness has a wide range and is over 1000 nits, various color temperatures, etc. You can view in classic green mode (great for bright sun), color, or black&white (my personal preference). Here is the full description on the Transvideo website http://www.transvideo.eu/store/CineMonitorHD6-eSBL-Classic I have all of the original materials. The 2-year warranty is still valid until September 2015. The reason for this sale is that I do a lot of work on the beach and am looking to purchase the new Transvideo X-SBL for just the extra edge when Im being blasted by the sun in Malibu. I have been in touch with Marianne Exbrayat at Transvideo and she has said that Transvideo will perform a quick check up to verify all functions, as well as load the latest software and firmware as necessary with no charge. I also have a few accessories for the monitor (pelican, transvideo bnc, pro mount) that I am willing to discuss as well. Feel free to call, text, email, or message me. Have a good one! brett. 404.408.5951 12@brettmayfield.com
  18. We are pleased to announce the arrival of Transvideo 6" Evolution3 X-SBL Enhanced monitor in our California office. The 6" Cinemonitor HD/SD Xtremely bright monitor is the brightest monitor available today with a backlight output of 2000 NITS. Of course it displays all HD standards. Transvideo anti-glare optical enhancement technology further reduces reflections and enhances contrast. The monitor can be set in 2 operating modes either for outdoor or indoor viewing. In Xtreme Bright mode, details in both the dark areas and highlights are maintained even in full sun without hood. Even when set in Xtreme bright mode, the power consumption remains very low (1.6Amp @ 12v). The basic price of the 6" CinemonitorHD X-SBL Evolution includes the Virtual Horizon2. The Virtual Horizon2 is the only electronic horizon featuring inertia/acceleration compensation and shock analyser. The sensitivity and direction are adjustable with 6 available renditions. The display can be moved anywhere on the screen. Inertia/shock compensation can be turned off. Transvideo new Cal-On-Tap is the fastest short-cut to zero calibrate the Horizon: once your rig is set, just tap on the screen or on the Transvideo logo. Cal-On-Tap can be turned off by the user. A complete family of Yokes, Bridges and Rods systems is available to fit most rigs. Contact us for a professional and friendly service! Marianne & Noel Tel: 818 985 4903 Marianne@Transvideointl.com Noel@Transvideointl.com
  19. I had the monitor checked out by Noel at Transvideo earlier this year and it's in perfect working condition. It comes with a deluxe hood, raincover, and a steadicam mounting bracket with integrated bubble level. $800 If interested, please email, text, or call. Thanks! Scott (213) 880-2550 scott.camera@mac.com
  20. Hi all, I'm selling my Transvideo Titan SD kit. Bulletproof. Still in great shape. The kit include: Titan Tx Titan Rx 2 x antennas 1 x extra long antenna 2 x Pro power cables 1 x power AL 1 x XLR to power cable Transvideo case Asking 400£, Shipping worldwide, Ship at buyer's cost
  21. Transvideo Rainbow II 6.5" SuperBright for sale, in good condition. Crisp, clear and high bright for the sunny days. I've used it on my Steadicam EFP and it have been great all time. What's included, * Transvideo Rainbow II, 6.5" SB monitor * Small Peli case No cabels included. I once had an original Transvideo-monitor mount but haven't been able to find it. I will continue to search for it. Give me an reasonable offer, buyer pays freight. Located in Stockholm, Sweden. Please e-mail me at, steadicam@gloration.com Cheers, TOMAS
  22. Hi all, I'm looking for a CineMonitorHD6 SBL Classic or Evolution. abramodelicio@gmail.com Thanks Abramo
  23. For Sale, Transvideo HD6 SBL (Equipped with A/B Back) $3,900. Interested parties, sales@tcsfilm.com
  24. Up for sale is a Modulus 3000 & Transvideo Hermes. Package is located in EU. Asking 750,- Euro 1 Modulus 3000 Transmitter (Sr# 6055) 1 Modulus Antenna 1 Modulus > GPI-PRO Cable Vid/Pwr 3 var. Modulus Pwr Cable 2 BNC Damper f. Modulus 1 Tansvideo Hermes Receiver (Sr# 1ES0411) 1 Transvideo Hermes Antenna
  25. Hi folks, so I sent my Cine IIIa SB in for some servicing with the good folks at Transvideo. Having some moderate fogging issues in summer heat, and was planning on getting a new anti-glare sheet installed. They're checking the glass and anti-fogging components etc. In any event, I've never seen one without the anti-glare. Stumbled on a pic some time ago and it seemed pretty mirror-like, but is there any benefit to NOT having the anti-glare on there? Just wondering which is the better config with this particular monitor. thanks in advance, Chris
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