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Found 1 result

  1. SCORPIO WIRELESS F+I+Z SYSTEM: Software v5.30 – ready for 3D NEW radio 1x F+I+Z handunit + spare antennas 15+ focus marking discs 1x F+I+Z motor controller + spare antennas + mounting brackets from SVS 1x Sony charger ACSQ-950D for NPF-NPQ batteries 2x Sony batteries NPFM-50 2x Sony battery NPQM-71 2x SCORPIO V-42 motors 1x SCOPRIO V-24 motor (lighter & smaller version from V-42, ideal for Iris motor) 3x Jerry Hill motor brackets (19mm with 15 and PV adapters) 4x gear rings for each motor 4x motor cables – 0,8m 2x motor cables – 1m 1x motor cable (cross wired) for 3D – 1m 1x 3D rig commande cable for RED 1x RED EPIC remote on/off cable 2x RED ONE/MX remote on/off cable 2x ARRIFLEX remote on/off cable (RS-3) 1x power cable 24v XLR-3/ARRI (RS-2) and Scorpio (T connected) 2x power cables D/Tap 1x power cable XLR-4 SPLIT (12v) 1x power cable XLR-4 1x power cable XLR-3 (24v) 2x power cable (open end) 1x power cable AATON (lemo-6 +split) 2x power cable PANAVISION (lemo-10) 1x power cable MOVIECAM (fischer-2 +split) 2x power cables for ARRI cameras (RS-3 connector) 2x command cables ARRI cameras (RS-3) 2x command cables ARRICAM (RS-3) 2x command cables ARRI (Fischer-11) 2x command cables ARRI 435-535-SR3-416 (fischer-9) 1x command cables AATON (lemo-8) 1x command cable AATON (lemo-6) 2x command cable PANAVISION (lemo-2) 1x command cable MOVIECAM (fischer-5 “sync” + fischer-2) 1x command cable MOVIECAM (fischer-5 “sync” + fischer-3) 1x command cable HD-CAM (Hirose-12) 1x command cable PRO-35 1x 10m remote command cable (back up cable if wireless fails to work) 1x SCORPIO adapter kit to read CineTape measured distance « on-screen » 1x SCORPIO MOTION GENERATOR kit : encoder + reader + belts (4m and 15m) + command cables (4m & 10m)​(*)​ 1x pelicase #1520 MANY SPARES AND BITS & PIECES WILL ALSO BE ADDED, all my stock PRICE: € 9000 ​(*) motion generator gives you this unique possibility to achieve "transtrav" shots, where you have to combine a zoom IN or OUT with a track OUT or IN, so that the background changes perspective while the foreground keeps exactly the same​. This is a UNIQUE item, the only other way to make this kind of shot possible is to use Motion Control rigs. I can ship worldwide, using FedEx, please ask for your quote, depending on your final destination. please contact direct my colleague: philpiron@gmail.com or realtoreel@skynet.be
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