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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I thought I would share with you a "one man band" rig designed for those like me, who like to use "enterprise" classic gear. I am not a steadicam operator. I did do a Steadicam EFP course in Los Angeles in around 1994 but after doing a few jobs, I quickly realised it was not my future. 30 years later, I still make films as my way to express myself and I want good gear to work with. My personal rig consists of: Red Epic MX Angenieux 24-70mm 2.8f Redrock Micro with Thumbwheel Heden M26VE zhiyun crane 3s zhiyun powerpack zhiyun easysling handle Smallrig zhiyun crane 3s arms and handles SoundDevices 302 mixer 2x Micron Explorer Radio receivers Manfrotto 123 rotule Aigle Concorde Arm & Vest. I had been using the Aigle concorde rig with the above kit (except the zhiyun crane 3s) for a bit with disappointing results. Aigle concorde is an excellent solution for the price with its elastic band arm (I really do recommend it for thos looking an affordable professional rig); I want to shoot at 50mm and with my talents, the rig was all over the place. So eventually, I thought maybe a gimbal would be better suited to my needs and abilities (which are very basic). The rig weighs on the arm about 12kgs, which is starting to be heavy for me .The gimbal is not rock solid stable at 50mm, but it is hundred times better than my classic efforts without it. A post prod image stabiliser locks it off perfectly. The secret is the Manfrotto 123 Rotule which allows me to take the gimbal on and off. Without the ability to angle the female socket, it is impossible to take the rig off the arm. (See attached pictures) PROS of rig Good weight distribution Bounce reduction & stable image for classic tracking shots Ability to do Don Juan with a gimbal Easy to un mount rig on a table CONS Rig height is high Heavy Gimbal consumes batteries very, very quickly Red Epic MX is at the higher end of the zhiyun crane 3s capacity so fragile. I wouldn't do any of those crazy camera moves you see on youtube with it. Cannot see how to easily do low or mid mode. Note: dangeling cables do affect the gimbal a lot. They made my gimbal nod as I walked. These gimbals don't offer cable / power management features for big cameras. This rig does not replace someone who is trained and knows what they are doing, but could inspire those looking for a personal, relatively low cost solution.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Canon 750D which I use to film short films. I'm relatively new to the world of DSLR's and noticed that my camera was very shaky, to the point where some footage is almost unusable despite the fact I used a shoulder rig. I looked into getting a gimbal after seeing how effective my friends one was, but even though my camera and lens combination was in the weight limit, I couldn't get the gimbal to balance and had to send it back. I think I couldn't balance it because my lens was weighed more than my camera. My camera weighs 604g and my lens of choice (a Sigma 18-35mm) weighs 842g. I spent more than £600 on that lens recently and love the look of it, so I don't really want to change it. Does anyone know a combination that would work with my Canon 750D and Sigma lens? I was looking at a Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Gimbal but am hesitant about spending so much money in case I can't get a refund. Also, can someone tell me if I need a gimbal, could a steadicam or glidecam act as a cheaper alternative? All I'm really looking for is a perfectly smooth image, I'd rather have something portable and handheld too. Thank you!
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