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Found 2 results

  1. I'm looking for a post extension for my A30 arm for my zephyr. I know they make these for the heavier weight arms but I haven't seen anything for the Zephyr. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, although I´ve been working very successfully with my Glidecam HD2000 (FS700+7Q), I´ve really big problems starting with my Alexa on my new Zephyr rig. Actual state: The down rigged Alexa Classic is about 16-17lbs (7-9kg). I use 2 V-Mounts for sled weights with the optional small dove tail, static and dynamic balance is very well, drop time about 2 sec. The zephyr arm was changed to the new A30 from Tiffen while purchase, the vest fits perfectly, no shoulder space here. Unfortunately there are no Steadicam workshops in middle europe, so I haven't visited one. I already ordered the operators handbook, I watched all YT tutorials (Ted Churchill is a god!) out there and I read lots of topics in here. I know, yes, there is lot of practice needed and can´t be learned in weeks, but with my huge experience with the Glidecam, the basic sled balancing is not the point. I am an absolutely newbie working with an vest+arm! My problem is now: The shots are not floating, nearly every step is visible, by walking normally, missionary. No vibrations here, the post is as short as possible for both balancing types successfully done. I use the arm goofy now, but I tried it regular as well with no improvement in the result. So, some basic questions concerning the arm are still open, maybe one of you can help me here fixing my problem: 1) I know that the gimbal hand should touch the post very slightly, so I do. (like i did on the Glidecam) But what about the other hand? Should it touch the gimbal handle also just slightly or is it better to hold it more stronger, to avoid transferring steps to the sled? 2) All the basic sled stabilization should be done by my body. So if I walked down a line (missionary), touching the gimbal+handle with my hands is not necessary - is that right? The hands are just for directing and lifting the sled, but only if needed? 3) The Zephyr operation manual tells me to setup the arms about 5-10° up horizontal. But what about the weight with e.g. Alexa? Would it be better if I set the arm down for less stiffness with the heavy Alexa? What is the best arm setup for slow following/walking shots? 4) The Zephyr operation manual tells me to set the side crews on the arm socket differently on the top and bottom. If I just turned the bottom screw all the way in and leave the upper screw a bit out, is the arm&sled&cam still secure? What about the rollers, how should they be set for using an Alexa/16lbs? All in or out? (Maybe there is an experienced operator, who can tell me this in german, the operation manual is really written dizzily in this point...) and: 5) If somebody knows: Is there a hot swap available with the Alexa by using the small dove tail (V-Mount)? If yes, how to plug?? What is the 1/2 switch for? Thanks a lot for any help, I´d really appreciate. I don´t know any operator (with a similar rig) in my area for asking directly. I swear I practise every free minute, but these points above really make me mad... Cheers, Paul Austria
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