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Found 6 results

  1. WTB - Actionproducts rebel arm heavy load spring cores (55lb or 75 lb). (The ones I have are up to 44lb.).
  2. RED Edition ActionCam for sale with all original parts. Just serviced and cleaned. Great condition. - Zero-g Arm - RED Edition Sled - Back Mounted 50 lb Vest - Dovetail Plate - RED ONE power cable - Includes wheeled Explorer case for arm & hardware (no case for the vest) Looking for $9500 OBO Higher Rez Pics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sov9u70sjexuqlj/IMG_2620.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z6pb7encpteefb2/IMG_2627.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/71hkm2mn48ln3o5/IMG_2590.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/olivd89vpd0au7s/IMG_2591.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbqzzlnih40xeyc/IMG_2597.jpg?dl=0
  3. Hi guys, So has anyone tried and compared these vests : Walter Klassen, ActionCam Back Mounted 100lb vest, Exovest backmounted. The Exovest is a front and back mounted vest I guess, but in this case I wanted to know how is the experience with it when backmounted. Thanks! Vahe
  4. Hello to the forum, I have been reading trough a lot of posts, so I will try not to be repetitive. I am a cinematography student from germany in his 5th year and just getting interested in the topic, have experience in handling all kind of cameras of course (35, 16, Red, Alexa, DSLR, BMCC, EX3 etc.) but no experience what so ever handling any kind of stabilizing equipment. I understand that I would be good to read some books, take a workshop (or several) to aquire some basic knowledge and getting closer to the topic. I am planing to do that (just ordered the Steadicam Operator's Handbook). But in the meantime, steadicam workshops in germany are a little rare, I love to research about a possible model for me to get in the future (I tend to do that with all my equipment as many others do, too i guess). So you understand, I would like to work my way into it smoothly, learn, do student projects, learn, not necessarily jump fully into it as a fulltime career plan (So, I know it is too early but I would like to ask your advise anyway). I would like to get some help about what things to consider..or better, which things to take more in consideration than others, not generally ("search button"). I will get more specific. First thing for me was the amount of weight I can fly and the money I think I could invest right now....that lead to (still thinking about it) the Zephyr. Some good comments about it in the forum. Although I'm convinced that new cameras in the future will tend to be lighter than the actual Alexa (Amira, F5/55, Epic, C500 and their successors) I feel uncomfortable about the actual Alexa reaching easily the limits of that system (going along with powering issues due to the electronics inside the pole of the Zephyr, right). Since there is no way to update the Zephyr I also understand that it is a system one would buy and then sell to update (good Idea or not, seems to sell quite well). Also, I don't like the fact that the Zephyr is made in the US which makes service and maintainance more complicated for me (If somebody knows how far the service of german distributor betz-tools goes, I would like to hear about that). It has a front mount. Opinions about front or back mount seam to depend a lot on personal taste? That lead me to swiss actioncam. They offer the Raptor system for a similar price. It flies more weight (up to 38lbs with additional spring set, suppose one can change them himself?). I understood that It has no electronics in the pole so you can run any kind of cable through it. It is modular and updatable. It has a back mount vest. It is made in Switzerland, just about 3 hours from my city. Then again, there is nothing to be found about that system in this forum (almost) or the entire Internet. I don't know to what extend it is considered professional. If somebody has some experience with that system I would love to hear about it (especially regarding my consideration points). Maybe some folks from europe know about or have tried it? So, I already hid some questions in the text:) I would like to know from you how important you value your brands being in the states for service. I supposed that the lack of information about the actioncam products is partly due to that (and It's pretty new?) I would like to know what you think how important is how much weight the system can fly in terms of qualitiy. I suppose that, although I can fly an all-equipt Alexa with the Actioncam Raptor, I will experience some limitations in comparison with bigger systems (Pro ect., you guys often recommand looking for a used "big" system instead of buying a cheap new one). I also spoke with a co-student who has owned a pilot, owns an archer know and told me to stay away from "no-names". Obviously there can be great differences in all parts of the system but how can I identify bad quality? Even trying it out I can't since I'm a newbee...and then maybe it's the workshop:) I would like to know if you think my considerations make sense or if I'm missing some big part of the picture. Thanks for listening.
  5. My ActionCam Red-edition is for sale. I bought it and have never used it other than putting it together when I first bought it. I bought it because I had extra money at the time and was going to use it for a project that went away. I am asking 10K. I have attached some pics and the arm is 11-44lbs. Thanks Eric
  6. Are you looking for a good place to learn and improve your Steadicam Skills? Lukas Franz, one of the best swiss Steadicam Operators teaches you in small groups of 4 to 8 people how the get the best out of your favorite tool. Creative Docks is the leading provider of film workshops in Switzerland and makes sure that the events are always on the best level possible. Do you want to have an insight on how these workshops look? Check out this video: http://vimeo.com/46248178 For more informations and tickets visit: creative-docks.com Next dates: 16th March 2013 (Basics) 4th May 2013 (Basics) 5th May 2013 (Advanced) We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our workshop soon!
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