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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Katy Most I’m a Camera Operator/DP and just recently started to fly Steadicam. I love this wonderful tool, since it adds so much flexibility and creativity to your work! Recently, I had to shoot a campaign for a clothing collection for a client of mine. I had an old Flyer with a Canon 5D available for the shoot, but it didn’t have any transmitter in place. I was in need of providing a monitor for the client and the director. So, I started my search for the best available option. My research led me to so many interesting discoveries. There are many options in the market nowadays and most of these professional’s solutions are very expensive. I looked at products like IDX CW-5HD Cam Wave HD Wireless Transmitter / Receiver System and Paralinx Arrow HD Wireless Kit and Teradek Bolt Pro TX+RX Wireless HD-SDI Video Transmitter... and AbelCine Wireless Video Solution :: Wireless Transmitters :: Studio on the low cost side. But, the power solution with my Flyer and Canon 5D wasn’t the easiest to figure out. Anyway, The Steadicam guys from Tiffen who are always amazing, suggested to me that I look up the IDX new CW-1 Wireless HDMI Type Video Transmission System. This was good advice since it is a reliable, compact and affordable, option. I decided to follow their advice and check the system out. I own IDX batteries and chargers and I love them, so this company was already familiar to me. Anyway, cut to the chase, this IDX CW-1 transmitter and receiver system delivers crystal clear images between 30-328ft and transmits uncompressed full HD 1920x1080type. I found this system to be vey reliable. We were shooting in numerous locations near Marina Del Ray and on a yacht and this system worked perfectly. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it takes around 1 min. to catch the signal again if you turn it off. Here is a fast overview of how I used this system on set with my particular setup: 1. We didn’t have a Blackmagic downconverter and since Canon 5D doesn’t output two signals simultaneously while recording we used this system as a fast and reliable playback right after we finished the shot. I was operating and it gave me flexibility to review the shot before moving forward. 2. Mini HDMI cable went from the camera to regular HDMI to the transmitter (it was unplugged during the shot). The receiver through HDMI cable was connected to the Director’s monitor, which received the signal from the camera. There are many options that you could choose from while using this system. For example, you can use a Blackmagic downconverter. From there, one BNC cable to the sled and one HDMI cable to the the CW-1 transmitter, is a configuration you can choose. If you have an HD monitor on your sled, you can set up your transmitter on there and you wouldn’t need the Blackmagic downconverter. You can just run the cable from Canon 5D to the sled and from your Sled’s HD monitor run the HDMI cable to the transmitter. Also, if you have cameras that output multiple signals then this system is very affordable and easy to use. Anyway, I would like to hear your stories about your set ups and what transmitters you used etc. As well, maybe I wasn’t familiar with other options that I could use in that situation. I would like to hear about your choices, too. I hope the expereince I have described here in this article will be useful to other DP/Operators and we can dig deeper into the issues and find helpful solutions for each other.
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