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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, As you have probably seen, Anton/Bauer introduced the new XT90 Gold Mount battery at CineGear on Friday, June 1st. With the development of this new battery, Anton/Bauer will be phasing out the DIONIC HC battery. This is because the new XT90 is physically smaller than the HC (minutely), weighs the same and has a longer cycle life (1500+ cycles). We will have a very limited number of DIONIC HC's left over the next 2-3 months, so I wanted to make everyone aware of that and also offer you some special pricing to purchase them. List $550.00 each Steadicam Price $385.00 each If you wish to purchase any of the HC's, please contact Jeffrey Prushko at Jeffrey.prushko@vitecgroup.com Thank you. Paul Dudeck
  2. Hi Guys, Its that time of year again when we need to clean out our BStock inventory of DIONIC HC batteries. We have quite a few of these. List Price is $550.00 and the BStock price is $412.00 each. Please email me directly at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com Happy Holidays! Regards, Paul Dudeck
  3. Hi Everyone, We have a bunch of BStock Anton/Bauer chargers available for sale. Here is a sampling of what we currently have: T2 $579.15 each QUAD 2702 $900.00 each TM4 $966.00 each TWQ $600.00 each DUAL 2722 $650.00 each Please email me at paul.Dudeck@Vitecgroup.com with any questions or to place an order. Thank you. Paul Dudeck
  4. Hi Guys, We have some BStock/Demo stock that we are selling at discounts from 35-50% off list price. We have OConnor tripods (2065's and 1030's, sorry, no 2575's), Anton/Bauer TM4 chargers, Litepanels 1x1's and the new ASTRA's and Vinten and Sachtler tripods available. Here is a sample of what we have: OConnor 1030D Package 45% off List OConnor 1030DS Package 45% off List OConnor O-Grips 50% off List Oconnor O-Boxes 50% off List Oconnor O-Focus 50% off List Anton/Bauer TM4 chargers for $900.00 each If you are looking to buy something used, please feel free to email me and I will see if we have it available. I have too many things available to list here. Please email me at paul.dudeck@Vitecgroup.com Thank you. Paul D
  5. Hi Everyone, For those of you who came to CineGear this past weekend, I hope you had a chance to stop by and see the new XCELL batteries that Anton/Bauer was showing. These new batteries will come in 90wh, 150wh and 190wh and will be available sometime around September/October. As always, they are fully backwards compatible with any charger that you have that charges the DIONIC series of batteries. A chip upgrade may be necessary, but not a whole new charger! The XCELL batteries are made of carbon fiber and will only come in one physical size. Because we stack the cells differently internally, we are able to use the same exact footprint for a 90, 150 or 190wh battery, with only a slight variance in weight. List price will be somewhere between USD$450.00 and $499.00. Stay tuned for more information.... Paul D
  6. Curt Schaller will be in NYC June 11, 12 and 13th He has a very interesting and new Artemis Stabilizer system with him, something very new and very different. This was shown at CineGear also. The Gear will be at TCS Rental from on June 12 for testing. Please let us know if you are able to come and play around with the gear. He will also be there Friday, June 13th. Curt would like to have dinner with anyone who is available. Is June 11 or 12 better? And what would be a good place to meet up? Please let Curt know if you will come to TCS and your availability for dinner. Curt Schaller artemis_info@me.com curt.schaller@vitecgroup.com Mobile: +49 171 62 38 240 Thank you. Paul D
  7. I have two Anton/Bauer Dionic 90's for sale. I bought these in 2011, and they're still going strong. I store my batteries on the charger to prolong shelf life. Make me an offer for one or both. I'm located in Los Angeles. Alanjrencher@gmail.com
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