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Found 24 results

  1. I am selling a complete Steadicam kit with a LX Vest, G-50X Arm, and a heavily modified Archer Sled. Complete kit for $13,000 OBO. Available near Times Square in Manhattan NY. Everything is in good working condition, this is a great starter kit! - It is complete with all basic accessories. Major Components: -Steadicam LX Vest -G-50X Arm (Label says G50, but bearings were upgraded) -Heavily Modified Archer Sled (Internal HD Wiring, 12/24v Selector, Sled base is modified-see photos, adjustable battery position ) Accessories: -Tv Logic Monitor -4 IDX V-Mount Batteries -V-Mount 2-Battery Charger -Low Mode Bracket -F Bracket for Low Mode -Docking Bracket -Sony VCT Quick Release Plate -Assorted Cables and small Tools (see photos) -Assorted bolts, zip ties, replacement BNC connectors (see photos) -Practice Weight Cage -Two large cases that fit entire kit Feel free to message me with any inquiries!
  2. Selling my Archer 1 SE sled, 7” TV Logic monitor & extras. The sled is in good condition, I’m the second owner. Gimbal works perfectly. Sled converted to V lock by Optical Support and has an HD-SDI line. SE model has a tilting top stage. TV Logic 7” LVM071W with mounting screws. Monitor is in well-used condition but still works fine. There’s a very thin line across the screen when on (never been an issue for me). Other extras included is a Tiffen low mode bracket and Zalex longplate with hardware. Included - Archer 1 SE sled - Docking bracket - Archer dovetail plate - Zalex longplate with hardware - TV Logic LVM071W 7” monitor (with mounting screws & washers). It has a very thin line across the screen when on. - 1 x camera power cable (lemo – 4 pin XLR) - 1 x short BNC - 1 x flyweight BNC - 5/32 T handle allen key - Tiffen low mode bracket - Transvideo Titan TX & RX + cables (never used it, came with it when I bought the kit. Might be useful to someone.) - Archer 1 Manual £3800 ono Based in Bristol, UK. Can post at buyers cost.
  3. Considering selling my lovely Archer2 with x-upgraded g50 arm. No faults, everything works and in great condition. Archer 2 sled g50 x-upgraded arm, fresh from big service TVlogic monitor and new bracket c-stand & docking 4x 190wh batteries + IDX 4ch charger Zoom/focus 2x HPRC2760w All you need of cables, tally etc. no vest, DM for info, questions or making an offer
  4. Hey Everyone! Selling my Archer2 VOLT and G50x Arm. I just got it back from Tiffen Service and everything’s been tuned up and polished. Running real smooth. - Tiffen Archer2 Steadicam SLED (V-MOUNT) -Foldable Design for Compact Storage and Travel -Integrated Tilt Stage (Still useful even with a VOLT!) -Original Gimbal handle and housing included (In case you want to take off the VOLT) -Archer2 Steadicam Plate w/ Hardware - Tiffen Steadicam VOLT - Horizon Assist -VOLT Power Cables included -Archer2 VOLT Blue Whale Tool included -Control Box has been updated to the latest Firmware by Tiffen - Archer2 VOLT Padded Docking Bracket (Original Archer2 Dock Included) - Tiffen Accessory 3RD BATTERY V-MOUNT Plate (Dovetail system on bottom) - 7” Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI - Tiffen Universal Monitor Mount (I used this for smallHD 703) - BRAND NEW - Original Archer2 Monitor Bracket - Archer2 Mounting Plate w/ Screws - Tiffen G50x ARM - Standard Arm Post - Low Mode Bracket - Archer2 STEADICAM CASE - Fits Sled+Arm+Vest or Accessories - 2x Monitor Power Cables 8-pin Lemo to 4-pin XLR (1 Original, 1 Custom Rencher Industries) - 3x 12v Power Cables 3-pin Lemo to 4-pin XLR - 8-pin Lemo to 2-pin Lemo Monitor Power Cable (smallHD 703 compatible by Rencher) - Motorized Stage Remote (Volt Upgrade Nullifies the Motorized Stage) Minor cosmetic scratches here and there but overall taken care of extremely well. $25,500 Buyer pays shipping If you have any questions at all, or wanna see something in specific, fell free to reach out! Thanks! -Joe jblodgett77@gmail.com
  5. Hello fellow Steadipeople! I once saw that Chris Fawcett has a longer plate for his Archer2 and asked him where he got it. Turns out he had it made by a local machinist. Then I saw that Peter Abrahm made the "Zalex Long Plate" and was amazed to find what I need. Unfortunately it's not meant for my dwarf top stage. (also an Archer2) Even though there is a way to use it on my stage I wanted a solution that really fits. So I decided to remember my classes on mechanical design and do one myself. Now my questions to you are: Does anybody else want something like this? Do you have suggestions or improvements to the original design? Status right now: Basic design complete. (Safety pins still missing) Lenght 42cm/16.5in Same hole pattern as the standard plate. (This plate should also fit Zephyr/Clipper/Aero?) https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesteadicamgroup/permalink/10154392148416629/
  6. I am curious to hear opinions on the Steadicam Archer - (not the Archer 2) I am looking to purchase my first serious rig and I am trying to determine if this one would be a good investment. It comes with the G50X arm and LX vest. Modifications would include HD wiring and 12/24v selector. My questions are: -is this rig still 'current' enough to start a career as a steadicam op with (in NYC)? -are there any known drawbacks or cons to the Archer rig? Or any notable pros or benefits? -any other considerations or thoughts on this rig in general? Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated. I am limited in what I can afford at this point, but I want to make sure I am investing in something that will allow me to create some momentum for myself, and that wont be a hinderance due to being old or outdated. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi guys and gals, Selling my Archer2 SE system. It's the only Archer with factory-added Lemo3 power ports at the top stage, factory-deleted docking ring with Hill dock, and small custom sled-only case. This is the most compact, lightest weight, and most affordable VOLT-compatible rig available. SE sled with remote control stage motors, super-clean G50x arm, and lightly modified LX vest. Offered with a cache of cables, a bunch of brackets & backups, plus cases for the whole lot. Ready to go on a shoot today. One fastidious owner, check out the 65+ detail images on dropbox: https://bit.ly/2SoJA5j Here's a PDF list of what's included, PLUS a bunch of other accessories that I'll sell separately if the system buyer doesn't need them: https://bit.ly/2XXYPY3 Hoping to sell the full kit to someone looking for everything, but willing to go ala carte if the sled goes first. Located in Los Angeles, willing to show anytime, or it can be set up at Tiffen, Burbank for all to scrutinize at your convenience. Buyer pays necessary shipping. Asking $32,000 for the complete system, competitive offers considered. Email me at Steadicam@EBcamera.com with any questions or for more info. Good luck to everyone shopping for their next rig! -Evan
  8. Hello, I have a Steadicam archer 2 with the g-50x arm and I would like to know if someone wit this same equipment has used it with the Alexa LF. Also, does anyone have experience powering the Alexa with the 24 volt sled? Thank you Julio
  9. Tiffen – Steadicam – Archer 2 – For Sale I am selling my rig because I am no longer doing Steadicam for a living. Focusing on that underwater stuff these days. Complete Kit - $19,000.00 (I do not want to part it out, it goes complete) Pick-Up in Los Angeles (15 minutes South of LAX) Buyer Pays For Shipping if needed The whole rig was serviced in Fall of 2015. It has only been used 5 days since the service. Main Components -Archer 2 Sled with camera plate, Anton Bauer battery mounts, Non-Motorized tilting stage. 12V or 24V output (Also providing V-Lock mount plate so you can convert the sled if needed) -Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI Monitor -G50 Arm (full upgrade done by Tiffen) -LX Vest -Thermodyne Case that will hold vest, arm, sled and accessories for travel Accessories - Jerry Hill Docking Bracket with standard and low mode brackets - Standard Steadicam Docking Bracket that came with Archer 2 - Low Mode F Bracket - Low Mode Camera Bracket - Low Mode Camera Cage - Double V Lock Battery Plate for sled to replace with Anton Bauer (if desired) - Turtle Stand with transport bag - Original 7” SD Monitor with Yoke that came with Archer 2 - Turtle Styled C-stand - 2 Hex wrenches for vest - Jerry Hill Standby Cover - Anton Bauer 4 pin Snap On Plate-XLR 8165-0101 - 6” Post (total length from end to end) - 3 1 lb. weights for sled - 1 5lb. weight for camera - Steadicam WHM-BG Artificial Horizon Module - Camera Essentials Cable pouch - Assorted screws for plate, weights, sled and gimbal - 3 short BNC cables - 3 3 pin Lemo to 4 pin female XLRF cables (12V Power) - Tiffen 3-pin 12 “Y” cable (so you power horizon module and monitor) - Arriflex to Modulus 24V cable - Tiffen 6 Pin Lemo to a 3 pin Lemo cable - 3 Pin Lemo to 2 Pin Lemo cable - 2 Extra Vest Buckles
  10. James Marin

    WTB Archer2

    Is there anyone out there interested in selling their Archer2 sled? Would love to take it off your hands!
  11. I haven't used this rig since I upgraded last year, but its served me well over the last couple of years. I've upgraded the rig to have two HD lines, plus 2pin lemo and d-tap power at the base of the sled. It's a fantastic light weight rig that will fly a DLSR to an Alexa, this would be an awesome package for someone starting out or looking for a medium weight rig. Contact me on timotawalsh@gmail.com for prices, I would prefer to sell the kit as a whole but will take offers for individual items. Kit located in Sydney, Australia, buyer pays shipping. Cheers Tim Walsh +61(0)420783514 In the kit: •Steadicam Archer(+Steadicam Case). •Tiffen G-50 Arm. •Steadicam Vest(+Steadicam Case). •Dp7 ultra bright monitor. •Jerry Hill archer docking bracket. •4 x idx batteries and duel charger. •2x archer camera plates. •CamTec Alexa to Archer plate. •Paralinx Arrow 1:1 kit HDMI/SDI kit(plus 2pin,3pin,dtap,usbpwr and batteries). •MKV weight cage. •Plus cables +Stand
  12. I'm selling my Steadicam Archer 1 kit (I bought it off James Davies via this forum a little under two years ago). I’ve been using this rig for two years now, its handled everything from c300’s to Alexa builds and I’ve really loved it - I am selling due to upgrading to a bigger rig. The rig is based in London. This is a really well looked after setup with many modifications for HD use. The arm has had an X-upgrade with Tiffen USA and works beautifully. You won’t need to service or invest any extra money in to this kit for some time. Ready to go with many accessories. This is a fantastic Steadicam Archer kit. The reputable Optical Support and Tiffen International have carried out all modifications and services since new and it had been serviced regularly. ASKING PRICE: £10,500 (O.I.R.O) No Vat. SLED: Steadicam Archer Sled serviced regularly and exclusively by Optical Support London, all modifications carried out by Optical Support London. Modifications as follows: • HD BNC connections fitted top and bottom to replace standard HD Lemo connectors feeding into the HD line within the post. • SWIT 8.4 inch HD monitor with V-lock battery plate and fitted with custom monitor yoke. • Top-stage nose replaced with Preston MDR mount plus adaptor that converts the MDR mount to a flat-mounting plate. A 3/8th captive screw included allowing you to mount alternative LCS receivers such as the Preston single-channel receiver also. • Machined top-stage lever to allow superior clamping and a more solid locking mechanism than the standard lever offered. • Tapered bayonet “Pro-style” bung fitted inside the locking mechanism of the folding lower section. This stiffens up the whole lower assembly of the sled and provides a more positive connection than standard and allows the two sections to actually be mated together as well as being clamped down by a threaded lock-ring. ARM: G50 with X-upgrade from Tiffen USA. This is basically a G50X arm now. The upgrade included the replacement with all new mechanisms and bearings throughout the arm I also had the arm serviced about two months ago. Rain Cover included. VEST: Standard LX Vest, no modifications, good condition. ACCESSORIES / BRACKETS: • Tiffen Dovetail • Tiffen Universal Low-mode Bracket • Tiffen low mode F-bracket • Baer-Bel Dovetail with rail mounts front and back • Baer-Bel Cat Griller bracket for Archer/Zephyr • Facilitates speedy swaps between steadicam/sticks without removing Steadicam dovetail • Various 3/8 inch Screws • Tiffen Docking bracket with quick-release pin • Basic tool kit including: T-handle Allen key for adjusting Vest Socket block and gimbal Allen key and t-handle screwdriver for attaching dovetails POWER: • 4 x Pag L95 V-lock batteries • 1 x IDX 2-way V-Lock Freelancer charger CABLES: • 1 x 3-pin Lemo to 4-pin XLR Power Cable • 1 x Red One Power Cable • 1 x 2B to 1B Red Power Adaptor Cable • 2 x BNC Cables CASES: • 1 x Thermodyne case • 1 x Pelican 1650 case (slight crack and chip but only cosmetic) Please note that the standard Steadicam docking bracket will be supplied. The pictures contain the Jerry Hill docking brackets with associated rings and American Grip stand that is not included. So if you’re interested please get in touch. Its a great rig, thats ready to go straight out the case. Cheers Andrew www.steadicambainbridge.com
  13. Hey there, Since I didn't want to crash the Ultra 2 centering party thread, I thought I'd start my own and hope people can help me over here as well. I have the Archer 1 which has for some reason decided it wants to go off level both in tilt and in roll after I static balance and then rotate through 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Since there are no adjusting screws on the yoke like on the Archer 2 or U2 gimbal, the UK factory is too far away for a quick fixing and my steadicam repair guy's workshop is currently closed, I'm a bit clueless as to what I could do until my next shoot tomorrow evening. Any ideas anyone? Thanks a bunch!
  14. Hello guys! I am selling my beloved Zephyr. I'm a cinematographer based in Berlin, Germany. I tried to learn the craft for one year but realized that I just don't have the time and dedication that it takes. So I had to be honest with myself, I'm letting my rig go to a person who can make more use of it. When I bought it, it was one year old and had little use (another cinematographer:). I used it for one year, only for (ocasional:S) practising and one short film project. The HD-monitor, the V-Mount Battery and charger, the Low Mode Bracket and the Custom Gimbal Grip I bought new myself and they are only one year old in total. The package I'm selling includes: Zephyr Sled System Camera Mounting Dovetail Plate 1/4-20 Camera Mounting Screw 3/8-16 Camera Mounting Screw 2 Section Post System Low Friction Gimbal Custom Gimbal Grip by Frederic Sturm Zephyr Arm System 7“ FM-073SCH 1100nit Bon HD monitor with bracket and cables (HDMI and SDI input, Auto/Manual Flip, False Color, Vectorscope, Waveform, Focus assist, Audio Meter, Pixel to Pixel, H/V Level Meters, great monitor!!) 12V V-Battery Mount Original SD monitor Zephyr with cables Counter Weights (x4) Middle Counter Weights (x4) Docking Bracket Low Mode Bracket Amercian Grip Stand (no Sandbags needed) BNC to RCA Adaptor RCA to BNC Adaptor 7" BNC Video Cable 12 Volt Power Cable Operating Manual Hard Case w/ Wheels Decimator Version 2 with cables Global Media Pro Li190BS V-Mount Battery (190Wh, Power Limit 105W, can be separated into two traveling-friendly 95Wh parts) Global Media SCA2S 2-channel V-Mount Charger custom made weight plate (to use the Zephyr with a light DSLR) custom made hard mount for rigging a car etc I paid 7400 Euros for the basic one year old SD Zephyr, the V-Mount Battery and charger is 650 new, the monitor 1900, custom Grip+weight plate+Low Mode Bracket+hard mount = 10300 Euros. I am asking 9000 Euros for the whole package! It comes with everyting that is needed to start out. If you don't have it already, I can also throw in the Steadicam Operator's Handbook. Since I`ve only had bad experiences with shipping sensitive equipment, I would like to sell this inside germany or at least europe and organize a personal handover. If you need any info or more photos, feel free to ask.
  15. Hey everyone, It's been 6 months that I bought my steadicam zephyr and very happy with it. I got all the accessories needed to fly heavy cameras but I don't want to stress the system beyond it's capacity (the rig is still new!). So I'm searching for a used big rig, in a good condition and a reasonable price. I'm willing to pay some extra cash on top of the trade as well. Let me know if anyone has something for sale. Thx Chris
  16. Hey all! After a few years testing the water of operating with a 'learner rig' I have reached the point where it's time to dive in and do things properly, and invest in a 'proper' rig. The last couple of jobs I've been on have been a bit too much for my current gear so in order to keep progressing I need to move on up. I have the opportunity of acquiring second hand either an Archer2 or a Clipper2 for the same price and would love some advice from you guys on which would be the better option from your experience relating to operating, flexibility, performance, reliability, etc etc! As far as my operating level goes, I'm in the film world and have been working with dSLRs and also the Red Epic on an increasing number of shoots. I would also like to be able to handle an Alexa as some of my contacts will be using one later this year and have asked if I can fly one and it would open up a new area of operating for me. I was considering a Zephyr but it wont really handle an Alexa and think if I keep progressing I will grow out of it pretty quickly. I was thinking of getting an old Flyer for dSLR work when I can afford it but the immediate need is to upgrade the primary rig as my old one finally gave up the ghost on the last shoot haha. Cheers in advance for your help! rups
  17. This is a complete system including sled, arm, and vest. It’s almost identical to the current package sold by Tiffen/Steadicam ($24,990.00). http://www.tiffen.com/videoarcher.html I’d still say (after 5 years of owning this system) that it offers the best capabilities for the price. You’ll be able to fly just about everything you’ll encounter for the better part of your career (Red, Alexa, some 35mm setups too), and it all fits in one case for getting around easily and flying as well. This system has seen plenty of use, but I have always taken EXTREMELY good care of it. I’ve made some upgrades along the way (noted below), and I’m throwing in some extras too! Here’s the breakdown: Sled - Archer2 Multiple dedicated HD lines through extendable post, lots of battery/monitor configurations, V-Mount SD Tifffen Monitor - Nothing fancy but works great for SD, fairly bright, frame line generator. Upgraded to allow the gimbal to be removed for cleaning or replacement if desired. Arm - G-40 with X upgrade. Effectively the same as the new G50X arms, just no “ride” control. I maxed out this arm at about 53lbs (33lbs of camera weight), and it still performed beautifully. Smoother than most brand new G50X arms I’ve tried. Vest - Standard LX Vest Added backstraps, which add quite a bit of rigidity to the vest. Modified front spar to allow for lower socket block placement, and for easy goofy/standard switching. This can be switched back to stock if needed. Swapped out crappy plastic wing nuts with stainless steel screws in socket block. Cables Steadicam monitor cable - power and signal in one cable. Lemo to 4-pin XLR, to power cameras off the top stage. Batteries (4) 150 Whr Li-ion - 2 of these power the SD monitor for 2 days! (1) 2-Position Fast Charger (1) Portable Slower Charger Extras Marshall Monitor - LCD70 w/v-mount and 3GSDI Of course, all the standard accessories in photos are included. Complete package for $21,500.
  18. Hi guys! I'm looking for a Steadicam Archer 2. Primarily just looking for the sled and arm, but if you have a package it could be interesting. Best, Peder Torp Mathisen
  20. Hey everyone, My first time posting in the forum. Looking for any second hand Archer Steadicam Rigs to be used here for live TV in Australia. If you, or you know anyone looking to sell please reply. I am also heading to LA in December so if anyone in the States are looking to sell, would be great to meet up and test a rig.
  21. Hey everyone, I'll introduce myself, my name is Christopher Kechichian from Lebanon, 3rd year undergraduate student in Audio Visual. I've been operating for 3 years now on lightweight rigs and looking to upgrade my cart. I'm tight on budget that's why I'm looking for a good used system. I need a complete Steadicam Archer 2 system (vest-arm-sled). Please let me know if anyone has one of sale and this is my email : gckproduction@gmail.com Many Thanks :)
  22. Looking for a complete used Steadycam Archer kit! Would be great to find someone! Please post or Email: burz@n.zgs.de Best Andreas
  23. Hi all I'm selling this for a friend, he is always filming in the jungle or up a mountain at the mo so never about. I have the kit so can answer most questions. Here is what it consists of.... 'Looking to sell my Steadicam Archer. This is a versatile rig that offers a big step up from the Flyer and Zephyr. It will handle Epic, Scarlet, (reasonable) RED and Alexa builds, and you're getting a G-50 arm which is an utter joy to operate. Bought the rig about is four years ago and as a mainly film wildlife doesn't get enough use by me. It is in very condition and ready to be put to work. The rig was last serviced by optical support in London in 2012 and hasn't been used since. Tiffen Steadicam Archer sled in original hard flightcase with the Hofmann AT-AT base modification which makes the Archer a joy to dynamic balance and operate. With v lock battery plates. It is 12 volt. Link to the hofman AT-AT mod page : http://www.hofmann.se/produkter/steadicam/upgrade/archer/index.htm G-50 arm in soft case LX vest in soft case in original hard flightcase Docking bracket 1 Plate for mounting cameras plates to Steadicam. Gimbal J handle and camera handle grip for low-mode 2 Allen Drivers wrenches XLR4 to 2 pin dc adapter XLR4 it 3 pin lemo Lemo 7 pin to component cable for monitor Monitor is Composite. Caveats: Broken latch on the archer case. red one cable and red epic cable Looking for GB £10000 This would be a great alternative to a new Flyer or Zephyr for someone new to Steadicam - skip the smaller rigs and get straight to work with something that can take a MUCH wider range of cameras' Here is a link to my Dropbox acc. for Pics. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nv1u17t3htnwt5r/XL0spUgp5i Regards Rob rmcgregor3@me.com +44 7974 353 727 (UK)
  24. I'm looking for complete Zephyr HD Steadicam kit. Im also interested in other Steadicams, as long they can carry as much weight as Zephyr or more (like Archer etc. but have to set in same price range as used Zephyr). I live in Finland, and i hope your offer includes shipping. Sami Harjunen
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