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Found 25 results

  1. €8.500 ex. VAT / €10.000 ex. VAT incl. Monitor (Transvideo Cinemonitor UHD6 SBL+) Well taken care of Archer 2 Sled for sale. Serviced and checked by Betz-Tools in August 2023. Included in the kit: Archer 2 Sled with Tilting Stage & Motorized Front-Aft Adjustment 12/24v capable 2-Stage American Stand with Manfrotto Carrying Bag Dovetail Plate Type Archer/Zephyr Docking Bracket Hard Case (Large) - Can fit arm & vest also. (When you're a good puzzle'r.) Motor Remote Cable Collection: SDI's, Power cables for RED, Arri Alexa XT, etc, Lemo's, Dtap Splitter (One SDI cable, and the power cable from the monitor will be taken out if the sled is bought without the monitor) Optional: Transvideo Cinemonitor UHD6 SBL+ Monitor (+€1.500 ex. VAT Kit price) Located in Belgium, Europe. Shipping at the buyer's expense. Also available (See other listings): Flowcine X-Spine Vest with front- and backmount and hardcase, G50X Arm
  2. Hi, I have recently purchased a used Archer 2 set with a Transvideo Cinemonitor HD6. I found the viewing angle a little restricting in some ocassions. It’s a big monitor but the screen obviously isn’t that huge in relation with the big casing and whilst it is rated as ‘high bright’ it’s nowhere near the 703 Bolt I own. Therefore I’m looking to switch to a 703. I was just wondering how I’d mount it. I have the standard Archer 2 yoke. Is there an adapter in excistence to mount the 703 without upgrading the entire yoke to a universal one? Thanks for the help! Kind regards, Loïc.
  3. Selling my Archer 2 w/ G-50x and Ultra Vest. Included is: -Archer 2 Sled w/: Low Mode Bracket 3rd Battery Plate Jerry Hill EVF Bracket Atomos Shogun Flame Monitor (2) 12v Power Cables (1) 24v Power Cable (2) SDI Cables Set of Screws -G-50x Arm -Ultra Vest -New Cinelevel (only used a couple times) -All-in-one Tiffen Travel Case (fits sled, arm, and vest) -Docking Bracket -Modern Steadicam Stand -(4) Anton Bauer Digital 90 Batteries w/ Dual Charger and Case Does not include wheels for stand or an SOS plate. All of it is in great condition, and is the perfect complete rig. Asking $24,000. Located in Los Angeles, prefer to sell locally, but will ship at buyers expense. Feel free to text me at 417-631-5599, or email at jmachdp@gmail.com. Thanks! IMG_5144.HEIC IMG_5145.HEIC IMG_5147.HEIC IMG_5149.HEIC IMG_5151.HEIC IMG_5152.HEIC IMG_5153.HEIC IMG_5155.HEIC IMG_5157.HEIC IMG_5161.HEIC IMG_5163.HEIC IMG_5165.HEIC IMG_5168.HEIC IMG_5171.HEIC IMG_5173.HEIC IMG_5178.HEIC IMG_5179.HEIC IMG_5182.HEIC IMG_5186.HEIC IMG_5187.HEIC IMG_5188.HEIC IMG_5191.HEIC IMG_5193.HEIC IMG_5194.HEIC
  4. Considering selling my lovely Archer2 with x-upgraded g50 arm. No faults, everything works and in great condition. Archer 2 sled g50 x-upgraded arm, fresh from big service TVlogic monitor and new bracket c-stand & docking 4x 190wh batteries + IDX 4ch charger Zoom/focus 2x HPRC2760w All you need of cables, tally etc. no vest, DM for info, questions or making an offer
  5. Hi, Im currently looking into buying my first rig. More specifically I'm looking into a used Archer 2 kit or something similar.
  6. Steadicam Archer 2 // G50x Package For Sale. Everything you need out of an Archer package. Has been a great first professional rig but I'm now ready to upgrade. Sled and arm have just been serviced for the sale. Steadicam Archer 2 Sled System -Tilt stage, Dovetail, (4) Gold mounts, 2-section post, Low friction gimbal G50X Isoelastic Arm with soft case -Short post and 6" post Sachtler Vest Boland BVB07 Monitor (with gold mount battery plate) (4) Hypercore 98w gold mount batteries + 2 bank charger Arri Alexa dovetail plate Low Mode F-bracket Docking Bracket Rolling Hard Case with foam cut out Asking $25k usd for the package. Wanting to sell as a package but will consider other offers. Located in Atlanta, GA buyer pays shipping.
  7. Tiffen Archer 2 sled, G-50x arm, LX Vest. Case and many extra parts. $26,000 Selling my Tiffen Archer 2 that comes with a medium LX vest, G-50x arm and TONS of extras. All Gold Mount. Included in the sale is: -Archer 2 sled, LX Vest with steadicam duffle-bag, G-50x arm with bag. -8” Transvideo Monitor with cloth cover and wipe cloth, Thermodyne Steadicam Case With wheels. (stickers included) -American Stand with wheels, 3rd battery mount, Docking Bracket. -XLR/BNC Monitor Cable, 2 BNC Cables (1 x 12”, 1 x 24”) 3 x 12v Power Cable HD Flyer, 1 x 12v Scarlet Power Cable, 1 x 24v Arri Power Cable, Cable pouch and bunch of extra screws. -4 x Anton Bauer Digital 90 Gold Mount Batteries, 1 x Anton Bauer Performance Series Quad Charger Gold Mount. -Custom made 22 pound steel weight cage. The kit as a whole is in excellent shape, have had it for less than a year. Located in Santa Ana, CA but willing to drive up to LA. And will ship at buyers expense.
  8. Previous owner was Katy Most who was kind enough to entrust me with this kit and now I in turn am ready to entrust it to a new operator. I am hoping to sell it all as a package deal. Some items are being added as extra but can be removed if not needed by the purchaser - I will label which items these are. I will reduce the price of the overall package if the buyer does not want this items. Price is listed at the bottom of the post. Based out of Austin, TX. Can meet anywhere in Texas. Anything out of state will require shipping. Buyer pays for shipping. For Sale: Tiffen Steadicam Archer2 (v mount) - HRPC 2760W Sled Case with Custom Cut Foam - Tilt Motorized Stage - HD Marshall Monitor (original monitor) (comes with 3 pin lemo and 9 pin lemo power options) - Motorized Head Gimbal Remote - Low Mode Kit (F-Bracket) with 3 posts (3", 6", 9") - Jerry Hill Docking Ring (one for high mode docking and one for low mode docking) - 4 x Steadicam Weight attachments (one is missing the 1/4 20, but that can be easily replaced and inserted) - Additional V-Mount plate for 3rd battery (3 pin lemo connection) - SOS Long Plate (for quick transfer from steadi to sticks) (SOS female plate has been given 4 additional threads that I can use to install a Gyro to the bottom of the post, they do not interfere with the original threads) - Standard Steadicam Plate Steadicam G50 Arm (X performance upgraded labor/parts - I have the paperwork for this and can provide documentation to potential buyers) - Weather Arm Cover (with bag) - Steadicam Arm Bag Steadicam Ultra1 Vest (previously owned by David Svenson) Jerry Hill Docking Bar Modern Studio Steadicam Stand (not pictured but comes with 3x Slip On Caster Wheels - will update with picture of attached wheels, increases height by an additional 6-8") (OPTIONAL - can be removed to reduce overall price of sale) The Maximum Height is not exactly accurate, I've been able to get it taller with leg adjustment. With the wheels on, I can use it with no issues (I'm a 6' 4" operator). - Minimum Height: 34.25" - Maximum Height: 55.75" - Footprint: 32" Archer Thermodyne Case (not pictured but will add and update post) (OPTIONAL - can be removed to reduce overall price of sale) V-Mount Battery Kit (OPTIONAL - can be removed to reduce overall price of sale) - IDX Dual Battery Charger - IDX 146Wh, 91Wh - 2 x Core SWX 98Wh All photos here and ADDITIONAL photos can be viewed here (more to be added of the steadicam stand caster wheels and thermodyne case) - if any other photos are requested, I can add additional detail photos if needed. Apologies for limited photo content on post, 2mb limit is.. well.. limiting. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17yle5sU-SoXXu5zQKzzLJ8sCx2QSegBv?usp=sharing NOT INCLUDED OR FOR SALE (Practice Cage, Canon DSLR, Decimator, SDI BNC Cables, window sill plant) Starting Price for the kit when including EVERYTHING: $20,000 Price is negotiable and can be reduced further based on optionals that are not needed/wanted. Feel free to DM! Cheers everyone, Jared
  9. Rig has had light use and is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. Both Fore/Aft and Side-to-Side movement of the top stage is motorized and can be controlled remotely with the included rechargeable controller. Selling as a kit. $22,000. Comes with the following: Archer II sled G-50X arm (original, not upgrade) LX vest with duffle bag 4 IDX batteries 4 station IDX charger Battery mount for bottom of sled Low mode bracket Remote control for top stage with charging cable T-handle tool for arm adjustment Monitor to sled power cable HDSDI cable Docking bracket Thermodyne case See link for additional photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zw26c541g7hpze2/AAD7s9NE9iLYL94QJl5HgyFma?dl=0
  10. I am looking to upgrade my Marshall 7" monitor that is mounted to my Archer 2. I'm looking for advise on which new monitor to choose. I need something that is highly visible in direct sunlight. I look forward to hearing what others use and or recommend! Thanks!! Eric
  11. Steadicam Archer 2 - $22,500 Shipping originates from Ann Arbor MI. Or will deliver to greater Detroit area. Will only sell as complete system. Condition is close to new. Used 12 times. Remote control motorized tilting stage. HD UltraBrite LCD monitor upgrade. LX Vest and G-40 Arm. See PDF Invoice for serial numbers... See 58 detailed photos for whats included... https://rc.runryder.com/rrTV-Photo/Steadicam/ Mark Ryder mark@runryder.com
  12. Tiffen – Steadicam – Archer 2 – For Sale I am selling my rig because I am no longer doing Steadicam for a living. Focusing on that underwater stuff these days. Complete Kit - $19,000.00 (I do not want to part it out, it goes complete) Pick-Up in Los Angeles (15 minutes South of LAX) Buyer Pays For Shipping if needed The whole rig was serviced in Fall of 2015. It has only been used 5 days since the service. Main Components -Archer 2 Sled with camera plate, Anton Bauer battery mounts, Non-Motorized tilting stage. 12V or 24V output (Also providing V-Lock mount plate so you can convert the sled if needed) -Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI Monitor -G50 Arm (full upgrade done by Tiffen) -LX Vest -Thermodyne Case that will hold vest, arm, sled and accessories for travel Accessories - Jerry Hill Docking Bracket with standard and low mode brackets - Standard Steadicam Docking Bracket that came with Archer 2 - Low Mode F Bracket - Low Mode Camera Bracket - Low Mode Camera Cage - Double V Lock Battery Plate for sled to replace with Anton Bauer (if desired) - Turtle Stand with transport bag - Original 7” SD Monitor with Yoke that came with Archer 2 - Turtle Styled C-stand - 2 Hex wrenches for vest - Jerry Hill Standby Cover - Anton Bauer 4 pin Snap On Plate-XLR 8165-0101 - 6” Post (total length from end to end) - 3 1 lb. weights for sled - 1 5lb. weight for camera - Steadicam WHM-BG Artificial Horizon Module - Camera Essentials Cable pouch - Assorted screws for plate, weights, sled and gimbal - 3 short BNC cables - 3 3 pin Lemo to 4 pin female XLRF cables (12V Power) - Tiffen 3-pin 12 “Y” cable (so you power horizon module and monitor) - Arriflex to Modulus 24V cable - Tiffen 6 Pin Lemo to a 3 pin Lemo cable - 3 Pin Lemo to 2 Pin Lemo cable - 2 Extra Vest Buckles
  13. Tiffen Steadicam Archer 2 SYSTEM w/G50X Arm and LX Vest - Location: Atlanta, GA - $22,000 Archer 2 sled with dovetail plate, IDX VMount, Non-Motorized tilting stage. 12V or 24V DC output. Original 7" TFT (SD) Monitor. The sled was rewired by Tiffen (2016). Small HD 702 High Bright. I have not gotten the chance to get a monitor yoke for it. Cam-Jam was willing to help me on that. https://shop.cam-jam.de/ LX Vest: Has new plastic lining (2016) as well as extra large knobs. I recently lost a springloaded stopper. I will ship to Tiffen and fix it at my expense before sale. G50 arm with G50x spring upgrade (2016). The tale-tale sign of the upgrade is the silver screws. Just came back from Tiffen for the upgrade. Archer 2 docking bracket (1) Hex Wrench Included 1/4" Thermodyne Case (all items fit in the case). Accessories 4X V-mount batteries plus charger Low Mode bracket ("F" Bracket) SD Monitor Cable (Video/Power) Decimator II (For use of SD monitor) 3 Pin Lemo to 4 Pin XLRF (12V Power) 3 Pin Lemo to 4X P-tap module 3 Pin Lemo to RED Scarlet/Raven 2.1 barrel to P-tap (Decimator II) 2X short BNC Cables For the full kit: $22,000 Kit with NO Vest or HD Monitor: $18,000 Buyer Pays Shipping. Thank you for your time and attention!
  14. Archer 2 for sale. Its all in good condition. Selling everything because Im getting out of the business . Everything is ready to go. - archer 2 sled with V-lock plates -LX vest -G-50 arm -4 powercube batteries -IDX duel charger - thermodyne case -American stand -low mode handle -IDX cam wave -AB mount dove tail. (third power source) - power cable for monitor 20,000
  15. Hi everybody I ordered a steadicam for Christmas but santa claus Forget me totally Does anybody want to sell one? full Steadicam wanted ( sled , monitor, batteries+ charger, sled stand, docking bracket, arm and vest ( M or L size ) I m looking for an archer 2 minimum to work on TV (Cam + HF ) and maybe films. Thanks everybody to contact me at nicolasroux06@free.fr I live on cannes (france) If we deal i ll travel to test and bring back my new toy Enjoy your day
  16. Hi guys! I know there are almost none of these out there, but if you happen to have a used, full Archer 2 rig for sale, make sure to contact me. Either in here or on e-mail: pk@eventteknikk.no Best regards, P.K
  17. Hey Steadicam community. I am looking to try a GPI PRO rig. I have an Archer 2 with a G-50X arm if you have never flown Tiffen and are interested in trying that your self. Maybe we can get a group going of people willing to try other rigs in Atlanta. Thanks P.S. I have attached links to my work if you need to know who I am. https://vimeo.com/194912861 https://vimeo.com/223474369
  18. Anyone have an arm post they want to sell? Thank you!
  19. I am a new steadicam op looking for a decent (complete) rig that I can start out with, yet can carry good weight like Alexa, alexa mini with heavy Primes. I'm looking out for either: Steadicam: archer 2 / g70 arm. Steadicam: shadow / g70 arm GPI PRO: sled (live electrical top/bottom, bottom plate gen III) with either g/70 or Pro 2blue/2black. I'm Just trying to get started for a reasonable price. Pm, or Email: Hudsonmstafford@gmail.com
  20. Looking for an Archer 2, preferably in or close to Europe but not a necessity. If you are about to sell your rig or know anyone that may be about to sell, please let me know. I am not in a hurry, so if you are about to upgrade or something and will sell your Archer 2 in the future, that is something I am very interested in. You can reach me at: fanatiqs@me.com Thanks, /Gustav
  21. Steadicam Archer 2 for sale. The equipment is based in Queensland, Australia. Unit has been barely used due to knee injury and stored since new. Package price $28,000 AUD (without shipping) Please send a message if you need more information (office@marymarkmedia.com) or Ph 0448360066 Steadicam Archer 2 Sled (SDI + extra cables) G50 Arm + Vest V Loc battery mount (no batteries) 8” Ultrabrite 2 HD monitor ‘C’ stand with docking bracket. Allen Driver Camera Mounting plate Custom Steadicam hard travel case Steadicam book Steadicam instruction video
  22. Hello, I am selling my Archer 2 kit, contents below and pictures coming soon. Send me over an email if your interested or give me a call - ilana@ilanagarrard.com / 07858218518. Sled/Vest/Arm Archer 2 sled (fold up version) Marshal HD 7” monitor G50 x arm LX vest Hard Case Accessories 1 x Monitor to sled cable 1 x Dovetail plate with screws 1 x 1/4" T-Handle Hex Key 1 x Docking bracket 1 x Marshall 4-pin XLR PSU 1 x Sun shade for monitor Power cables: 1 x Alexa 1 x Amira/Mini 1 x Red 1 x Sony Additional Accessories (with list price) 1 x Steadicam 807-7350-01 VL Mount - £459 3 x Steadicam weights with brackets - £163 1 x Steadicam Low Mode Bracket Handle with F-Bracket - £279 1 x Set of arm rain covers - £37 - Total worth £938 Total asking price £12,500 + vat
  23. Im selling a very lightly used Jerry Hill Mag Dock1 and accompanying docking ring. These are item numbers #MagDock1 and DRP. $400 or best offer thanks Anthony
  24. I bought my Archer II middle of 2013, used it three times and my lower back has previous injuries that I can't seem to overcome. I have the Red Epic power cable with it along with everything it came with and the case and all the manuals. New $30,000 I'm hoping for a quick sale for $24,900 boo. I'll ship anywhere in the continental US. G-50x arm Will text you pics right away 310.487.2000 flint.films@yahoo.com I am in Manhattan
  25. I am selling a 2 years old Archer 2. There's some cosmectic scracths due to a 2 years of shooting, but everything is in great working condition. The scratch on the monitor screen is not a real problem when the monitor is turn on. Acher 2 comes with 2 SWIT Batt + charger + Low mode bracket. stand not included 15000€ + VAT Located in Paris. Feel free to email me for any questions.
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