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Found 2 results

  1. Rig has had light use and is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. Both Fore/Aft and Side-to-Side movement of the top stage is motorized and can be controlled remotely with the included rechargeable controller. Selling as a kit. $22,000. Comes with the following: Archer II sled G-50X arm (original, not upgrade) LX vest with duffle bag 4 IDX batteries 4 station IDX charger Battery mount for bottom of sled Low mode bracket Remote control for top stage with charging cable T-handle tool for arm adjustment Monitor to sled power cable HDSDI cable Docking bracket Thermodyne case See link for additional photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zw26c541g7hpze2/AAD7s9NE9iLYL94QJl5HgyFma?dl=0
  2. It was a sad wednesday, last week. I have been the sole steadicam operator (full-time) with a production support company for the past 3 or 4 years. i had put in my two weeks notice and was slated to leave on friday in order to pursue operating full-time on my own. our new york team managed to slate a steadicam job and they requested that i ship out the rig and they would quickly learn how to use it and then shoot on monday (this mentality is much of why i decided to leave the company), rather than have me fly out to help another team member learn the ropes as i had been doing in los angeles. i put the rig together, did a few last line dances, disassembled and packed it up. i gave it my last salute, and sent it off to new york with the cvolution and camwave. probably the last time ill get to fly the rig that i learned on. it was a strangely emotional experience. i have always been much more compelled by still photography, and ive built out a full wet darkroom in order to work on fine art prints, but steadicam operating is what has pulled me into the film world and really been my reason for working. without it i really wouldnt care much about cinematography and film. this was my introduction. sending the archer to new york to be handled by others was like sending a foster dog to live with a new family; in many ways it has become your own but really it's someone else's. after i brought the cases to fedex i realized there was nothing else for me to do at the company so they let me split a few days early. may as well; gotta get a jump start on this new-found freelancing lifestyle. the next day i got a call from the company's equipment manager "hey dude, they broke the steadicam." it was bound to happen. in the efforts of being cheap the company had me ship the steadicam rather than (for the same price as shipping the rig, fiz, and transmitter) have me come out and demo the rig for them. it was not as bad as i was led to believe; they had popped on the batteries and flipped it from | to | |, sending the rig in 24v mode and blowing the monitor. thats what ya get, i spose. anyways, moral of the story is do it once, do it right. dont be cheap! since being on staff with the company didnt give me the opportunity to work with many crews, i now look forward to working with yall in the near future!
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