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Found 15 results

  1. Rig has had light use and is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. Both Fore/Aft and Side-to-Side movement of the top stage is motorized and can be controlled remotely with the included rechargeable controller. Selling as a kit. $22,000. Comes with the following: Archer II sled G-50X arm (original, not upgrade) LX vest with duffle bag 4 IDX batteries 4 station IDX charger Battery mount for bottom of sled Low mode bracket Remote control for top stage with charging cable T-handle tool for arm adjustment Monitor to sled power cable HDSDI cable Docking bracket Thermodyne case See link for additional photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zw26c541g7hpze2/AAD7s9NE9iLYL94QJl5HgyFma?dl=0
  2. Looking for multiple camera power cables to Archer2 sled. Shoot me the price. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys I am searching for a used Steadicam Archer2. I prefer an LX vest but I am OK with any other options. Thanks! My contact: the17city@gmail.com
  4. Tiffen Steadicam Archer 2 SYSTEM w/G50X Arm and LX Vest - Location: Los Angeles - Venice, CA - $19,500 Purchased 12/2011 Archer 2 - SN#0212001S G50x - SN#G50X1211008A Just came back from TIFFEN for a QC and all electrical and balance is in fine working order. I will provide paperwork from service. The rig has been well taken care of and as you can see from the pictures it's in great shape. -Sled: Archer 2 sled with dovetail plate, IDX VMount (No batteries or Charger Included). 7" 16x9 MARSHALL Monitor. 12V or 24V DC output. Non-Motorized tilting stage. -LX Vest: pads dry cleaned, just came back from Tiffen fully checked out. -G50x arm - With 15lb sled ( 2x battery weight included), payload approximately 35lbs. Just came back from Tiffen fully checked out. -Archer 2 docking bracket -(1) Hex Wrench Included 1/4" -Thermodyne Case (all items fit in case) -Steadicam SteadiStand C-Stand Accessories -Archer2 Low Mode bracket ("F" Bracket) - to keep arm from whacking camera when operating in low-mode Most of my cables have been sold, but I have these. Monitor Cable - (Tiffen Part Number 800-0111) 8 Pin to BNC / 4PIN XLRF 3 Pin Lemo to 4 Pin XLRF (12V Power) 3’ BNC Cable 2’ BNC Cable 2 x Battery Weights Included 1 x G50x Carry Bag 1 x Steadistand w/ Bag $19,500 If Interested, PM Me at jake@eastward.com
  5. Ready to fly : STEADICAM ARCHER2 folding version STEADICAM LX Vest + brand new spare part STEADICAM G-50X arm STEADICAM thermodyne case STEADICAM dovetail plate STEADICAM low-mode bracket STEADICAM RED & RED SCARLET power cables Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI monitor Marshall V-LCD-HI horizon indicator 20 000 € worldwide shipping included from Reunion Possibility to sale parts separately only if buyers are interested at the same moment : Sled, vest, case... 12 000 € worldwide shipping included G-50X Arm : 8000 € worldwide shipping included More pictures : emmanuel.dinh (@) laposte.net
  6. James Marin

    WTB Archer2

    Is there anyone out there interested in selling their Archer2 sled? Would love to take it off your hands!
  7. Selling a never used Tiffen 3 pin accessory power cable to MDR3. $120 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  8. Selling a used Tiffen 4 pin hirose to p-tap muti cable. Very useful. $100 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  9. Used Tiffen Archer2 Sled and G50 arm with extras for sale-- $20,000 USD + Shipping Will not break up package. Located in NYC. Matt@NYSTEADI.COM Kit List: (1) Steadicam Archer2 Sled Anton Bauer with Folding Base and 700 nit Marshall Monitor (1) G50 Arm with X upgrade (2) Docking Brackets (2) Dovetail Plates (1) Low Mode F Bracket (1) 6in Arm Post (4) 1lb threaded weights (2) Monitor Power Cables (1) Live Tally Sensor and Cable (1) Tiffen Live Return Monitor (2) Return Monitor Power/Video cables Cable Package: (1) 4pin XLR (1) ARRI 24 VOLT ALEXA/FILM (1) ARRI 12 VOLT ALEXA (2) AMIRA/ALEXA MINI 24 VOLT (1) HIROSE TO FEMALE PTAP (1) RED EPIC POWER (1) RED-ONE POWER (1) DECIMATOR POWER (1) BARTECH POWER (2) MODULUS POWER
  10. Looking for an Archer 2, preferably in or close to Europe but not a necessity. If you are about to sell your rig or know anyone that may be about to sell, please let me know. I am not in a hurry, so if you are about to upgrade or something and will sell your Archer 2 in the future, that is something I am very interested in. You can reach me at: fanatiqs@me.com Thanks, /Gustav
  11. Hi, anyone out there with an Archer 2 that can explain and show some pictures of how the fold up system work. Thinking of buying a used one but want to know how it works and how easy it would be to replace the rods. I know the Archer 2 SP has a "better" system for the monitor and battery so I'm trying to figure out how much of a difference it would make to see if it is worth buying a new Archer 2 SP or if I should look for a used one with the old system. If you have any other thoughts, positive or negative, about the Archer 2, I would love to hear it. Thanks :)
  12. Archer 2 Docking bracket Standard docking bracket with 2 balancing posts (one for static, another for dynamic spin balancing). $350 USPS Priority Mail with insurance or local Los Angeles pickup. If interested please email to mostcams@gmail.com Thanks! Katy
  13. This is a complete system including sled, arm, and vest. It’s almost identical to the current package sold by Tiffen/Steadicam ($24,990.00). http://www.tiffen.com/videoarcher.html I’d still say (after 5 years of owning this system) that it offers the best capabilities for the price. You’ll be able to fly just about everything you’ll encounter for the better part of your career (Red, Alexa, some 35mm setups too), and it all fits in one case for getting around easily and flying as well. This system has seen plenty of use, but I have always taken EXTREMELY good care of it. I’ve made some upgrades along the way (noted below), and I’m throwing in some extras too! Here’s the breakdown: Sled - Archer2 Multiple dedicated HD lines through extendable post, lots of battery/monitor configurations, V-Mount SD Tifffen Monitor - Nothing fancy but works great for SD, fairly bright, frame line generator. Upgraded to allow the gimbal to be removed for cleaning or replacement if desired. Arm - G-40 with X upgrade. Effectively the same as the new G50X arms, just no “ride” control. I maxed out this arm at about 53lbs (33lbs of camera weight), and it still performed beautifully. Smoother than most brand new G50X arms I’ve tried. Vest - Standard LX Vest Added backstraps, which add quite a bit of rigidity to the vest. Modified front spar to allow for lower socket block placement, and for easy goofy/standard switching. This can be switched back to stock if needed. Swapped out crappy plastic wing nuts with stainless steel screws in socket block. Cables Steadicam monitor cable - power and signal in one cable. Lemo to 4-pin XLR, to power cameras off the top stage. Batteries (4) 150 Whr Li-ion - 2 of these power the SD monitor for 2 days! (1) 2-Position Fast Charger (1) Portable Slower Charger Extras Marshall Monitor - LCD70 w/v-mount and 3GSDI Of course, all the standard accessories in photos are included. Complete package for $21,500.
  14. Hi guys! I'm looking for a Steadicam Archer 2. Primarily just looking for the sled and arm, but if you have a package it could be interesting. Best, Peder Torp Mathisen
  15. Hi, Been having issues with my rig for a few weeks, thought it was due to the cold, but turns out its not. So here is my issue; The B&C output is not working from the bottom of the telescope (the monitor works fine, so I know its not that), and lately I've been having to connect directley from the camera to the monior. Has anyone else had this happen,what is it, why is it not working, and if anyone knows where in NYC I could get it fixed (or if I need to send it out). Thank you, Candace
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