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  1. For Sale: Oconnor Ultimate 120EX Fluid Head Price 9600.00 Mint condition only used in studio environment. Accessories Included: - Two Piece Handle - Camera Plate - Tie-Down - Innerspace case (retractable handle & wheels)
  2. For Sale: Arri SXU-1 Single Channel Follow Focus Includes: Wooden grip Focus Ring Lanyard Manual NO Battery included!!! Condition: New (comes in original Arri shipping box). Bought for a project but never used on set. CHF: 3500.- (Swiss Francs) Plus Shipping.
  3. Arri Alexa Plus camera body, Great condition, comes with EVF, full arri support handles BP-13 base, Solid Camera power back, set-up for gold mount & V mount plates. All cables + backup. $15K USD. Pics available upon request. Contact: stewartwhelan@mac.com
  4. PRO 2 sled upgraded to HD-SDI, comes with all original accessories, case, all the cables, cam-jam monitor arm, and yoke. NB stabilizer arm (3.1kg) Walter Klassen back mount vest (m size) (stand is not included) asking 23K let me know if you have any questions (openphil@gmail.com)
  5. In amazing shape, 6 lenses, 16mm (Close Focus), 28mm, 32mm, 50, 85 and 100mm in case, $29k, More pix available upon request, in LA, the have been inspected by the zeiss tech at Abel, come with letter stating their compliance with Zeiss' Specs
  6. hey yall going through gear, trying to purge i have a small set of arri lights here. they were used for a documentary and probably have less than 200 hours of use. http://s1065.photobu...ary/arri lights $1500 1 arri soft lite 1 arri 1k 1 arri 300 3 arri light stands 1-2 spare globes for each basic gel roll scrims filter trays case a few extras all of the lights work great. flash was used on a few photos, the lights are NOT hot in any photos. lights are in atlanta. buyer pays shipping. case is heavy and includes a spare caster. let me know if you have any questions. brett. 12@brettmayfield.com
  7. ARRI Arrihead MK-1 Gear Head Includes: - Hand Wheels - Quick Release Plate - Tie Down Case included $12,200 USD OBO John 661 312 6441 / cell johnsosenko@gmail.com Los Angeles Area
  8. I have an MDR2 G4 and i'm interested in temporarily retrofitting it with the G3 board for an HU2. Also, I'm interested in acquiring more motor cables/ serial/ command/ run stop/ trigger cables for: Arri Alexa (all models) Red Epic / scarlet Sony F55 And, finally - just throwing a line out there for a HU3... Thanks
  9. 2 x Arri BP-13 plates for sale, perfect condition. $350 each
  10. Dear Admin please move post to MARKETPLACE I posted in the wrong section of the forum, my apologies... ARRI parts for sale: ARRI Wireless Follow Focus WFU-3 Controller + CLM-2 Lens Motor http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 ARRICAM POWER BRIDGE PLATE http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 ARRI MINI-MONITOR 416 http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 Open to offers, Thank you
  11. 5” OLED Monitor / Recorder with Touch Screen and Arri Bus interface Package includes : 1 x StarliteHD5-ARRI 1 x Cable Lemo5 to Lemo6 with wiring for the EXT connector of the AMIRA/MINI* 1 x Magnetic snap-on screen cover 1 x Magnetic snap-on hood 1 x 3D swing Arm 1 x 8Gb SD card class10 1 x Pelican case Great working condition. Minor signs of use. No scratches on screen. $1100 Item is located in New York City.
  12. Take the camera and RunAs happened to me quiet a few times lately (and I have the feeling it will keep on happening) I found myself in one of the shooting situation I dislike the most, which is when more or less suddenly the 1st AD tells me :”Put in that van everything you’re gonna need for the rest of the day, we’re moving to a new location which is an hour drive from here. Don’t forget anything, be fast and please… keep it simple!”. Of course I’m not speaking about situation where this was in the callsheet, in that case it is pretty easy to be prepared. I’m speaking of those times when a sudden change comes up (rain on location, new shooting plan, talent’s agenda variations and an awful long etc.) and we need to improvise, which is from my point of view one of the most important skills of a good AC. I’m pretty sure that some of you came up quickly with an answer like :”Ask the DoP!” and even though it is logic, if life was so easy everybody could be a top notch assistant cameraman. Normally, when this kind of situations happens, there has been an important change in the order of the shots, so is pretty likely that the DoP has his hands full speaking with the gaffer and/or the best boy about the new situation, discussing with the director all kind of lighting issues etc. Of course the camera crew also will need confirmation from him, but is gonna be... More info HERE
  13. camera interface and control unit for 8 motors, ARRI White Radio Module, compatible with 7 pin Lemo motor cables. The camin is the ‘brain’ of the cvolution lens and camera control system. The camin with ARRI White radio works with up to 3 separate wireless control units, drives lens and /or rig motors and can communicate with most of the popular film and digital cameras used in today’s broadcast and motion picture productions. The camin is equipped with an internal power booster. This ensures the digital motors are supplied with a constant and sufficient voltage even when using 12V video batteries. https://www.cmotion.eu/shop/product/c0e2-k05-camin-8m-arri-white-l-287?category=101 also selling: arri alexa classic cine tape udm hedén motors lemo & cbus cables email me at: RRHeikens@hotmail.com
  14. In great shape 2 axis Weaver Steadman Head, recently serviced, all knobs work as they should. $3,900.00 Located in LA, also 3rd axis available, @2,800.00
  15. SequenceShoot: The great Orson Welles used to say :”A long-playing full shot is what always separates the men from the boys. Anybody can make movies with a pair of scissors and a two-inch lens.” And as usual, the master was totally right. Thanks to movies such as “Children of men”, “Gravity” or “Birdman” (and a lot more) the sequence shots are once again very popular and with the help of digital cinema that removed several limitations we previously had (such for instance the time limitation of 10 minutes due to the size of 35mm film magazines), this kind of shot has become RELATIVELY easier (or at least possible even for small and medium-sized productions). The capital letters are on purpose, since shooting a one-shot sequence is still an extremely complicated thing to do, the longer the harder. Last week, a friend and DoP offered me the chance to pull focus on a short movie which would be shot on a single shot of approximately 1 minutes length, in a studio with 9 actors. The camera would be the whole time on a J.L. Fisher dolly with rubber wheels to not disturb the actors with tracks and... More info here. Fabio Giolitti - Focus Puller.
  16. Arri WCU-4 & UMC-4: lens Mapping | Ideal for steadicam I don’t know what you guys think on this matter, but if you want my two cents it is crucial to be fast when you change the lens while using remote control systems, in situations such as steadicam, cranes or simply hand held when the cam operator wants to be more free than with a standard follow focus. Previously I used to prepare pre-marked rings during camera prep and switch them while the motor were calibrating, but I always dreamed about a more precise and reliable system. A couple of months ago, a local distributor of ARRI products hosted a workshop on how to map lenses on the new WCU4, but sadly I wasn’t in town so I couldn’t attend. So I thought that I could try by myself with nobody explaining me how to do it. This way I could test how really easy and fast it is and if it is well designed enough to be “dumb proof”. As usual I need to thank guys at Camaleon Cine who offered me the possibility to have an Alexa XT Plus, an Amira, one set of Zeiss Standard Prime T2.1 and one of Cooke S4i T2, plus a Fujinon Cine Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9. Aside of that a WCU4 with CLM4 motors and a UMC4. The choice of the lenses and of the cameras was due to the fact that I wanted to test the method with and without lenses with LDS system and... More info HERE.
  17. Alexa classic 2k (high speed license) comes with: flightcase bars / rods 15 /19 grips idx v-lock battery plate dovetail plate arri v-lock plate cables (evf cable, xlr, ext cable) shoulderpad raincover specs: http:www.arri.com/camera/alexa/cameras/camera_details/alexa-classic-ev/subsection/technical_data/ EUR 10.000,- email us for more info / bankdetails: arrialexaclassic@hotmail.com IMG_3152.JPG.pdf IMG_3154.JPG.pdf IMG_3155.pdf IMG_3171.JPG.pdf IMG_3172.JPG.pdf
  18. Hi there! I'm looking to purchase an Arri 2 Geared Head. Please email me if you have one mike @ mike heathcote.com Thanks!! Mike
  19. Selling my ARRI Remote Focus kit. All in very good condition. Set comes with: WCU-4 hand unit w/ Remote License Key UMC-4 mdr w/ mounting bracket 12x focus rings 3x batteries + charger CLM-2 motor w/ 15mm screw-in reducer CLM-4 motor w/ 2x PAM rosette, 1x 15mm captive reducer, 0.8, 0.6, 0.5, 0.4 gears motor extension cable, 3 meter Clean’s monitor bracket 2x Arri-RS power cables, coiled Cine Tape readout cable -> UMC-4, coiled XLR 4-pin power cable New: €16.500 EUR Selling for: €12.990 EUR OBO Send me a PM!
  20. The WCU-4 with a monitor and receiver (and battery) attached is quite heavy. And the regular hand position on the left side is very far away from the center of gravity. This results in high fatigue on the wrist. The JOE bracket allows to mount and adjust a monitor to the WCU-4 and has its own handgip which is placed much closer to the center of gravity. The weight is no longer carried by the wirst but by the much stronger biceps. When the WCU does not need to be carried around the handgrip serves as a docking bracket on a C-stand. The cam-jam JOE comes with its own quickrelease bracket on the monitor so nothing extra is needed. No noga arms, no cinelock, no spigots. https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/joe-monitor-bracket-for-arri-wcu-4-with-handgrip/
  21. Hey there i´m looking for an used ACT2 Vest or maybe an ACT. regards
  22. I've been busy cleaning out my storage unit and have some items to offer for sale. Arriflex-Cinegon Schneider-Kreuznach 16mm 1.4 Lens - $150The last time I checked this lens needed to have the focusing adjusted but over all it looks good. Arri Wide Angle Eyepiece - $100It has some haze on one of the internal elements and it needs to be re-polished. I think it's worth it to have it re-furbished and I'm selling it for less than I paid for it. Spectra Combi 500 Light Meter - $75This is a Great Light Meter. I love using it. Works well and has all the stuff that goes with it. Lee Utterbach Offset 15mm Rod Adapter - $200Very well made Offset 15mm Rod Adapter with Horizontal and Vertical Ajustments. 100mm Rod Spacing. I'll make a package deal for 2 or more items. Paypal fees and shipping are additional.
  23. Alexa Plate I bought a year ago from Optical support. As I've switched to the Fletcher design a week later (....Again, I know!) I sell this one. 350€ Buyer pays shipping. VAT applies for france buyer.
  24. A reluctant sale of my Bartech remote focus kit. I'm selling my entire steadicam kit with a change of direction for my work so it's all up for grabs. This is a very complete kit that can go to work right away. HedÈn M28VP with .4 .5 .6 .8 gears M-One with .4 .5 .6 .8 plus spares (plus extra wide .8 gear) HedÈn M26P (this is the older style horizontal motor, nice back up if nothing else) Aaton to BFD power Aaton camera run Panaflex to BFD power+camera run Glidecam BFD power 4 x motor cables Right angled motor cable BFD to BFD piggyback short BFD to BFD piggyback long Dtap and 4 pin XLR power cables 24v Arri / Movicam power / run cable Arri 12V to BFD power Red camera remote run Data cable / hard wire for backup in case of interference. 2 x butterfly clamps to hold focus / iris units together. 2 x neck straps Case Extra white marking strips PHOTOS: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/5611631928.html $5500 Kind of bummed to sell this kit but I don't use it so time to let it go. It's pretty bloody rock solid and has never let me down. I spent an enormous amount of cash on this kit, feels like a crime to let this go but such is life! Thanks.
  25. This is a very nice Arri SR2 High Speed Super 16 PL Mount Camera Package for sale. The Lens is not included. The package includes: Arri SR2 High Speed Camera body with Cinema Electronics Digital Speed Control Upgrade 3 Super 16 High Speed Mags Video T-Bar with B&W Video Camera with cables 2 Right Hand grips different styles 1 Articulated Left/Right Hand grip with Dog Bone 1 Arri BP-7 Sliding Base Plate with 18" Arri 15mm Rods 2 Sets of Lightweight Front Rods 1 Arri Eyepiece Extension 1 On/Off switch extension cable 5 onboard batteries, One has been upgraded to NiMh batteries. The other 4 need to be re-celled 2 Original Chargers 1 Tenergy TB6-AC4 NiMh Charger with adpters for Arri Batteries 1 Bescor Battery Belt 2 Cases, one for Camera with one Mag, one for 3 Mags. 1 Leather Sound Barney Original Instruction Manual and The 16SR Book Original internal Light Meter and misc. Parts and cables The price is $3000 I will sell the Camera, and Accesories separately. Make me an offer if you are interested.
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