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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I sale my Pro Atlas arm in good shape. It comes with 2 gray + 2 black canister. - Atlas Arm - 2 gray canister - 2 black canister - Pro bag - Tools 9.500€ OBO Also you can buy the arm with gray canister only. located in Madrid, Spain. Shipping worldwide.
  2. Hey, Looking for a Pro Atlas arm with gray canisters or just the gray canisters alone in mint condition or at least well taken care of, not heavily used or scratched. Message me some photos, price and location please. All the best, TOMAS
  3. Posting for a Friend: Robford Baker Atlas head with cardellini quick lock and Arri Standard Dovetail plate Price 7000 euro Located in Europe contact: lorenzosenatore@me.com
  4. GPI Atlas Pro Arm For Sale Hey everyone! Im selling my GPI Pro Atlas Arm and my secondary single canister arm Both are in perfect condition and have little to no signs of use. Ive decided to sell them because I no longer have any use for them and have moved on to bigger and better things. Everything included listed below: GPI Atlas Pro Arm Secondary Single Canister Arm w/aluminum block mount connector 2x Blue Canisters 2x Black Canisters Quad Canister Carry-Bag Pro Arm Carry-Bag Vehicle Mount 2x Blue GPI PRO Wrenches T-wrench Small bag of spare parts Asking $10,000 O.B.O. (Buyer pays shipping) Located In Denver Colorado Interested buyers please email: ibschultzy911@gmail.com Thanks, Isaac Pictures Below:
  5. Hello All Selling my two Black Canisters. Less than a year old and honestly never used on set. Tested once at home with dummy camera. Since then only flew Greys in my Atlas. Now Upgraded to Titan and would like two Blues. So selling these two for $3000 Or would trade for two Blues. Thanks Will.lyte@gmail.com
  6. Atlas arm with two black and two gray canisters, long and short posts. ALL IN GREAT SHAPE! Comes with two soft cases, pelican case and tools! $10k Shoot me an email if interested! steadi@cox.net
  7. GPI PRO Altas Arm Chassis and a set of Grey canisters. Great condition just a few cosmetic marks. Had this up earlier but got busy and used it on a few gigs. Ships from Nashville TN. I can get you a quote with discounted Fedex Shipping. Atlas Chassis [2] Grey Canisters Small tub of Renolit ST-80 Lithium Grease [for lubing draw bars and canister pins] New 5/32 Allen Key Spare Parts [2] Arm wrenches New Arm Soft Case Standard 4" Post and docking Collar [can supply Archer diameter adapted post if requested] $9,300
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm selling my beloved Pro Atlas Arm S/N 038 with Gray Canisters. I bought it new from PRO and am the only owner. It comes in like new mint condition complete with bag, tools and spare parts. I'm selling it because I've somehow accumulated 4 steadicam systems and 5 arms over the years and decided to stay with 2 systems. Available immediately in Canada, US and potentially worldwide. Selling for $10,000 US or $13,200 CAD. Note: I'll be selling a Pro Cine-Live sled, Complete Steadicam Flyer system, and a pair of PRO Black Canisters in the near future as well if interested. PM me if interested and/or if you have any questions! Thanks for looking! Mitch
  9. I'm looking for an arm - either PRO Titan or Atlas, Masters Series, or one of the Tiffen Steadicam G-x series. Thanks! Matt Lingerfelt Atlanta, GA
  10. hey yall i am about to fly out for a gig and use a few bits of another operator's gear. i have a pro atlas arm and will be using a low mode J bracket by Tiffen that is typically used on the other op's Ultra 2. as i understand the diameter for the atlas arm is about .625". does anyone know the diameter of the current tiffen posts for low mode brackets? on their website it says .625" but i know that they have a few different sizes, so i want to be sure i am looking out for the correct size. I am scrambling to get my gear and myself outta the house since this gig just popped up an hour ago and i have to be at the airport in an hour so i havent done any math on the post diameters, etc. thanks yall brett,
  11. Hey yall I recently outfit myself with an Atlas arm, my last few arms were G40 and G50x First off, the arm is amazing, but we already know that. However I am experiencing the result of something that may be too good about the arm: The elbow has so little friction that it is actually laterally bouncing against the lower arm, which is translating into tiny "taps" on the sled with almost every step. It is as if the inertia of the upper arm is carrying it away from me, then my foot lands, and the lower arm catches up, thus the tap. This is somewhat overexplaining it, but its how I imagine it. I am trying to get a video of it, but its a little hard while carrying the sled, but Ill update later when Ive devised somethin. The post is loosened so that the Atlas "wrist" can move freely (I have also tightened it with no change in elbow performance) The sled weighs in close to 39 pounds and I am using two grey canisters appropropriately tightened for the load. The G-series arms have great elbows, but under load there was a bit more friction, so it took some effort to articulate the elbow, thus it wasnt bouncing. Is this a result of my operating, stepping, looseness in the arm...? Any information is helpful Have a good one brett.
  12. hey yall I have been speaking with jack at pro about the cinelive system and am enthusiastic about the rig and atlas arm. unfortunately there was not a vest available at the factory to try out the atlas arm. if anyone with an atlas arm (and rig) and has some time this week, i would love to give it a feel. i am happy to bring you a six-pack of your favorite beverage, from cream soda to chimay, for your time and thoughts. i can bring my weight cage, i dont need a camera, this is really about feeling the pro experience. feel free to send me a message on the forum or email me. id greatly apprecite it! have a rad one! brett. 12@brettmayfield.com
  13. Hi fellow readers and operators, I'm researching modular products and currently looking at the PRO lineup. I don't have many if any local contacts in the industry so hopefully this forum is the place to start for such a request. I would like to ask any PRO Titan or Atlas owners in southern Ontario Canada if I could try their rig. I have several years of experience on the various systems I own (X10, Flyer), SOA trained, and could also get some referrals from some top operators. My ideal setup to try would include the following: - Front Mounted Vest (Pro or Steadicam) - PRO Titan or Atlas arm I'm not too concerned about the type of sled, just something to test out the arms. If you have a PRO sled as well that would be bonus but not my primary objective to look at. I would only need about 10-15 minutes with the rig although I may take up some additional time asking questions related to the rig or industry if time permits. I will work around your convenience. Please PM me if you can help me out with an opportunity. Thank you very much, Mitch
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