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  1. 1 x BarTech BFD Handset 1 x fSTOP Wireless V2-1 BarTech Receiver 1 x Digital Servo Motor Heden™ M26VE OR M21VE 1 x Digital Motor Cable 1 x fSTOP P-Tap Power Cable 2 x 900MHz 1/4 Wave Antenna 2 x 916MHz 1/4 Wave 3 1/8" long Antenna 2 x Plastic Focus Strip 1 x Pelican CUSTOM CASE HARD FOAM FROM MASTERCASE PLUS extra extra extra CABLES (NOT ALL IN PICS) POUCHES EVERYTHING YOU NEED PROFESSIONALL
  2. Hey guys, Is there anyone stateside that will service the M28VP's? I was planning on sending mine to Heden in Sweden but I of course would prefer to explore more local options. It's getting louder and is just needing some TLC to bring it back to optimum performance. -Nick
  3. I am selling my old standby Bartech Focus Device Just serviced and updated firmware by Jim Transmitter #0222 w/spare antenna Receiver #0222 w/spare antennas, one straight, one rt angle Motor #20216 w/4 gears and two motor cables Iris Rod bracket Gimbal mount hard wire focus module Original Bartech case 6-focus strips Cables: 1-3-pin Arri power cable 1-P-tap power cable 1-4-pin XLR power cable 1-PRO power cable 2-Arri 3-pin run/stop cables 1-Sony run/stop 1-PV 10-pin run/stop 1-Arri 11-pin run/stop 1-BFD-to-BFD power jumper cable $3500 Paypal accepted Call, t
  4. For sale is a complete BarTech Follow Focus System. Here is what's included: BFD Receiver BFD Transmitter (4) Extra Antenna Price New: $2100 M-One Motor (6) Lens Gear Pitch Rings (2) Motor Cables (5) Rod Adapters Price New: $2500 (1) BFD Receiver Rod Mount Price New: $150 (1) RED Run Stop Cable Price New: $150 (1) Arri Run Stop Cable Price New: $150 (1) D (or P) Tap Motor Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) Ultra to BFD Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) BFD to BFD Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) Extra Long Motor Cable For Mounting BFD on a jib Price
  5. Analog Bartech in great condition. I am the original owner of the bartech and the motor and they've always worked flawlessly. All original brackets and gears but upgraded to a pelican case. Lots of cables. 2 Arri 24V Power Cables 2 Ptap Power Cables 2 XLR Power Cables 2 Motor Cables 1 Arri Start/Stop Cable 1 Red One Start/Stop Cable $3500 Contact: AaronMSmith1@gmail.com
  6. I'm looking into getting a new motor for my Bartech alanog unit and was wondering what everyone is currently using out there today. I'm mainly looking at the M-One as of now. -Brendan
  7. Selling my gently used Bartech analog system with 2 motors. Everything works. I am original owner. Includes: BFD Transmitter with Antenna, S/N 56 BFD Receiver with Antenna, S/N 56 (1) Cinema Products ZB/SLD-100 analog motor (S/N 168A) with several different pitch gears...canon, fujinon, film (1) Stanton right angle motor with several different pitch gears...canon, fujinon, film (3) CP motor cables (1) Stanton motor cable P-Tap to 4-pin power PRO to BFD power cable 4-pin to BFD power Hard wired focus thumb wheel Panavision run cable Arri 11-pin run cable Movicam run cable spa
  8. Selling my Bartech and M-One. Great set up in nice condition. Comes in it´s original case. Photos and equipment listed below. Located in Europe / Austria. 2600€ List of equipment name, model number, quantity, serial number: - 1x M-One Motor - 1x Bartech Handheld Units - 1x Bartech Receiver -10' direct connect cable -2x M-One motor cables -3x Marker rings -5x Short rods and adaptors -6x Gear pitches for motors Power Cables; -1x XLR 4-pin 12V cable -1x P-TAP Power cable
  9. I have a few surplus Bartech cables for sale. All are in good condition. High quality Mogami cable and genuine Lemo, Fischer, and Jupiter connectors. $50 per cable (I have two of each cable) or $250 for all ... US priority mail shipping included. International shipping extra. At these prices, it's worth it for the connectors alone! 1. Panavision power/run cable 24V w/ 12V step-down regulator for analog BFD (2 available) 2. Arri power/run cable 12V (11 pin Fischer) (2 available) 3. Aaton run cable (4 pin hermaphrodite to 2 pin hermaphrodite) (2 available)
  10. I dont know if any one can help me with this (even maybe on email). One of mine, good old, always working, neveranyissue Bartech's transmiter, after many years of good service got losen focus ring. The transmiter still works normaly, there is nothing wrong with it, but, the focus ring is shaky!! Since I live in Dubai now, is a litlle bit tricky and costy to ship it for repair at Jim's? (maybe there is somone in UAE who can check this???) Is there any chance to tight somehow that focus ring by myself, becuse, you know how this focus pullers are,.. always complaining about somthing :)
  11. Take everything (13 items) for $800.00US or individual items, prices below: 1. Canatrans NTSC Transmitter S/N 1001 New $1500.00 - Asking $400.00 US Comes with two Antennas and 1 Ptap Power Cable. 2. XCS Alexa Adapter Plate New $450.00 - Asking $250.00 US Attaches to the bottom of the ARRI BPA plate or to the bottom of the XCS/BPA plate. Attaches to the front and rear of the camera for maximum rigidity. 3. XCS/BPA for ARRI Alexa New $200.00 - Asking $100.00 US Replaces the standard ARRI BPA plate with one that allows placement over a wide range of positions on the XCS cam
  12. Selling an analog Bartech and M-One motor in great condition. Reason for sale is its a backup I no longer need. Includes: -Bartech Receiver -Bartech Handunit/Transmitter -M-One Motor & bracket -(6) Motor Gears Various Pitches -(3) Step Down Rings for 15mm and 5/8" -(3) Marking Strips -(1) Marking Disc -(2) Ptap Power Cables -(2) 4 Pin XLR Power Cables -(2) Arri 24V Power Cables -(2) Motor Cables -(2) On/Off Cables (Red One, Arri 3 Pin) -Cable Pouch -Pelican 1450 $4500 Available for pickup in Los Angeles or I can ship in the US Please email AaronMSmith1@yahoo.c
  13. Stedicam Flyer LE - complete package - 6 500 $ Remote followfocus, Bartech, including cable to Stedicam Flyer LE - 2 500 $ Or everything together for 7 000 $ In very good condition. Located in Sweden. Can be shipped worldwide. Mial to info @ cinemavision.se
  14. Stedicam Flyer LE - complete package - 7 000 $ Remote followfocus, Bartech, including cable to Stedicam Flyer LE - 3 000 $ Or everything together for 8 000 $ In very good condition. Located in Sweden. Can be shipped worldwide. Mial to info @ cinemavision.se
  15. Hey All, I'm looking for a dogbone to facilitate mounting my heden motor on some of the 15mm systems I have come across. The only one I can find (via online search) is a Red Rock one, but is there anyone on here who custom makes / knows who does? Greatly appreciated! Patrick
  16. My last one was stolen and now I'm looking for a good replacement to go with my Libec ZC-9PRO Zoom Controller and Heden M28VT Motor. Anyone have the BUZ control unit just lying around or willing to sell it? Any help finding one would be appreciated! Thank you! Nicolas ndoldinger@gmail.com
  17. hey yall has anyone ever rented a follow focus unit in jamaica? just wondering if anyone has a recommendation or knows of any local resources brett.
  18. 1 Bartech remote control 2 Bartech analog receivers 1 M-one motor 2 Heden M26P motors, one with offset gears 1 bracket for mounting the Heden motors 1 bracket for mounting the receiver to 15mm or 19mm rails Assorted cables Reduced price for a quick sale the pic shows 3 motors and two brackets but they have been sold. I do not want to part out the rest of this kit if at all possible. David Flint 310.487.2000 theflintfarm@yahoo.com Feel free to text or email anytime. I am in Manhattan, New York City
  19. 1 Bartech transmitter 2 analog receivers 1 M-one motor 3 Heden M26 motors 2 brackets for mounting Heden motors both 15mm and 19mm 1 bracket for mounting the receivers to 15mm or 19mm rails Assorted cables and extra cables Also there is a pelican case for everything but the darn pic won't upload, of course lol. $6000 obo 310.487.2000 txt anytime I am in manhattan
  20. Hey, looking for a bartech system, cables, recevier, transmiter, motor. Whole package pretty much. Email me at kleonardba@gmail.com thanks.
  21. I have one 50' Bartech Dircect Connect Cable for Sale for $130 including shipping. I paid $200 for it. I've moved on to Digital. Please email me at brudis@me.com
  22. 2 x Analog Bartech Systems with M-One motors. One is a BFD focus system with rotary control knob and the other is a BFD iris system with linear slider. Includes many cables, comes with marking strips and 5 marking rings, various gears and collars for the M-one, 2 spare antennas, pelican case 1550, everything you see pictured. Serviced this week and ready for sale. Great starter kit, I used them on Covert Affairs and Orphan Black. Asking $5,600 US for the whole Package plus shipping 10' direct connect cable 4x M-One motor cables 1x M-One motor cable right angle pow
  23. For sale my analogue BFD. Great cheap starter unit /backup unit. - Analogue Sender / Receiver, sling, marking strips - Heden M26P motor with 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 gears, 15mm dogbone - replacement screws - 2x Hirose to BFD power cables - 2x motor cables - 2x Arri run/stop cables - 1x Red One/MX run/stop cable - 1x video 12 pin run/stop cable - 1x receiver to receiver power cable - Explorer soft bag for pics: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202523609986361&set=oa.640891182648333&type=1&theater Contact via steadisasg@gmail.com Thanks, Leandro Silva
  24. FS: M-One Motor complete kit, as sold by Loon. Motor cable included, although omitted in the photos. please email me at brudis@me.com Thank you.
  25. Hello, I'm looking to rent a digital bartech follow focus for a shoot in Brooklyn, NY, Monday, 4/14 - Wednesday, 4/16. Let me know if anyone has anything available. Thanks!
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