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  1. Jesus Nieto

    There is plenty brands and kinds of Wireless Focus systems but to me they all pretty much do the same. Whether you can buy a BFD for about $2,000 USD or you a cmotion for €10,000 but ¿does it really make a difference? ¿is it worth your money? there's where the other question comes in... ¿what do you want in a WFF?
  2. Please PM or email me if you have one for sale. Thanks! Mike mq@mikequillproductions.com
  3. I am currently searching for a complete Bartech kit to purchase, as well as a 5.6" TV Logic monitor. If anyone has leads on where I could find these items used, please let me know! Thanks in advance.
  4. For Sale: Bartech Focus and Iris Systems Hello Everyone, I’m selling my back up remote focus and iris system. I have an analogue BFD focus system with an M1 motor, and an analogue BFD iris system with an M1 motor. The system has been fantastic and ever reliable. Included with the system are the following cables: 3 x motor cables (1 cable is right angle) 2 x 2pin lemo power cables 2 x 2pin lemo to 3 pin MK-V power cables 1 x 2pin lemo to 4 pin Canon power cable 1 x 2pin lemo to 4 pin Hirose Ultra/Master power cable 1 x BFD to Arri remote roll cable 1 x BFD to RED One
  5. Complete Proline Steadycam Rig (RAVEN) up for sale, never used bought on 8-12-2013, i own a small rental house in northern india and bought this to supply something new to my clients here in india, but unfortunately i never even got a chance to shoot with it, as i am not a operator myself i had a hard time finding a feasible steadycam operator to work with me so its just not working out and i have decided to sell it. The Rig is in 10/10 condition and it can be shipped worldwide at the buyer’s cost. For more info go to proline website: http://www.steadicamproline.com PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
  6. I’m selling my complete Bartech (analog) focus system. I bought this system used in 2010, and it has worked flawlessly ever since. I had both the receiver and transmitter inspected by Jim last year. The package comes with: Bartech transmitter sn: T1.0590 Bartech receiver sn: R1.0590 M-one motor sn: M-1.0278 2x motor cables 6x motor gears (48p, .6p, 64p, .5p, 32p regular, 32p wide) Dog-bone offset with collars for Panavision, 19mm, 15mm 6x plastic marking strips 1x aluminum Focus marking ring Spare antennas Long range antennas PRO cine-live to BFD power cable Hirose to BFD power
  7. I'm looking for a used Steadicam Zephyr HD package and BarTech Focus Kit Contact me at emily@hemmingshouse.com Emily St. Pierre
  8. I'm looking for a Bartech Digital Follow focus system that is in good condition.
  9. Hello all, I'm selling my Bartech Remote Focus setup with M1 Motor, still in Great Condition. This is my backup set and hasnt been used much. The set is working perfectly, and has recently been serviced by Jim. Included: 1 x Bartech Handset 1 x Handset Antenna 5 x Focus Marking Strips (3x Flexi ones & 2x Solid ones) 1 x Bartech Receiver 2 x Receiver Antenna (1x "L" antenna) 1 x Red Run/stop Cable 1 x Receiver to Glidecam Gold/V25 power Cable 1 x Canon/Fujinon 8pin Run/stop Cable 1 x Motor Cable 1 x M1 Motor 6 x Motor Gears 3 x Rod Collets 1 x Aluminium Receiver Mountin
  10. Selling my Preston FIZ 1 setup. Solid and reliable! Hand Unit just serviced, motor rebuilt. Everything works, no BS. MDR-1 Motor Driver Hand Unit 1 FI+Z Transmitter 3x DM-1 Motors 3x Preston Motor Brackets (short, medium, long) Microforce V+F Control Microforce Bracket 3x HU-1 Batteries Fast Charger w/ AC cable 12 Focus Marking Rings 64 pitch gear (PV Iris) 48 pitch gear (PV Zoom) Backup Transmitter Antenna 3x 15mm step-down bushings (Arri) 3x 5/8” step-down bushings (PV) Short MF to HU cable 50’ MF to HU cable 50’ Control Cable (to hardwire hand-unit) 3x Green Motor
  11. Hi all, for sale is my Bartech remote focus and M One motor, is in great shape, never used as a primary set, kept as a backup unit. The M-One motor is one of the latest generation, way smoother than the previous one. Located in the UK. The kit include: Bartech hand unit transmitter Bartech receiver Pro mount 7 rings (solid ones!!!) 2 x Pro power cables 1 x XLR power cable 1 x motor cable 1 x Arri Start /Stop Bartech case M-One motor Dog bone bracket all original gears all original spacers M-One case Asking 2400£ Shipping worldwide, ship at buyer cost.
  12. Hi, I have an older 8-bit chip analogue Bartech unit with M-One motor. Occasionally I will be on a rest in-between shot and even during some shots, the motor will freak out and begin to sound like it's trying to move. It will not move but it will go on the fritz and sometimes twitch. All this happens also when my 1st AC isn't even touching the hand unit. That's what's so odd.
  13. I am selling my Analog Bartech and M-one motor system. I have recently taken it in to Jim's shop for an upgrade, and it was given a clean bill of health. Works great, very reliable. Comes with the following: - Bartech Transmitter (hand unit) - Bartech Receiver - M-one motor - 32p, 48p, 0.5m, 0.6m lens gears - 2- motor cables - 1- P-tap power cable - 6- lens marking strips - dog-bone offset - iris rod adaptor collet for 19mm-15mm, Panavision - short and long 19mm iris rods for offset I am asking $3,500 for the complete system Pleas email me with any questions
  14. Hey I'm currently looking in the market for a used bartech and motor package. I'm located in LA so a local purchase would be great. So if your looking to sell one please feel free to shoot me an email. Thank you. thomascolefedak@gmail.com -Tom
  15. I am selling some pieces that are not getting used enough. Everything is in VERY GOOD shape and I'm the original owner. I feel the prices are very reasonable but I'm open to negotiations, so please don't hesitate to contact me with reasonable offers. I have also attached pictures below. Thanks! Glidecam Gold Arm: This has been a great arm. It's lifting capacity is the same as a 3A arm but the Glidecam arm has 6 titanium springs, which also carry a lifetime replacement warranty through Glidecam. It can handle camera loads of 13 to 40 pounds and a combined camera and sled capacity of 31 to 5
  16. Hello Guys, Looking for a Bartech Digital Follow Focus Single motor system with cable etc...... ASAP. Please contact me +91-987-861-7299 or email me pawitterparmar@gmail.com Thanks ....
  17. Hi, I put my kit BFD for sale, this kit includes: BarTech Focus Device (Transmitter, Receiver, XLR power cable, Case) Ultra/Vector/Cliper/Receiver Power Cable Anton Bauer Power tap Power Cable Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket Motor longvideo M-one (Length: 154 mm (6.06 in.) Width: 29.2 mm (1.15 in.) Height: 68.0 mm (2.70 in.) Weight: 286 g. (11.29 oz.) Connector: Lemo Type B siz
  18. A friend of mine is selling his BarTech. It is actually two complete setups. You can dedicate one to focus and one to iris or keep one as a backup. He has a bracket that will hold both analog receivers in the PRO focus mount. Included: 2- BFD focus handsets w/ 11 marking strips 2- Analog receivers w/ bracket to couple 2- Heden M28VP motors w/ 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 gears and hill brackets 2- Motor cables 1- PV run cable 1- Arri 11 pin run cable 1- Arri 3 pin run cable 2- PRO power cables 2- "jumper power cables" to connect (power) both receivers when coupled 1- Custom
  19. Hello everyone, I put my kit BFD for sale the kit includes: BarTech Focus Device (Transmitter, Receiver, XLR power cable, Case) Ultra/Vector/Cliper/Receiver Power Cable Anton Bauer Power tap Power Cable Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket Motor longvideo M-one. contact: danielbuilesm@gmail.com Regards, Daniel Builes M.
  20. Hello everyone. I'm selling my Steadicam Zephyr package includes: STEADICAM ZEPHYR SD PACKAGE: Camera Mounting Chassis (sled) Telescoping Centerpost 7" LCD Monitor Iso-Elastic Arm Standard Vest AB Battery Mount Docking Bracket 12V Power Cable 3' (0.9m) Lightweight BNC Video Cable Dovetail Plate (with 1x 3/8", 1x 1/4" mounting screws) Hard Case with Handle and Wheels BNC to RCA Adapter RCA to BNC Adapter EFP Instructional DVD Owner's Manual 4 x Merlin Start Weights 4 x Merlin Middle Weights Steadicam SteadiSTAND (c stand) includes:
  21. Bartech for sale with M One motor with cables for every professional camera. In great shape! All cables and motor less than 2 years old. Comes with manual, original Bartech case and a cable bag. $4200 OBO.
  22. Hello, I am selling my BFD in hopes of upgrading to the digital BFD. Everything is in working order and I will be visiting Bartech to have Jim sign off on it's good condition as well prior to selling. The BFD includes: Transmitter w/ antennae Receiver w/ antennae 2 to 3 pin power cable 2x Receiver to Motor power cables XLR power cable Dtap power cable Carrying case Asking for $1500. It is $2100 new. The M-One includes: Motor 6x gears 3x rod adaptors off set hard shell case (not pictured) Asking for $2000. It is $2500 new. All in: $3500. You'll save $1
  23. Complete Bartech system for sale with M One motor, Hill bracket and cables for every professional camera. In great shape! $5000. Not willing to break up package. PDF of full list attached. Please email me for photos or questions. txfilmgirl@gmail.com
  24. Hi everyone, We have now finally released our microprocessor controlled C100 / C300 / C500 camera Start / Stop interface. http://www.plcelectronicsolutions.com/c300-on-off-cable/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIOx1d49WZY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4X9sYejHlM Works with Bartech, Preston, C-Motion remote follow focus systems using your existing 3 pin Fisher Arri Run cables Uses the 2.5mm Stereo LANC port on the camera to communicate the camera Run / Stop signal via the onboard microprocessor Green LED indicates that the cable is connected and that the
  25. Tom here from VariZoom. It's been a while since VariZoom has advertised with S.F. but with our investment in wireless controls in the last 5 years I figured it was time. We have 1, 2, & 3, channels systems. We have a detailed video and webpage you can learn more about here: http://www.varizoom....ocus-s/1822.htm We will be at NAB as well as Cinegear Expo 2013
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