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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone Please note(!): This sale/post is for a friend. To avoid any misunderstanding, I also used to own an ARRI Artemis Cinebroadcast lower sled, but was able to sell mine, so this is a different one. I'm just helping out a friend. For sale is an ARRI Artemis CineBroadcast lower sled (battery hanger). You can use it to convert your Trinity into a Steadicam, also it might be of interest if you're in the market for an Artemis CineBroadcast Rig anyway. It was purchased towards the end of 2018 and has been used only on a couple of days in total, as the owner does mostly Trinity. The lower sled is in pristine condition and is fully functional. You can purchase it with or without the third battery plate. The lower sled will be shipped form the UK. Price with the 3rd battery plate. 4300 £ (british pound) Price without 3rd battery plate 4000 £ (british pound) Buyer pays for shipping and any money transfer fees. For more details drop me a message. Cheers Ozzy
  2. Hi everyone I'm selling my ARRI Artemis CineBroadcast lower sled. It might come in handy when you own a Trinity, so you could convert it to a regular Steadicam when you need one or if you're in the market for for an Artemis rig anyways. It has signs of usage here and there, nothing major though as you can see on the pictures and is fully functional. It doesn't include the third battery plate. The lower sled is located in Berlin, Germany. Contact me for more details at info@ozzyoksuz.com Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees. I'm asking 4300,- € Euros Cheers
  3. Hi Everyone, Looking for a Pro Battery Rack. If anyone has one they are willing to part with please drop me a line. Cheers Michael
  4. For Sale GPI Pro Battery Rack Gen 1 (Bayonet fitting). 9 Slot batteries (Ni Cad) which were re-celled about 6 years ago. Good condition. Been sitting in the garage for a while. 2 Pag chargers AR124 & AR121 5 Pag to Pro adapers 2 Euro leads Flight Case £2500.00 + VAT Buyer pays for Shipping. In the UK. Batteries & Case weigh approx 25Kg. Drop me a line if you have any more questions. steadidogan@gmail.com
  5. Selling off a few items: XCS TB-6: $3000. As many of you know I love this monitor. It just works. And you can see it under any conditions and from nearly any angle. Duo-frameline generator model. This monitor was gone over by Greg Bubb and the XCS engineers and given a 100% clean bill of health back in November of 2015. I used it for a few weeks after that and then it has been in a Pelican and unused. I did go down in the rig with this monitor (it was examined by Greg after the fall) and it has the tiniest scrape on the bottom of the rear housing. Other than that cosmetic imperfection, the monitor is A-1. XCS PDL: $1500. Analog. You know what it is and you know it's a workhorse. 8 pin in and out. Decimator Downconverter (1st Gen). 2 of them with power cables from the PRO sled. $250 each. Work seamlessly. Never had a problem with either. No power cycling these puppies! Buy the TB-6 and PDL together and I'll sell as a package for $4000.00 Gen 3 Battery Rack (does NOT come with electronics): $4500 (will include all 3 jumper blocks for this price -- they are $160.xx each from PRO) Used this for a few years. Been sitting in a Pelican for about a year. Terry West drilled one tiny hole in it (obviously in an area where it would have no impact on structural integrity). Has Anton Bauer plates. With all three jumper blocks, and factoring in tax, this package is a $1520 savings over buying new. http://www.xcsinc.com/ultimate/ult_compnts_TB6.html http://s781.photobucket.com/user/B-263-54/media/Steadi/IMG_2293.jpg.html (PDL) All gear located on the Westside of Los Angeles. No Paypal. Not happening. We can meet and go to the bank. If I know you, like really well, I might consider cash ;) I have First Entertainment and also have Wells Schmargo. Many of you know I'm a stickler for keeping my gear in top-top shape. These items fall under that description. Cheers! Last pic has the small hole with the bottom half highlighted in white
  6. PRO Gen II Battery Rack w/ recorder mount & Fracol plate. Recorder mount siderails are not anodized. Performs great, but i decided to go Gen III. No jumper blocks included. $2200 Buyer pays shipping. I'm in Los Angeles.
  7. PM me with your email address if you want photos PRO Donkey Box 2 in excellent condition PRO Gen 2 battery rack PRO HD electronics NOT Cinelive, the old style with one line of HD and one line of SD PRO SD electronics Preston MDR2 and 3 brackets
  8. Hi all Looking to start building up a PRO rig. Interested in entire packages or pieces. Please contact me if you are considering selling. Thank you! Julian juliandela@gmail.com
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